🌟Why Going Vegan Might Save Your Life! + The EASIEST Way to Do It! | DR NEAL BARNARD

🌟Why Going Vegan Might Save Your Life! + The EASIEST Way to Do It! | DR NEAL BARNARD

hi everyone welcome back Michael Sandler your host on it's fire nation if you've ever wanted to boost your health or go plant-based then do we have the vegan starter kit show for you today I'll be talking with dr. Neal Barnard New York Times bestselling author one of the leading authorities on plant-based diets and the author of a fun guide to shift in your diet the vegan starter kit and that's just what I want to talk with him about today about what you need to know and about getting started with plant-based eating fat plus we'll talk about Bill Clinton Ellen DeGeneres Venus Williams Carl Lewis Fiona Oaks the power of hummus Patrick ba-bow Mian and what in the world carrot cake muffins have to do with anything so welcome to the show Neal are you ready to shine you bet thank you so much for including me thank you so much for being here in a mighty Oh so before we dive right into things where'd you grow up and what'd your family do Fargo North Dakota um my family was in the cattle business for as long as I can count except my dad I did not like the cattle business he left he went off to medical school came back to the Midwest and became the diabetes expert for Fargo North Dakota did he inspire you then to follow his footsteps into medicine quite the reverse I never once heard him say that anybody ever got better diabetes was kind of a losing game at that point so know that that actually wasn't it at all and if I could rewind a little bit I would love to show him some of what we have found on how you can tackle diabetes not so much with sharp needles but with but with food very very cold we'll get out into that in a little bit and as somebody who struggled with blood sugar to about somewhere between oh now I guess about seven years ago wow I'm doing great diet made a revolutionary difference in my life so how did you get interested in medicine um I was in a little College in st. Paul Minnesota called Callister college and i was very interested in psychology and just how the mind worked and I decided near the end of college that rather than go to grad school in psychology I wanted to go into medical school to do psychiatry because I thought there's a huge medical aspect to all this and that was the that was all I was interested in I wasn't interested in internal medicine or diabetes or asthma or pediatrics or anything I was just interested in the mind and it was only a number of years later after I finished my residency that I started getting into the food side of the medical practice it's interesting I dated a girl for a for a long time who was ironically in PRC PRC a professional rodeo cowboy association she was going to CSU vet school in Colorado in Fort Collins Colorado and what she was finding is you could tell what an animal's diet was when you did their autopsy it told all what did you start learning when you began doing autopsies yeah actually the year before him into medical school I had a job helping out on autopsies in a hospital in Minneapolis the pathologist would come in and I would like hold things and weigh them and clean everything up at the end and one day we had a guy who died in the hospital of a massive heart attack and so he removed a big section of ribs off the chest and he showed me the heart and it was filled with his atherosclerosis and so forth at the end of the exam he left the room you know he'd written up in a massive atherosclerosis myocardial infarction bow-bow he was gone I had to clean the body up so I put the ribs back in the chest and I sewed the skin up and then I went up up to the cafeteria when I was done and they were serving ribs for lunch and I have to tell you that it looked like a dead body and it smelled like a dead body and I realized that's exactly what it is and so I didn't become a vegetarian on the spot but I couldn't eat that and as time went on that's kind of percolated in my mind and so eventually I did stop eating meat and then all animal products it's it's interesting I've been a vegan or vegetarian almost my whole life but was was sometimes a fish eater or something as a kid you you really had to struggle to try to get me to eat anything in the the meat family and I can remember coming back from like biology 101 or something like that home on a college break and and there was Lobster in front of me and all I kept thinking of is is this is doing a biology experiment on a living being and I actually come from a family of either attorneys or fishermen and sometimes both and then I was like I can't do this I absolutely couldn't do it so before we get into before we get into all things plant-based what can you tell us about Bill Clinton or Ellen DeGeneres well both of them somewhere along line got very interested in shifting their diets and I guess with Bill Clinton it's well-known because he was a fairly young man when he started having heart problems and he had heart surgery and his problems continued and he was famous for jogging to McDonald's and you know eating unhealthy food and the lesson came home to him that surgery or a second time was particularly risky but that if he made a diet change maybe he wouldn't need the surgery at all so he he had been friends with Dean Ornish for quite some time and Dean Ornish of course had done this tremendous pioneering work on lifestyle changes especially plant-based diets for heart patients I'm showed you could actually open up the arteries again with just diet and lifestyle changes alone and called molestin was I think very influential for the president as well and he changed his diet and lost something like 26 pounds if I'm remembering correctly looked better than he looked in years never needed the surgery I did really well and Ellen DeGeneres kind of same story except – the heart disease she just she'd partly has a heart for animals and and for health reasons that everything else made similar diet changes I don't know that either one of them is is entirely perfectly plant-based every day but on the other hand they've gone very much in that direction and have inspired other people too and and you've got me thinking I just was scanning through things I'm going cross-country skiing with my wife just after this and I have to take a mouse in what we have is it's called now a mouse hotel and I have to repatriate it down the hill because we use you know we are neurotic about no-kill and saving mice in this house when they come trumping along looking for food maybe you can tell us briefly about Venus Williams Venus Williams was you know obviously it's a tremendous tennis player um but she started to get lots of pain and many symptoms she ended up being diagnosed with something called Sjogren's disease Sjogren's is the condition of tremendous dryness of the mouth and of the eyes and it has assisted systemic effects as well and her game just tanked what do you do turns out it's an autoimmune condition as are many other things rheumatoid arthritis is autoimmune asthma is autoimmune thyroid diseases are typically autoimmune so an autoimmune condition means that your body is making antibodies to some kind of protein that you're inhaling or ingesting or something um so a smart person along the way and by advised her to try a completely plant-based diet and she got her game back and it really well she influenced her sister and you know it's it's not you know she's the Williams sisters are just you know the top of the women's tennis world and the top of the men's tennis world and Novak Djokovic who won Wimbledon won