ఈ పద్దతిలో పిల్లలు పుట్టే అవకాశం చాలా ఎక్కువ | Dr.Jyothi Health Tips | Health Qube

ఈ పద్దతిలో పిల్లలు పుట్టే అవకాశం చాలా ఎక్కువ | Dr.Jyothi Health Tips | Health Qube

hello I'm dr. Joffe fertility expert speaking heroes human a MIUI green sheep martyred contemn so-nanoka- are you a green G just a demonstration chase on automata so what is I you I are you and I intrauterine insemination so II procedure look ma what do we do how do we do this procedure procedure no lady suka garbage mu law has been the custom name on chica processed a sea-based equality of sperm motility unas company gurubashi Mulla insert system so how do you do that how do we do that ante pregnancy best to chat on key first to Monaco your ki jai alai you under ki are UHS Eppolito mundo there are some selection criteria so yogi jests a better ante usually ladies age should be less than 35 years success is based on Mota second 90 40 years of the code are you each a a true but success and is considered a momentum second tubes at least both the tubes cocoon at least one tube should be open or not to operate one of my UHS kochu third condition your hitch is someone the pcod Zwolle key Charla six months work uh tablets if she could happily Tom Lena probably go for next step that is I you I am not true and Connie condition no husband's male factors phone call to control the kun the average Morita Kunta you a palatable dazu so sperm con should be around more than 8 millions 8 millions to 15 million IU I definitely help son Rocco at a sperm count finally an takuna and then condi i you a success that the Gunda do IVF is a better option and then Coco condition low in Demetrius is ánotá the grade 1 grade 2 Munna prove we can go ahead and do I join the endometriosis grade 3 and grade from wroclaw IVF is a better options so when we think about ie a procedure chase the success is the best on approve we should plan Chawla conditions domain success is not good are you a plan chase they fail a quote on target so after selecting this patient so important next step in turn 20 we see some checklists are not want AI you a key rate in ladies in the ground on chose cotton key for important checklist important Tana Qian DeLuna Alida important in the country exhume 10 akava are the tube's really a fertilization of 30 exit the Charlotte hakuna press access the country second ladies tubes or at least one tube should be patent either ok hsg Laden to a size and he laid and a laparoscopy a then a procedure low tube status to squally third husband sperm count compulsory mundo nil alone a husband sperm count true scholar said not only count count more than 8 million through de beste motility more than 15% don't a baster morphology more than 3% interest Mukunda again are you a success false fourth important factors is Connelly sexually transmitted diseases antimatter HIV HBS age HCV even Nehru load is called both the couple slow so you only chasing tabata next how do we go for periods ii a lady Snivy call them do one basic scan scan lo the neg count it down the garbage am ready on the highway kameoka test JC immediately tablets injection structure solomon then we call them on tenth day itself so but there are ten days they can do the routine activities job money could do they should go out and all their routine activities in fact as a doctor patient key we always tell them to do normal work Murray are you HS not only they should not take too much of rest it's not at all indicated regular the job chase go true tenth day Emily they should come back and do one scan usually our time low except munching arrived countable almost mature a goose tell Jonathan Mota our time low what we do 18 to 20 mm is our cut on our time no again the formation only garbage him lining and to endometrium we call it a seed and soil and Matta see it is again this bump and rebound Adam choose quality errata soil is garbage him aligning child a buncha guilty triple line more than 8 mm only then we say both are matching well our time will be give an injection agree to the lower tankey Videla in turbaco 36 to 40 our slow husband has to come and you his forms are Ojo which is the whatta man chica embryologist danny process JC past particles omni suppressor best motility spunky catheter this is called as IUI catheter I you a catheter look they take it and Lord says responds Lord says in Theravada what we do is in the IU a catheter the English poems not chasing ladies garbage em Lola actually garbage a manatee this is we call it as uterus ikura okay opening on today we call it a cervix so man chicas can choose hominem husbands from easy I am a pain Lokhande in searches they procedure easy out there success attorney munching on tagging Mota so Malaga in searches amo in searches in terrassa or they could have been draw JC and then after that we tell patients to lie down for 10 to 15 minutes 10 15 minutes law firms goes it goes up into the tubes open tubes open a plus 4x account a inverter it goes into the mmm eggs baby for more 30 so then it comes and gets implanted under to so half in our register is important after I you listed the half an hour theis Coney they can go back to their office also so I you I we call it as an office procedure and then just to one one and a half are they have to come to the center done throughout that they can do the routine job or not – when next day CUDA routine lifestyle they should not take too much risk routine a while a regular practices chess coach undertow and after 15 days okay tablet system for 15 days and 15 days service' one week work group necessary raleigh that day we asked him to do a urine pregnancy test urine pregnancy test of two lines jose then i us become successful a navy so it's a very nice men we see i a success more than the patient and also the doctor is happy it's a very happy situation i'm not too so this is how i UI is done and importantly your kia we are you HL and Achaia important condition balan upload layer and ladies 245 years their water please pass husbands from countess Charla taco less than 5 millions and tubes no problem one approaches the success is not good so ok one kikuna three times I UHS then we will have a good cumulative pregnancy rate around 45 to 50 percent and B so we all feel when patient comes with our you a pregnancy it's a very good happy situation ok and we thank you

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  1. Madam naku first one papa.after 3y confirm ayyindi.but 4months ki miscarrage ayyindi.malli 3months ki confirm. But bad luck malli 3vachevarake miscarriage ayyindi.malli after 8months ki counsive ayyindi bad luck malli 3months ki malli miscarriage ayyindi.stamuc pain vastundi bleeding avuthundi abortion avuthundi please give me solution madam please please

  2. చాలామందికి డౌట్ ఉంది వీర్యం ఇంకొకరిది గర్భాశయంలోకి పంపిస్తారు అని

  3. డాక్టర్ గారు నాదొక చిన్న డౌటు కచ్చితంగా భర్త ది వీర్యం ఏదైతే ఉందో అదే భార్య అండాశయంలోకి పంపిస్తారా

  4. Woah!!! What a clean and perfect explanation Dr.Jyothi Garu🙏🙏 very clean information madam…and one doubt from my side☝ can we do the 60km distance journey weekly 3time..on duty purpose?? Is that safe or not?? Plzz explain about on my doubt ..thanqq

  5. Madam ma husband sperm count 55 vundi, tubes open vunnai month regular GA vundi hsg test cheskonnabut pillalu avthaleru suggestion ivandi

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