5 things that are stopping Amberlynn from losing weight | Behavior Edition!

5 things that are stopping Amberlynn from losing weight | Behavior Edition!

Hi guys, so today’s video is a bit different. For the past few months we have discussed over and over each cycle from Amberlynn and her attempts to lose weight. We even did a recap video about all of the cycles that she had in 2019. Of course, we know that Amberlynn has failed her attempts to lose weight for the past few years. Years and years before I even started my channel. Being so, we all love to talk and speculate about the reasons why she seems to keep failing her attempts. And this is the topic of this video: Here are 5 reasons I believe have stopped Amberlynn from losing weight… Behavior Edition. Obesity was officially considered a disease in 2013. Being so, institutions like the American Medical Association the World Health Organization, and the World Obesity Federation recognizes the excess of body fat as such. And although this topic is quite controversial, because there are multiple factors including genetics and other health conditions such as thyroid problems that can cause obesity, this eliminates the theory that weight can be explained by the “calories in and calories out” idea. However, Amberlynn never even once truly treated her obesity as something that needed treatment. She continues to claim that she knows how to lose weight despite failed attempts because she doesn’t see her situation to be as severe as it is. And quite honestly, I want to make a whole video about why and how Amberlynn sees herself differently than how we see her. But still, there’s no doubt that if amberlynn recognized her obesity as something that needed treatment she would have sought the help that she needs, and most importantly listened to advice from the doctors instead of believing that she knows more about her condition than them. And if this concept is hard to understand, you can replace Obesity with any other disease and you will see how Amberlynn’s behavior is damaging her effort. I decided to make this the reason number two because at first looked it might actually seem to contradict the reason number one. After all, if defending obesity as a disease Then it means I’m saying that Amberlynn can’t do everything on her own. But in this topic, I’m also listing her lack of effort. Well, you see, you can and should seek help but just as a doctor can’t really force you to take medication unless you’re in inpatient treatment, nobody is going to be able to lose weight for amberlynn or force her to make any changes. Even if she gets the help that she needs she still needs to make the effort. Professionals are there to guide her and give her support so that her effort is as efficient as possible. Amberlynn however, manages to both refuse to get help and try to change by herself. A horrible combination. The excuses here work this way: When trying to justify why she won’t get help she claims that she is the only person that can make the change happen. And when trying to justify why she can’t lose the weight, she claims obesity is a disease and therefore she has a hard time being successful. At the end, she just remains stuck. Amberlynn has lost a lot of her mobility in the past few years. She can’t drive, she can’t walk for more than a couple of minutes and sometimes she can’t even fit in the car. Although Amberlynn claims to be 100% independent I wonder how her situation would be if she didn’t have Becky, her biggest enabler. When Amberlynn is off the track Becky always brings her food or drives her to eat out. They have gone as far as to drive hours and hours to eat somewhere. Not only her enables bring her food, but they also invite her to eat out and make every get-together about food. Amberlynn herself has expressed before how she doesn’t feel like a lot of people around her care about her situation. If your 600 pounds friend, mother, father, girlfriend or boyfriend asks you to bring them junk food, saying “yes” to this request is to put their lives in danger. This is something that I rarely discuss in my videos But I do believe that to do something that is hard you need to have a solid reason to do so. You need to have something that holds more power against you than your temptations. Amberlynn doesn’t truly have that as we saw on her latest video, but we’ll get into that video in my next video on this channel. There are a lot of people who lose weight because they want to be healthy for their children and their families, because they want to travel the world so badly or because they have a dream profession. Some people are simply desperate. Their desire to not be in this type of situation anymore becomes bigger than their desire for food. There are also people who manage to lose weight when taking care of their families, studying full-time or working full-time. This also keeps their mind busy and free from obsessing with food all day long. Their attention is focused somewhere else. Amberlynn does not seem to have that. She doesn’t have a sense of danger, desperation or a strong goal that is deep in her soul. Amberlynn is in a situation when losing weight is her one and only worry. Well, it’s at least her main worry.( No other job or responsibilities) She spends her day at home, does not have any time-consuming hobbies, and her pleasure and only activity is going out to eat, going to Walmart or playing games with friends. She doesn’t seem to have YouTube ambitions, which is her job, or any other career ambition. Being so, she doesn’t even have a deadline. She can continue to plan to lose weight next week or next year. She does not seem to have enough of a reason to change her whole life, And so she keeps choosing food over and over. Many of you might claim that her health and life should be enough of a reason, and I agree, but for some reason this doesn’t seem to be enough. Majority of people can learn from their mistakes. Cautious people can learn from other people’s mistakes, not even needing to fail on their own. But Amberlynn has tried the exact same formula to losing weight at least 10 times. She does about 5 methods, only to come back to her favorite one, which is counting calories. We also have watched Amberlynn explain why she is giving up on her diets countless of times. But if I played all of those explanations to you guys right now you would see that in not even one of them she claimed herself as responsible for her failure. It’s always because of someone else, something else, a situation or circumstance. Even when she went against the doctor’s recommendations, which led her to fail her diet, she never admitted to being at fault and blamed her doctor instead. The Ultimate reason why she seems to fail all of her diets is because she only tries to change her diet, but she never tried to change herself. The next part of this video series will be focused on food and her diet plan to be exact. But I really wanted to focus on her behavior for this video, because I truly believe that her behavior is a major factor that explains why she keeps failing her diets. But let me know in the comments down below. Do you see these 5 reasons just as I can see them? I see you guys in my next video. Thank you for watching. Bye