US Open I mean just phenomenal player same story has a vegan restaurant so it's really cool to see that that athletes much as we try to encourage people from a medical standpoint do this for your help a lot of people are saying you know I just want that extra edge whether it comes from quicker recovery after athletics or better tissue oxygenation so that I can outlast the competition we're seeing it long-distance runners tennis players now ballin American football you know they want to be big but they wanted to be muscular not flabby so it's really cool to see a lot of people going vegan for for those reasons two excellent ten and I was a professional bicycle racer I raced in Europe for several years and I'm convinced that going vegan helped me as well particularly with the recovery but also one that's interesting is strength without bulk meaning there's a certain amount of size that I'm convinced without an inflammatory factor to it and you're carrying around all this sluggish extra weight and so it's not that you become a swizzle stick or lose your strength I believe you actually get stronger but but it's more like my blood pressure when I was at my biggest was way up and and getting on a healthier diet that came way way down that actually baguettes the question let's talk about some of the health benefits one of the ones that that's unusual I want to ask about because you just mentioned what can you tell us about thyroid okay by the way before we get to that let me just come back to your bicycle yeah real quick you know your muscles are working and working and working and working your average person gets on a bike or they get on a treadmill or they go running and they poop out kind of quickly and if you could look into their arteries you know let's say you have a cheese sandwich with extra Mayo and maybe some chicken or some beef up during the day the fat that's in dairy products and meat it's very high in saturated fat that's the solid fat as that gets into your bloodstream it makes the blood more viscous more thick and so it's more like greaseless like water so it doesn't flow as well and if blood flow is sluggish to your muscles that means you're not getting the oxygen delivery that means your muscles start feeling fatigued sooner it means your recovery is gonna be slower to pee a lot oh and the viscosity the blood goes way down yeah the oxygenation improves and so your endurance is going to be that much better now if you're really in well-trained athlete you know you've got hopefully pretty big arteries and good circulation but on the margin what you had for breakfast or for lunch or for dinner he's going to give you that advantage or not depending on on what you ate thanks well I want to go I want to go there for one more second because you just reminded me of the crazy coach that I had at 14 years of age and he was completely insane off his rocker but one of the things that he told me that stuck was that dairy creates inflammation and will actually congest your lungs and I'll be darned cuz I struggled with exercise induced asthma for many years I'll be darned when you cut out the dairy you breathe much better did your asthma improve when you when you sew lutely you know I this is so important there are people probably listed in this program now where they're they're their child or their nephew or their niece has asthma and to that person I would say run do not walk to a completely plant-based diet check out the dairy completely no cow's milk no goat no animal no because for whatever reason those products for some kids trigger that autoimmune reaction the body says what is this foreign protein if the body reacts as if it's a virus or a bacterium that is entered and it makes antibodies those antibodies end up attacking your own to to thinking they also create the employment inflammatory process also creates various molecules that circulate in the blood and aggravate the inflammation and suddenly you get this vice in your chest going and at worst it's scary I mean at best it's scary at worst it can be fatal asthma can be a killer and so many kids they just you can't exercise you can't go to a friend's house if they got a dog you know during certain times a year the seasonal allergies are killing you and when you get away from the dairy it's not necessarily that you are allergic to dairy it's that dairy makes the other reactions worse I've heard this and so you discover I just don't react to things anymore I don't need my inhaler anymore so and I'm not asking people to take this on faith you just try it and give it a couple of months it is for some people it's like day and night for others it takes a little while but you make that change and it can be a miraculous change people last note on this then we'll get back to that original question which is I found there's a lot of hidden sources of dairy for instance I loved my pizza and so I would go with dairy free pizza but guess what it turns out that dairy free cheese and a lot of the dairy free cheese that you buy I'll put that in quotes in the marketplace has kan in it which is basically dairy it's the protein from the milk that spun out and then put right back into your non cheese cheese that's right you know the to help people go vegan there are lots of folks making vegan cheeses and they really are vegan there's no animal products in most of them some of them some things called non-dairy creamers actually have dairy protein in them but even the ones that truly are vegan are often quite fatty so I really think of those as sort of dairy methadone you know they're there they don't get over your addiction you use them during the transition but over the long run and you're gonna you're gonna want to stay it's kind of simpler foods than that that's what I consider a lot of the frozen patties as well we'll call it meat methadone because once way once they throw in canola oil and this and that yes you're not getting the animal fats but that's a whole nother topic we will get to all right first off go to thyroid and other conditions that can be helped by going predominantly plant-based yeah you know thyroid disease has really been uh I'm kind of a mystery and and it still is I think we're kind of on the frontiers here but on what we know is that thyroid your thyroid gland you hear at the base of your neck yeah it makes thyroid hormone and thyroid hormone is responsible for metabolism and lots of things and if it is not behaving you can be sluggish you could have many many along with the symptoms so person goes to the doctor they get diagnosed with low thyroid the most common cause of low thyroid in the u.s. is not iodine deficiency although that bad occurs sometimes in other countries not so much here because we have iodized salt and so forth but the most common reason here it's autoimmune now the opposite can happen where your thyroid is too high your thyroid gland is you know the thyroid hormone that can be an autoimmune process as well in both cases in an immune reaction is either attacking is decadent i roi either causing it to shut down or pushing the gas pedal down a little bit too much we frankly I think we are still exploring understanding this but there have been a number of people who have done what I described for asthma but as a treatment for thyroid disease and they discover that this I read numbers come right back to toward the middle of where they want them to be now I encourage anybody with any medical illness see your doc if you got thyroid disease see your endocrinologist and so forth but there is never a reason not to do a completely healthy plant-based diet and see if it doesn't spare you from