5 Weird Ways To Cure Nausea

5 Weird Ways To Cure Nausea

We might puke
in the name of science. Let’s talk about that. – ( alarm rings )
– ( music plays ) Good mythical morning. Today’s show is a doozy. In just a little bit,
we’ll be finding out if we can cook
a Thanksgiving turkey in a super heated
baby pool. Plus we’ll be seeing
if we can tell a perfect
stranger’s name just by looking
at them. We’re also gonna be
seeing if we can invent a new musical instrument, so stick around
for all of that. But first, since
a big part of our job is cramming our faces
with culinary curiosities – Yes.
– We’re always looking for
the perfect cure for nausea. So today, we’re trying
as many different alleged cures
for our tender
tum-tums as we can. And of course,
we should probably
remind you that you should consult
an actual doctor for an actual
medical diagnosis. This is only for fun,
should not be taken seriously as real medical advice. As a rule, please
don’t take anything
we do seriously, – Yeah.
– medical or otherwise. Welcome to the barfy zone. It’s time to get barfy. Because nothing angries up
the belly like greasy foods and abrupt motions, we’re gonna eat
spoonfuls of mayonnaise while jumping on
mini trampolines. – Take your spoonful.
– ( groaning ) Well, multiple,
so I’m just gonna eat
a little bit and then start
bouncing, buddy. – Ah!
– Oh, gosh.
That’s horrible. Mm. It’s not bad
the first bite.
( grunts ) I’ll go in for
a second one. Not easy, either.
( grunting ) Make my bouncing intense. Uh, going in
for a third one! Mmm! This is fun! It really isn’t pleasant. ( coughing ) Okay. Maybe, maybe a fourth one? Yeah, four’s– Four’s the magic number. Oh! Okay. It’s–
it’s so mayonnaise-y. – ( moaning )
– It doesn’t get better. – Link: Ah!
– It doesn’t get
better, kids. Okay, I’m done, I’m done. – Okay.
– It’s down. I can’t say that
I felt good. ( both moan ) I’ve been sicker,
but I’m gonna use
a heating pad because this is supposed
to relax the stomach muscles. And chamomile has
a natural chemical that soothes the intestines. Of course the mayonnaise
is not to the intestines. It’s still in my stomach,
but whatever. I mean, your stomach
is part of your intestine,
right? – Really? Really?
– It’s just like,
I mean– If I cut you open
and pulled out your stomach you would be like,
“Ew! It’s intestines!” They wouldn’t be like,
“That’s just his stomach.”
Right? I feel like a fancy
British lord. ( chuckles )
You sound like
an Irish one. I always do. – ( laughter )
– You may feel like
a British one. – I can’t tell–
– You sound like
a leprechaun. Um, this is pretty nice,
there’s nothing bad
about this. Uh, I didn’t get
to the point where
I got, like, truly nauseous. I gagged on number three. But this is soothing,
I do like this. ( moans )
I’d like to put it
other places. Um, I’m discovering
I don’t like chamomile tea. – ( laughter )
– This is not helping
it at all. For our next
stomach destroyer we’re going to play
a round of dizzy bat with foul-smelling
hot trout bats. – Man: So stupid.
– What is a hot trout? It’s like a special–
it feels like a special weapon you find in a
dumb video game. ( coughs ) “I located the hot trout bat.” ( chuckles )
( sniffs ) Oh! It’s– it’s heinous. I mean, look at this. – Link: Oh, my gosh.
– Look at the way his
head flops. He tried to eat the bat. He’s a bat-eating trout. All right, if you’re watching,
don’t ever try to eat a bat. – This is what’ll happen.,
– All right, so – I’m gonna put mine here.
– ( groans ) Well, we gotta get– how are we gonna turn
and not… – You ready?
– Okay. You gotta put your nose
on the– on the bat. Mm, got it right
on the trout. – Okay, you ready?
– Yes. Which way are we going?
We gonna go this way? – Go clockwise.
– Rhett: Counter clockwise. Counter clockwise. Three, two, one. Ew! Don’t breathe! Don’t breathe! Oh! I have to breathe. Oh, I’m touching it.
I don’t wanna touch it. I’m getting a lot
of trout. Oh! Oh! Oh! – Oh! ( moaning )
– Oh. ( moaning ) The problem is
you don’t keep
the bat still. That doesn’t make
you dizzy, man. Oh, I’m dizzy.
Trust me. – ( laughter )
– Trust me, I’m dizzy. Okay, bring in the cures.
Bring in the cures! ( groaning ) Mine’s burnt toast. I don’t know where–
I don’t know where I’m at. Okay. ( breathing heavy )
Okay… All right, I have some
cranberry juice here which has vitamins
and helps, uh– – Ooh!
– Ooh. – Ooh.
– Mm. Ew, my hand smells
