2019 Dianna Mah-Jones Award of Excellence: iPace – BC Health Care Awards

2019 Dianna Mah-Jones Award of Excellence: iPace - BC Health Care Awards

having early conversations with people about their goals and wishes for care leads to a better quality of life reduced use of unnecessary or non beneficial care near death and positive family outcomes at Vancouver Coastal health staff noticed these critical conversations were not routinely occurring or were occurring too late to impact the patient's care in a meaningful way I pace is an education program that we've developed here at Vancouver Coastal Health it stands for integrating a palliative approach to care early the goal of the program is to teach clinicians how to communicate with their patients their families clients in their homes and to approach the care planning that they do by having the conversations that will be based on people's values and beliefs so we accomplish the project goals and objectives by designing and delivering on-site education at all of our sites across the Health Authority the education is for doctors nurses allied health any interdisciplinary team members who would provide care to a patient or clients the idea of the program is to shift the culture here at Vancouver Coastal Health ipace supports a person-centred perspective that recognizes that a patient's wishes and values should always guide health care decisions the end result may include eliminating care that has no benefit to a patient's overall quality of life and life expectancy the members of the team actually have come together they work in all different parts of and cover coastal health the whole idea is for them to teach others and pass on the wealth to other people of knowledge that they have and so they're constantly building the competency and capacity of other people and they're very happy to give up themselves to this work and they're very passionate about the work that they do the difference that the ipace training is made for me and my practice is it's taught me some of the skills and tools needed to have that serious illness conversation and be comfortable with it additionally having someone from the team who you can go to for support has been really helpful because it's a pair of new eyes with fresh ideas that maybe we haven't seen and who's maybe gonna point out things that we've not tried yet or tools that we haven't explored to make sure that the patient and their family get the best end-of-life care that they need since 2017 the ipace team has accomplished 835 education sessions they've trained almost 3500 staff and trained 314 champions with extra education and mentoring for people who want to support their colleagues to be able to really embed this approach of having sometimes challenging conversations I'm really proud of this team because they're passionate about this work and every day that come to work to try and teach other people what they know and they really care about clients and family is receiving the kind of care that they deserve from our health care system and they show that in everything that they do they're very excited to come to work and they're very keen to work together as well they're an amazing team together for recognizing that a culture shift was necessary to support staff and having critical conversations about a patient's wishes values and goals earlier in their illness Vancouver coastal Health's I pace project is awarded the Dianna MA Jones award of excellence in person-centered care generously sponsored by faith care BC

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