meeting your thyroid medication thank you for your work so let's go from there let's talk briefly about diabetes yeah diabetes means there's too much sugar in the blood and so a lot of people imagine well that means I've been drinking too many sodas with sugar not really the reason don't get me wrong I'm not saying sugar is health food I mean even if it's called dr. pepper it's not you know soda is not healthy however that's not the cause of diabetes if you have a high blood sugar in response to so that's just a sign if there's something wrong and what is wrong is this normally sugar in the blood glucose in the blood goes into your muscle cells and it provides power for them that's normal that's good glucose is like gasoline for your car and glucose also goes to your brain it goes to your liver it goes to all the tissues in the body and it's their main source of fuel in type 2 diabetes and frankly type 1 something is misbehaving so the glucose can't get into the cell where it belongs and it said it's building up outside and then if you drink a soda you know that builds up even more and more and more but but it turns out that the reason this sugar can't get in the cell is because the cell has built up fat particles I ate a chicken salad sandwich for lunch it was filled with with grease and had extra mayo on and a slice of cheese and the fat in those foods got into my blood and it entered the muscle cells and it stops insulin which is the hormone that attached just to the cell is like a key to let the glucose inside that fat buildup in the cell stops that insulin key from being able to work so our research team back in 2003 the National Institute Institutes of Health funded us to test vegan diets not just for weight loss or lowering cholesterol things you'd expect but for type 2 diabetes and what we found is that it's better basically than any other diet you get the animal fat out you keep the vegetable oils low – and suddenly your insulin starts working again and it's a really cool thing to see people whose diabetes just improves and improves or sometimes even goes away beautiful beautiful would you say that all fat is created equal or is there something different about animal fat oh great question um I would say that animal fat and animal fat is very high in what's called saturated fat that's the fat that solid at room temperature like bacon grease or like butter I think it's the worst actor however if a person is trying to lose weight or they're trying to tackle diabetes we really keep all fats low so a vegan diet would have no animal fat at all but I would also encourage people to learn a non-oil cooking technique so they're not adding grease to things you know then there will be traces of that you know if you have even a sprig of broccoli straight off the plant there are tiny traces of natural oils you know maybe seven or eight percent of the calories but if you take if you take a thousand olives and you throw away all the pulp and all the fiber and you concentrate that oil and you pour it all of your pasta that's something that nature never thought you were going to do and you're suddenly concentrating the fat and concentrating the calories and it makes weight loss harder so we do avoid all animal we keep oils of really low too so so it baguettes there there are two big popular diets here and I don't believe one size fits all in life but there are two popular diets one is which is just starting to crank up to the moon you can just see it starting to go through the roof that may actually have some challenges keto and Mediterranean yeah well the Mediterranean Dian a Mediterranean diet is named after the Mediterranean which is actually a vast region it's all of North Africa the western part of the the Middle East all of southern Europe but as the term has been used is really thinking sort of southern Italy maybe Spain maybe a little bit of Greece part of France and frankly it is better than what people are eating now you know I mean instead of chicken wings I mean they're having more pasta more chickpeas and beans it's over there they're pretty much down on dairy not much dairy not much meat but it's sort of halfway toward vegan and when you look at people who follow a Mediterranean diet their weight loss is not really as good as it would be on a vegan diet their clinical results aren't quite the same but you know but but it's better than what they were doing before no Tito died I have to say I think is a mistake the ketogenic diet says if you starve yourselves for carbohydrate which is their favorite fuel then you're gonna have to lose weight and carbohydrates from grains and beans and starchy vegetables and fruit all the stuff that's about half of what people eat if you take all that away you're gonna lose weight but what you're left with meat fatty cheeses and things like that for some people that makes their cholesterol really go up badly and when we look at just mortality do you live or do you die on the mortality over the long run is much higher in people on these high protein low carbohydrate diets so it's a recurrent fad that just won't go away but I wouldn't recommend it for anyone well I don't want exception there is there there are some cases where kids have in track well seizures I'm talking about epilepsy that just this is quite rare but it does happen and these kids for some reason when you sounds creepy but you poison the brain with ketone bodies by depriving the body of carbohydrate their seizures to improve if you are not in that category I would suggest avoiding these these diets so then the the eggs and bacon for breakfast isn't maybe the best way to go I mean we all kind of grew up with that least I did as a kid in North Dakota but it's it's a terrible mistake you're getting the animal fat in the cholesterol that fuels heart disease you're getting carcinogens and not just makin but all of the processed meat category bacon sausage hot dogs deli slices ham those are clearly linked to colorectal cancer also linked strongly to breast cancer you know we should not be eating those things and I know it's fashionable to take the kids out to to Denny's for bacon and sausage that's really a bad thing to do for your children it puts them at risk and gives the taste or things that are gonna kill them in the long run I'm always when I'm doing these nutrition interviews I'm always thinking of my parents and I'm often pick at them very lovingly during this because I want to help steer their guy and you you can't really tell your parents what to do you just can't however I was visiting my folks this past weekend and mom was like well this is healthier I'm having turkey bacon still a processed meat it's it's still in the category that the World Health Organization considers these carcinogens in the same category as tobacco in other words it's a strength of evidence and as sure as we are that tobacco causes cancer here that's as I'm sure we are that the processed meats cause cancer in your digestive tract we're that sure and turkey bacon is right there with the pork bacon I'm sorry mom so let's go from there let's go no no you're your mom's lucky to have you looking out for her and she won't take you seriously because humor members win which you had to change your diapers you can't take nutrition advice from somebody you knew as a toddler but you are right vegetables and fruits and whole grains and beans are they healthy fuels for a healthy body and the bacon whether it's from a turkey or any other animal is not healthy and you want to get away from the meats in the deer it's fascinating when she had me I believe they gave her an injection to stop breast milk