4 – “Love” – Secrets To Wellness

4 - “Love” - Secrets To Wellness

welcome again my friends two secrets to wellness and when you put these secrets into practice you can live longer healthier and happier so I hope that you've been incorporating them into your lifestyle and at least getting eight eight ounce glasses of water a day and then walking 30 minutes four five times a week and you will truly feel better and live longer and be happier and so we've discussed our secrets of water and exercise and now we're going to our third one which is love and loving relationships are part of a healthy lifestyle and so we need to incorporate love in order to really be healthy and have the physical the mental and the spiritual all combined so first question is what is love well the dictionary puts it this way love is a profoundly tender passionate affection for another person a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection as for a parent a child or a friend so it's a love a tender love toward another person it could also be put this way that love is a commitment to always unselfishly seek the very best for others and that's what love does that's what unconditional love does is seeks the very best for someone else and so it's a choice it's a choice my friends to treat them with kindness respect and graciousness in spite of their attitudes toward us so when others don't treat us very well we can still take the high road and treat them with tender compassionate unconditional love because love is a continual choice to treat others in the way that we would like to be treated in fact we are told do unto others as you would have others do unto you so we want to always make that continual choice to treat others like we would like to be treated and loved considers the needs of others before our own needs and that often happens in the life of a mother now I'm a mother of three children and five grandchildren and I know that you have to put their needs before your own needs and so we can actually think about what are their needs their need for not only care and love but we have to feed them we have to bathe them we have to do all these things that help them to grow and flourish and although positive feelings certainly are one aspect of love true love is not dependent on our feelings it's not whether we're feeling good one day my friends are feeling good another day and then we're up and down our feelings are not to go by our feelings in the way that we treat other people Dean Ornish medical doctor founder and president of the preventive medicine Institute in South Salido California stated it this way love and intimacy are at a root of what makes us sick and what makes us well what causes sadness and what brings happiness what makes us suffer and what leads to healing if a new drug had the same impact virtually every doctor in the country would be recommending it for their parents patients and so what dr. Ornish is saying is that love and intimacy are so connected to our health whether we're sad or whether or happy that if there were a drug if there was a medication or a pill that we could give someone we would actually have everybody recommending it and then he goes on to say it would be malpractice not to prescribe it yet with very few exceptions we doctors with few exceptions we doctors do not learn much about the healing power of love intimacy and transformation in our medical training and so dr. Ornish says it would actually be malpractice if we didn't prescribe this if we knew there was a medication for love and intimacy that's how important it is and how much it is connected to our health you see love has unusual healing power and studies new documented scientific studies are proving the fact that love heals ABC News May 21 2015 that medical research indicates that loving relationships help to reduce blood pressure and the risk of coronary heart disease amazing my friends the very chronic diseases that we've been talking about that are so plugging our world today actually research shows that loving relationships can actually reduce those diseases I want to have that love in my heart don't you the healing properties of love transform physical as well as emotional health emotional health and so these are healing properties of love my friends 75 years in the making Harvard University just released its epic study on what men need to live a happy life in 1938 this study started in 1938 Harvard University began a grant study of adult development with 268 men charted over 75 years starting with undergraduate days and following them following them into their 90's so they started this study while they were in college and followed them all the way through their 90's when it took 75 years and in triumphs of experienced george valiant the study's director raises a number of factors more often than others but the one he refers to the most is this the powerful correlation between the warmth of your relationships and your health and happiness in later years so your health and happiness in later years is directly connected to the warmth of your relationships in other words when you have good relationships with your children or your grandchildren when they are young and then when you get older this is directly related to how you have health in your latter days and so the number-one most important finding from the grant study is this the seventy five years and twenty million dollars expended on the grant study points to a straightforward five word conclusion so it took my friends seventy five years and twenty million dollars to do this study to find out five simple words I want to know what those are don't you five simple words and it's this happiness is love full-stop end of story happiness is love and love is happiness . in other words that's the end of the story we are happy when we love and we love brings happiness and so love nurtured in the context of positive relationships makes a difference in our physical in our mental our emotional and our spiritual health so let's look at some health principles some simple health principles one is if you want to be healthy invest in developing healthy relationships healthy relationships actually help our physical health and then relationships developed in the context of a loving church environment reduce the risk of mortality and actually increase life's happiness and so those people that go to church those people that have a a loving church environment actually have been known to have greater health than those who do not attend church so let's take a look at that a 10-year study by the Center for aging studies at Flinders University in Australia revealed that those who have a network of friends live 22% longer