this is the defender the next generation in personal safety defender is the first smart personal protection device that provides immediate defense and automatic alert for safety and medical attention wherever you are imagine you or someone you is in a situation where their safety is threatened your picture happens that defender connects to our iPhone or Android app via bluetooth and features an integrated camera to capture an assailants picture immediately your location and the photo are sent to the proper authorities our 24/7 monitoring service confirms the crowd feels unwell the small but mighty speaker attracts attention to your situation defender includes the highest concentration of pepper spray provided to law enforcement for self defense and medical alerts defender protects with one push of a button you don't leave your house without your keys wallet or phone we design the defender to be part of your daily routine always on and always with you defender is prevention when you need it we set out to make the world a safer place defender bridges the gap between technology and personal safety hi meat Keisel online freedom for all your devices everywhere kiesza lets you watch things on the internet that are blocked you know many websites and TV shows can only be watched in certain countries sometimes you can see an episode of your favorite show online or the stream of your sports game is blocking your region well Keisel fixes this he is looking next to the country of your choice now you can use the internet as if you're there it works at home and when traveling with Keisel you're no longer blocked from your online content simply visit the website you like and enjoy your favorite programs all the time Kiesel protects your privacy and security now free Wi-Fi is everywhere but that doesn't mean it's safe in coffee shops bars and hotels other people can see what apps or websites you use and bad guys can seal your accounts and private data even at work and at home you're not safe your colleagues roommates and Internet service provider can see what you're doing online Keisel protects your online activities secure all your Wi-Fi devices at the same time and make sure others no longer see your apps or websites it's none of their business how does it work Kiesel uses a technology called Virtual Private Network your Keisel connects to Wi-Fi networks like the one in your favorite coffee shop at the same time your Keisel provides a separate secure Wi-Fi network just for you sounds complicated well good news Keisel is super simple to use one button then controlled from your smart phone laptop or tablet you don't have to install a thing and it works with all your Wi-Fi devices oh and Keisel has great battery life it might even save the day when your phone runs out of power now you can enjoy online freedom together let's make Keisel available to the world support our campaign tell your friends about it let's help everyone enjoy their online freedom technology can help you protect and secure what is most important for you your health your home your belongings your pets and of course your family but suppose you can have all of these in only one device yes only one one device that will protect all of the important things in your life for you well there is meat all be one the all-in-one personal security guardian a small capsule packed with multiple sensors that can sense and monitor pretty much everything and the best thing about it is that it's an open platform so developers can create with it endless apps just like the ones you have on your smartphone so you can use all be one in many ways with its infrared technology all be one will warn you when someone enters your home or your office and it will always keep track of your belongings it will warn you when someone tries to steal your laptop if you put the all b1 in a drawer you will always know if it was opened in your absence your phone will only unlock when you are near it it warns you if someone bumps into your car it counts steps calories and distances long hours at work can prevent a moderate sun exposure to provide vitamin D to our skin all b1 will advise you to get some Sun all b1 is also a wireless shortcut for emergency calls and enables you to determine your GPS location all b1 will warn you when to put some sunscreen on your child during the day it will warn you when your child wanders away from sight or if you are looking for your pet all b1 comes with an extended-range connection which needs charging only once in two months the all be one team has spent many hours creating the perfect design that can replace many kinds of devices in one advanced product all b1 is an all-in-one low-cost personal security solution that is accessible to all and that's not all all b1 is an open device and we invite all developers to use it to create almost endless apps for future all b1 uses with your support and our vision we will be able to help everyone feel secure everywhere sometimes we want to be in two places at once to have more time for true values imagine that a single device will bring more comfort safety and happiness into your life bronto is a streamlined wireless device that offers a wide range of functions right from the box finally your loved ones living thousands of miles away can be as close to you as if you were sitting next to each other unique 360 rotating Full HD camera superior sound quality speakers and microphones let you achieve full presence in fact you want to be closer to your loved ones while you were away maybe your son needs help being home alone or almost at home because Brando is self-powered and cellular connected on the edge of the working-day you are always in a rush you don't need to ride home to see how nanny manages your little daughter with Brando it takes a few seconds to be at home tell nanny how to dress up your child for a walk and with the help of gran Tobit sensors you will know where the window was left open and have the nanny close it before they leave for a walk in the park you can even amuse your dog and turn on his favorite TV channel would you like your smart home meet you with the pleasant loons after a long working day turn on your favorite music with Brant Oh house tuning turns into pleasure it is especially important for your kids to sleep well before a full weekend when night comes you can use brento to stream a fairy tale to your child bran toes soft light gives off a soothing glow adding another layer of comfort and eliminating all your child's fears of the dark being with your family far away from the city you do not need to rush to the office anymore due to the full presence feature you can see and hear each member and participate in the process and in one second you are again with your beloved wife and kids enjoying camping while you are away Bronto is guarding peace at home and will immediately notify you of anything suspicious or guilt create your own story welcome to the Brandt o family Cujo is a smart internet security device that guards all of your connected devices it blocks malware from being installed it identified viruses and phishing scams and it detects criminal attempts to hack your home you may not know it but you've probably already been hacked thousands of hacking attacks occur each day hacking doesn't just happen to large organizations individuals can be targets as well of course she monitors themselves can be susceptible to misuse and the wrong set of eyes can end up watching your child's criminal hackers break into your home devices to steal your identity watch your cameras access your financial info and worse the days of protecting your home with just an alarm system or antivirus are over if you own a smartphone monitor or even a thermostat you are an easy target for cyber criminals don't get hacked protect your home and family get Cujo Cujo learns from your device behavior and identify zijn amélie's as soon as they occur unlike antivirus software that only watches your PC and unlike firewalls that are outdated the moment they ship Cujo continuously adapts to guard your entire home Internet enterprises pay thousands for such security with Cujo for just nine dollars a month you can rest assured that your connected home is protected the best news Cujo does not take a computer whiz to install just plug it into your router with one cable it will immediately start protecting all devices on the network as well as any new ones that connect later Cujo will not interfere with your wireless routers range and it will not require you to make any upgrades when you download the Cujo app you will be alerted of any suspicious activity anytime anywhere

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23 thoughts on “5 Amazing SAFETY & PRIVACY GADGETS – MUST SEE!

  1. Nice, but there are some more innovative product in the market. Like optisafe my hero where you can send live location, recorded media and sos message to your pre-defined contacts. Buy Optisafe online @ https://amzn.to/2Vnm1xt

  2. I just got my ALLBE1 today. I can't get the thing to connect to my phone or even turn on. It doesn't come with any instructions. Stay away from this waste of money.

    Once they have your money, they give you NOTHING !
    If any one get this item since now please post it !
    My advice=Stay away from those nice lies.

  4. for the first one, i dont get that they use pepper spray. there is gas guns in south korea and its more dangerous than pepper spray

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