because they were considering it unhealthy at the time and instead made me a formula baby as was all in vogue for nutrition back then you're breaking my heart you know it's it's true um back frankly even to this day for some people it's considered unfashionable to breastfeed and sometimes sometimes it's all well for some women it's uncomfortable sometimes very uncomfortable if they haven't ever done it before and it's awkward and and it's in a few cases there are medical reasons why I can't happen but I have to say I think of breastfeeding as integral role it's an integral part of reproduction it's that is the the food that the baby needs and taking milk out of a cow is not a substitute for milk from mom and if it comes out of a cow you're getting cow proteins that the kid can react to badly type 1 diabetes is much more common in kids who are exposed early on to what proteins we however that tradition got started it was really a mistake so I was talking with my wife about this she's pregnant this is a second second attempt we miscarry this fall we're back on the horse he is dairy because you did say cow cow milk and she's like well I try not to have cow milk I did have a tiny bit of goat cheese this morning our old is all dairy created equal yes sorry wife yes people push goat note because it's it sounds more bucolic we're going to the outside of town where there's a little goat dairy and you know they treat the goats really nicely and carton is actually part of the mystique of it is that goat milk is actually little bit higher in saturated fat compared to cows mode which means it's less healthy but it has more of a buttery mouthfeel so people liked it so no it's not in any way healthier and and by the way if you don't mind I think it's useful for listeners to actually know where this comes from sure guys don't give milk that what happens is that the farmers impregnate them and they do it with artificial insemination typically it will lease Esther with cows and in some kids they do with goats too and so the cows are not getting pregnant with roses and chocolates out in the field listening to Barry Manilow records I mean they're artificially inseminated and then when their offspring is born the mother may have a tremendous bond with her or her baby but that baby's gonna be taken away and if it's a male calf he will be killed for veal if it's female she's gonna be kept separated from her mother they will cry all night long and if you live near a dairy you will hear it because the farmer wants to sell the milk instead of giving them up to the baby and then and this is joy with goats too they take away the kids and they're gonna kill them all if they're males because that no use for them and the females are gonna eventually take the place of their mothers a cow in nature there's about 20 years on account when a dairy lives about four at that point they kill a mom because she's not producing as much milk as she used to and they replace her with her daughter and she's now gonna get artificially inseminated every year and her offspring will be taken away and when she's about four her throat slit the point I'm making is I'm a doctor and I want people to think about the health issues but for a lot of people if they understand where these foods actually come from and what they're doing to animals or the environment if it grosses them out just a little bit and makes them think I don't want it for environmental reasons or your main reasons well your coronary arteries don't care why you do it so anyway if you if you or your wife or anybody does go to one of these goat dairies and ask them what do you do with the males and check the honesty of their reply fascinating I remember when I was racing bicycles in Wisconsin and this is called super-weak this bicycle race series a long time ago and everybody bid on having the the racers over to their place overnight and and I think this one family on a farm they they they bid a pizza or a couple pizzas for me and who knows what so I would stay with them was kind of prestigious and I took off the next day and worked with them on a dairy farm and this was a traditional dairy farm and so Tessy the cow which is interesting because now I have tested the Tesla but Tesla the cow had this rectangular um our thing over her head and she could only move about two feet forward or back and that was her life and she was attached to machinery and I got to milk milk the baby cow who then got hit by the farmer which is a whole nother story I send you love I know you didn't mean it but but it was a hard life to watch it was really difficult to watch I yes and and let me be there you know the people involved in animal agriculture are good people oh god I think they're tremendous people yeah I'm you know they're hard-working they work very very hard and their life frankly is getting harder not easier with the economic constraints that they're under my dad grew up in that business my grandfather was my cousin's are still they raise cattle now they're they're good decent people however top and has moved on and we have learned that the products they make cause heart disease because cancer because obesity they cause diabetes and our epics have moved on as well and although I'm a doctor I'm also human being and I think it's important for us to realize there's certain things that are just uncivilized and I did plenty of them when I was a kid growing up in Fargo with my shotgun waiting for the ducks and geese coming out of Canada and I drove cattle to slaughter personally and at some point you realized this is just not the way to behave and when you come to that ethical realization that luckily your body gets the health benefit of getting rid of do I love it I want to dive into some rules and easy ways to get started here with that said I was just traveling this past week like I said visited my folks and I think I heard I don't even know where in the grapevine that in Wyoming or Wyoming airports they were they were banning the t-shirts now that were in the Wyoming Airport gift shops that had to do with cow tipping and and cow tipping is now finally out fair enough all right what are the two rules that we want to follow if we're going to more of a plant-based I say plant-based for reason because I'm not gonna be militant about it and I want people to do it as best they can because I think being more inclusive makes it easier but what are the two rules that people want to follow well um I guess there are a few things I encourage people to avoid all animal products and I do want them to take a vitamin b12 supplement and then let me tell you why this is you're gonna get plenty of protein on a plant-based diet and maybe we can talk about that if you need to but but the protein is really not an issue it's a thing people worry about well go there because that's mom's number one question where are you gonna get the protein number two would be because she's been indoctrinated in the marketing where are you gonna get the quality protein okay all right so we talking about that yeah so rule number one is is plant-based but but we got to go into the protein since you brought it up alright the old that the nineteen fifties idea was here's my plate the meat has the protein the vegetable has the vitamins and the starch has the calories or something like that and so the idea is if the pro is that meat isn't there there's no protein left well what if you took that broccoli that was there and what if that's actually all you ate does that have protein the government says that a woman should have about 46 grams of protein a day a man maybe 56 and it varies a little bit depending