like trout. Uh, helps with dehydration, which I haven’t
vomited yet, but… Mmm! Ooh, that’s strong. This is not helping at all. Well, this is really
helping my urinary
tract infection. – ( laughter )
– But… ( gasping ) I’m– I’m not
dizzy anymore, and, uh, – I’m a little out of breath.
– This is making me sicker. I don’t feel great. I just want to lie down. Okay, now to re-quease
ourselves, – even though I’m a little
queasy right now,
– Me too. We’re gonna be
breathing in masks that have been soaked
in liquid fart spray, while simultaneously
watching a compilation of other people puking. So bring in these
freaking masks. So, on this laptop we
have puking compilation but this is… Oh!
( groans ) – Did you actually fart?
– I think I did. – I actually heard you fart.
– I think I just smelled it. – ( laughter )
– I think I just breathed
it in, and farted just–
just as a natural reaction. Did y’all hear him
fart? – I hope you got–
I hope you got that.
– ( laughter ) I hope the mics
picked that up. ( imitates fart sound )
Oh, it stinks so bad. – ( snorts )
– Oh! It’s like a little fart
went in, and a little fart
had to go out. Yeah, it’s the balance
of nature. You– you– just wait
until you get it in. Let’s see if
it makes me fart. – ( retching )
– ( laughter ) I don’t think I can–
I don’t think I can get– ( retching ) – I don’t–
– I hate– I hate the smell, man. This is not a fart. This is like putting
your nose to the tuchus – of a ripe cow anus.
– Yeah, yeah. Or like a wild boar
that’s been out for a long time
and it’s also in heat. I can’t put this
on my face. I’ll put both of ’em
on your face. No. Just… ( both retching ) Woman: Oh, God. This is gonna make me vomit.
( laughs ) All right, I’m gonna
hang it from an ear. I’m just gonna try
to hang it from one ear. – ( retching )
– Oh, gosh. – Go on.
– Think of it as– – Stay strong, Link!
– Hey! Dadgummit!
Stay strong with me! – Think of it as–
– Be here right now. – I’m here!
– Be here with me! You’re the one
who’s falling apart. Farting in the studio.
( imitates fart ) Put it on your friggin ear
and let’s watch these
people puke, man. ( moans ) ( retches ) – ( retches )
– ( retches ) Oh, gosh, that guy’s
eyes are gonna come out. – ( retches )
– Oh, no. ( retches ) – Oh.
– ( laughter ) – Okay, I can’t fight it.
– ( both retching ) I can’t–
I can’t watch it. – I hate–
– ( both retching ) – Oh!
– I hate throwing up
so bad. – ( retching )
– Oh! Oh. I’m gonna cry.
I’m gonna cry! I don’t want look at it,
I don’t want to look– ( both retching ) Oh! It touched–
it touched my face. – ( retching )
– Get it off, get it off
your face, man! Let it go. – Is this…
– Okay. I’ll try to watch some
vomit without smelling– ( retches ) We got it. We have to–
Now we have to exercise. We’re both gonna exercise. – Because exercise–
– Oh! – Cures–
– They keep vomiting. – I got a shake weight.
– Okay, okay. I’m– tears are
streaming down my face. Can you see that? What is wrong with that man? He, like, makes
a lot of videos. ( Link moaning ) Why does he make
so many videos of himself vomiting? Uh! Uh! ( retches ) ( moans ) – ( coughs )
– Is that beetle juice? Ah, I don’t know why
he would drink something
like beetle juice. Why– why is beetle juice– – Oh!
– Oh. ( moaning ) Go faster.
Faster, harder,
stronger. We can do this. Ah! Oh, I lost–
I lost it. The shake weight
stinks a little bit. – Oh, my face–
– Where’s this shake weight
been? – Okay, okay, okay.
– Oh, man. My whole– End it, end it. I can’t shake weight
any more. Uh, look at the tears
running down my face. Uh, you stink so bad,
man. Oh, my gosh, ’cause
it’s touched my– Your whole left side
of your face smells. I know, touch it. Ew! ( sighs )
Oh, goodness,
but you know what? The exercising
really helped. I didn’t throw up,
I did fart though. ( moans )
Got a little burn
in the inner thigh. – ( sighs )
– And in the nose. – Well–
– And in the gut. I gotta say, that was
one of the worst experiences
of my life. But we made it, Rhett. And, uh, I don’t know
which one helped the most. I recommend
the cranberry juice. And never watching
a vomit compilation. – I didn’t like any of it.
– ( sighs ) Click through
to watch us try to cook a turkey
in a baby pool. The second season of
our series, “Rhett and Link’s
Buddy System” comes out in one week. So to celebrate,
we’re releasing the whole soundtrack now. Get yours at mythical.store.

