2019 Lexus NX300 with Lexus Safety System+ In Depth Review | Evomalaysia.com

2019 Lexus NX300 with Lexus Safety System+ In Depth Review | Evomalaysia.com

okay guys I'm at the wheels of updated Lexus NX 200 and what I've done this round is that they've added a lot of features while reducing the price so the only thing that they'd taken taken out is the sunroof and if added the Powerball with a kick assist so you can you know kick the boot get the power to open and the other thing that they added is this so this is unlike the one in let's say the BMW 6 Series GT where it merely bounces you off the lanes this one actually is a linkage assist plus adaptive cruise control which means is semi auto pilot so this is good because at this price point lexus now has a car which has the full semi-autonomous assist systems same as the volvo xc60 or and the Volvo XC 14 so what price point is adjusted the car to now would be three hundred thirty three thousand for the one I'm driving now this is the premium range and the only thing you get on top of this is the F spot with the body kit now back then the F spot is four hundred five thousand now is three hundred forty five thousand significant reduction and this means that next now is a very compelling product why okay all this while it has been a very comfortable with size premium SUV but now it has the modern safety features let me say Blind Spot Assist and all that I don't think it has the other further mitigation system that the Volvo system has which includes all the interest remover which includes run off route mitigation and all that but nevertheless is a very good addition now this car has always been spacious enough comfortable enough and for the rear passengers this is the only car in the segment with a kind of sitting position that you get let's say in the seventh series of s-class the kind of recline sitting position that you don't get in any of his competitors not even as you is from a larger segment you can talk about stars like X 5 4 X 90 you don't get a kind of sitting position the one that you get in this and X which is based on I mean the hello the total area is based on this car so that car also has this kind of really recline comfortable seated position so we're driving to Port Dickson so far how's the driving experience it's quiet not the tires though tires don't feel really quiet but that has something to do with the road conditions as well so but overall I mean we all know Lexus makes very comfortable and quiet cars as for how the car drives drivetrain wise it used to be compared to compatible to the competition so back then thing about it is way beyond every two litre turbo aldi or Mercedes Benz all of them 280 horsepower and 350 Newton meters of torque this one as well but all of them has since updated their drivetrain and the likes of Mercedes or Audi or BMW the enemy in 370 Newton meters of torque and in terms of horsepower they are somewhere around twenty five to twenty five eight this guy is still at 235 negligible I will say for buyers of this segment but nevertheless it is 10 20 horsepower down transmission wise this is 6p so put it this way I mean to other transmissions we all know one thing bulletproof but the Germans the Germans since the 8-speed ZF has proved that they too now has bulletproof transmissions okay so in terms of shifting I can this cannot be compared to the his Pizza ref and he doesn't have as many ratios as the high-speed jet Ron the only other European premium SUV that uses icing would be whoa but that's a its feet is this comparable not very comparable I mean for a segment and it is definitely one you should consider because thing about it is way home or the t5 is almost strip naked right there are no apart from the engine there are no not much premium car features in the car now and t5 is really not a car that I will recommend getting then it will be the t8 but the T it is a plug-in hybrid and yes plug-in hybrid is advanced you have smooth driving blah blah and all that but we all know at the back of your head you will know that even if you want to keep the car for 15 18 years you can't because it is a plug-in hybrid that batteries will go after eight nine years and you have to spend forty thousand just to get a replace then you have the X 3 which is a larger car x3 is larger than this one apart from the sitting position behind the NX other than that the whole car is smaller than the extreme but the XG also has little meaning to specifications apart from I Drive you know the stuff that you get from BMW concierge service connected drive and all that then the GLC the GLC has okay features but it doesn't have these advanced safety systems like what the xc60 has or the NX currently has but of course we all know that GRC is the favorite now right it is it is still beautiful it is a beautiful car but they have made it uglier they updated it and is coming soon the idea GRC is coming soon but the one is really personal I mean this is a very personal opinion right I do you think that GRC was correct spawn in his first rendition so at 330k now this is I mean when you think about it fully imported CBU 330k Lexus really has squeezed their prices down and when they show us the chart is a significant reduction I mean I've been driving on highway roads haven't had a chance to throw it about so yeah there are no you know like digital clusters and all that so when you look at basically from the driver's perspective from the vantage point of the driver looking to the meters the standalone screen they're these type of layout this type of presentation is now comparable even to a cx-5 so it's no longer really special now this kind of interview back then it was