how big you are and how active but those are pretty good rules 46 for women could do 6 for men if I ate my normal portion size same number of calories but all I ate for a day was broccoli not that you'd ever do this but just for argument's sake Green out of your community if you did that you would get 146 grams of pure protein in other words about a hundred more than you can actually need and if you think about it Bulls eat green vegetables they're eating grass all day long they have massive musculature same for cows same for elephants and giraffes so plants have a lot of protein let's say you did it with lentils just lentils if all you did well on a day was eight your normal courses but it was everything was a lentil you get a 157 grams of pure protein now the truth is you have some broccoli and some lentils and some carrots and different things but if you add up the protein in any normal very plant-based diet vegan diet proteins is not an issue very very good and of course I've got to say and what about if you're pregnant and if your brain well you are eating for two one of you is very very small and so that slight addition of food that you're gonna naturally be eating will get more than a protein for you and for your baby and the last thing that you want to do yes is to have animal products that are caramel to your baby so you want to be eating healthy things that fruits and vegetables and the grains and the beans and the women who go into pregnancy on completely plant-based diets do the best there's not hasn't been a lot of research on IQ and kids raised to vegetarian and vegan mothers but what we have shows quite a substantial bit that's it so in any case we know there's no harm and it looks like these kids who are raised on vegan diets I mean they just do great I really think that's the standard for the future and then by the way the rules for kids are the same vegetables fruits whole grains beans those are the four food groups vegan and they need b12 too so number two so dive-in b12 b12 is a funny thing because it's not made by animals and it's not made by plants but vitamin b12 is something you need for healthy nerves and you need for healthy blood cells and so it's made by bacteria and some people will say well prior to the advent of modern hygiene the bacteria in the soil or on our fingers or in our mouths would give us the 2.4 micrograms of b12 that we need whether that hygiene theory is really true or not I don't know meat eaters will get some b12 typically because in a cow's intestinal tract there are bacteria that make b12 and some of it gets in the meat some gets in the dairy but a lot of people don't absorb that because it's or they don't sort of well because it's tightly adherent to the protein so where people run into trouble is they might be a meat-eater but they're not making enough stomach acid or they're on the for men for diabetes or they taking an acid blocker and they end up in the hematology suite so I encourage you everybody to take a b12 supplement and if you're a vegan it's it's really in my view really essential but it's easy because it's in every multiple vitamin that you ever took whether it's a one a day type or a Flintstones or they all have b12 and you can just go to the drugstore or the health food store and pick up b12 take the smallest one that they sell take it every day and it doesn't matter the source of the b12 or does it um they're all plant derived um so no it doesn't it doesn't matter fantastic okay so let's go from there we want to get started will it last a plan to write what I mean is there there there microbially Drive there they're not they're not animal they're not an animal source so actually on that note you want to go to algae for a second okay so because a lot of us are told we need to be getting our oils from the sea and if we don't want to go with a fish based oil then we're told to go to algae or two or actually not to go to algae to go to the the little shrimp like critters which are getting so criminal stripped out of the UI krill oil thank you yeah um well there are two essential oils that you do need one is called ala or alpha lintel this will not be on the test alpha linolenic acid or and linoleic acid and they are in plants but some people will say well I'm impatient I want to have DHA as my oil yeah and what they're thinking of is is DHA is the fat that gets into the brain it's you take the essential oil in your body lengthens it and makes DHA if you have fish it's mostly not essential fat but there is some DHA in fish and some of that can be useful on but you can get algal sourced DHA too so if you were going to the store and you get the fish oil org or go online and you look up DHA they got it from fish they got it from algae and you I would encourage you to get the one it's called vegan DHA it's the same stuff it just doesn't make your breath smell and it's perfectly fine there's no mercury in it so I'm not I'm not saying people need to supplement DHA the studies on heart benefit have really kind of crashed and burned and I'm talking about for fish oil it just isn't showing much benefit but but there's the one thing we're we're still unsure is whether it might reduce the risk of Alzheimer's and here I don't know when a lot of people are tested and you can get tested you get a DHA test kit they'll send it to your house they do a finger stick and you send in a drop of blood and they'll tell you your DHA level and if you're low you go online and you put vegan DHA in and you order it you take it you test again and some people use fish oil and some people use the vegan one but I would always choose the vegan sources they're cleaner and I've know what the push is very cool so let's say we're getting started into more of a plant-based diet how and where do we start because this is where I see when people switch diets if you don't have a plan in advance you typically crash and burn and implode because at first you're going on willpower and then you run out of options and things blow up um there's the way that we do this we started it with our research studies we've had more than a thousand people go through our various research studies and they're all nervous and you know like gee I want to get over my diabetes or I want to lose weight I want to get my cholesterol down whatever the point of that study is but how do I do a vegan diet we break it into two steps step one is you take seven days and during these seven days you don't take anything out of your diet you don't go vegan yet for the for these seven days what you do is you explore your options so I take a piece of paper and it's got four categories breakfast lunch dinner snack and I asked the individual and you can do this yourself you know if you're thinking I want to go be for seven days take your paper and write in the vegan possibilities you'd like to try Soji every day I have cornflakes of milk the vegan version would be cornflakes with almond milk or soy right smoke or hemp milk I never tasted any of those fine you got seven days go to the store and try one or two or three or whatever and I decide the almond milk with its vanilla flavored is the one I like write it down and then off to lunch every day I go over to the submarine sandwich place I am it meets the mean sandwich and guess I'll then make me the veggie one with the lettuce and tomatoes or whatever so you write that down or I go to the taco place now I'll have the bean burrito which I never had before so you just write these things down and then after seven days you found lots of vegan things you like for breakfast and lunch and dinner step two is you take three weeks and now I'll eat