5 – “Lifestyle” – Secrets To Wellness

5 - “Lifestyle” - Secrets To Wellness

welcome again my friends two secrets to wellness we're having a great time here at 3abn presenting secrets of how you can live longer healthier and happier and we have our next subject which is lifestyle we've talked about water and the value of drinking adequate amounts of water and exercise exercising at least five times a week and love and the power of healing love and now lifestyle and a healthy lifestyle necessitates my friends healthy choices so we do need to make very good choices because an unhealthy lifestyle is often the result of poor choices so making the right choice is very important and we learned that wellness includes the mental the emotional the physical social and spiritual and all of these aspects have to be in proper balance to really experience true wellness and so when we talk about lifestyle we talk about temperance or abstemious 'no sweat does that mean well first of all temperance is using wisely that which is good so when we eat all of these wonderful things like our fruits and our vegetables and our grains we need to do it wisely and not overeat so that we gain weight but then temperance also means abstaining from anything and everything that is harmful such as drugs alcohol tobacco and even caffeine let's go over some lifestyle practices that actually destroy our bodies one of those is smoking tobacco is a major killer and I know that recently when I was in the airport I took this picture and the evidence is there my friends on smoking tobacco kills tobacco causes cancer tobacco causes emphasis to bet smokers die younger write on the cigarette package and so we know that tobacco is a major killer today the evidence is there and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention smoking causes cancer heart disease stroke lung diseases diabetes chronic obstruction pulmonary disease which includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis so all of these chronic diseases my friends are a result of smoking so smokers have a 25% higher risk of a heart attack then do non-smokers so there are so many detrimental effects of smoking the nicotine causes the arteries to actually shrink and when arteries get smaller and smaller clots get caught in the blood vessel and then a stroke or a heart attack happens and so we need to be helped some of you possibly over smoking and we want to do that and so the Beckman Research Institute says smoking is the single biggest cause of cancer in the world now smoking is number one and then obesity is number two but smoking is the largest or biggest cause of cancer tobacco smoke contains about 70 different cancer-causing substances and this is scientifically known today after the sir general report in 1964 we know that there is a direct link between cancer and smoking and every cigarette you smoke takes 14 point 5 minutes off your life I don't want to be taking any minutes off my life do you I'm sure you don't we want to add those minutes and those years to our life in every eight seconds someone dies from tobacco use this is from the World Health Organization in May 2002 so every few seconds someone is dying from tobacco smoke but yet about 1/3 of the male adults a global population are smokers so around the world we have people in spite of all the evidence that we have still smoking and about among the WHO regions the western Pacific region which covers East Asia and the Pacific has the highest smoking rate with nearly two-thirds of men smoking in spite of the fact that the scientific evidence is in on smoking there are still many people who are smoking in fact worldwide tobacco use causes nearly 6 million deaths per year and current trends show that tobacco use will cause more than 8 million deaths annually by 2030 and each day my friends each day more than 3,200 people younger than 18 years of age smoke their first cigarette this is so unfortunate but once they start then they feel like they're hooked and they can't get out of it smoking is the leading cause of preventable death this is something that can be preventable and so if some of you are out there that are smoking you can make a clean break in fact if you need help with someone to help you to quit smoking just locate your nearest seventh-day Adventist Church because I'm sure that they can help you to quit this habit make that clean break because the good news is this your lungs will improve your risk of cancer decreases your risk of heart disease decreases your risk of premature premature death decreases your energy and your endurance will improve your entire health improves and you know what your food will even taste better and so you can make that clean break my friends that is the good news so again if you need help in quitting smoking please contact your local seventh-day Adventist Church because quitters always win and by the grace of God you can win you can be a quitter and so my friends there are many things that Satan just wants to deceive us on and he deceives millions of Christians even into thinking that it doesn't make any difference how they treat their bodies as long as their hearts are right with God but we need to t treat these bodies right get rid of that tobacco and also alcohol because alcohol is deceptive alcohol is addictive it destroys brain cells and it dramatically affects our ability to reason in fact alcohol destroys the brain and we need every brain cell that we can get so alcohol also damages liver cells making them less efficient which actually develops into cirrhosis of the liver and so there are many problems many things about alcohol it weakens the immune system and we've talked about that so much where we need a strong immune system if we're going to be healthy and especially live to that healthy hundred so avoid alcohol and all its stimulants but what about alcohol or red wine someone asked well some sources may claim red wine as a health drink but science says well it's still just a bit more confusing the evidence is not all in because look some say wine may be linked with heart health benefits but where are those benefits are the heart health benefits contained actually in the grapes and not the fermented wine well we know that grape juice helps to maintain heart health and helps digestive and bowel disorders and will actually boost unity and even can delay aging signs and so grape juice also lowers the risk of cancer and will help maintain bone health because it contains iron and copper and manganese and will actually boost your energy levels so grape juice is good the pure juice of the grape not the fermented wine and the Mayo Clinic reported in an article titled does grape