10 hygiene tips for teens 💓🤢 || PrincessRiah Tv

10 hygiene tips for teens 💓🤢 || PrincessRiah Tv

yeah go like we go away don't be a princess right back with another video so yeah this is my second video if you have to see my first video for my introduction to start my new channel that will be in the link there will be a link in the description if you haven't watched it so if we do know from if you didn't watch my first video I pretty much said that I was going to be posting like hygiene videos and advice or whatever so you already know your goal but for today's video you already know your girl is starting off with the hygiene video but it's not going to be like too big oh yeah so today I'm going to be forgiving well today I'm going to be filming 10 hygiene tips for all teen girls or whatever and that all team goes need to know y'all just a disclaimer I'm not a hygiene goddess I'm just going to be giving you tips that I know and that you should do so and that I also do myself so yeah so before we get into the video make sure you guys and like the video comment down below and subscribe and turn your post notification bills that you don't miss a video for when I post so I wrote 10 facts or 10 tips on this little book thing I don't think I don't think you can see but yeah so we're gonna go ahead and get started so number one as a girl you should always you should always shower at least 2 to 3 times a day guys it's just very important for expression for us girls we need to shower like every day it's not one day we cannot miss a shower because we have areas that have order well pretty much our whole body can we don't shower so make sure you guys shower use the right soap for your body if you have sensitive skin use what's right for your body and yeah shower at least two three number two make sure you guys drink plenty of water when I show you this works really well when you helps clear your skin and it also pushes out all the bad stuff so drink lots of water it helps a clear skin it's like when once you drink water you just don't like it just lets out all the nasty stuff and if you didn't know it also helps you um stop from catching a cold you have actually this water works you just like people say water doesn't work for clear skin they actually does work you just have to have patience patience girl gets every month for at least two to three days for me it's true three days but other girls it can be longer or less than that well longer than that it depends on how your body set up but for mine is two to three times a day what no wait hold on oops I mean like two to three days so yeah don't be shocked because if you haven't started your period you are gonna like once you start you're gonna like have cramps from those days between those days so yeah for me to stop the crab's I like to drink ibuprofen I drink a lots of water and you can take like a leave or Advil ever just pain medications or whatever but yeah and there's something oh yeah and there's also something else called pads and tampons if we don't know what that is a a pad is pretty much you wear something patent air pad and temples are something you to suck up the blood so that you know when you bleed it doesn't get to your underwear nothing with that or whatever miss suck it absorbs the blood so that doesn't like go through your pennies and sometimes it does so that's why you should always change your pad like every few hours I changed my like every you every like two hours one two hours I don't know but like change your path and there's also when you're not on your period there's something called penny liners panty liners are for like when you're not on your period because there's something called a discharge that most of us close what every girl gets I'm not going to explain what it looks like but once you give once you're on your period what everybody needs are pretty much you should know what a discharges I'm not gonna get into it but it also gives a bad order to so make sure you shower and change your panty liner every like change or pay about her like like maybe somebody up a ladder penny lighter panty liner is a pad okay so changing so change it okay number four a stick or client underwear I tell you I actually like this to stick with I mean there's a demotion I do cotton customers while your your area needs to breathe okay I need to breathe can I be suffocating down there it can be so we're carton underwear number five ro wash your hands after you come through using the bathroom that's how I've seen so many people walk out of public restroom without washing their hands you nasty well like people be people are gonna get sick and then they're gonna get germs or whatever like that's just nasty wash your hands before you like like what shouldn't after use the mouth cuz you know you wiping yourself in it it's just nasty just wash your hands okay why should get mad so big in stress whether in between the fingers start washing okay number six make sure you shave you do not want a jungle you do not want to look like a bear you don't want to look like a gorilla you don't want look like a monkey you don't want to look like a forest you don't look like none of that make sure you shave like shame shame shame make sure you shave your legs your armpits your own your area since you don't look like a jungle or nothing and if you dare no hair does like when you sweat and you're like kind of little hairy or whatever it does cause an order and it's really bad it's really really bad so make sure you shave use a razor something they feel like shaving use like a little what is it like use Nair or something like I don't use nearby use just think call defeat I actually like it cuz it doesn't cause like a burning for me and yeah so all I have to do is rub the claim on your arm leave it on for like five to ten minutes and it wipe it off and it your hair is gone if you don't mind saving but if you want stick to shave me stick to shave me do you go do number seven wear deodorant where do you order it after you shower because just like oh my god this is y'all you know how many times I've been to school and kids don't wear deodorant like you gonna be smelt like if you don't worry the other way you gonna smell musty like your armpits oh my god it's just nasty wear deodorant y'all there's Yoda is not expensive go to the Dollar General and get you something it's not that it don't cost a lot for some deodorant now get you some secret some dove some Orman ham I'll do something because your armpit should not be smelling musty should a beast it should not be smelling like that so wear deodorant please number eight make sure you wash your face morning at nights if you are what if you really want is going to be clear you should really be consistent with your skin for me my skin is not perfect it's not clear what's clear but is not clear all the way but I am always washing my face and I use face mask like two times a week um this is the face mask that I use I used to offer caught a clay mask and it works for me it works for my skin it makes my skin feel clean so just wash your face back if you if you're really not consistent with your skin do you're not gonna like how the results you want number nine row washer here if you know your hair's let if you listen you write your future and you and you smell something now your hand stink go wash it if you're scratching your hand you got a little dirt on your washer if your hair got a little let's say you Joey you found my stuff white stuff wash wash your hair why are you shouting washer here two to three times because like my god you gotta wash your hair like you cannot be having number for me I like to you what this is back to the period topic for me I'd like to use a period tracker on one of my favorite rappers is called P tracker well it pretty much tells you when your periods want to start and when it ends it acts for emotions and like it does pretty much lets you know when your period clumps and adds if you don't need all that extra stuff you don't you don't really need that I actually recommend it it's called Pete Rocco you guys can use whatever a pair tracker you wanna I just used something called pee driver but yeah so just ease the pain tracker I think it's really helpful for me and from other girls too you don't have to use to pick my period tracker but there's lots more so you can use it if you want to yeah completes the video make sure you guys like this video make sure you guys comment and subscribe and turn the best at you don't miss a video and make sure you guys follow my social media down below at the bottom of the screen and in the description but I will lick my first view down below or what if you haven't watched it already but yes

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