5 Healthy Products That Are Worth Your Money

5 Healthy Products That Are Worth Your Money

– Hey guys, I’m here in New York at Woman’s Day’s headquarters
with Editor-in-Chief, Susan Spencer, and you’re back Susan! – Hi! Hey Rachel! Thanks for having me. This is great. – Well thanks for being back on the show. Last time you were here, you
did some Great Value Awards, and it was a hit. – Mmm hmm, yes. – So we’re bringing you back to talk about Great Value Awards, but specifically with health and wellness. – Health and wellness, exactly. – So good. Okay, so the first product is the pasta. – Red lentil penne. So our reader testers
absolutely loved this. So, it’s three dollars.
– Okay. – It’s available in
supermarkets nationwide. And they loved it mainly because it has one ingredient,
which is red lentil flour. – [Rachel] Yeah. – The thing they liked the most is that it cooks up super firm, almost al dente like a regular pasta. A lot of these alternative
pastas just end up very mushy, and you
just don’t want to eat them. So great taste, great texture,
lots of health benefits. – Yes!
– So great for your family. – So good, and so easy. We talk about pasta a lot on the show because it’s just like a quick dinner. – Sure. – And moms are looking for
those fast dinners, so – Exactly.
– It’s a great option, you guys. Okay, next, these are adorable. – Aren’t they? Aren’t these wonderful? – Yes! – Our reader testers
loved these pretty tins. So these are first-aid kits from Welly, and they retail from $4.99 to $7.99, and they’re sold at Target. – [Rachel] Okay. – So as you know, as the mother of two, that your kids are always getting into little scrapes and little accidents. – Yes. – So having one of these in your purse is a lifesaver, and it has pretty much everything you’re going to need, from tweezers to all sorts of bandages. – And cute Band-Aids. – Yeah, and I think . . . Yeah I know, exactly. Your kid is gonna want to
put that on her knee, right? – Yes, yes, yes! So fun.
– So– – It’s so funny, my girls are so dramatic, and like if they fall
and they’re not bleeding, they still want a Band-Aid and
suddenly everything’s better. So you have convenience right there. – Right, it’s a fashion
statement. (laughs) – That’s right, that’s right. Okay, I’ve tried these. – These are really, really amazing. – They are delicious, yes! – So I don’t know about you,
but every day at about 3:30, I have a craving for salt, and I immediately reach
for the potato chips. Not exactly the healthiest move, but I’ve been trying these instead. So these are roasted
chickpeas, Sriracha flavor, sea salt, and my favorite
which is the dark chocolate. – [Rachel] Yes. – So they retail for three dollars, super great price point.
They’re really delicious. – Yes. Okay, Method. I love Method. – Method, Method.
– Yes. – So I’m sure that you
use their dish wash soap– – Yes I do!
– Or maybe their hand soap. So you may not know that Method also has a line of bath products
called Method Body. So these retail from $4.99 to $7.99, also available in Target.
– Okay. – And what our reader testers
really liked about them was that they all have
naturally-derived ingredients, so you’ve got like cucumber
and seaweed and rosewater and things that are just really
refreshing and revitalizing. – [Rachel] So good. – The other thing they really
liked was the packaging. This is made from recycled
plastic and paper, and if you’re trying to teach
kids about sustainability or about going green, I think
this is a great way to go. – Yeah, so easy to
enter that conversation. – Great product line.
– Good. All right, the love language
of all moms across America: Yoga pants!
– Yoga pants! – Can’t fit into those right now, but— – Right. – Again, one day, it’ll happen. Okay, so, brand is? – Yoga pants are every woman’s holy grail. – That’s so true. – To find a pair of yoga
pants that actually fit, that don’t slip down,
that are comfortable. – Yes. – It’s just amazing, and we
believe we’ve found them. So these are CALIA. This
is Carrie Underwood’s line. – [Rachel] Oh, yes! – So our reader testers,
they really liked the fabric. – Yes, I was gonna say. – The fabric is—
– It’s great. – It’s thick, so it kind of
cinches you in a little bit. – Yep.
– But it’s very breathable. – Yes. – So they could really
move in these pants. They don’t slip.
– Yes! – They also have, I can take that, they also have this really
nice wide band right here, which is nice for a little tummy taming. – Yep. – And my favorite, they
have pockets right here. – No way, seriously. – I think a good pocket makes
everything better. (laughs) – On yoga pants.
– Yeah. – It’s brilliant. – So these retail for $70,
which seems a little bit pricey, but really, really worth it. – Yes. – That’s what makes these great value, and they’re available nationwide. – Okay, so good, I know. Even though the price
point is a little bit more, I feel like there’s always
pieces in our closets that you can invest. I call
them my investment pieces. – Right. – And it’s the things
you wear all the time, and you may not have a ton of, but you can invest in
one or two pair of these, and they’re going to last you a long time. – Right.
– Because it’s good quality. – I don’t think you’ll take them off. – Yeah right. Sleep in it. Do everything with it. – Right. – So great, okay. These
are such Great Value Awards, and it’s stuff that obviously helps with health and wellness. – Absolutely. – And make great choices, so we love that. Okay guys, so you can
find all these products in the September issue of
Woman’s Day that is on stands now, or womansday.com, or
you can click the link in the show notes to
get all the information on these products. Susan, thanks for coming back on. – Thank you so much. – Seriously, it’s so great.
– Thank you. (upbeat electronic music)

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