100 Calorie Hot Chocolates 5 Ways + Clean, Vegan Marshmallows

100 Calorie Hot Chocolates 5 Ways + Clean, Vegan Marshmallows

(upbeat music) – Hey, munchies, welcome to the channel. I’m Alyssia, and I hope you all
had a wonderful Thanksgiving if you celebrate it. I’m stoked because now all
of the holiday festivities really kick into gear. This time of year,
comforting, warm beverages are one of my biggest weaknesses. Honestly, saying no to sugar-laden cookies and pies is somehow easier
for me than beverages. It’s just so deceiving how
much sugar they can have, and it’s easier for me to overdo it. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all about having the
real deal here and there, but moderation is key, and
when I don’t wanna be moderate, when I feel like having
a cup of hot chocolate, oh, everyday, for instance, I have got to figure out
how to lighten it up, and today I am giving you
five different recipes that do just that, plus some
homemade vegan marshmallows. This video was brought
to you by Four Sigmatic, and I will be using a variety of their products along the way, and showing you just
how versatile they are. Four Sigmatic believes in the real magic of functional mushrooms, and they’ve made it easy
to drink these mushrooms and other superfoods with
their mushroom coffees, superfood blends and elixirs. Different mushrooms
have different benefits. Some are great for
productivity, focus, creativity. Some are best for athletic performance. Some help metabolism or digestion, and some are great for stress. It really depends on what
you want and need that day. All of their products are vegan, organic, gluten-free, and instant, and they are having a special
Black Friday cyber sale where you can get 20 to
50% off their products, but with my link, actually you can get
an additional 15% off, which is seriously a steal. I am stocking up for the year because they don’t have a better sale than this all year long. The link is in the description. So let’s get to that hot chocolate first. It’s probably my most regular
go-to, and it’s so simple, a peppermint hot chocolate. (“Jingle Bells”) I heat unsweetened almond
milk over the stove. You can use any milk you’d
like for all of these, plant-based or not. Once it’s simmering lightly, I add in a packet of Four Sigmatic’s Mushroom Cacao Mix with
Reishi and a pinch of salt, and whisk to integrate. The packet is delicious on
its own, just mixed with milk, or you could even use water if
you wanted to keep it simpler and lower in calories. It has a natural sweet and
cinnamony flavor as is. These packets are not overly sweet. It’s subtle but satisfying. You can always add more sweetener
of choice if you’d like. At only 25 calories per packet, you can make this mix a regular
this season and year-round. I remove the mixture from the heat and stir in a bit of peppermint extract. It is strong, so you don’t need much. You can enjoy this as is for a beverage that’s only about 50 calories, or if you’re open to toppings
on your hot chocolate, I always am, add your favorites. To keep it vegan, there
are some awesome coconut and almond-based whipped
creams available in stores now that are so much easier
than making on your own, and they taste pretty darn good too. This cacao mix contains reishi, which supports sleep and stress relief, so I prefer to have this one at night, but it’s not gonna make you fall asleep, so you can totally have
it any time of day. It just doesn’t have caffeine, so it’s a great option for the evening. The small bit of coconut palm sugar and stevia in the mix gives
it just enough sweetness without being overwhelming, and the cinnamon and cardamom add a delicious holiday spiciness. It is so cozy. Next up, I am sharing
an orange hot chocolate. (lively fiddle music) It starts with coconut
milk and orange peel in a small saucepan over medium heat. Again, any milk is fine,
but I think orange, chocolate and coconut are a winning combo. Bring the mixture to a boil, simmer, and then remove from the heat. Cover and allow it to
sit for 30 to 60 minutes to enhance the flavor. You can use it right away, but the flavor will be stronger
if you’re willing to wait. Remove the rind, return
the milk to the stove, and over medium heat, add the Four Sigmatic Mushroom Mocha Mix, some chocolate chips sweetened
with stevia, and salt. The chocolate chips are optional because there is cocoa