the foods that you picked out in the first first phase and make it all vegan all the time no animal products but that's easy cuz it's only three weeks and you already know what you like because you've tested it all and at the end of that time you're gonna have lost weight and film if you have weight to lose you're gonna feel healthier you're gonna feel better but also you'll discover your tastes are drifting and you start to like these foods and you're kind of forgetting the foods that got you into trouble so the physical changes and it takes changes make the next week seem really easy and so people then to just get excited and they want to continue so that's what we did we break it into two steps I've never seen anyone unable to do it excellent excellent so what would you say are a few quick substitutes for replacing meat um some of them are literal substitutes so if you have sausage for breakfast the store has veggie sausage if you have a burger for lunch they've got the veggie burger and you can go to the store and get frozen little cut up meat like things that work at stir-fries and so forth a they might be made of wheat gluten or might be made of soy or or something else then there are also things that are just sort of not literal it's not exactly meat but you go to an Italian restaurant and they'll bring your age with our pasta with either the meat sauce or the arrabbiata sauce which has chunky vegetables and it just doesn't have meat in it or you go to the Chinese restaurant they have the rice and the vegetables and the tofu and it's not exactly a meat substitute but it's delicious food that has been refined over thousands of years of culinary effort or you go to the sushi bar and instead of the fish sushi they gave you the cucumber sushi or the asparagus sushi or whatever it might be so there's lots of things to replace these things it's just really a question of testing and trying and and what almost always happens is people discover that instead of seeming restrictive it seems liberating you discovered there's so many wonderful ways to you well we we've been down this road almost our whole lifetime both myself and my wife and and we still go into the grocery store and we try to eat all the colors of the rainbow and are continuously finding new veggies that we have to ask what do you do with this thing it looks it looks like an alien creature what in the world but we're continuously discovering new vegetables and and we're convinced that every single thing every single thing that you eat particularly plant-based fruit veggies has its own phytonutrients it has its own makeup – it has something special to offer and so trying all of these different things is only gonna make us healthier that is so true and you know when I was a kid it was roast beef baked potatoes and corn now that was what we ate except for special occasions when I was roast beef baked potatoes and peas you know that was about it and you know I never had a papaya as a child in Fargo North Dakota I never tasted a mango you know a strawberry was about as adventurous if you ever got and to be able to to branch out and try not just different foods but different whole different cuisines here I've been Washington DC now but all over the place you can have Italian and Mexican and Chinese and such one and Hunan and Thai in Vietnamese and and these all of these traditions particularly those that are countries we think of as being economically kind of poor they figured out ways of making wonderful meals with simple plant-based foods so you can explore these things and really really enjoy them if you told me no you can't have any of that you got to go back to roast beef bacon ears of corn I would say wait am I don't take away my vegan diet it's not just healthier but it's so much better so at least let me get to the GMO corn to some sweet potatoes instead of the white potatoes talk to me about about going plant-based and losing weight what do I want to beware of and why uh when when people get away from animal products um everything you're gonna eat is from a plant and plants have fiber and fiber fills you up and it doesn't have any calories effectively and so when you go to a plant-based diet you're gonna lose weight really easily now if you get stuck the reason is usually that you were letting oily foods come in and substitute because oil has plant oils are healthier than animal fat but the calorie content is just as high so you want to keep your look to it so weight loss two rules avoid the animal products keep oils really low you do that you're gonna lose weight how about improving improving blood pressure um I would do the same thing because weight loss will also help with blood pressure but it does one thing in addition it improves your blood viscosity we were talking about that earlier with related it related to athletic performance but if your blood is less viscous less thing it takes less effort for your heart to push it through the blood vessels and so your blood pressure comes down yeah I think a sodium salt will raise your blood pressure you want to keep salt low and and this is another good reason to avoid cheese if you needed another reason it's a high in the bad fat that makes your blood viscosity go through the roof and it's super high there's more there's more sodium and cheese then there is in potato chips on sprouts so it's super high in sodium but the other thing is when you go toward vegetables instead they're high in potassium as a blood pressure lowering mineral very cool I'm going back to my wife and then we're gonna tackle some other things she's you know queasy first trimester and exhausted are there certain foods that she can eat that will help give her more energy through the day um well not to get too personal but is she doing a completely plant-based diet now she is I'd say 90 90 some odd 95 99 if she's not feeling well she might do some Whole Foods chicken noodles that's happened a couple times and she does like a tiny bit of cheese okay um the reason I asked and I think this is a little bit of a frontier but there has been some interesting speculation as to why do women during pregnancy get nauseated sometimes and this is it's only a theory but it's an interesting theory the theory is this you've got a baby developing inside you the baby is half your genes and half your husband's genes or partners genes whatever the case may be so in other words that baby is half foreign if you can think of it that way so the body disables the immune system a little bit so that you're not rejecting your baby what that means is that mom is now has less immune defenses and she's likely to get sick and so what are the things that are gonna bring bacteria into her life more than anything else meats and what do women get annoyed with when they're pregnant they get disgusted by a lot of foods they're there their senses go way up for certain foods they do not want and meat is at the top of the list but dairy can be on that list too when women get morning sickness very often it relates to the consumption of animal products so if a woman has morning sickness I encourage them to go 100% plant-based also keep the oils low and see if those if those things don't improve I don't know that that's a solution for everybody it sounds like your wife is doing a million times better than most other women but it's worth a shot thank you so going on the other end of the female spectrum what can you tell us about women premenopause or during menopause yeah um many women going through menopause not all so I'm some women sail right through menopause without oh well missing a beat some women do have hot flashes