55: Tammie Brown! (Fixed!)

55: Tammie Brown! (Fixed!)

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of no deals and we got Howie Mandel's OCD pay-per-view comedy out that's right absolutely all that and more plus listen the questions so listen go there at a patreon.com slash Katya Craig and enjoy yourself so listen why don't we get into the episode now it's winds likely volatile and then there's Sergeant Pepper that movie oh I love that movie are you fans dancing in the back at the end yeah isn't that one of the best ends of a film ever there's like cavalcade of stars Ryan Evan winter Tina Turner and Dame Edna they made nothing there oh yeah Wow go girl yeah well cuz they're Aussies maybe oh yeah that's right yes Robert Stigwood would have been pals with them there's another Robert Stigwood production Times Square over there actually he did Tommy as well wait damn it Daymond is Australian mmm correct oh yeah Barry Humphries Barry um where do they go well Bryan your favourite Aussie phrases are you keen which is usually said like do you want to have sex really I like Doudna I just love my Doudna keeps me warm it's a comforter for j'ouvert I would do that do that yeah yeah I'll do that forgive me forgive me I forget there correct for instigation you know usually we've done the intro by now but we were so carried away with the frivolity so Bryan would like to present you with this over the score from a film I believe that you're quite fond of ladies and gentlemen please if you wouldn't mind giving a nice hearty and warm welcome to the stage the complex multi talents of a woman who needs no introduction and yet we have decided to give a very lengthy one she hails from a place far beyond the galaxy yet known to earthly the sea is the penultimate predestined and finally informational II infamous wonderful miss star of all the Dragoon II loony toony entertainment spectacular TV show programs here on earth hitherto unseen aforementioned RuPaul's Drag Race alumna please welcome into your hearts minds wallets and neck rolls Tammie [Applause] thank you so much for joining us thanks Tammy thank you thank you thank you sorry to talk over you with that thank you so nice to be here I just love that intro that's that what is that called the March that's right that's right this one's sidewalk shots right now that that's right Wendy ho – Wendy ho because she loves that we do that all the time Tootsie Tootsie Oh cool and if we end up inadvertently talking over each other I'll just mute one of our channels in the how can post view the guess I'll mute mine that's nice my pleasure thank you so we all just came from drag on this weekend are you what's your how are you feeling today you've recovered are you exhausted what's going on well I'm so glad that I got to meet all the clients my fans we have an irate client outside the tent we did have a client that they spilt the champagne all over their posters okay and they went to move the posters yeah and then they put them all over my other product so I climbed kindly wiped everything down and gave them two new posters well that's very kind of you you know what you appreciate your clients you're professional I try to do my best you know mmm-hmm we had an irate client oh yeah but when he finally got into the tent it wasn't that bad but I was warned that there was a person who was very angry mm-hmm and um who was going to be a lot of trouble once they got in but he came in and he was very particular about in the photograph yeah was he that one boy yes salon thing yes hey who is he but you know forget him I thought he was fine hey blonde thing oh he was rude to me well he was rude yes really yeah you reenact that story John John please reenact that story please oh my god you better be good John Mark everybody my son from the Browns and the director of the Browns Billy I am John Mark so he came in and he had you pose and I took the photo and then he took a look at the photo so could you could you stand up a little straighter oh that and then I talked that another photo and you know Tammy Brown is doing her best she's smiling like she does and he goes could you do one with your mouth closed we're not done so Tammy did does one with her mouth closed and he says okay just one we're just just stand up a little straighter so and then he says put your feet together like this and he shows her how to put her feet together Wow and so Tammy takes one last photo and then we both you know kind of Usher him out and say thanks so much you so much give this yeah without your top on probably get banned off of Instagram with that one that's true unless you blur it but then I'm one of those new modern Queens mm-hmm and I don't wear breasts anymore oh I see okay so then you might skirt by unless they borrow male need to do soon as some people are hoping Oh male nudity mm-hmm Gulf Coast shrimp well that guy he was funny he cuz he and my assistant took the picture and he said um he's like I can't you just Center it up a little bit and I'm and I'm I'm you know I'm I was prepared for his like kind of rudeness so I was like well he's got a point and so he we did it again and he was a little bit undecided in the look on Anne's face she was like you know when they've sort of there's a thin veil covering just like complete rage it was so funny um but it wasn't that bad and I think they said he was some you know somewhere on the spectrum as it were you know that explains a lot that's what somebody and my team told me too that he was on the special special side of the street as they say