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76 thoughts on “5 things that are stopping Amberlynn from losing weight | Behavior Edition!

  1. I had to make the subs for this video twice since I exited the page by accident right after finishing it so you all better turn on your subs for this one lol Second part of this video will be about diet/meal plan but can we really start listing reasons without going through her behavior? The next part will have as much information as possible since I know a lot of people here like the nutritional Infos in my videos. Hope you enjoy it!

  2. I think that she does way too much plannig her "weight loss journey". Sometimes for me she seems that she doesn't realise that she must to eat less and that's it . I know that for food addict it is so hard but that's how weight loss works . She is always so exited about her new diet until she has to do it. I think that she should stop planing, making big goals and go to inpatient therapy or ask Becky to help her stick to diet

  3. Portions are always too big and she eats too fast. Why couldn’t she carve the chicken and put it on a plate. Wouldn’t look so bad

  4. What is stopping her from loosing weight her mouth. I bet If she was to get her mouth wired shut she would loose a ton. But gain it all back months after they unwire it. Lost cause.

  5. Her reason should simply be that she doesn’t want to die. She’s been scared before, but not enough. If she wakes up intubated in ICU, perhaps that is the extreme she has to get to, sadly.

  6. all she needs to do is eat less like it's not easy, i know that, but if she would just eat smaller portions she would lose so much weight without having to change anything (for now, and after she loses a bunch she might be motivated/more open to change what she eats)

  7. I don't think Amber's favourite is counting calories. I think it is manipulating her "diet" to have enough ways to have high calorie intake and trick herself into thinking she is "trying". She likes to combine diets when she hasn't even mastered one thing first and then overcomplicates it for herself and stuffs it up. E.g. snickers and bananas BS.

  8. One times, she made a big deal about the phrase “sit with the discomfort”. She’s not willing to do that in the slightest. She’s unwilling to set limits for herself- or to make any realistic goals for herself. Seems she isn’t willing to start healthy habits until she already has lost- and that isn’t how it works.

  9. You're right on the reason part. Like for me, I wanna be healthy not just for myself but for my son too. And my bestie is on board with me. We are both trying to be healthy this year. If I have no reason and no one else to motivate me, I truly think it'll be hard for me to lose weight too. Amber needs to have some serious health talk with Becky and they both need to be fully on board. It might work better for her.

  10. The restaurant meals are killing her. I like to take our church missionaries out to eat. It lets them have a nice meal and it gets me out of the house. Well, even the salads at Applebee's have 1000+ calories! The meat & seafood dishes even more – and they don't even look that calorie-laden. You can't eat like that multiple times a week, every week, and think you are going to lose weight.

  11. I'm disabled by several conditions that cause chronic pain and loss of mobility. I've lost over 100lbs down from 353 to 211. Your expertise and observations are very inspiring to me. Thanks.

  12. Why on Earth would she weigh herself multiple times a day? Especially if she drank a lot of water like she claimed and ate as well. No wonder she’s always so discouraged lol

  13. I honestly believe Amber would've lost the weight by now if she didn't have her biggest enabler: Youtube. She's making a disgusting amount of money off of her addiction so why would she try and get better when her bad behavior is essentially being rewarded? It sort of reminds me of Jackass where Steve-O & pals were in the height of their addiction to various drugs and got paid to do the stupid stuff the drugs made them do. It took Jackass falling out of relevancy, one of their crew dying, and Steve-O going to rehab for him to get clean… he talks about it on Youtube, it's definitely worth a listen.