than those who had few friends so that's why it's so important my friends for you to have some very good friends because those relationships actually make a difference in our physical health and so we want to develop those friendships we can actually live 22 percent longer if we have a network of friends so good friends my friends are good for your health the fewer that your friends the more you internalize your problems and the more your health will suffer so there are times when you need to confide in your friends and your best friend maybe your spouse your best friend maybe your children or your parents or brother or sister or someone else in the family or it may be someone that's your neighbor or a church member but develop those friendships because they are crucial for good health in fact Jesus says in John 15:12 this is my commandment that you love one another as I have loved you Jesus says I love you so much I died for you I love you I care for you and I want you to love others as I have loved you so let's look at some tips for building those love loving relationships we need to build those relationships correct so let's take a look at them well the first one is to make time for relationships we need to take time to build the relationships and relationships do take time my friends I think of an experience that I had when my son was only in the fifth grade and I was actually working on a seminar on priorities and my son was going on a camping trip and I thought well I'll get a lot done and he's gonna have a wonderful time he loves the outdoors he loves nature he's going with his friends he's gonna have a great time and he'll be tired when he gets back so I can probably if I don't finish work on it again and so the time passed and soon my son was back at home and when he got home he started telling me about his wonderful trip and then he said mom I would like you to go with me around the lake with my dog now it takes about an hour to go around that lake we go up through the or apple orchard and around the lake and and he said let's bring a ball and we can skip and run and play and throw the ball to the dog and I said mark are you sure aren't you tired you've just come back from this trip he said no mom I really want to go and so I said okay because I knew that this was another time to build that solid relationship so I said okay let's get ready and go and so we did and we got the dog and we started out and we were playing and running and throwing the ball and having a wonderful time and it took about an hour and soon we got home and I thought well he's surely going to be tired now and I haven't finished my seminar although I loved the experience with him and it was a wonderful time to build relationships when we got home he said mom that was great but my friends are going swimming can you bring me to the pool and he's and I said mark are you sure that you want to go to the swimming pool aren't you tired no mom please bring me to the pool take me to the pool and so I said okay and we got in the car and my friends he said something very significant and it made me realize how important these relationships really are we got in the car he was silent at first and then he said mom you're a great mom and I thought what did he just say and I said well mark what do you mean what's a great mom and he said something very significant for a fifth grader he said a great mom is one who will take time to build a relationship with his son and thank you so much for taking me and my dog around there and now you're going to take me to the pool thank you so much and I thought after that seminar on priorities didn't matter to me anymore what mattered most was that I had built a relationship and I can tell you to this day we have a wonderful relationship with our children with our grandchildren they're adults now but we started building those relationships taking time for those relationships so my friends out there those of you that are watching take time to build relationships with your family with your children with your spouse with even your friends even church members and others take that time and most of all take that time to build relationships with Jesus that's the most important relationship that we can have so make time for relationships and then cultivate open communication we have open communication in our home with my husband with our children and so now is the time to communicate if you're not feeling well or if something bothers you then communicate it don't keep it inside because that's not good for your health but open up and communicate with one another cultivate that open communication very important and then focus on others not so much focusing on yourself and your needs and my needs but on others and there's so many things that we can do to make others happy I know that often times at the holidays we will bring just a simple loaf of bread to some of our church members or something our friends so just think of something little that you can do for someone else that will focus on the needs our by the it may be just to go and mow someone's lawn or to help someone else but focus on others and then speak kindly you know especially as people get older they want just to smile sometimes just a kind word just you know it's just something that will cheer them up and so speak kindly to others and then think before acting you know oftentimes we say things that we wish we hadn't said and because we're maybe tired we haven't gotten enough sleep the next the night before and we don't really think before we speak and then when we get up the next day we say well I should have waited and not spoken so quickly so we need to think before we act researchers my friends at Ohio State and Carnegie Mellon University have shown that people who report having strong relationships have more robust immune systems and are less likely to succumb to infectious diseases just having those simple relationships is going to build your immune system and we need a strong immune system if we're going to live longer healthier and happier and John Donne put it well in his famous poem when he said no man is an island no man stands alone we all need support at times and we all need support from someone else and we need at times someone to carry us and so I'd like to tell you about Boys Town Boys Town is a home a home for homeless boys in Omaha Nebraska and it's a haven of Refuge revealing God's love to these boys love for one another and there's a statue outside the boys town and it says this he ain't heavy he's my brother and this has become the slogan for Boys Town and you know what you can say the same thing my he ain't heavy he's my brother it's not difficult for me to do