12 Important Safety Facts About Motorcycles

12 Important Safety Facts About Motorcycles

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18 thoughts on “12 Important Safety Facts About Motorcycles

  1. Take a long time to put skin back. The people who don't were safety gear and where brain buckets have bather for brains and girl that get on a bike with the same are really not really bright. When I started back riding about 7 years ago (after many years of waiting for our boy to grow up) I wanted full gear and husband wanted only helmet and jacket. It didn't take long for him to see the benefits I had and change his mind. Years ago most people in our area had no idea what I am type of gear we were wearing when we stop and go in places. Thanks to many of the younger sport bikers it is not as unusual, but many of them still only wear jacket and helmets. Gear is gaining and so are good helmets. Keep taking, I have seen more old guy with full HI-VIZ on in the last 2 years than ever. But, many are still only wearing it on long trips. Me I like my skin.

  2. I have both a full face helmet and a modular helmet, both 4☆ rated on the sharp system. The police here use modular helmets and ride around with their chin bar raised, I hope they close them when riding at speed. Also helmets are compulsory here in New Zealand.

  3. Hey Dan did you hear about the 7 riders who died in New Hampshire a few days ago? Just terrible. Pickup truck over the double yellow. Phone or drunk no doubt

  4. Your U turn was from your lane crossing into the third lanes on the other side of the hwy, that is a wide U turn! If a rider needs practice for that they should not be riding on the street. In Virginia you can get a license without making a U turn with-in two parking space about two hwy lanes. HA! Kidding aside I like your info and lack of profanity! A big plus for me! All riders should know the risk, if you don't you did not take your safety course and or your not to bright. Your basically riding a bicycle with an engine next to cars and going as fast or faster.

  5. People will think this is rude. Deathly accidents help the rest of the people put there. Regulations get closer to real situations on traffic. I don't think anybody wants to be the volunteer, but after see statistics last year, we are just fine.

  6. Passing on a fun fact i heard (dodge rider?), on the helmet/no helmet debate, after a crash:
    Short version,
    – life long "physical issues", are about the same.
    – deaths are about the same.
    – chance of being some level of " vegi", is far less with a helmet.

    Anyway you could double check that?
    That last one is what convinced me to wear a lid (and full face). ; p

  7. even cheap gear is better than no gear. some cheap firms are actually equal in quality as some high end gear.

  8. In the USA, can a motorcycle do a U-turn (like at 3:24) without having to wait for the green light provided that the motorcycle doesn't cross outside of the crosswalk?

    Presuming no oncoming traffic and no pedestrians. I've been reading that this is possible because the intersection doesn't technically begin until beyond the the pedestrian crosswalk. This is of particular interest to me because motorcycles/scooters/bicycles have trouble triggering the road sensor to activate the light. So might as well do the U-turn especially if nobody is around. This is a really good reason to learn smooth, fast, tight U-turns on a motorcycle!

  9. Dude!! Love the videos. Just started riding and I feel like I have a huge advantage on safety after watching your videos. Thanks man! And thanks for serving. Stay safe!

  10. Good video. New riders need more prep. It's different on the road, idc how many dirt bikes you been on 💯

  11. Hey Dan! I love your vids and they recently encouraged me to start riding! Your vids really have helped me become a safer rider. Thanks and keep up the amazing work

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