special what do you get you get some me I'll do the walk around video later but overall highway drive is comfortable and I do believe the Caesar and condition is it the six hour condition yeah so again the only car in a segment with air-conditioned seats something that is very important for Malaysians so other chemicals should know this right Malaysians we would prefer an air-conditioned seat than a sunroof or a sunroof is practically useless in Malaysia panorama roof yes you get the kind of view you know gives you a more airy feel but in terms of real advantages real benefits they don't didn't present any compared to an air condition see if it feels really comfortable little will go through all the detail features and now traffic jam you finally can activate the radars and then you can have traffic jam assist so this car also has traffic jam assist which works from 0 to 100 km/h so it's going down by itself pretty all right kitty all right and the only I mean infinity also has these systems but infinity 1 is a bit I mean say they started early and without any consideration of any European laws so they are pilot they are semi auto pilot system you can activate it and not touch the steering wheel you can watch my video I was in the car going 150 160 14 to 15 minutes I'm not touching anything in the car is just doing it myself which i think is very scary and that steering decoupling mechanism is just stuffs all nightmare because I was I remember I was driving on a highway there are cones being put on to slowly kinda to the middle lane I moved the steering wheel a bit the steering will move but the wheels do not move because that action was very minor it was considered as a something to be ignored by the car I have to yank the steering wheel to reach Apple the steering rack in order for the we used to turn that is absolutely bonkers you know the guy who did that in infinity should be fired so yeah this car has traffic jam assist now that we've stopped for more than four seconds later on I will have to either touch the throttle or touch the lever to reactivate it alright will continually turn okay a part of us driving now okay just now when I was going about 40-50 when I put my foot down there's a little bit of searing anger stop steer okay let's put it this way it's a car that you can enjoy a little bit of fun driving not like that okay so that is call this car isn't engineered to put driver enjoyment that is huh you know this is a comfortable midsize SUV and in terms of how the the Trotter map being the response with the transmission when you let go of the throttle and you reapply the throttle how it behaves and all that that is far down the priorities when it comes to the engineering so it's not like when Mazda did the cs5 driver enjoyment for an SUV as utmost up there you know so this guy is more for comfort more for practical practical usage in town and there is a little bit of performance there is a little bit I thought that if I was power a little bit is a bad way of seeing it I mean it's powerful enough at 3:55 350 Newton this our inhalation is okay but if it's the the more jarring time right you really can feel the shake goes into the cabin so that again reviews this this chassis which is not the most recent but spec sheet wise in terms of how many ticks it has now is worth the price anything you oh yeah yeah I would say this type of chassis if it has 170 180 horsepower and you'll be putting a lot of smile pulling the engine when it has 350 Newton 235 let's say the powertrain slightly exceeds the capability of the the line platform but again SUV you know going to city stops with it yeah we've done about I skunk ordinary Oh Noorie coming lorry coming careful everybody for those of you who don't really know most of the fatal accidents don't happen on north-south highway it happens on B roads you're going 60 the other car going 60 Pony is 130 so okay enough of exciting driving there's a big tractor front I can already imagine if I bring this down you're getting round right there'll be a lot of instances where I have to plan my Trotter down for it to kick down a spool that elbows and push in the car and a moment I let go he was he were just up shift yet is there that tells you the character of what they engineered to the car right supposed to be a smooth driving traffic which has the grunts for highway Drive alright hey guys were this beautiful location here somewhere near potterson and looks at langkawi right very very nice place so look at that the two lexus lexus NX over there this is the car that I'm driving we're all the same specs premium spec so let's give you a quick walk around on the car there's no differences from the exterior all right this still really sharp lines I mean all access has these lines right now they've updated the adaptive headlamps these have what we call matrix LEDs now so they can map out the front you know has shadows to hide out cars and show the dark areas it is adaptive following your steering it's very high spec now even the the indicator lamps are sequential now all right I'll put my coffee here and continue to walk around there are two types of rims the urban spec which is the entry spec and this one the premium spec has these wheels if you opt for the F Sport you will have a different wheel design but I felt this one is spottier looking and even if in the F spot it is still 18-inch you wouldn't want any larger wheels with this car explained further the wheels are Yokohama blue earth blue earth I presume is some eco tires okay have a look inside this is new this trim level is new it's a jewel tone leather which adds to the appeal and these nice wood trims Lexus do really beautiful wood trims