powder in the mocha mix, but I wanted it to be more prominent, so I added just a few chips. It doesn’t take much, and it’ll add sweetness
and a richer flavor. Once the mixture is melted and smooth, serve with your desired toppings. I love a bit of orange zest on top. This mix contains chaga mushrooms, which are great for immune function and high in antioxidants. This one is sweetened just
the same as the other, but it also has a bit of coffee in it, so it’s more ideal for the morning, or better yet, an afternoon pick-me-up. If you’re more of a caffeine person, this one might be for you, and whether you prefer caffeine or not, Four Sigmatic has so many
options to suit your needs: caffeine, no caffeine, coffee, tea, or no coffee and no tea
at all and just elixirs. The website is super
easy to search through. You can go through only
what interests you, and there’s so much education and information about all
the products and ingredients, which I love. Plus, they’ve got verified buyer reviews, and I am all about reviews
when I buy anything online. I love that they leave these there and are transparent and open about how the products are received. Plus, some people really
give interesting ways of using the products in the reviews that I wouldn’t have thought about. Okay, number three is a
Mighty Mexican Hot Chocolate. Mexican hot chocolate is typically richer and spiced with cinnamon, and sometimes even a kick
of heat from cayenne pepper. For this one, I heat
almond milk on the stove, and this time I add the Four Sigmatic Mushroom
Cacao Mix with Cordyceps, as well as the 10-Mushroom Blend, cinnamon, nutmeg, a pinch of
cayenne, and a pinch of salt. Whisk to integrate. (downtempo music) The cordyceps in this mix
is great for energy levels, so it’s perfect for earlier
in the day or early afternoon. If you can get it in
pre-workout, even better. I also added some of the
10-Mushroom Blend Mix into this, which is, on its own, Whole30,
vegan, and caffeine free, but the awesome thing about this mix is that it has all of the
functional mushrooms you could want for the day in one mix, and you can mix it into anything
without noticing the taste: coffee, tea, but also juice,
smoothies, or even oatmeal. Seriously, I have to emphasize you cannot taste the mushrooms
in any of these drinks, even the coffee, which I’ve had many times and drink regularly. You can’t tell that
there’s mushrooms in it, but you still get the
benefits, which is amazing. Also, I want to address the fact that you can’t taste the stevia either. I am not usually a stevia person, or at least I’m picky about
the type of stevia I use because of the aftertaste,
and in these products, somehow it’s not an issue. This 10-Mushroom Blend will
support your immune system, but also your general well-being, which is why I called this the
Mighty Mexican Hot Chocolate. Okay, so once the spices
are all integrated smoothly, remove from the heat and add a little bit of vanilla extract, and it’s ready for your toppings. I like the kick from the cayenne, and it pairs well with the spicy cinnamon, but it’s your call. Either way, this hot
chocolate will get you going rather than calm you down. It’s not a bad thing
to have hot chocolates to fit any time of day, am I right? Next we’re getting a little bit crazy with a peanut butter protein
frozen hot chocolate. Why not? (upbeat rock music) For this one, I freeze coconut
milk in an ice cube tray, which blends up so well with
the rest of the ingredients. I love doing this for smoothies
and shakes of any kind. Into a blender those frozen cubes go, along with a packet of Four
Sigmatic Mushroom Cacao Mix. You could use the reishi or cordyceps depending on what you want. Later in the day or before
bed, reishi might be the one. If it’s earlier or pre or post-workout, you could try cordyceps. I also add a bit of water,
or you could use more milk, some Four Sigmatic Superfood Protein, peanut butter powder, and
a small pinch of salt. Blend it up. Adjust the sweetness to taste if needed with your favorite sweetener. The Superfood Protein is plant-based, unflavored, and organic, with multiple functional
mushrooms and adaptogens, and of course, it’s gluten free
like all of their products. What I really like about this protein is
