5 ways to Wellbeing and a G R E A T life

5 ways to Wellbeing and a G R E A T  life

hi and thank you so much for tuning in in today's 2-minute video tip bye mini Canada's dreamily Friday and today I would love to share with you five ways to well being to a great life well this is something that is developed by the New Economics Foundation as part of UK's government's foresight project of mental capital and they use the word great as an acronym to describe those five ways now the G in great stands for giving it's about doing things for other people without expecting anything in return so for example how willing are you to help your neighbor who doesn't feel very well who lies in bed because he or she is sick and you offer to do the groceries or cook for them the R stands for relating it's about connecting with other people so whether that is having quality time with your spouse and your kids or you know having a good time with your friends but maybe you can pick up the phone and call that relative that you haven't spoken for really a long time and delight and surprise that person with a wonderful conversation between you and that person so you can get to know each other on a deeper level and then the e'en great stands for exercising it's about taking care of your body through movement whether that is dancing or yoga or any other sports activity that you really love and enjoy to do the most and then the a and great stands for appreciating it's about noticing the world around you and really appreciate everything that you see can you truly feel grateful for all the wonderful blessings that you already have in your life and at last the t and great stands for trying out it's about your willingness to learn new things to broaden your rice to do something scary that you've never done before so that you you know you're growing and expanding now these five things have shown to contribute highly to people's well-being and happiness and my question for you is which of these five keys and ways are you willing to practice today so you can start feeling greater happier and more fulfilled in your life I hope this tip will serve you well if you know someone else who might also benefit from this video feel free to share this one I would so highly appreciate that and you also welcome to sign up for my free balance your energy easy now for more is on flow simply chill and relax namaste

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