🔴 men's safety

🔴 men's safety

you so I want to clarify I think it's absolutely essential and rational to set sane safe boundaries and take care of your safety but you don't want to be the equivalent of cotton-wool parenting with yourself look you develop your own limits of safety you know set your own boundaries do whatever it feels right to you do whatever is right for you but overcompensation I've seen his deleterious effects on many guys you know you know I was just thinking the other day I enjoy problem solving but in my world now stay with me here in my world if I removed all my problems what would happen to me creatively what would happen to my mind how would that impact me I know I wouldn't like it now I'm not saying I should just you know jump out of a plane without a parachute and just go towards chaos I was reading another article today online which had an attached video and it was basically a discussion amongst a group of women media women talking about the good things that have come out of me too and how it's helped women and it's all positive but the big negative was that men are now protecting themselves and they're overcompensating with keeping doors open the emergence of the mike pence rule and to them that was overcompensation it was completely silly and offensive though you know who cares about the male point of view where it's completely offensive that men should want to protect themselves you know it's okay when women want to protect themselves with pushing the laws so far that you know men have to sort of get a written consent from a woman that he can even actually talk to her or take her on a date or god forbid invited over to his place for coffee where everything has to be spelt out I'm completely simpatico with guys now they just don't think it's worth taking the risk and especially in light of post me too and all the women's conveniently just scratching their heads not understanding why guys even more reluctant and resistant and let's face it afraid of most women and in even getting or within close proximity to them you know I was thinking I was thinking about you know past generations being with a woman intimately trusting each other was probably the equivalent of driving where yes there's a chance of getting into an accident but um you know if you put your seatbelt on if you pay attention and if you're careful and everything the chances are extremely extremely unlikely that you'll get into an accident but the same basic intimacy wanting it from a woman today I see the equivalent as now riding a motorcycle although you can't wear a helmet you can't whenever wear any protective gear you have to write extremely fast at a bare minimum you have to write in the wet at night with no lights on and if there are some men who want nothing to do with motorcycle riding I can't understand why people can't see why it's rational and sane just to opt out of that situation there might be thrill-seekers on our spectrum like myself I still enjoy sex and dating women but there are those that think my enjoyment of motorcycles is not that great that I'm willing to take on those risks so I completely understand where guys who opt out are coming from I'm not a big fan of meet our just becoming a life without women that I fully understand why those guys who are hyper concerned and you know a worried about their future because let's face it this the only life you've got and rather than taking a roll of the dice with your life I mean guys guys will take a roll of the dice and take risks with other things you know even large things but the one thing you have is your your life and if your whole life hangs on the whim of not you your own mistakes your own efforts or shortcomings but it's completely on somebody else and you could do everything right but they just change their mind or have buyer's remorse I can understand why guys do not want to take that bet I can understand why guys want nothing to do with riding motorcycles anymore I can understand how the mike pence rule and the things associated with it now only going to get worse and worse and how the separation of men and women will get greater and greater as the sexes become more and more abrasive and resistant and distrusting of each other it's a really strange time in history I don't want people to get me wrong for me there's a big difference between a calculated in a sane risk and being reckless and that's what I'm talking about you know if you're somebody who desperately has an innate biological urge to have a family I sympathize now I'm lucky I never had that but I fully acknowledge that's a big impulse and drive for most men and it's beyond sex it's its nature I understand that and I sympathize for what men need to contend with and the fact that they're resisting such a big that their fear is so great of the repercussions of women you know going all-in at that poker table of reproductive life and you know just trusting please don't hurt me don't take my kids away don't ruin my life don't flush me down the toilet if you wake up one day and you've had a change of heart I can understand that I guess all I'm saying in my videos over and over again in different ways is to think about what you want to try and form ethics and stand by them I'm not saying that there are no alts I'm not saying I don't know what's going on between the sexes out there and I not saying there's not a vast imbalance I'm on men's side but I'm also on the side that would um enliven the man's life you know that would have him realize his dreams that would have him be free not just be grudgingly take the freedom of opting out and walking away because that's the safest scenario to me there's a big difference between safety and freedom and they've started to become synonymous sometimes today because I recognize maybe because of necessity because of the dangers out there but I'm trying to navigate that you know don't blur the semantics there is a big difference between safety and being alive feeling alive and living free and knowing you're taking a calculated risk where the chances of you ruining your life have been mitigated and I think the best way to do that to feel alive and freeing that way is to introspect into your own psychology and understand yourself in relation to the world today that's all I'm saying so I fully understand that some most guys want nothing to do with motorcycle riding today figuratively speaking and I'm on your side guys you know it's not an easy thing and it's not an easy thing for guys who have never had mentorship and don't have an intellectual curiosity but now almost forced to out of survival it's like forcing someone into mathematics and algebra who was never mathematically inclined I just wanted to mention that I do realize the safety concerns and I'm not saying not to create boundaries and make your life as safe as possible but just be mindful of the Dilla Terius effects of closing yourself off from life completely your own psychological introspection I believe is the key to being as autonomous and freeing real life as you can anyway talk later you

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47 thoughts on “🔴 men's safety

  1. marriage is like playing Russian roulette with 3/6 bullets loaded. no logical man would get married with those odds

  2. I dont think its not worth it. I KNOW its not worth it. All my mates in relationships are unhappy and I cant talk to them. Its hard to let go of men I care for but its the cost of being free.

