5 Street Food Items You Must Eat in Guangzhou

5 Street Food Items You Must Eat in Guangzhou

The southern Chinese city of Guangzhou has a reputation for being one of the country’s food capitals. If you are eager to explore Chinese cuisine, Then mark it down beacuse this is a spot to visit. It’s right in the Pearl River Delta, It’s right in the Pearl River Delta, so expect tasty, fresh ingredients like fish, shrimp and seasonal veggies. Cantonese cooking prioritizes simple cooking styles such as steaming and stir-frying, so as to preserve the ingredients’ original flavor. So let’s get to it. Five delicious bites in Guangzhou. This iconic dish, known as cheung fun in Cantonese, only takes a few minutes to make. The whole aim of this dish is an umami explosion of pork, shrimp and crab roe in each bite. This dish, in Cantonese, is called jeje pot, thanks to the way the clay pot sizzles when it’s fired up. This dish is called ngau sam sing, or literally “beef three stars.” The “stars” refer to the heart, liver, and tenderloin. These men are crushing toasted sesame seeds into a paste. After 20 minutes, the paste is poured into a large pot. You’ve just seen our five must-eats in Guangzhou: In our next episode, we’ll take you to Chengdu in southwestern China, for some of its classic spicy local street snacks. See you then.

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19 thoughts on “5 Street Food Items You Must Eat in Guangzhou

  1. Do they add starch to thicken the black sesame soup, or is that naturally thickened by the sesame? I know the packaged stuff has thickeners, but I'm surprised that the sesame itself binds that well. There was a small stall in Tai O that had incredible black sesame soup; it has since moved indoors to the local wet market.

    Thanks for the video as always!

  2. Great video, love it!
    Just 1 suggestion, provide the food names in 漢字 along with English name? cuz will be easier to look up after 😁
    Edit: oh cool it's at the end! COOL! keep up the great work Goldthread!!

  3. Don't even have to go to Guangzhou for any of these dishes. London's Chinatown and New York and San Francisco's Chinatown all have these dishes in their Cantonese restaurants.

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