1993 Healthcare Proposal Preview

1993 Healthcare Proposal Preview

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12 thoughts on “1993 Healthcare Proposal Preview

  1. When Hillary Clinton tried to get healthcare passed through congress in 1993, I saw that as a bold initiative to make the nation greater. I'm not angry with her for trying, I'm angry at her for caving in to pressure and failing, leaving us to wait for President Obama to pass the ACA.

  2. Do you have any other clips? Maybe more about the specific details regarding her healthcare proposal? This is just a clip of Hillary discussing the history of health care in this country. I'd like to see more clips of the actual policies she was looking to implement.

  3. If you want to waste resources, tell people you'll pay for them. If you want resources to be used efficiently, tell people they have to pay for them in their own rational interest. That's the "inconvenient truth".

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