juice offer the same heart health benefits as red wine and it says this some research studies suggest that red and purple grape juices may provide some of the same heart health benefits of red wine including reducing the risk of blood clots reducing low-density lip lipoprotein or LDL or bad cholesterol preventing damage to blood vessels in your heart and helping maintain a healthy blood pressure so my friends more and more scientific evidence is showing that it's the juice of the grape not the fermented wine and Harvard Medical School in a special Health Report called healthy eating page 31 says studies have found that even moderate alcohol consumption raises the risk of breast cancer a meta-analysis that combined the results of 98 studies found that women who drank alcohol were 11% more likely than non-drinkers to get breast cancer so even breast cancer and some of these cancers are increased by our use of alcohol an alcohol has also been linked to cancers of the colon the mouth the throat and the esophagus and it goes on to say this my friends and this is very important it says it's not worth taking up wine that is fermented wine or any type of alcohol to gain supposed health benefits and if you're at high for cancer or alcoholism you may want to avoid alcohol entirely now that's what science is saying that there is more and more becoming a link from alcohol from fermented wine to cancer and some of these diseases and many years ago in 1887 John Harvey Kellogg who was actually a very prominent physician in his day he says that alcohol not only makes people unhealthy and shortens their lives but is also the cause of much poverty and crime an untold amount of misery he says really alcohol actually makes people unhealthy and can really even shorten your life I don't want to shorten my life and I'm sure you don't want to either and Ellen White a 19th century health educator says this in counsels on diets and foods for 36 the pure juice of the grape free from fermentation is a wholesome drink but many of the alcoholic drinks which are now so largely consumed contain death-dealing potions so the evidence is there my friends to be healthy we need to give up smoking we need to give up alcohol the only safe course she says is to touch not taste not handle not tea coffee wines tobacco opium and alcoholic drinks so that's the only safe way my friends is to give it up but let's look at a drug that people all over the world are using every day and don't realize the detrimental effects it's caffeine in coffee tea soft drinks and energy drinks colons have a twin that is even more harmful to our health simply called coffee and yet this is a big drink among people around the world and medical researchers have discovered a significant number of health risks with the use of coffee caffeine may even increase heart rate cause the irregular beats and even raise cholesterol and of course caffeine depletes the body's supply of vitamins and minerals including calcium and iron and B vitamins you see coffee is actually dehydrating not rehydrating so we're not even getting the water the liquid that we need and of course we need all the calcium we can get time to get their coffee because it is addictive and what are the problems with excessive amounts of coffee let's take a look at that one cup of coffee a day increases risk of stomach kidney lung rectal and esophageal cancer and one cup doubles the risk of bladder cancer in when in women and two cups of coffee a day increases colon cancer risk and also increases ovarian and pancreatic cancer so if we want to reduce our risk for so many of these chronic diseases and particularly cancer that's on the rise today I think it might be a good idea to even leave off that drink called coffee and let's look at five cups of coffee a day it increases the risk of heart disease significantly and heart disease of course is the number one killer here in America so the best plan my friends is to abstain from all drugs alcohol tobacco and even caffeine if we truly want to live to that healthy hundred but what should you drink you ask well what can I drink well water is the beverage designed for our health so I hope we're drinking plenty of that good water because that is the beverage designed by God for our health but also some of these juices that I know that we like to take oranges fresh oranges from the trees and just squeeze it with all that pulp and fiber even in it or the great fruits and squeeze them and have that good delicious nutritious drink and of course the pure juice of the grape is also good but there are some great herbal teas out there and they are health promoting drinks as well so find yourself some of those herbal teas or some of those good juices and just plain water my friends and God promises to give us abundant health when we follow his plan and we do these things but what about our food does God give us any instruction on what we should eat let's take a look at that you see the Eden diet was a vegetarian diet we had lots of those beautiful wonderful colorful fruits and vegetables and we had nuts and grains and seeds so the Eden diet was a vegetarian diet living 969 years my friends and they were healthy nine hundred and some years and you see that we live only 70 years or if by reason of health we live 80 years or maybe some a very few may live to that very healthy hundred take with you seven each of every clean animal a male and his female to each of animals that are clean a male and his female so God says take these animals into the ark with you both the clean and the unclean so we have the clean and the that's clean for you now the best thing is what he gave us in the be very beginning a plant-based diet but he gave them permission to eat the clean animals after the flood so you have the cow and the sheep and the deer those are all clean but then Deuteronomy 14 6 to 8 says nevertheless of those that chew the cud or have cloven hoofs you shall not eat such as the camel so I guess no more camel my friends or the hare which is the rabbit and the rock hyrax which is a rat for they chew the cud do not have cloven hoofs they are unclean for you and it goes on also to say also the what the swine what is the swine pig and people are eating so much swine today so much pig it's unclean for you because it has cloven hoofs yet it does not chew the cud you shall not eat their flesh or touch their dead carcass so God says don't eat these animals they are not good for you and God doesn't want to take anything away from us he only wants to give us that which is good and pork has the highest fat content of all meats so your health depends my friends on what you eat but what about those that are in the