yeah and I should know because I was back in high school I was put in the mathematically challenged class oh really what was that like then I think I sort of did something of hairspray when they put the big balls I think so yeah ball they toss around I had the big the big balls and they were getting smacked in the face and yeah exactly and it wasn't dodge ball no it's just just big balls makam but what was that like there was a guy Tyreese and he taught me how to if I wanted to bring in any kind of music I liked all I had to do was take the cassettes and then cover them over and then record the song you like over that over the like the medical raps they have mathematical raps Oh everything you name it we did the same mathematic stuff every week in there Wow if anyone out there has copies of the mathematical raps please contact us yes hmm but you never heard those no mathematical raps I can't I don't think so I will see if we can find one how's your higher your math skills these days well I do have an accountant perfect does he rap she tell you that I do pay my taxes too hey listen mm-hmm that's great I do too I'm afraid I actually just got a tax refund from the state for $1 a check for $1 that's a benefit yes you know you're in the clear there but then a notice from the federal income right that I owe about $3,000 Oh okay watch that easy yeah that's it mm-hmm kick in the bucket Timmy how old are you how old am i yeah well I recently saw the Hollywood what was it not a producer and he told me never again to mention my name and when he asked me what what he's asking me I need to deliver right then and there because I am 38 years old and I can't wait till I'm 40 you know I am actually looking forward to being 40 as well 19:37 benefit yeah and I think when I'm 40 I'm gonna learn how to cook oh really yeah 40 is gonna be about cooking and eating yeah anything in particular you're thinking about maybe you want to cook um just food I mean and meals and yes supper dinner and stuff like that supper dinner means yes not nothing breakfast or lunch so you know I had that covered yeah yeah yeah it's like the evening food stuff they haven't gone my head around what is your favorite kind of food to eat I probably like Asian the most is probably one of my favorites is Asian then I'd probably go with Italian or Mexican okay Italian Mexican Germany food allergies no food allergies not that I know why so much that's great great for traveling anything that like is there any food that you wouldn't you couldn't or wouldn't eat even if somebody was pointing a gun to you that I couldn't eat it's probably like s chram entry's as a delicacy oh my god you cook I love to cook yes and what are some of your favorite dishes to cook I can do regional food from Mexico certain parts in MEC to KO or I can do country cooking as well mm-hmm I can do some Asian influenced cooking as well so Asian and country and Mexican mm-hmm run the gamut vegetables that ya the country Asian Mexican I don't try to fuse too much but I know how to use spices and create my own product from tasting different ones but I don't like to do that fusion business yeah there's many restaurants here in Los Angeles California and around and like that Acapulco so uh huh that one's sex it's disgusting and I hate these like asian asian Japanese fusions let's get me started cuz that really does I don't like it and it gives me a stomachache uh-huh yeah all that stuff mixed together can really give you a stomach ache what are your favorite restaurants in LA oh my favorite restaurants in LA I like quota cool mhm where's that that's it on second in Japanese town right that was on and then I like this one it's called full house Chinese a full house seafood restaurant mhm it's right down there in Chinatown mmm I like that one a lot oh I also like right over here and n is called los tacos oh yeah that's a great great one it's open 24 hours yes yes yeah really good I've even driven when I lived here all the way from Long Beach just to come up here and eat one afternoon when I make an excuse to see somebody you live in Long Beach right right now I'm staying there for the month okay I've been on the road so much and then I did I'm transferred to Texas and I've been in Texas for the past two years hurricane Harvey survivors so what well Texas Wow mm-hmm we're in Texas I'm on the I'm in up on a peninsula called Fulton Texas Rockport Fulton and then it's an hour north of Corpus Christi Wow what prompted this move back you grew up in Texas right I grew up in Texas and in Mexico for the most part um around I've even been to Costa Rica then as a child that's another story but and prompted me it was living in the city was too much for a while I've been driving I felt that as a cabaret artist here is what we can call ourselves you know on the local scene had reached its limits and all this wanna look look look and it was just too much for me mm-hmm and I said I need a break from this so I move back there and it's been nice but I'm planning on coming back to LA probably next year I think because there's so much going on but I'll keep my residency there and I'll start maybe two places at one time who knows it's already like that all my taxes though which you pay so there's no worries there yeah a lot of the UM a lot of or not a lot of issues eight some prominent drag race alumna who I won't mention by name have not paid their taxes that's troubling well that's their problem yeah and you don't want him to come for you because last year one of the drag racers says she was gonna