5 Dumplings Gadgets put to the Test

5 Dumplings Gadgets put to the Test

what's up everybody welcome back to my laboratory where safety is number 13 today we're going to put to the test five dumb polling gadgets let's see what I got this time looks like a simple four-step instruction so you put a piece of door in like that and you squish it down like this then you go up one of these tools and go up your stuffing I just go up the pork and then you lay it down and then push it down like that and then you close this one down and then purse it a little bit tight and then all you have to do is purge this it's supposed to fly out by it makes sense I'd and you have here a really nice dumpling okay let's try this one more time that was my first time using it let's see if I can get better squish it down then put stuffing in push it down nice and then close it like this and squish it Wow do you see how much it kicked out the dumpling now we have to it's pretty fun I like this one a lot now that we sure what this is for okay and one more just to see if I got any better this squish it down make sure it molds it earlier well I'm using pre-made dough and then you can put the filling you can put different type of feeling obviously then you squish down like that okay and then you press this and the dumpling should fly out pretty awesome will steam all these dumplings at the end okay let's see what this dumpling maker is all about whoa there's bunch of parts I can't believe this is unassembled oh quick assembly and come back assemble it was actually pretty easy self explainatory so you open it up lay your door down here then you put one of this tools and put it down and then fill up this piece side here with whatever you going to stuff it with and just stuff it like that close it and then spin it looks like I put too much meat let's see what happened yeah definitely put way too much meat so when you spin it you want to line it up like that okay another piece let's see if it will work better this time put your meat in this time I'm not gonna put that much also my biggest mistake was a jump cut it down okay let's spin it one piece c'mon but it's okay now let's take it out Wow perfect look at that then you close it one more chance for me whoops the own way let's pull it out and we have here – nice dumplings very nice so love this this is so much fun and you can take it out go put it in a steamer this is actually really nice gadget and when you store it all the pieces stays together love it for the next dumb Poland gadget this is a kata and at the same time I'm older so you cut it like that boom you have a piece of dough I don't have the best dough to make dumplings but it will do then you put it on top of it and you see its perfect size now I can stop it and now all you have to do is just close it like that and close it tight let's open it and you have your really really nice dumpling I like it okay one more time cut a piece out Robert put it on top put the filling in then you close it like that a little bit tight then open it and you have a nice dumper and as you can see boom check this out this is a very very nice way to do it I like that a lot okay this one is probably the most practical right now get your dough cut it out very easy put it like that stop it then close it boom I don't think I missed it boom and you have a nice dumpling edge here very very fast and easy this is so far the most part you call one the other wants a more like a toy I added a little bit of oil in there because my door was a bit too dry so I'm I'll go one more time with this stick all that stuff in there make sure you hold it and stuff it maybe a little bit more boom good now close it okay now spin it close it boom and you have here a perfect dumpling oops for the next one I got here using pauper game maker so it's like damn point for the cold a little different Wow look at that I guess I put one of this like that and I'll have the exact door that they have I'm only gonna do half I guess put it like that okay then you squish it take it out there pork all apart okay you put one of these things in then you squish it down a bit then I guess we put some stuffing in this one didn't come with any instructions so I'm a little bit struggling alsa I put a second piece of door something okay second piece of door see what happens they push a toe all the way or door go like that first oh don't I go like that and I feel like I got cut a mod but how do I do that she was tied to go like that see if they got cut out kind of live this out okay this Gajic doesn't make any sense kind of works but there is no instruction on it so I'm gonna pass on that I have here another dumpling maker let's see what this one does kind of complicated oh wow this is a four-way and there's pretty simple instructions just put squares of door like that my squares are almost too small might be way too small so we need a bigger squares yeah this is much better okay and then we're gonna fill it in with bunch of meat okay and the next thing the fun part is just close them like that and then the second one third one and a fourth one and then just squish it down okay now from what I understand I can open this head here and this should come off yep they go very nice turn out to be really good depends what kind of dough you have if I had a much thinner door it would have got cut off automatically this one's got cut off all the way I'll tell you what guys very nice design of this kind of dumplings look at this button wow what a great idea okay now we're gonna stick him in there and steam him well turn out to looking pretty good what do you guys think I like this gadgets a lot thumbs up for me well guys that's pretty much it let me know in comments below what do you think about this video don't forget to thumbs up subscribe if you haven't already and I'll see you next time he said take me away from this giant monster good boy good boy good boy good boy good boys why him this cute is he gonna do it again yep he's like my papi look at him he's just started to step over him and stuff but here they can smile it's a dog so that's

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  1. Here's one , LIQUID NITUGEN -COKE BOTTLE & A GOPRO SESSION looking up to the sky taped on the bottom very good and tight , let's see this as it SHOOTS up into the sky from the gopro view??


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