waters Deuteronomy 14 9 says these you may eat of all that are in the waters you may eat all that has fins and scales so whatever has fins and scales God says that's okay to eat and whatever does not have fins and scales you shall not eat it's unclean for you so like the lobsters and the clams and the octopus and all of these things they are unclean for you so instead of eating these unhealthy foods my friends we may eat nutritious healthful protein foods so we want to eat these good foods Ellen White says in the book councils on diets and foods 380 again and again I've been shown that God is trying to lead us back step by step to his original design that man should subsist upon the natural products of the earth so God says yes you can eat the clean animals but if you want to be really healthy the best food is that which I gave you right in the Garden of Eden grains fruits not some vegetables constitute the diet chosen for us by our Creator these foods prepared in a simple and natural manner as possible are the most healthful and nourishing they impart a strength the power of endurance and a vigor of intellect that are not afforded by a more complex and stimulating diet my friends there are so many plant-based food options that are readily available today in grocery stores in restaurants in hotel buffets airports airplanes everywhere we go we see the options today because people are realizing that if they want to live longer healthier and happier that we need to follow some of these principles even with our food our diets and there are many advantages of a total vegetarian diet it lowers blood cholesterol lowers high blood pressure lowers the risk of certain cancers the risk of osteoporosis and it improves diabetes symptoms enhances vigor and endurance and best of all my friends it lengthens the lifespan we know that you can lengthen the life span if you eat a plant-based diet so how can I live in harmony with God's laws of health when I feel so powerless when I feel so like I just can't do it how am I going to give up such things as tobacco as alcohol or caffeine coffee or unclean foods how can I do that how can I live in harmony with God's laws of health when I feel powerless Philippians 4:13 says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me so God is gonna strengthen you my friends he's gonna help you and you can get help also at your local seventh-day Adventist Church they want to help you they're ready and waiting for you to come and get you off some of these habits so to overcome any harmful habit in your life follow these four simple steps they're teeny tips just simple teeny tips number one choose to give up all unhelpful habits so if you are battling with some unhelpful habit you can choose to give that up and say I choose not to smoke now I know that there are some physiological things that you need to do as well you need to get that NIC being flushed out of the system you need to eat lots of fruits you need to take those showers and drink lots of water so there are principles to getting you off smoking but men I've seen literally hundreds and thousands of people as we've conducted stop smoking plants get off smoking so choose to give up all unhealthful habits ask God to empower your choice my friends it's very difficult to do it alone but God is there he's waiting and wanting to help you so God will empower you and then discard that object of temptation throw it right away throw it in the bin get rid of those that tobacco because if it's around its gonna be a temptation and just discard those unclean foods discard the tobacco and alcohol and you will feel so much better and then replace the health destroying habit with a health building habit yes replace the health destroying habit with a health building habit that's what we want to do how can we do this well we may need to make some wheat germ patties or some try some foods that are going to replace some of those unclean foods that we talked about and you know what they're delicious and nutritious so I'm gonna show you the recipe for these wheat germ patties it simply has one and a half cups of wheat germ 1 cup of quick oats 1/2 a cup of chopped nuts and I'm using pecan nuts and a half a teaspoon of salt 1/2 a teaspoon of sage a clove of garlic or you can even use 1 teaspoon of garlic powder and 1 medium onion a cup of soy milk and 2 tablespoons of Bragg Liquid aminos or if you can't find that which they are readily available today you could use a little soy sauce and so we're gonna try to make some of these wheat germ patties right here so why don't you come along and come into my kitchen and let's do some wheat germ paddies so I have the wheat germ and the germ is one of the important parts of the the wheat itself it's the part that's often extracted when we have refined white flour and then oats and you're getting protein because you get protein in the wheat germ you also get protein in oats in fact about 15 grams of protein in one cup of oats and then we're going to add some more protein so we're not under protein my friends we're over protein most of the time vegetarians get plenty of protein so I'm adding some of these well pecan nuts and we'll add some onion to that then we will put in some a little bit of salt in place to use salt as in cooking and not at the table as much to reduce the salt at the table is the way to go and then I'm using a little bit of sage here we'll put that in there and some garlic and then we will add some liquid and that's all you do is mix it all together and then pour in some soy milk and a little bit of the Bragg's Liquid aminos and just stir that all up stir it all together and then you can make those patties in fact you have all of these patties right here just simply put them on the skillet and here we'll put this one on the skillet we'll make some more here and then we'll simply turn them once they've cooked so you just let them get a little brown and flip them over and then you have a wonderful patty that you can actually take the place of meat so with this I would simply serve maybe a baked potato and some broccoli and a salad and some wheat germ patties this is something that you can definitely do my friends in your own home this is God's health Assurance plan and I know that God is gonna help you as you choose to follow his way as you choose to have a better diet a better lifestyle as you choose to give up all these things that are harmful to our health and use moderately that which is good God is going to bless you so may God bless you as you choose his way because it's the right way and it will help you to live to that healthy 100 god bless you you

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