5 Benefits of Quinoa (Backed by Science)

5 Benefits of Quinoa (Backed by Science)

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28 thoughts on “5 Benefits of Quinoa (Backed by Science)

  1. Great tip on soaking it before cooking! Will start to do that whenever I have enough time available.

    For how long should the quinoa be soaked before cooking? 30 minutes? One hour?

  2. Love this stuff! Cook it, blend apple strawberry and banana into smoothie, pour into cooked quinoa and you have the best "oatmeal" EVER! Don't forget cinnamon 🙂

  3. Conclusion/Summary for confused people: Nutrient Dense foods, such as Quinoa, ​for example, should be automatic staples of any diet regardless of where you are AND that REPLACING rice, bread, whole wheat, rye, oats, barley and pasta and any other Gluten containing food products WITH Quinoa is one of the best nutrient oriented choices you can ever make for a multitude of reasons.

  4. I noticed when he said "for women, Iron" let's not all forget here that BOTH men and womens initially most important mineral is iron. Everyone needs Iron. EVERYONE. and lots of it!

  5. That was one of the best, no b.s.videos on the benefits of a food product i've ever seen on YT. I'm also a Youtuber so i appreciate this my friend. So i gave you a Thumbsup and subbed to you. Sub back if you want . If not it's not a problem. Keep up the great work!!

  6. red quinoa is great – unfortunately the same cannot be said for white which is kind of bland and tasteless!

  7. I love the texture of quinoa, it is a little crunchy. The taste is mild enough where it can be a replacement for cereal, add fruit and nuts for breakfast, or of course a savory dish. I am vegan, was told I should eat 250 mg DHA a day, which is 1/4 gram. I believe that something like two tablespoons of cooked quinoa contain that much DHA. In any case it is a great food. Peace

  8. I recently switched to quinoa after find out im gluten sensitive (not celiac). I have less digestive issues now, and I feel great 😀

  9. lots of typical misinformation about anti nutrients which are not a problem. also the whole complete protein myth is bunk. why do people keep repeating misinformation. look at the longest lived people. they eat plants and whole starches predominantly. they get plenty of anti nutrients which protect the body.

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