and for some they persistent can be really troubling when we look across cultures it appears that menopausal symptoms were quite rare in Japan prior to westernization it's just in other words women ate pretty much a rice based diet with that mostly vegetables no dairy really to speak of and virtually no meat except once in a while used as sort of a flavoring for the noodles or the or the rice or whatever and once the diet started westernizing and meat and dairy came in we started to see a lot more menopausal symptoms so what we think is happening is that when a women when women are on plant-based diets their estrogen female sex hormone levels are lower they are adapted to those lower levels and then when menopause arrives the shift to an even lower menopause estrogen level is not as dramatic and they tend to not really have the symptoms in America and westernized countries because of a diet we have higher estrogen levels and menopause it goes way down and you're effectively got estrogen withdrawal if you want to put it that way this is still a theory but it's good to put to use for some women they do get benefit from soy by the addition of tofu and soy milk for all the women it doesn't really seem to make much difference if we roll the clock Bend that back then got to ask what about cramps oh my goodness sakes I was sitting at this very desk 30 years ago I guess now and a woman called me I've had terrible cramps and I started thinking about what cramps what they are it's the lining of the uterus expands every month in response to estrogen and at the end of the month the body realizing we're not pregnant it sheds that lining and menstrual flow and when it sheds that lining that lining called the endometrium it releases prostaglandins that cause cramps so anyway she called me on the phone and was telling me about her symptoms I started thinking well what can we do to basically change the hormone balance so that we don't have this big flood of estrogens every month it's causing that over thickening of the under medium and causing all these prostaglandins so I said avoid all the animal products no dairy and also keep oils really low and it effectively cured her cramps so that was one case so we did a research study with lots of women and found that for many it works so if a woman has cramps don't take this on faith just try it for the next cycle the next full month one period to the next no animal products at all keep vegetable oils all oils really low don't eat a lot of fried stuff and eat fruits and grains and whole and beans and whole grains take your vitamin b12 and see if your cramps don't disappear or are greatly contained the next one beautiful thank you will tell us real briefly about cancer and animals well first of all we've been talking about hormones and for hormone related cancers such as breast cancer or for men prostate cancer same thing you want to avoid dairy you want to avoid meat products but also the digestive type cancers like colorectal cancer those are related to meats and the worst of the lot are bacon sausage and the deli slices the this category called processed meats but but other meats can contribute to it as well and if people are avoiding meat and having high fiber plant-based diets their risk of these kinds of cancers is greatly diminished so thank you so much I've got to if I look at my dad he's a skinny guy with a big Santa belly which I can't help but think is total and complete inflammation it's not so much fat it's hard as a rock what can you tell me about the inflate Oh belly well um I think there are two things part of it is the development of fat probably probably the other part of it is that there's many different things to say but let me just throw in a couple your digestive tracts is an interesting thing not yours everybody if a person sends fatty food down the digestive tract and I'm talking about meat cheese but also fried foods the digestive tract suddenly gets very unselective about what things it's going to let through into the bloodstream you know your digestive tract has a hard job to do it's the things you eat it doesn't want to let just everything through into your bloodstream you get poison so it's very selective but when you throw a whole bunch of grease through its it causes the digestive to lose that selectivity and stuff slips through one of the things that slips through is what are called endotoxins that are produced by the bacteria the normal bacteria in your digestive tract they make what are called endotoxins and if you're on a high-fat diet like let's say today you greatly increase the fat content of your diet within five days your digestive tract will start letting those endotoxins through into your bloodstream and they are toxins they will interfere with cellular metabolism they are inflammatory when I say inflammatory information is your body's response to a bee sting for example various cellular product will cost in local inflammation in that area causing swelling causing antibodies to come in and that can happen through the whole body and cause all kinds of issues it causes your metabolism to get goofed up your ability to burn calories is impaired and so weight gain can be one of the results of it so thank you so much and and from there tell us really really briefly about protecting your brain Wow I'll tell you it was 1993 that I think the page turned that was when the Chicago Health and Ageing projects started and they started tracking the foods that seem to be linked to Alzheimer's disease and they found that people in this was done in Chicago a very large sample group those people who ate the most saturated fat had the most L signers saturated fat is the fat in dairy especially cheese also in meat meats the second biggest source and the converse was that people who just didn't eat cheese and meat or ate very little had dramatically lower risk of ålesund and then it also seemed to be true with trans fats those are the vegetable oils that are hardened to simulate animal fat that was those those are driving Alzheimer's too and people who ate little bits of nuts or seeds that had vitamin E natural vitamin E not not a pill that includes they were protected people who exercise a lot and other studies appear to be protected a bit so that's just the beginning but it looks like foods can protect us against Al's hundreds these to us degree how about inflammation and pain like our joints yeah we are actually just now doing a research study on rheumatoid arthritis but we're also seeing some benefits with osteoarthritis bottom line rheumatoid arthritis is another one of these autoimmune conditions where you look at the lining of the joint it's inflamed something is attacking it the inciting factor can often be a food Daria's probably the most common not the only one thank you so much where can people go to find out more and to find your fantastic book oh well thank you um the vegan starter kit is I wrote this to be something you can read it in 45 minutes and feel confident that you know how to begin I've written them zillion other books that are each one is big enough to problem in a door or you'll you'll see them on Amazon and other places but your if you have a book store in your neighborhood they probably appreciate your business too and my real hope with a vegan starter kit is that people will get two copies because there's somebody that they know who's in a little bit of trouble and they can help them by allowing them to explore vegan foods and and I kind of gave it I kind of wrote it as something for people to give to someone who needs a little help beautiful beautiful and what's the URL PCRM org that stands