  3. For a man to risk everything by starting a family, that is exactly how they would have to look at it: "Please don't hurt me, don't take my kids away, don't ruin my life, don't flush me down the toilet some day, when you have a change of heart". The reckless motorcycle rider has a better chance at survival. Great illustrations as usual huMAN.

  4. Eh, I can't think of any good reasons not to burn it down. There's a line of thought, that I must presume (because I don't understand it), that somehow "burning the world" is the end of days. It isn't. It would be the end of one particular day – this day. But afterward, there will be a new day.

    I prefer to seek a means of seizing my own freedom, over other options. I see no lack of living, in exercising patience to such an end.

  5. Gentlemen, bear this in mind:

    Men require no woman to provide us food, riches, laughter, or creativity. No woman ever provided those to us — which is why they so desperately feed off of us.

    Women consume men's bounty, they do not produce it themselves. They never did.

    We're the catch. They're merely the parasites we allow to feed upon us.

    Stop feeding them until they no longer behave as parasites.

  6. Modern society: "Men, put on this blindfold and take 100 paces into No Man's Land. There you will find a dependable partner to marry and live happily until the end of your days"

    Men: "If you say so!"

    machine gun fire

  7. If we are talking about risks we have to think objectively here. I understand points of view of both sides women and men. Unfortunately not everyone has good intentions and media magnifies the danger that exists. It’s scary men afraid to be falsely accused women afraid to be raped, killed besides there are other issues such as unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.
    We take precautions when we hire someone for a job we ran background check on that person to make sure that it’s safe to hire them why wouldn’t we want to take precautions in intimate relationship? No one deserves immediate trust, trust must be earned overtime.

  8. I've recently hit upon a good way to put this: Property is more important than most people in modern society care to admit. Gathering property is what all animals– and especially men, do with their time and energy. They do it to attract a mate, to protect their family, and in fact their family should be seen as their property (perhaps shared property with the mother). This is what we mean when we compare marriage to gambling.

    Men are more observant than we give them credit for, and when they look around and see half the married men they know being divorced, and the other half miserable because they know their family and property no longer belong to them, most men aren't gamblers. In fact, if she can drop papers for any or no reason and take everything, it's not a gamble. She owns everything as soon as you sign the contract, and a significant amount of men will not sign because they instinctively know that's wrong.

  9. The you tube for MGTOWs has arrived:
    Please get your library account on my link:

  10. Agreed and very well said. Life is being smart in life but you have to still live too. Sometimes you screw up and you have to learn from it. You need to live despite the pitfalls. That doesn't mean to get married, but it also doesn't mean you should force yourself to be a monk unless absolutely necessary.

  11. You got a 40% chance that she's going to end it and she's going to destroy your life.

    And unlike Russian Roulette where you would just die, you'll live in pain for decades.

    I lived it and I love my daughter and grandkids but if I knew then what I know now I would not have married and had children.

  12. The surest way for a young man to destroy his life is to get married. Most women treat their pets better than their man. Most married women sleep with their pets, not their man. To a woman, "man = enemy". If women's actions in the last 20 years have convinced me of anything is that women see men as enemy. With that in mind, ask yourself, how can any woman really love a man? And as a man, knowing she couldn't careless if I'm alive, I can't help but think, why even bother?

    If all the stars are aligned, the best marriage can do for a man is give him a glimpse at happiness – a very short and fleeting glimpse, followed by eons of misery.

    The squeeze isn't worth the juice.

  13. I choose a life without a woman.. no way in hell I’m even taking a chance.. my life is so good now that I’m not willing to invite chaos, drama and distruction into it

  14. I 100% don't need women in my life to feel alive, I wish I didn't have to deal with my ex and when my kid turns 18 I'm going to celebrate big time

  15. It’s also ridiculous that they think that the effects of MeToo, and of so-called sexual harassment law generally, is going to be isolated to the workplace and not spill over into men and women in society more broadly. There’s a tiny percentage of people who don’t have to work, so once you condition people with the notion that it’s a form of attack and abuse to express attraction or interest in a woman, it’s going to spill over. That toxic, misandrist conditioning is going to have a broader effect.

  16. And these feminists and blue pill SJWS don’t see any problem with creating a social environment where men need to avoid women to protect themselves, because women have power with no responsibility or consequences, and men have no rights if a woman makes a claim of victimhood based on her feelings or emotions. Watching the way that the mainstream public has responded to MeToo makes understand how the Salem witch trials were able to occur, and that emotionally people haven’t changed.