  14. I really agree with you, MOON EYES. I think she truly is lacking in goals that are achievable, realistic, and with time constraints. Furthermore, it is very possible that the reason that her attempts have not worked is because she continues to eat foods that are entirely addictive; eating is an enjoyable act, for most people, but ALR may need to step away from what she considers enjoyable until she can get this disease, and addiction, under control. Another commenter mentioned that she also has an issue with "relinquishing control," and maybe that could be a strength if she would use it to control her nutrition, rather than to manipulate herself and others, to just keep doing more of the same. I'm learning so much from these videos and hope and pray I can be wise enough to learn from another's mistakes, as your video aptly mentions. As always, I appreciate your useful, concise, and honest content.

    If you're out there struggling with your weight/nutrition as well, don't give up! You're not alone💜✊

  15. The more I see of the rotisserie chicken video, the more it repulses me. I can’t even fathom, even at my heaviest.

  16. I think a very big part of the problem is that she literally has NOTHING to do. I always terribly overeat/snack around when I have lazy weekends. And I think she does this most days of the week (if not even every day). Imagine if she had a real, full time job or a full day responsability…. she'd firstly get more exercise. Secondly she would probably not think so much about food bc she has real work to do and wouldnt even have the time to eat if she'd like to. And thirdly I think she would (hopefully) get more mature, get more social contact and just have a normal daily routine to keep herself occupied.

  17. I feel she needs to work with a doctor for her health and a dietitian to help with her eating habits.

  18. Your right on the time consuming part. I work full time and this past fall started at college full time. My weight is still fluctuating due to having very little time but I’m choosing quick healthier meals that I can eat while studying. Lately my boyfriend has been liking cooking steaks so we’ve chosen some lean cuts and serve with steamed veggies (usually broccoli. He’s been loving that pairing) and a potato. We usually have left over steak so we cut it up and cook it into some eggs in the morning. It sustains me for longer periods of time where I’m only eating a couple times a day and no snacks because I’m sustained. It’s easy to consume when I’m studying too.

    I approach food differently now as I look for what’s going to sustain me over longer periods of time because I won’t have the time to stop and eat. Right after work I go to class and don’t get out until late so my lunch has to hold me over.

    It’s why I hope she goes to college just for the fact that it will suck up a lot of time and it’ll force her approach to food to change. Instead of sitting in the car for two hours to go to Walmart or the Chinese Buffet, she’ll be in class for two hours at a time and getting food will be different especially when she doesn’t have access to a driver to take her to get food.

  19. Every behavior you describe here is absolutely classic NARCISSISM. They rarely, if ever get cured of their issues, because they never will admit fault, responsibility. It will always be other people and they will always have a victim to "feed" whatever their favorite thing is (overeating, being abusive, gambling, drug and substance abuse, etc) they never spend more than a few minutes alone or single, and any professional is "dumber than them and dont know what they're talking about". A therapist once told me NARCISSISM is an incurable disorder, period.

  20. She never discusses her alleged bipolar diagnosis and hasn't since the initial reveal. I don't believe she is bi-polar. I just don't see it. Until she gets her mental state stable, no diet in the world will help her, even if she's driven to succeed. She accepts failure way too easily. She needs psychotherapy to save her from herself.

  21. she doesnt think her situatikn is as severe as it is can be explained in one word…. narcissism. She also does not think she is as bad as she is because she is not bed bound and she.compares herself to the people on my 600 lb life even though she is 600 herself

  22. I’m lost almost 100lbs in less than a year. I made a video so I can maybe inspire someone to change for the better. You can do it I believe in you🙌🏾

  23. As someone who has lost 63 pounds in 2019 and is continuing with my journey this year these reasons are all so true. Amberlynn needs to actually want to lose the weight herself and seek professional help to do it or it won’t happen. It’s sad seeing her wish for change (I used to wish to lose weight too). But you have to put in the work to get results!!

  24. All this talk is garbage. Does eating on camera trigger her to overeat? Answer: No, it does the opposite. Hahaha! Does it even matter! That fact is, she is now over 600 lbs.

  25. I fear for Amberlynn and I understand the general frustration everyone has for her but despite all of it, and despite her crappy habits and her crappy attitude and crappy treatment of others, I still hope to see her succeed someday, despite how unlikely it might be. It's really refreshing to find a discussion of what's happening without any harmful negativity.

    Either way, I've also learned a lot from your channel about myself, so you're kinda keeping me in check too. Lol. Just wanted to say thx for the work you put into these videos and discussions because it's opened my eyes to a lot of new attitudes and approaches.

  26. She’s huge. She’s gained over two hundred pounds and is unable to reverse this. She’s not showing the thousands of calories she eats off camera. We see her true weight in Eric’s vlog.