the ingredients list. There are no gums, no fillers, no whey, and it’s sweetened with monk fruit. It blends into any smoothie, but can also be mixed with milk or water, and it’s actually good. I will say, I have tried to find a plant-based protein
powder for a long time, and most of them are chalky
and tough to get down. This one, it’s a blend
of pea protein, hemp, chia, pumpkin, and coconut, and something about the recipe
makes it so much better. Finally, a plant-based
protein that I can handle. Peanut butter and chocolate
is a classic combo that doesn’t steer us wrong here either. Okay, the last hot chocolate of the day is a chai latte hot chocolate. Chai is one of my favorite
flavors year-round, but I definitely gravitate
to it over the holidays. This one is pretty much
my at-home substitute for when I’m craving a pumpkin
spice or chai tea latte, but I don’t wanna spend
five bucks or 500 calories. I heat almond milk over the
stove with a cinnamon stick, and I add a packet of the Four
Sigmatic Mushroom Cacao Mix, as well as a packet of Four Sigmatic’s
Mushroom Chai Latte Mix, and a pinch of salt. Whisk to integrate. Allow that to simmer,
remove from the heat, get rid of that cinnamon stick of course, and serve as you’d like. This chai is dairy-free of course, but I think it is awesome
that it’s also caffeine-free because there’s actually
no black tea in it. It uses turkey tail and reishi instead, and turkey tail is great for the gut and supports stress relief, so it’s a nice way to wind down the day. Even without the black tea, you get the chai spice
flavors from cinnamon, ginger, clove, and cardamom in the mix. It is great for evenings when I want a comforting cup of chai and a nutritional boost. Pair that chai with the hot cacao, and you’ve got a holiday cup of joy that doesn’t compromise your nutrition. Okay, so those are my five
hot chocolates for you, all nutritionally moderate enough to consume regularly this
season and throughout the year. But wait, I still have to show you how to make vegan marshmallows. This recipe is pretty cool because it uses aquafaba,
or chickpea liquid, rather than some of the
other vegan marshmallows that use corn starch or corn syrup. You simply strain the liquid
from the chickpea can. First, dust a pan with powdered
sugar and set it aside. Add the aquafaba, or leftover liquid from the drained chickpeas, and cream of tartar to
the bowl of a stand mixer, and let it go on high for five
to six minutes until fluffy. (upbeat music) Add vanilla extract and
whisk another few minutes until stiff peaks form. Separately in a small saucepan,
combine water and agar agar, which is a vegan gelatin
that is derived from seaweed, and bring to a boil. Let it go for three
minutes, stirring regularly. Add sugar and boil over medium-low heat for another few minutes. Don’t let it burn, and I don’t suggest a sugar
alternative for this recipe. It just doesn’t turn out
right and doesn’t taste great. Turn off the heat, add salt,
and slowly add that mixture to the fluffed aquafaba
a little at a time, beating on low for 30-second intervals, and then continuing to add gradually. It’ll turn white, soft,
and shiny when it’s done. Add that into your prepared pan, dust it with powdered sugar
and let it cool for an hour. Now that’s mostly it. Once they’ve set, you can cut
it into squares carefully. It is a little bit
meticulous, but it works, and dust fully with powdered sugar. I like to heat an oven over low heat, around 150 degrees Fahrenheit, and then turn it off and
let the marshmallows sit in the warm oven to dry them out a bit. Perfect for any hot chocolate, but also seriously tasty on their own. I was really surprised that
this worked as well as it did, and I will definitely do it again. They are fluffy, sweet, and
almost like a soft meringue. I hope you enjoyed these hot
chocolates and marshmallows. Remember, you have a rare opportunity to snag these Four Sigmatic
products discounted. Some are 50% off, and you
can get an extra 15% off with my link in the description box. They only do this sale on Black Friday or Cyber Monday weekend, so don’t miss out your chance to stock up. Have a great holiday season. I’ll have more holiday
videos coming every week, and I hope you’ll subscribe
and stick around for more. I will see you next week, and remember, it’s all a matter of mind over munch.

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