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100 thoughts on “5 Weird Ways To Cure Nausea

  1. i love how that one time link farted on camera he was like laughing embarrassed as rhett laughed and when rhett farted he's like "I HOPE THE MIC PICKED THAT UP" XD

  2. I love how Rhett is like, this has been the worst experience in my life!
    Me: yeah? Try that for 9 weeks straight, all day everyday. That’s my morning sickness right now.

  3. When I’m feeling nauseous I take a hot shower to make me feel better. Bonus……. If I actually do vomit it can be easily washed down the drain.

  4. Oh God!! I vomited in my mouth just watching!! Really burping as I watch them eating spoonfuls of mayo and jumping.

  5. 4:22 Link boy, ya good? I can't tell what's going on with you anymore after that lol can't imagine how some of the crew felt

  6. I’m was so up set before I watched this. But you guy are the only people that make me happy and forget about my problems 😄😁

  7. I have never laughed so hard in my life when you guys did the fart spray masks. I made my stomach sick laughing so hard. 😂👌 Also…ginger essential oil is the best for nausea!

  8. "Get it off! Get it off your face, man!" Then proceeds to thump mask off Rhett's face with trash can. 7:56

  9. It's not often you wish for your favorite youtuber(s) to projectile vomit on camera for their audience.

    But here I am, wishing it.

  10. You halfway doing the masks was a let down… Not as extreme as you used to be.. I was disappointed.Entertained, but disappointed none the less.

  11. I hate it to break it to you, but the fact that a guy makes plenty of videos of himself puking? There’s about a 98% chance it’s a fetish thing

  12. I work EMS and a little trick we use to help nausea is having the patient hold an alcohol prep pad to their nose and smell it. It actually helps lol and there's real scientific research behind why it helps

  13. Can only take zofran every 6 hours and I'm like nauseous almost 24/7 But thing that helps most is unfortunately simply avoiding certain foods.

  14. Cranberry juice is far too acidic for nausea. Crystallized ginger works best or nibbling on saltine crackers you need to keep it dry in the food department. If you ever have Montezuma's Revenge follow the BRAT diet which is bananas rice applesauce and toast. No butter nothing on the rice but some salt.

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