blow up the place and that's not something we should take lightly you know with all these white man shooting people around here right yeah I had a little drama at drag condo a former assistant of mine who has been just wild and crazy and I'm sending all kinds of bizarre threatening emails was like showed up at the con and was like wandering around looking for me wait I didn't know that they turned up oh yeah yeah yeah they miss the panel that's sad I miss the panel and it's like well the funny thing is like it's not that big of a place and it's like why could I ask just look around just like draw attention to yourself it's like Jesus there's were maps and guides as well which I did find will be confusing because there was no you are here on the thing but other than that I mean yeah I'm not good with maps anyway that's dangerous you know and then security is all like it's they were they were after him and then all of it and then like of course people got you know they didn't know if he was like a threat if he has like was armed or whatever sure if it wasn't and he's not much of a threat so but anyways we never know you never know it's truly you never know you never know you know and somebody can just say they're gonna commit suicide all the time and go and blow their mind off in the car sometimes yeah you know yeah wild just wild so you're obviously you were on the the very first episode of RuPaul's Drag Race before audiences kind of knew about the show or what it was or what could happen after can I tell you I don't want to like blow smoke up your butt at all but in the whole drag race pantheon of girls here my favorite one really yes it's true yes many times yeah because in terms of the uniqueness factor I think that you're you and your character are like on a planet of its own you know of your own on Planet Tammie and then you came back for also divert the first iteration of it and then would you ever go back on the show to compete would I go back on the show to convey thank you so much for blowing hashtag smile alert what do you know on season one we were actually on vh1 as well oh really mm-hmm we were the second night it was showed on vh1 Wow and then would I go back on the show of course but it'll be on my terms as usual yeah you know what I'm saying I am I looking forward to it the stress and everything my my no means I that's it's a lot of stress yeah I mean for the record and but you know what I got some Corrections to tell to Michelle visage a lot because I'm always taking notes when I watch the show uh-huh you know RuPaul's Drag Race I'll be there for all the RuPaul's Drag cons and they should know how hard I work that's just a line from Mommy Dearest well you're quite a film fan I like films so we mentioned a couple films already and so there's Mommy Dearest we talked about Tommy Sergeant Pepper Tootsie of course and I know that what's love got to do with it was a big film for you yes it's a big film what's up good too that was inspiring that's when the light came on for me as an entertainer mm-hmm really that is so fun I like the portrayal of it was the hook line and sink for me in the movie was the Proud Mary oh sure Mary really got me going that was the big deal and then I just could relate with Tina Turner and I just like there was an energy that I liked and I think yeah I want to be an entertainer this is what I want to do right you know I was like what 14 or whatever so from then on I was people asked me what I did when they always asked you in drag back in the days I was a little Queen and this I say Tina Turner and what was the first steps to becoming an entertainer what was the first performance situation you found herself in oh I would do I'd already been doing that before entertaining Oh entertain in the last room if we had something in the classroom if we my sister and I would entertain together I've been an entertainer with my parents had so many people's in the house all the time and so I would I would know how to entertain that way I'm good at Hospital entertainment that way but always naturally entertaining thinking about it I had this feeling I wanted to be like a jazz performer or something like that so there's something natural you know it would the movie it just came on and then after that in and we'd had lip-sync contest and so they called it lips record mime contest and I joined up for in the seventh seventh grade in eighth grade I joined up to do the lip sync contest in my junior high and I would lip-sync to Tina Turner songs or I would take the cassettes and have them play em and I would lip-sync at the school dances how was that received so as always received they would clear the floor and experience later on after college back in Corpus when I took aim out here at California studied and they went back but we were at this club and they would do the 8 he's usually to always be hip-hop or something playing or whatever and then all of a sudden they do like three really great songs dance songs you know yeah and I started dance it we were all dancing and then but the floor cleared completely was two levels and then everybody was just watching me dance and I did the whole thing in there you know but I was danced and performed and that's that that's since high school I guess mmm and once you start making music in 2003 that's when it started writing my own stuff and songs were written for me and stuff like that just songs I'm a songster I don't write the I don't write the music per se okay I've been able to work with wonderful musicians and in fact I'm working