  27. Delusionalynn is on the magic diet. She wishes she could wake up a skinny legend without putting in the work. 🤷‍♀️

  28. You are SO well informed and eloquently spoken.
    I love most ALR reaction channels but you're more than that, this is an overview and assessment of her character and it's fascinating.
    Keep it up😊💗

  29. You sound so dedicated on her “situation “ of life , you really put effort to the theme ,it almost sound like if these videos were your Tesis for college or something ( not offense) just a point of view from my prospective 🤔🤔🤔👍👍👍.

  30. She's still mobile and has convinced herself that she is healthy and her weight isn't a issue. One morning soon, she won't be able to get out of bed. Idk if that will change her. I feel bad for her girlfriend. We don't know how she is manipulated into bringing food. Sometimes it's easier to give in and not get verbally assaulted. Her channel is her life's blood and there may be fear that if she loses the weight, she'll no longer have fans. She addicted and honestly I don't think she can stop eating.

  31. You think she has Body Dysmorphia? Like maybe she's the numbers but doesn't see how she really is? Or thinks there's no way I don't feel that big, there's no way I'm that big?

  32. She should just stop with the weight loss crap. Just eat and talk about something like every other fatty. She clearly doesn't care and she lies because she thinks that's what y'all want. I mean she's manipulative and y'all feed into it. She's fat with or without youtube. The excuses and the videos I've seen about this girl. Like this creature, niko and onion boy are taking the main stage because tons of people fell for their……. "Charm" pffft im like HOW. If you are not a good judge of character you'll fall for anyones bullshit. Thanks goodness im shallow. It keeps me from getting suckered into peoples fuckery

  33. Why is she weighing after eating and drinking? If you want an accurate weigh in you’re supposed to weigh first thing when you wake up, after using the bathroom before consumption of anything. I never understood people who weigh at the end of the day.🤷🏼‍♀️

  34. I think one of the reasons Becky enables Amberlynn is because Amberlynn abuses Becky. Examples, when she shouted at Becky to let her into a room when she brought home food, and when she jabbed at her about her cereal. I think one reason why Becky is so stressed lately is because she's abuse by Amberlynn and forced to get her food, meanwhile also dealing with backlash from YouTube about it, she probably feels trapped between a massive rock and a hard place. Her family probably can't help either, she feels trapped and is forced into this enabler lifestyle in order not to get abused.

  35. My lifestyle is fasting and I realise that on the days I have nothing to do or I'm on vac from uni that's when it becomes more difficult for me to stick to my fasting periods and my refeed periods are way longer. In school it's much easier to fast because of classes, studying walking about campus(to for the next class), studying etc. My pint is since Amberlyn has so much free time on her hands she's bored and turns that boredom into eating all day. She could get involved in something ; a hobby, a course etc. So she'd stop getting so many avenues and opportunities to eat all day. In general she has to have the mindset to actually WANT to lose weight otherwise she'll never make the necessary steps to actually change her whole lifestyle and not just her diet.

  36. Before my sis got a job, she eats A LOT. Even after earing a meal, she craves snacks and sweets. Her doctor friend said that her cravings is is xaused by her boredom, she was bored with nothing to do all day. Now she already got a job, she is eating normally again.

    I guess this is what happened with Amberlynn. She was bored confined indoors all day with nothing to do. Thus eating became sports and leisure activity to entertain her day.

  37. Five things: ice cream, orange chicken, her chili, ice cream, oh yeah and anything slow that she can catch!!🤮

  38. I wish she’d go into an inpatient clinic. That was the only thing to help me beat addiction and re-wire the tone of my thoughts that lead to my choices.

    She could be such an example to so many obese young woman. But no. She’s delusional and we are all watching a literal train wreck.

  39. I’m betting she has a bunch of fetish feeders among her subscribers. They provide more income than those who want to see her lose weight. I actually don’t think she is willing to give up that income even if not doing it endangers her mobility and life. We will know if she decides to put her health first, if she stops doing mukbangs and eat with me uploads. Until that happens she will continue to try and milk both money streams.🖤🇨🇦

  40. She needs inpatient, she is not CAPABLE of losing the weight on her own. She has no idea how to lose the weight and is making her goals too high and letting herself down thinking “I’ll never lose that much weight”

