there are five nutrition assessment intake methods and some of them are retrospective some of them are prospective and one of them is both retrospective as well as prospective so today I want to review often with you so the first one is the diet record well basically in the diet record the patient or client records for approximately three to seven days how much food as well as beverages they've consumed and it requires them to basically write down everything that they are consuming orally as well as the portion size and amount of fluids that they've consumed so in the past I have used this method with patients it requires a lot of their participation so if you have a patient or client that may not be motivated this may not be necessarily the best method to use additionally one limitation that I found using the diet record is that the patient or client may overestimate or underestimate how much is actually being consumed the second method is the nutrient intake analysis so with this method it is a direct observation from the dietician of how much the patient consumed each meal and of course you have to have a reference point so you need to know what the meal looks like before it was actually consumed really in this method it's used very popularly in the hospitals well in my hospital at least and it is called a calorie count so this typically lasts at least 72 hours method seeing that it is intensive on the dietitian I like to get my nurses involved so typically I have my nurses report for me how much the patients consumed so they can write down in their records 50% of milk consumed half of the meatloaf and of course there are some limitations because everyone's way of judging 50% or half is different so there does need to be some standardization regarding how you view 50% and how the nursing view is 50% and in the facility where work there's different charts to do so the third method is the 24-hour recall which is one of my favorite methods to use because it's quick and easy and it gets my questions answered with this method the patient tells you how much they ate and drank and what they ate and drank for the past 24 hours one of the limitations that I found using this method is if you're speaking to a patient or client that may have issues with recollection they may not necessarily know what they ate the day before fourth method is the food frequency questionnaire oh this is a self-reported food frequency from a list that you would give your patient or clients it focuses on the consumption of the different foods in each and every food group for instance just giving you guys a snapshot of what the questionnaire may ask it will ask you how often do you drink apple juice and it would say something like one time per month two to three times per month one to two times per day so forth and so on so we can either break it down per month or per day well I have found with using the food frequency questionnaire it may really be a misrepresentation of how much of the specific food and individual is eating and then the last one is a diet history which is something that I use as well when I am speaking to my patient or client so with the diet history it includes a detailed interview from the Dietetic practitioner a checklist of foods as well as a three-day diet recall so this is mostly used in clinical setting and it is very time-intensive on both the Dietetic practitioner as well as the patient so guys these are the five nutrient intake assessment methods let me know in the comments section below which one is your favorite method I think I've stated to you before my favorite method is a 24 hour diet recall because it is quick and it straight to the point and it answers all my questions so if you have any other questions please feel free to leave it in the comment section below as well as usual remember to comment like subscribe to share this video have a good day

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  1. I’m a clinical nutrition student, and I’ll graduate next year. I’m so happy that I found your channel its so good and helpful
    Pls keep it up and thank you ❤️

  2. Mine is also the 24 hour recall. I haven't put many into practice at the moment, but will use them when I start placement

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