5 Tips for your Moab Adventure – 1 – Safety

5 Tips for your Moab Adventure - 1 - Safety

there's no place like my lab it's the thrill of being out there and being outdoors the beauty that's around you is amazing we are very privileged to have our public land system and with that privilege comes responsibility and stewardship keep in mind it is not an amusement park up here it can be very dangerous and the whole state of Utah this is the number one incidents for search and rescues coming out prepared and planning ahead knowing where you're going and having a map with you it's critical don't travel alone make sure you inspect your vehicle before you go out and make sure it's suitable for the trail that you're going to be going on bring plenty of water one gallon per person per day and lots of food make sure that you're bringing safety equipment wearing helmets wearing any protective gear that you need for the day also protecting yourself from the Sun cell coverage is very spotty up here and let somebody know when you're gonna be back and what you're doing we want to make sure that Moab stays beautiful for not just our own enjoyment but for that of future generations and it's an incredible place to come visit and it's our responsibility to keep it that beautiful you

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