14 Day Leg & Inner Thigh Challenge ♥ This Workout’s Results Do Jane Fonda Proud

14 Day Leg & Inner Thigh Challenge ♥ This Workout’s Results Do Jane Fonda Proud

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100 thoughts on “14 Day Leg & Inner Thigh Challenge ♥ This Workout’s Results Do Jane Fonda Proud

  1. Woo! This is by far the best video because I was sweating from beginning to end. I became so energised! Thanks!

  2. That's my kind of workout. Intense but short. Definately will try it..but not on a pile of stones.😁

  3. If your audience only wants downward dog videos. They need help! Keep going with your spiritual journey. That’s why I subbed to begin with. 🙏🏻

  4. Dear Boho Beautiful, Please make MORE CARDIO videos, these are the most effective classes! I did more than hundred the Transform, the few youtube cardio videos of yours and the 2 which I found in Ten Days – LOVE them! But please more, honestly I am begging :)))))))))))) <3

  5. I am on my day 11 for your splits challenge now but will definitely do this one after that! Thanks for doing the challenges, they really help to keep yourself motivated!

  6. Just completed the ab work out 14 day challenge . It was amazing. Started day 1 of this today. Enjoyed the cardio sweat ha ha ! My only concern was my legs felt pain in the glute exercise . The one with the leg pointing forwards. Similarly felt the same pain in the first candlestick one in the raised leg when I lifted it. Not sure what this is. Maybe I’m just sore or maybe this muscle is just very weak? I don’t have any problems with the glute muscle kicking backwards just to the side and forward in those positions. I also don’t feel it in the dancer kicks. The inner thigh stuff was all fine.

  7. This challenge is amazing! Thank you for your awesome workout videos. I actually lost weight doing your yoga videos and my 2 year old daughter does them with me.

  8. Could you recommend please what thickness of mat would be ideal doing yoga? I just purchased the 15mm thick but I have a feeling it’s a bit too much.

  9. I really appreciate all the work you do. They are the best fitness videos out there. Could you put together something for distasis recti? I modify a lot of poses to suit me but I would really appreciate a dedicated routine. thanks

  10. Hey beautiful team, I did this routine (with few gaps) and yes I achieved which I had thought was hard to achieve. My legs are finally toned and inner thighs are actually the way I wanted. Thank you so much for strength you provide through your videos. Looking forward to upcoming challenges.Love and light☺

  11. perfection as always thnx 4 the video much love light wisdom kindness true friendship sexiness magic epic adventures luck to u and yours

  12. Thank you for a great leg workout – I need to strengthen these flabby legs and increase circulation too as I am on my feet all day working with children – 13 days to go…….

  13. I really hope this works because I’ve tried sooo many different leg slimming workouts and none have really worked🤞🏻🤞🏻Starting tomorrow!

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