4-Day Keto Meal Plan for Winter 2020

4-Day Keto Meal Plan for Winter 2020

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26 thoughts on “4-Day Keto Meal Plan for Winter 2020

  1. Loved these meal plans Kevin! Thanks for sharing ☺️
    How do I pick an avocado that's ready to be used? I always either get them when their too ripe or not ripe enough. Thanks

  2. So when do we get the benefit of a keto cookbook from you. I enjoy all your vids and have made a lot of your dishes which are delish. I purchased no cheats needed. Looking forward to purchasing your others but just I'm just starting keto. Looking forward to doing your keto dishes as well.

  3. Niiiice! I love keto just because I kinda hate carbs like rice, porridge or noodles (except the glass one). Weird stuff but when I heard about the keto diet I understood that I'm actually on it hahah

  4. Thanks Kevin! I've gotten repetitive in my keto meals and I think my body is adapting and slowing down the weight loss. These meals look great!

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