3 Easy Paleo Snacks | Gluten & Dairy Free

3 Easy Paleo Snacks | Gluten & Dairy Free

hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel my name is Tanya, I’m an integrative health coach today I’m
sharing with you some simple healthy snacks that are gluten free grain free
they are dairy free they’re paleo friendly and two of them are also a
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Wednesday so let’s just get right to the facts here snacks our life we all love
our meals they’re great but snack is really where it gets interesting and
it’s not because we’re over here eating healthy that we should be limited in
finding a good snacks I don’t know about you but when I start eating healthy I
really struggle finding good quality snacks that fit into a healthy diet
that’s why I really want to share what you guys see so three snacks and what I
really like about these snacks is they’re not they’re actually made out of
like whole foods so a lot of times I’m seeing snacks but they’re more like
desserts or treats and those are great for like desserts or treats like after
dinner but sometime I just want an actual snack with you know some
vegetables some protein and there are some healthy fats fiber thinks it will
keep me full and actually support my health and then of course it’s okay to
incorporate like healthy treats here and there as well alright let’s get right
into it so all these facts are super easy to make they’ll take 15 to 20
minutes max and that’s like meal prepping them so you have them
throughout the week that’s how I like to do my snacks I choose 1 to 2 recipes
that I make on a Sunday on a Monday and then I have those snacks to snack on
throughout the week so that I’m not tempted to you know go out and grab
something or when I’m on the go I don’t grab like a baked good or something like
that like ok snackeroo number 1 is a cauliflower hummus yes we are about to
make hummus out of cauliflower because as much as hummus is pretty healthy if
you are following a paleo diet or any type of diet that excludes legumes you
wouldn’t be able to have a conventional hummus so for this recipe you will need
a food processor and the following ingredients cauliflower garlic tahini
avocado oil cumin paprika and salt and pepper so we’re gonna start off by
roasting the cauliflower and the garlic and then once that’s all done
actually super simple we’re just gonna throw everything in the food processor
and that’s it I like to have this either with some
simple milk crackers but I don’t have any on hand right now because I ate them
all or some cut-up and carrots the second snack is a personal favorite of
mine and that is he’s everything a bagel YUM deviled eggs also YUM
deviled eggs are super easy to make you just have to boil them and then after
you’ve boiled the eggs just like you would do normally for an hard boiled
eggs you plunge them in an ice bath to let make sure they don’t over cook it’s
also going to help with the peeling process so once they’ve cooled down
completely you’ll be able to peel them nice and easy and then to start making
the deviled eggs you’re gonna slice them lengthwise I’m not doing a great job
here hopefully your eggs look a little bit better than mine once they’re all
sliced up you can remove the yolk I’m just using a small spoon and scooping
out the yolk into a bowl now we’re gonna add some ingredients to the yolk so
first you’re gonna do two tablespoons of mayo and then one teaspoon of Dijon
mustard mix that in and of course a little bit of salt and then some pepper
mix everything real good and what I like to do is put the mixture in a ziplock
and then create a little piping bag by cutting a good corner of it so then it
can be all nice and neat and that’s pretty much it so we’re also going to
sprinkle some everything bagel excuse me on there if you don’t have a like
pre-made seasoning you can always look up a recipe to make it yourself or
honestly you could add any type of popping like paprika or leave it as is
honestly as is it tastes just as good last night here we got a chia pudding
chia pudding is honestly one of the easiest things to make and it can also
double up as a healthy breakfast I like to make a very plain chia pudding and
then use toppings to flavor it all you have to do is combine one can of
coconut milk with 1/3 of a cup of chia seeds mix that well and then you let it
sit in the fridge overnight or for at least a few hours and that chia seeds
will absorb some of the coconut milk and it will turn into this awesome pudding my favorite way to have it is pretty
simple honestly it’s just but a little bit of maple syrup to sweeten it and
then some berries if you would like to make this lower sugar as well you could
use Hmong fruit sweetener instead of the maple syrup and I’ve tried that in the
past and it tastes really good honestly be creative though you can make in like
an apple cinnamon one chocolate there are so many options alright three
amazing snacks and definitely stick around because in a second I will let
you know how you can get your hands on a fourth recipe first snack but first I
want to hear from you guys so what snack did you like best what are you gonna be
making a first and also do you have any favorite snacks and you make on the
regular so I’d love to hear about those and of course all the recipes will be
linked in the description box so you can grab the recipe right there and also any
specific ingredients that I use I’ll link them there as well okay so how can
you get the a fourth a snack well I’ll do even a better I wanna give you guys a
full a 7 day meal plan so I launched just a few weeks ago it is a full 7 day
meal plan that includes recipes the actual meal plan a grocery list and this
meal plan is all about healthy eating it is also gluten free grain free dairy
free this paleo or friendly some of my favorite recipes are in there so I
highly recommend checking it out it’s gonna be the first link in my
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and if you haven’t already subscribed and of course if you know anyone that is
kind of going through a lifestyle transition right now and starting to eat
better and they need some ideas for healthy snacks and definitely send them
this video I know I’ll be helped to them thank you so much for watching
this video happy snacking and I will see you guys in the next one bye

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17 thoughts on “3 Easy Paleo Snacks | Gluten & Dairy Free

  1. Brilliant! I've written the ingredients on my shopping list. Can't wait to try the hummus! Great channel!

  2. Mmmm, deviled eggs! Love them. Didn’t think of them for a snack so may have to make a batch! Never heard of everything bagel

  3. My favourite snack is definitely chia seed pudding! I eat it all the time. It's so easy to make and so yummy! Thanks for sharing!

  4. OMG I cant wait to try these. We are going to Costco tonight so I will be picking up all these ingredients !! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. I really want to try the cauliflower humus. It looks yummy. I think I will try stuffing celery sticks with it.

  6. I loved deviled eggs and the everything spice on the eggs sounds great. I use dill relish in mind sometimes.

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