सब्जियां जो गिराती है क्रिएटिनिन का स्तर Vegetables for High Creatinine | Kidney Diet Food List

सब्जियां जो गिराती है क्रिएटिनिन का स्तर Vegetables for High Creatinine | Kidney Diet Food List

Hello, You are very welcome to our channel Dr. Puneet Dhawan Before proceeding further, do not forget to subscribe our channel and press the bell icon to get the latest updates. Hello, you are very welcome to the YouTube channel of Karma Ayurveda I am Raman Sharma. You will get each and every information of kidney problems in our channel. Our Today’s topic is on the vegetables to reduce creatinine level. Dieticians recommended kidney survivors to eat low potassium vegetables. Low-potassium vegetables useful to prevent kidney and heart disorders. That is why you should include low potassium vegetables in your dietary plan. Kidney failure survivors should use the vegetables that are limited in potassium. In which vegetables like Gourd, Ridge Gourd, Indian Baby Pumpkin (Tinda), Pointed Gourd and Fenugreek vegetables. Kidney survivors should eat these vegetables. Now we will inform you about some special vegetables that you should take care of If you are a kidney survivor and want to reduce your creatinine level so you can eat the following vegetables in your daily routine: 1. Cabbage In it fight-o-chemicals is present that are useful to prevent cancer. On the other hand, they also stop heart problems. In it Vitamin K and Vitamin C is present in the high amount. Cabbage contains folic acid and Vitamin B-6 in the good amount. In it potassium is present in the low amount and also it is healthy for kidneys It helps to reduce your creatinine level You can eat boiled cabbage as well as you can eat it with other vegetables 2. Radish It use in salad and makes your meal more healthy because in it the amount of potassium and phosphorus is low Radish is the high source of Vitamin C and anti-oxidants is present in it that decreases the risk of heart and kidney disorders 3. Red capsicum It is the low source of potassium as well as delicious in taste but it is not the only reason why it is good for your kidneys. it is a nice source of Vitamin C and A Along with that, in it Vitamin B-6, folic acid, and fiber is present. Red capsicum is good for your health. In it Lycopene is present, which is an anti-oxidant prevent you from cancer. 4. Tumip It is a kidney-friendly vegetable because in it the amount of potassium is low, you can use it along with high potassium vegetables. This root vegetable is high in fiber, which is why you can consume in the form of boil or roast 5. Cauliflower In it Vitamin C, folate, and fiber is present in a good amount. It also protects you from poisonous substances. You can eat it in the form of salad and you also can eat boiled cauliflower with spices like turmeric and black pepper. Last is Garlic – it helps to decrease cholesterol level as well as it helps to decrease swelling. you can eat roast cauliflower. Today we inform about the vegetables that you can eat to reduce your creatinine level We hope you are agree with the information. If you like the video, then give your like 👍 if you find the information beneficial then share it with your friends and family To watch more informative videos like this one you should subscribe our channel On the off chance, if your loved one is experiencing kidney diseases then you can take treatment from Karma Ayurveda To contact Karma Ayurveda, you can note our number, email, and clinic address in the description box.

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