  17. You opened with a brief defense of personal boundaries… Personal boundaries is just saying "Fuck that, I'm not riding a motorcycle in the dark… "

    One of my boundaries was "No silent treatment or pouting. Do it, and the relationship is over…" It works like magic. Most women will test you within a week. Then they expect you to feel bad about breaking up… If you know and respect yourself, it feels GREAT! And when they say, "if you are going to be like that, you'll never get a woman…!" The disbelief on their face when you laugh and say "If all women behave like nasty children, I am better off without one in my life."

    The real problem is that men don't have boundaries, so women don't respect them…

  18. That analogy about motorcycles tho😂 tho I myself am a rider under those conditions….yea thats the thing about being in a relationship today. Its all risk with no benefits.

  19. If we attribute masculinity to the primary behaviors related to the male reproductive roles, which are protection and provision, a man placing his own safety above what is normally inherent & expected is seen as disgusting. That is why the concept of men protecting them selves is offensive, but good luck getting the people who see no problem with exploiting masculinity to admit that is what they want.

  20. It used to be: "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?"
    Now it's: "Why buy the cow when there's a 70% chance it'll get rabies and will try to end you?"
    Drink milk? Sure. Spend more time with a cow than necessary to get milk? Neh, too risky.

  21. I traded my security almost 39 years ago. There have been more ups than downs. We have traditional roles and both surrendered things along the way for out mutual benefit.
    Like a motorbike ride it's the journey not the destination. And most journeys benefit from someone who is along for the ride.
    But my advice to young men today is that the road has changed, the signs act as a warning when once they were guidance and crossroads are more dangerous and costly than before.
    Its a sorry state of affairs, so go your own way, without a pillion.

  22. Motorbike on a wet road = accident MIGHT happen. Marriage = accident likely to happen. It's all a matter of timing. It's like the famous Bell curve. Infatuation, romance tops out and then free-falls to ground zero. Travel well my fellow men.

  23. I'm built to be a family man. This current climate is torture for me because I'm constantly battling between extreme risk and giving up my dreams of family.

  24. Ahhhh Haaaaaa Haaaaaaaa – A relationship with a woman? There is the very rare one here or there I have time for, but not many. Most of them are NOT assets, they are personal, professional and financial liabilities. I don't like the use of the word "fear" – as in men are afraid of women. No I am not…. I just have no time for lying dead shits, of low IQ and who's mind set is composed of gossip, the garbage in women's magazines, and spiteful infighting.

    The media women – ARE stupid, self centered cunts. Fuck them.

    Everything that these BRAINLESS cunts come out with as a part of their own self serving agenda, is based upon the cult of feminism, and that is nothing but a hate cult of lies… and fuck any feminist that spews her poison in the direction of an innocent man.

    "Ooooooo a woman choking to death on her food in a cafe?" – "Well fancy that. Oh well time to get back to work. See you."

  25. If it cost more than my own personal serenity its too expensive. I went through that 'ghosting' phase from negative experiences with women and I did emerge out of it to something better…a life worth living on my own terms….GYOW

  26. women try to create an atmosphere of fear to impose 'equality' in dating, meaning even the ugly girls which is most women will get a husband.. The fact is men are attracted to young good looking women and want to approach them so the result of MeToo is even those girls don't get approached anymore.. They wanted an all winning equality and got an all losing one..

  27. Keep it simple: don't bother with women, it's silly. Get dolls, toys, tulpas, and digital waifus (better anyway), and live your life.

  28. Funny thing, recuperating from a motorcycle accident while watching this. The same road 365 days a year, coming and going from my daily activities, eventually we will find our demise.

  29. Just remember, while you're out there being a cock carousel conveyer belt for these women (you might call it dating, getting laid or whatever) – it's someone else's wife you're banging. (Or ex wife, statistically)

  30. >make men guilty until proven innocent
    >don't allow men to prove their innocence
    I don't know what women were expecting.

  31. For some men it´s not that "women are not worth the risk". Instead it´s that "most women are not worth the time", because they bring almost nothing to the table. The more a man values himself the more he realizes that his time and energy are better invested in things other than chasing women.

  32. What if i don't like motorcycles? What if i like boxing? Why should not i spend my free time on things i love? I really like boxing and i like it despite all the risks, and guess what? My quota for daily risk is fulfilled, no women or relationships needed. If i have a capacity for risks, why should i fill it up with risks associated with women, why not fill it up with risks (e.g. serious physical injury) associated with boxing. I am willing to take risks related to one thing but not the other, this is the most natural and self evident characteristic we have.

  33. I never had a desire to have a wife and children (unless I think back to about age 10). But, I'm an outlier having rejected all childhood credulity indoctrination of god, country and family (the 3 primary narcissistic supply delusions society depends on). Ants are "social" and made to be: soldiers, workers and procreation providers. No thanks.

  34. I understand what you’re saying. For me, staying away from women is best but I do think it’s not for everyone. For me age is a factor, so I don’t want to waste anymore time dating.
    Always very insightful brother.

  35. Whitey there's nothing wrong with your search engine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxN_B5UrGUg

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