on the new album shoe bear and a single it's Tammy Brown that will be released will be released in a drag Con and then October 19th which is my gala Oh in Long Beach California at the hamburger Mary's we're gonna do the big gala then there for 20 years of Tammy Brown hmm because I've had the name for 20 years 20 years Wow if you can I've been doing it longer drag 21 but I started in high school I didn't have it no you have that you didn't have anything my name is a show name Glenn Schubert and then I created like geus as it is you know a derivative of that from the song which gets what you see Tina Turner can you think of like the best most enjoyable one you've ever had and also the worst are there any ones that stand out like at the top of your head well we should all know the the worst experience I had was at the blue chairs what's that that's the blue chairs in Puerto Vallarta Mexico okay and that place was a skid mark describe I mean there was Lube stains everywhere the elevator wouldn't be working people running up and down the hallway all lit you know on a high as a kite doing who-knows-what you know off the streets we had a dressing room and a stage that was underneath the swimming pool that could come crashing down we have no ohsho there for one thing to have an ocean across the street which was nice every time the waves would crash the building would shake which was kind of nice you know sometimes but it was a mess and no respect for anything you were doing the the stage was an open area with the dressing room and cats the cats off the streets come in there and piss on everything a wonderful it was very interested if the restroom wasn't clean sometimes you come in the air conditioning system wasn't on I have to set clear the cushions up put it back on the sofas and everything so the fans have somewhere to sit the clients and what a mess and best performance out of that was actually knowing that I can carry on and do a whole two-hour show and still want people to stay and watch more yeah in amidst the filth because they're so captivated by the show yeah people like what I do they like me to run my mouth and just toot along to the songs that I have and they seem to really enjoy it I end up flying more when I'm actually on the stage and able to be live instead of these lip-sync performances and things like that that sometimes we get categorized into doing you know or forced into doing yeah so what's the split in your show between lip-synch and live vocal I mean I sing along to my tracks that helps me out you know I don't have a choir like Madonna IMX because she's a choir master in a cha-cha my song the that video of me doing the vinca busted every love so much they took that and then they dubbed it over Madonna cha-cha-cha no way yes here if magic magic X is listening apparently you need to step it up because Bjork she's got it going on oh you know it's funny you met you compare because I always thought that um my kind of Hope before Madonna was that she would I don't know this is sounds shitty I guess but that she would make aging cool thank you like pure kind of did naturally way not like purposefully you know Gina Turner's great that's alright yeah fucking amazing yeah or some cool adult contemporary or something you know some ballots go back to the 90s and do some of those cool ballads and cool songs yeah make an album that's reflective of where you are in life actually it's sort of chasing trends oh yes then inviting every rapper and and then she has the nerve you know the gall as one would say about like she even says Oh Lady Gaga's is copying everybody Lady Gaga she that's her nickname ganas she's copying this in that nobody's copying her and yeah it's like Mary sit down with the fuck you've been doing Queen Tina Turner from the Tommy the who before right ok shake your wig sister yeah right you know and Michelle visage to sheet Michelle decide to sue Michelle visage really Paul's drag race history 101 that's right let's read what she knew Donna said that Michelle visage or the group they were in was taking her look you know those negligees Steph she was wearing in the 80s oh I forgot that she invented pantyhose that she did she's yeah y'all forget that because it's been a while yeah before that you never saw negligee yeah no never or bras Oh God no certainly not those well of course not cone de brawls especially because they're Russ Meyer films never happened she wouldn't have seen them interesting yeah yeah I saw it I saw her performance at Eurovision which was a confusing she's American madam X yeah it was rotten it was right I have to look that up because I love a rotten without a performance and thankfully there's a fair amount of them yeah I was then it was like some like something corny a political protest at the end with Israel Palestine so she's always doing that she did that I got a huge benefit was I always wanted to see her concert one morning I was actually in bed thinking she's in town I want to see her concert and I looked at my scroll anyways well I chant Buddhism and my scroll was open I lifted open the box it was in but within an hour a friend called me saying hey you want to go see Madonna tonight so we go to the concert yeah great tickets in awe and then she gets mad because bushy junior was in the office you know the one that does the paintings now oh sure so he was in the office I mean she goes she took the rod and shot it on all of us and I'm like okay well you're an American as well you know you're responsible for this so don't be pointing the rod at