  41. Firstly, as someone who has been fat on-and-off since childhood, I can say that greed is not a disease.It is tied to being selfish and lazy and lack-of-control. ( Watch her eating. This isn't someone with a "disorder". Just a greedy pig). And if she was interested/dedicated to losing weight she would do what we who ARE trying to lose weight do: become obsessive around our scales! I / we have to fight the urge to weigh ourselves several times a day! Does this sound like AmberEverest? In the close-to 7 years of her scamming has she ever had a period where she has obsessed over weigh-ins? Course not. And in these 7 years she has – at no time – done anything to get fit, actually seriously diet or, even, better herself by going to college.Calories. She doesn't count calories.Moon! I know you mean well, but you, and viewers like you, do need a kick up the arse. If you enjoy having the piss taking out of you AND being conned AND being scammed AND being controlled, then keep watching this scum.But know this: SHE DOESN'T WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT!!!! What don't you get?! She has – if you go by thee reported $15,000 a month income – earned [ roughly] over $1,000,000.This attention seeker gets ALL the attention as well as sympathy she could have ever dreamed of,too. She gets to control lots of people.So-much-so that , in the 7 years of same old BS same old BS , no one has pulled her up on certain things which make no sense – especially if you want to lose weight.Why isn't she a member of a gym? ( She sure-as-hell can afford it – time-wise as well as money-wise). Since she says that it is hard for her to get out: where is the home exercise equipment? ( Surely these are things someone who has a ' weight loss channel ' would have?). N.b. I am a bed bound fella. I struggle with my bones and breathing; so holding things is difficult. And,yet….I have exercise equipment; and I have lost 9 stone in just over two years.And I have to be propped-up to weigh myself – I do this a lot! I haven't had my home cleaned on over 6 years because my manic depression won't allow me to handle having people in my home.As a consequence of this,my bedsheets have only been changed once in 6 years.Being severely disabled,yet losing weight, IS being on a real diet. Fat face isn't on a diet. And due to $3750 a week she will only ever truly attempt an actual diet once YouTube have thrown her off YouTube.So if you expect to suddenly see this con artist produce video after video of her exercising at home and at her local gym as well as her actually dieting -thus actually losing weight – forget it. Just forget it. Move on! Watch Charlie Gold. No there IS someone who is trying to better their life while dieting and attending the gym…………

  42. Anyone bothered by the fact that she doesn’t show the scale but relies on the speech-feature?

    It just seems so… suspicious.

  43. In my personal opinion I think the biggest contributor to her weight are the enablers. I know that a 28yo woman isn't a responsibility for her roommates but Becky needs to grow a back bone and FORCE Amber into a doctor's office or at least refuse to let her into the car. No delivery, no restaurants and Becky picks the groceries (no snacks, no sweets and no instant food). At this point this woman is a serious addict and can't take are of herself.

  44. That poor Apple Watch is screaming for mercy. Poor baby. I feel so bad for it. Is it terrible that I feel worse for a watch than I do the “person” it’s attached to? Nah, Sis. It’s not. She deserves it. If she wasn’t such an ignorant, lying, manipulative, narcissistic cunt, I might feel bad for her. But NOPE. 100% 0%

  45. She thinks she knows better than everybody, she doesn’t trust her doctors, she ‘knows what works for her’ and ‘knows her nutrition’ ‘knows what’s best for her’ but whatever she ‘knows’ has never worked for her, she gives up too easily and doesn’t take thing seriously, like her 2 day diet, ‘I found every excuse to quit and I finally found it’ and she just sounds ridiculous, if she was I such a dire situation her weight, she found a diet that was low calories and healthy and kept her full, and she said she could choose/change to food that she liked, why would she stop it in two days, saying she thought it was too low calories and ‘from now on I’ll just eat what I like but count calories’ girl, she’s been counting calories for years and it has never worked for her! She’s delusional, she can’t accept the truth, hearing her speak is just 😬

  46. Actually, weight loss REALLY IS as simple as calories in and calories out. Being in the medical field, I’ve had to take countless classes involving the human body and nutrition, health, weight loss, etc. I can assure you, all amber needs to do is eat less calories. She will see weight melting off.

  47. I totally agree that Amber Doesn’t see herself the way the rest of the world sees her, like when she made the comment that Michael b petty was gaining weight….. What person in their right mind and over 500lbs would dare comment on someone else’s weight??? She’s obviously beyond delusional.

  48. As they say, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. She’s insane.

  49. It's shocking how "thin" she looks just a couple of years ago, when in reality she still weighed over 400 pounds.

  50. Fear of accountability, fear of responsibility, justifying, blame-shifting, denial, avoidance… all major traits in someone with a deep-rooted addiction. For Amber eating sensibly, eating less, moving more etc is not going to work until she addresses the root causes of her addiction. I wish that addiction awareness, teaching & recovery programmes were more prevalent & more easily available for those with food addiction like this. Instead the ‘diet’ industry makes massive amounts of money offering inadequate solutions that only cause many to become more deeply rooted in their addiction.

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