33 Million reasons to use Social Media for Preventive Healthcare Grupo Parada

33 Million reasons to use Social Media for Preventive Healthcare   Grupo Parada

as we all know spammy communities the fastest-growing population by 2050 one in every four Americans is going to be expanding origin but something that a lot of companies are not aware of is how many Hispanics are on the internet and right now more of how the population responding population is on the Internet why is this important what they do on the Internet Hispanics is social we are social creatures by Nature right now companies are spending a lot of money outside we're expanding to spend most of their time for example did you know that the spending to spend more time online than watching TV or listening to radio or reading magazines now what's the problem that advertisers are just paying only 5% and putting 5% of the of their budgets online some people think that Spanish is that here that nobody looks for information in Spanish and what's happening right now this is a screenshot of dentists and the tourists in the US as you can see there is a spike in more people looking for doctors not people looking for dentist us I'm talking about Spanish said searches people looking for information in Spanish so there is a need of a health care there is a need of doctors there is a need of insurance companies in Spanish and this brings a great opportunity for companies because just to give you an example if you were going to promote your company I'm trying to get the market in health insurance on Google you could be paying between 7 to 10 dollars per click market people looking for that so North America you're talking about the tenth of what do you begin paying or the other with other keywords so Laura decided same now social media just another medium or get to know your people now the importance here is that the Hispanic market is there the Hispanic market is spending most of their time on social media and companies needs to be there now the initiative with aji is to start creating the disk bridge that is going to bring the community where they spend the time and leverage the network that you all are part of with ah hey so we're going to be meaning all your your help to gave us the knowledge to give us the expertise in order to give this purchase to the people in this in this way this is this tragedy that we are going to be working on we are on the engagement phase of the of the of this tragedy we've done a lot of the footwork win we have research that we we're going to implement that you can use that knowledge that we're going to be gathering about what specifically people are looking for the Hispanic community is looking for so ah hey is going to be in the center of all these social networks is not only Facebook and Twitter and YouTube for the Hispanic community we also are going to be creating gadgets for for the new telephones for the new for the iPhones so people within the organization are going to be able to share all these information with with with a partner with the community Facebook application smartphones blogs birth care now on the website has been is going through a change thank you [Applause]

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