alright stitches as well Lexus stitches are wonderful but one thing is this this car the underlying car is actually I mean it's shared platform with the Harrier okay so there are some parts for the down here is kinda hard plastics and all that and these are not the usual Lexus you feel but overall is still very nice in this this material is soft touch nice and plush overall construction wise is Lexus level okay Lexus levels of construction is very solidly built okay but there are stuffs that reveals is roots look at this I mean when you compared to the competition even some of the button really you know I mean it's covered in nice felt very high quality ones but there are certain paths then that reveals its roots okay these knobs and all that all feel very high quality I have my reserves with these little buttons you look at the size of these buttons that they are all very logical all right but these are it's a really tiny look at that my mind my finger actually covers the entire button so this pot I kind of thought that could have been better designed but small complaints here alright these toggle switch just feels good to operate again they are very small you have this touch sensitive pad here journalist from UK euro they keep complaining about this but for me it's just it's just about getting used to it now every car maker has their own logic right because this one you look at the screen here you don't need any henna coordination and what this allows that you are designed to do theoretically speaking is that you don't need to go to a linear menu method you see in BMWs and Mercedes Benz they have the click wheel right it has to be linear you go up and down only and then you click in it goes to another menu but with a touchpad like this you can technically move around that's at least its theoretical okay but in terms of execution could have been done better aha some unique touches here in the car it's a little mirror that you can just take off and do your mascara stuff like that okay inside here is well compartmentalized you have some USB ports 12 volt socket some coin holders and overall is nicely sized some runners for your cables it's okay cupholders this is a respite for you when you do your writing or scrolling things like that spot normal eco but they do not allow okay only in the app spot that you get adaptive suspension so in the premium and the urban even you go to spot is just an artificially they mean your steering wheel heavier and then throttle response and bring bring to be slightly more sensitive but again this car wasn't tuned for really very very sporty driving okay and let's come to the rear seats this is the part that this car is this car beats the competition look at my sitting position look at how recline I am you don't get this kind of sitting position in any of his competitors be the xc60 or x3 or GLC okay this is a very very comfortable seating position and on in terms of legroom it's alright but it's not as spacious as the extreme okay so mmm some cup holders in really slowly but we have no components here it's just a cup holder right these look really sparse and easy not not usual axis level of plastic quality and these as well the leather seats this this new so-called trim level right doesn't really look like the usual Lexus seats I mean you can go into a es or an Rx you'll be something better but overall not much of complaints okay it's alright little door bins really small see the whole plastic molding here speakers are here but this does pretty much nothing and very small okay look at the boot okay the boot is also one of the smallest in class compared to the likes of xc60 or the GLC or the x3 is not very deep right there is some compartment here or you destroy your stuff hidden away but overall the car is very quiet you know these are decent materials is thick with that it absorbs sound as well and I would tailgate so what they have updated now is that you can kick oh the scuff plates proper metal scuff plates some Germans out of nowhere they put some cheap plastic scuff plates over there look at this part I want you to see between the gaps see this is the light and in between normally it's black it's dark but there is light coming out of there right so this is attention to detail and look at this 3d till then that just helped very familiar right so they did not copy the MW alright they did it first okay this el motive that just out they did it first alright so driving position has come here as a driver seats see this not very Lexus not very premium car like but again Japanese cars they've been doing that for years The Doors baton is over here you get power steering column so that is a good addition and it makes the car feel properly premium when it lowers itself and just out like that you know that's that has some drama these little chrome bits here is a bit out of nowhere so these leather wrap dashboard there okay the stitching is fine all these are fine but very high up here I believe these kind of material should be down there which I don't mind if it is down there all right but up we up here but at least it's smooth it's not a scratchy type you know the ones that you get in extra you scratch it and then it leaves mark it's not that okay so overall it's fine but in this era 2019 when you have the GLC when you have the xt60 when you have the extreme this car actually now feels decided the smaller the only similar one to this size is the q5 okay the new q5 is rather small as well but in terms of five passenger seating is alright and the rear seat recline I really like that okay not even the xc90 or x5 has a kind of sitting position which which is really really comfortable some touches here