a kind deed for someone else because you have these loving relationships loving relationships will help will go so far and the founder believed at Boys Town that there are no bad boys there are just bad environments and social conditions and you know children have very soft and tender hearts I know I taught grades 5 through 8 early in our in our in my life and I know that these children are very tender and they have just hearts that long for that love and so there are no bad boys just bad environments and social conditions so we can change that for sure and the founder all also believed that love can change any life so you can change someone's life even by a loving relationship or a smile and in psychology today may 22 2013 cynthia thighik said this when individual sense that they are loved cared for needed and wanted the power of love releases positive chemical endorphins in the brain which brings healing to the mind and to the body so when people sense that they are loved this is actually increases the endorphins so that they actually have in the brain healing of both mind and body and pastor Arthur Ward said this flattered me and I may not believe you criticize me and I may not like you ignore me and I may not forgive you encourage me and I will not forget forget you but love me and I may be forced to love you love generates love my friends and so as we love someone else they will love us back so in order to have friends we must prove ourselves friendly and Bernie Siegel said this unconditional love is the most powerful stimulant of the immune system the truth is my friends is that love heals so love is part of those eight secrets that we're talking about so important unconditional love even flows from the heart of God health is directly related to understanding God's love and revealing that love to others so God has unconditional love for you my friends he loves you unconditionally and our health improves when we trust in God's unconditional love so if you're experiencing even bad health because of thinking that nobody loves you just remember that God has unconditional love for you in fact third first John 4:8 says this God is love God is a loving God he created this earth for us with all its beauty because He loves us so much and God Himself is love first John 3:1 says behold what manner of love the father hath bestowed on us that we should be called children of God we are children of God my friends we're not just nobody we are somebody we are the children of the Heavenly Father and of the creator of the universe and love is a gift from God that has wonderful healing power God's love is supplied unconditionally but I must take it in I must feed on it to be nourished by it you know what God's love is free we don't have to buy it my friends we don't have to purchase it we don't have to beg for it we have it unconditionally because God loves you and I want you to know if you're out there watching this program today that God loves you if you're feeling like nobody loves you just remember God loves you unconditionally and loving God and the people around us is life-giving one of the most familiar Bible passages says this John 3:16 and if you're out there watching this program why don't you say it with me for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life God wants to live with you it it throughout all eternity my friends he loves you unconditionally and you know we can follow these health principles that we're talking about here on 3abn and we can live longer and healthier and happier but God wants us to live throughout all eternity and so he says my friends I died for you I love you unconditionally and so remember that God truly does love you Dez Cummings in his book says this God's love is the key that unlocks human potential his love transforms our lives it empowers us to rise above our challenges and this loves helps to heal our wounds God's love my friends unlocks human potential when you know that you're being loved you can reach the highest sky you can reach to your highest level when you know that you're loved unconditionally and loving God and trusting God are closely related and health is improved when we trust trust in God's unconditional love he's interested in our well-being my friends and he longs for us to experience life in all his wonderful abundance so God wants you to experience life to the fullest and trust Isaiah 26:3 says trust in the Lord for ever for in Jehovah the Lord is ever lasting strength so God wants us to trust him loving and trust in God leads us from fear to faith so we go from fee and we have faith that God does truly love us the more we love God the more we will learn to trust him and this trust my friends is called faith faith is the assurance that ultimately God will fulfill all our dreams he will give you my friends the desires of your heart he wants to give you the desires of your heart but he'll do what is best for you and in the book education it says this faith is trusting God believing that He loves us and knows what is best for our good so faith is trusting God for strength in our weakness for wisdom in our ignorance for courage in our fear for peace in our exoti for Hope in our depression for guidance in our doubt and joy in our sorrow so my friends faith is trusting God even if we feel weak and even if we feel like we don't have the wisdom that we want God will strengthen us he will be with us so have that faith and trust God because he's always there faith is the relationship with God as a friend well-known which leads us to do whatever he asked and accepts whatever he allows with the absolute assurance that he only wants what's best for our lives God wants what's best for us and well-known universities national public health research institutions and privately funded health organizations are all coming to the similar conclusions a strong belief can be a foundation for improved health in fact research shows that on 1931 older adults indicated that those who attend religious services regularly have a lower mortality rate so find some church and research on 1,700 adults found that those who attend religious services were likely to have elevated levels of interleukin 6 an immune substance prevalent in people with chronic diseases so just going to church my can help you courage faith hope sympathy love promote health and prolong life my friends I want you to know that Jesus loves you unconditionally he loves you with an everlasting love and when you accept the fact that we can have courage faith hope sympathy love that will promote your health and you will truly have a longer life so god bless you as you accept God's Way of life

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