✅Best Lubricant for Minn Kota Trolling Motor to Stop Trolling Motor Squeaking HD Review

✅Best Lubricant for Minn Kota Trolling Motor to Stop Trolling Motor Squeaking HD Review

hi what's up YouTube in today's video I'm going to show you some of the best products that you can use to lubricate your trolling motor this may also help to extend the life of your trolling motor and eliminate squeal so as you can see mine has some pretty severe squeal going on and I always lubricate it after each trip and wash it off and clean it with some fresh water because I do a lot of saltwater fishing so the first thing I'm going to do is get your tool out so you can go to remove the propeller off the back of this thing and you'll be able to expose the prop shaft the second step we're just going to turn on the trolling motor and run a little bit of lukewarm water over the trolling motor shaft with a little bit of liquid detergent so you can use a little mild soap because it helps to get out all the dirt out of there and then we're just gonna rinse it off and then let it dry off for a few minutes maybe about 15 or so minutes you can even maybe use a blow-dryer speed up the drying process but we want it to be nice and dry so that it's ready for the lubricant that we choose when it comes to picking out your lubricant for your trolling motor it's best to find something that has some kind of water resistant properties minimizes friction prevents rust and lubricates and I've used all these different products out there on the market like wd-40 Vaseline lip Ian grease three-in-one armor all and the best one that I've found to really protect and make your troll motor really quiet is nano wax surprisingly so if you want to check this product out I left a link in the description below if you do recommend something else out there on the market that you have a lot of experience using then please comment in the comment section below of what product do you like to use on your trolling motor after it thing's all nice and dry we're just going to take a few squirts of the Nano wax and spray it into the prop shaft so you just want to make sure it gets nice and deep inside there let it sit there for about a minute or two and then you can go ahead and put the propeller back on and then you can start using your trolling motor here's what it sounds like whenever the propeller is off of it and I turn it on to five different settings it's really nice and quiet this is what it sounds like whenever I put the propeller back on you can hear that it's really really quiet now and it's nicely lubricated especially in comparison to those other lubricants that I showed you earlier this nano wax will last a lot longer so if you enjoyed this video and it helped you out please hit that thumbs up for me comment below if you have any questions subscribe and share the video as always thank you all for watching

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2 thoughts on “✅Best Lubricant for Minn Kota Trolling Motor to Stop Trolling Motor Squeaking HD Review

  1. ➜http://amzn.to/29QQucF or ➜http://ebay.to/2b0MQC3 Best Trolling Motors Online

    ➜http://wp.me/p9lkEH-22 [My Other Kayak Vids]
    ➜http://amzn.to/2haUixh, Best lubricant for a trolling motor to make it quiet and stop trolling motor sounds is nano wax in my opinion.

  2. I use the Marine Grease lubricate from Home Depot. It works very well and stop's any noise from spinning and it sure smoothes the operation from the armature..Try it

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