some see oh and it dims off slightly so this is a nice touch this is a very nice touch as to the premium appeal this is good as well no surprises here even key aspects this this pfizer alright this one may look metallic but is straight off painted plastic this is straight up painted metallic painted plastic not not the really cold to the touch kind of material alright steering wheel it's a nice steering wheel the size is okay the girth is okay the pedals they they have some shape they're in some L shapes there so I have no complaints on that but the pedals again same material as the there are plastics but this metallic paint is not as in metal like this modern party or this this is you know setting chrome metal feels nice feels good to the touch now specs the spec of this car is rather high now may be updated specs you there's a sunroof delete so they remove the sunroof but then you get full fledge semi auto pilot assist so basically when you're driving you push this button you activate radar cruise control push it down one time to to set the speed actually I find it funny you should just press this and both should I give it at the same time you don't need to press this and press that again basically but anyway when you that when you when you push these two buttons this this and then push it down you're in radar cruise control mode this one activates your lane keep assist this one sense your distance so then you are in semi auto pilot same great as Volvo's semi autopilot system not the ones that bounce off the lanes like the c300 or the 6 Series GT ok this is pretty unique you have a button to actually lock the differential electronically and these two buttons are added here see so power reclining for the real room the second row the second row recline you don't need to fiddle around looking for the lever and pull it you know you don't need that just press a button and then you should activate let me do this oh maybe he's already recline so it doesn't I think he needs to go back to his position then only can be activated I'll try it later on ok I don't try it now okay so oh it works look at that all right that's a very nice addition this is power recline and I think it's better than trying to look for straps and all that you know yeah so in terms of its price 333,000 and then for the specs for the performance I think now this is competitive enough product but in terms of the drive I will say it feels is H because when you go through the uneven roads right it shakes the car and shakes you can actually feel it so in terms of chassis rigidity in terms of how modern or how advanced the platform feels it does feel this age now especially when you consider that most of the rivals have some form of digitalized cluster and this one and Allah and Allah and then I mean I have no complaints with this but this when you just look at this alone singular right even c-segment cars are already like that now alright so yeah that's the review of the car so what are you getting 333,000 is the only premium car from Japan in this segment and when you know that when it when I say Japan you would know that you buy this car off Lexus you will not likely go back within one year for things like oh here's some sound behind the seats you know or I have some problem if this or that no this is Lexus we're talking about the QC is the best right in terms of QC so it's a car from a brand then you know it won't give you all the niggling issues that most premium cars will have more or less so yep but and then the specifications is worth the price but overall appeal is something that you need to go and test drive and see whether you like the car or not it's not a car without flaws but it only has its flaws because it has ugly for certain not honestly a generation but then the the counterparts have updated their lineup so in terms of specs and price is still comparable in fact is higher spec than most of his rival apart from the xc60 and no no no I think this is the highest spec now if I don't count the the panoramic roof or the sunroof of the others the fact that it has full autonomous and a full semi autonomous and then a power recline rear seats that makes this car compelling enough ok it's worth the money and leaves but spotty driving I would rank it below all its premium counterparts in terms of how it drives all right it's not annoying per se it's not engineered that way it is a comfortable high wake who's a practical day-to-day on urban roads and for your school runs all right that's the updated Lexus NX Cheers

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  3. lets all not forget the Harrier 2.0T as well , where it has the same engine and transmission combo…which at its highest spec , its about rm80k cheaper i think…which might not have the same high quality interior , but still…

  4. Well said about the steering decoupling, it's the most ridiculous idea I've ever heard in a car. Don't know what kind of overconfident person was at Nissan / Infiniti when this decision was made.

  5. this would easily do very high km due to toyota quality and reliability..d4s 8 injectors eliminates carbon issues on other premium brands..10 years later this will still be running as their competitiors mainly from europe would already be coke cans…lol

  6. The only thing people would buy this is because of the brand where the specs are more or less the same with X70. If only X70 got powered tail gate. Oh well, the CKD version has it.

  7. If I was not wrong, NVH is “still” not really compete with other competitors? Let’s say X3 etc.? Anyway, it should sit between X1 & X3. I mean Luxury segment at that price point.

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