for Physicians Committee for Responsible medicine PCRM lrg fantastic and if you didn't catch PCR mor G come on over to inspire nation show calm we'll get you over to PCR Mor G so you can get those two copies of the book or more as well I've got to ask my wife the producer she wouldn't let me get off the hook without asking this question I'm gonna ask advice for parents to help their kids but let's talk about parents helping their kids if the kids weren't raised initially on a plant-based diet well you know the science marches along so youyou you already got your kids and then suddenly you realize oh wow I should do something else um when I was a kid in the 50s and 60s my mother realized she was feeding his whole milk she knew want to move to skim now she would have done better to move to almond milk or soy milk but that was everything here's what she didn't do and I credit her for this yeah she didn't say kids do you want to eat healthier you choose she what she said is I'm not buying that whole milk anymore and you're not gonna drink it we are gonna be healthy as a family that's it and you know what no I think that's really important okay so there's a time when parents have to be parents and they and you're not kind of smoking that somehow you know and that's the way my mother was of course when kids are 18 or 19 or 20 they'll do whatever they want to but when they're four and five and six that's the time to really make a dying so if the parents listening to this think gee a plant-based diet be good for me it's also good for you for your kids and it's good to say alright kids let's do this together and everybody does it everybody gets into agreement and they think of all the reasons why and if you want you can watch films like what the health arm or Forks Over knives together everybody gets all pumped up and you give kids jobs like you know the kid who's four years old could tear up the lettuce for the salad and get people involved in it and make sure everybody knows why we're doing this and help them sort out social situations like you're at a birthday and the kids are eating hot dogs and kids who are raised that way get a wonderful wonderful advantage that other kids can just n be excellent thank you so much Neal any last words of wisdom you want to share with people today um I would just encourage people to give it a try don't give up your skepticism there's all kinds of diets out there and if you're thinking I'm not sure if this is for me give it a shot take a week just try on vegan foods then take three weeks where it's all vegan all the time and see if you don't like it and if you find it life-changing spread the word what other people know thank you so much Neal I want to give you a big hug you're a really really good guy thank you very kind of you thank you so much for spending or you're most welcome so for everyone out there this is Michael Sandler saying be well have fun get the vegan starter kit and begin eating more plant-based today and shine bright thank you so so much Neil all right thanks for including me I really good good luck to your wife thank you she's lucky to have you but you're even luckier to have her you are not kidding I was nowhere without it all right very good thanks a lot thicker thanks so much for watching if you enjoyed it be sure to LIKE like below also leave your comments have some real fun with it subscribe to our channel where you're gonna get more great videos more interviews coming up and check out our website inspire nation show calm that's where you'll find tips blogs information videos you won't find anywhere else and useful and helpful resources to really help you kickstart your life and to shine bright thanks so much again thank you for your support like like like comment subscribe see the website thanks so much and have fun of course shine bright whoa

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8 thoughts on “🌟Why Going Vegan Might Save Your Life! + The EASIEST Way to Do It! | DR NEAL BARNARD

  1. First off, let me make it perfectly clear that I have absolutely no problems with a vegan diet. I agree with Michael that there is no one diet that is right for everyone. Different bodies have different needs and different things affect different bodies in different ways. If a certain diet works for you, absolutely go for it. I have close family that are vegans, including my brother, and I love them and have absolutely no problems with their lifestyle as they have no problems with mine. In fact, I just returned home from my vegan niece’s wedding, and I am overjoyed that they found each other and are happy in their vegan lifestyle. I watched this video because I am interested in all health information. Having said all of that, I do have to respectfully disagree with some of the assumptions that the good doctor made about the Ketogenic Diet. Now it is important to remember here that a Vegan diet and a Ketogenic diet are not opposing diets. It is possible to eat a Ketogenic Vegan diet, and many people do. But first of all, it is important to recognize that the Ketogenic Diet is not a high protein diet. In fact, a person living a Healthy Keto Diet consumes less meat and other proteins than those consuming a standard American diet. While there are those who eat processed meats on a Keto diet, processed meats are not recommended on a Healthy Keto diet. A Healthy Keto Diet also recommends meat from grass-fed/grass-finished sources and discourages consuming meat from standard and immoral factory farm, grain fed, sources. When it comes to dairy, it is well known within the Healthy Keto community that dairy from cows is inflammatory and actually discourages over-consumption of such products. We are just not militant about it because we believe that everyone has the right to make their own decisions for themselves. Goat Cheese contains a different form of casein protein from that in cheese from cows. Because this casein is less inflammatory than casein from cows, it is the preferred choice. Dairy from any sources is still discouraged, however. It is also my understanding that the body does not actually prefer using sugar as fuel. First of all, very little sugar is actually necessary for the body to function properly. Burning sugar also produces vast quantities of damaging oxalates over burning fat. The reason that the body burns sugar before fat is not because it prefers to run on sugar, but because excess sugar in the system quickly becomes toxic to the body. The body has evolved to burn sugar first as a fuel source to get rid of this toxic overload before it can cause too much damage, not because it prefers to burn sugar. Just some things to think about. And as the good doctor says about a vegan diet, try a Keto Diet and see if it is right for you. I know that for me personally, it was vastly superior for losing weight than when I was on a non-Keto Vegan Diet, and I feel healthier, happier, more energetic and have a clearer and better functioning mind than when I was on a non-Keto Vegan Diet.

  2. I’m not a vegan nor will I ever be. I consider it not healthy at all but that’s my opinion. Respecting each other’s opinions and differences is the key. 👍 I do enjoy most of your shows though. Congrats on the work you do!

  3. I am practically vegan but do eat oily fish.
    I do wonder however if we are truly meant to be vegan why are we then deficient in the B's. Our teeth suggest we are omnivores

  4. Woohoo! Congratulations on your great news Michael. Love and good energy heading your and the missus' way. Dr Neal, you're a rockstar. Thanks for sharing your expertise

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