#1 Safety in The Country 🔥🔥 Avantae Williams '20 | DeLand High ( DeLand, FL) UTR Spotlight

#1 Safety in The Country 🔥🔥 Avantae Williams '20 | DeLand High ( DeLand, FL) UTR Spotlight

seven Williams she's gonna be a trap stuff is it gonna be a chat bar she gonna be a chest I'll check out she ready she ready hey you ready what's up little girl my daughter seven months old see my world she gonna be straight for life do you have Florida man we have spanked Morris dating his chest hit it but once a William number one state in the nation deal and floor let's do it a bird on my neighbor's I'm afraid we in the test to the sky we fly the show DeLand Florida trenches 380 south side tell me what you're doing why are you doing oh I gotta feed my kid I gotta gear right I gotta make sure the found straight you gonna do it you're gonna get to the top anything else door nobody make it out of it so when you don't want you to chose them and it's the mother it's the money and number the streets you got to get it out of the money you got to be focused gotta be tunnel vision I see chosen Bob I love you and I love you my daughter me in the world but that's it in the world is it my daughter where I my bottle my everything under the radar sports media the hottest sports videos in the nation

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43 thoughts on “#1 Safety in The Country 🔥🔥 Avantae Williams '20 | DeLand High ( DeLand, FL) UTR Spotlight

  1. Man he's small while I see the talent he's going to really get with a strength & conditioning coach & put some muscle on his frame

  2. Mans live right around the street..it’s a lot of talent around here tho..I played at Olympia in Orlando with Chris Johnson,split time with him at RB and we had at least two dudes better than him,one got locked up for attempted murder and the other kept getting hurt..shit Shaq and Tracy mcgrady stopped by our school to see bout them Olympia boys that was making noise..Deland is secluded and far but keep grinding jit

  3. Someone please tell me how hes the number 1 Safety in the country??????????/ a couple of hard hits and terrible ass tackling from other teams, Looks like a receiver if anything……..

  4. Idk what it is about this dude. But I truly believe what he’s saying. I doesn’t look like some stunt for the camera like a lot of other young talent. Something about him makes what he’s saying feel genuine and I think he’s gonna do some big things.

  5. Avantae my dog I go to mainland high we play Deland every year and usually beat them but dem jits was raw this year

  6. If you put thumbs down something's wrong with you in Spanish rice support his little daughter keep him up to the word network up Subaru disrespectful you don't like people who don't have a heart this person is trying to keep his daughter healthy and have a good he's trying to have a good life for his daughter

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