me and us your audience bitch disgraceful I just oh it always seemed to me that her um political criticisms and outbursts are always like extremely like late and finally confused yeah cuz like just like yeah shit marry but she didn't just but that list that one about the the blow up the White House and whatnot they're all right she didn't she had said something else they did editing on that ends well though just said that if anybody's out there listening that you know is hating her because of that speech and Hillary and Benghazi and all that I just want to let you know it was about editing mmm-hmm so speaking of editing what you would set on about RuPaul's Drag Race that you didn't care for the negativity and all that aspect of and now what do you think of the editing of the show and how it presents people well actually said your father fucked Marlena Dietrich not my father but that's fine it led to something good sure I probably was saying Tootsie Lew or something hooter scooter or something like that somewhere that was also editing walking into the room Cinci loo just want to let you know that to do a lot of editing and stuff and I know it's changed in season one yeah because he's in one there wasn't that sort of editing and I think that the show has changed a lot I don't know everybody seems to be a look horse which is a term in Hollywood where people come in dressed up they slide through the film in their garments and stuff and by their looks a clotheshorse people don't know what that is can you explain what a clotheshorse is oh yeah sure so close clap if I could pronounce it a clotheshorse is sort of someone who is always wearing an outfit they're never sort of just in t-shirts and jeans or something like that and so someone who's known for a full and lustrous wardrobe I think would be Nova clothes or especially what Gloria Swanson and what they were doing with her hair not sure yeah you'd never be seen out of like these grand costumes matter especial especially and I was watching a documentary about movies and how a lot of actresses would slide through and movies are they just glam people up and push them through the film dressed up you know no no real plot or anything and RuPaul's Drag Race is very much that and I would say black exploitation really oh oh yes and they don't take I mean they haven't done anything to address the situation that's going on with the black girls with with our sister queens that they get attacked they get a threats and everything I get called the n-word they also come on – they've come on to my life Wednesday nights when I do them on Instagram 8 p.m. Central Time but they come on there and bombard you – like a flash mob of negativity – but they'll say the n-word or try to you know but the and the girls are they feel the heat the girls there's a major race problem and they don't do anything about it and they don't address it I know that it has been addressed – ruh mama Roo and which is a shout-out to her in my song lip-sync suicide Theron who's a producer who hasn't arranged a video made properly thank you very much the song is popular I've been featured on Billboard but anyhow you know they're not addressing these situations these are real situations in our country that are going on yeah definitely and vixen is or department the vixen has said some things are very similar to that and has some thoughts about what could be done to say make the challenges a little bit more inclusive etc and what are some things that you think could be done – it's not about the band's work no no I'm just saying on the in terms of the show itself addressing these things I think that there should be public service announcements service announces about these these situations that are going on you know mm-hmm supposedly I heard – that RuPaul was eliminated back in the 1996 1997 98 when he had his show on vh1 very similar to the format then how its marketed and everything to this that it was called the black the black drag queen channel vh1 and that's where they let her go really associate from world of wonder told me this one years ago because I was a big fan of that show and I knew it was good it really was she had big stars and everything but so this stuff is going on and he's going on and I don't like Bob the drag queen for example I'm just gonna she came up to me and started unloading stuff on like unloading or for feelings and things and people have been racist and yeah really and if Bob's our queen and she's feeling this way yeah I guess it's really bad on Facebook – I'm not on Facebook but it that seems to be the where this s Paul is kind of accessable is really concentrated and I remember um I thought know if it was Delta or one of the alumni had told me like a tip there's like okay here's that here's the tip and this is something you really want it if you don't you know follow any of my other advice this is the one never go on the drag-race facebook page our page yeah would like the the RuPaul's Drag Race official Facebook page oh okay the and I was like okay of course then I went on it and then in the I'm in the comments were like oh my god it was like an evil and Facebook is not doing anything about it just as you know they're just taking their little statistics and knowing where they can market this stuff and swinging it around like that at our presidency and Russia and everything else and you know what shame on Facebook well and Facebook is also doing a lot of things where they're sort of like deleting posts that are somewhat sexual or even if they're sort of interpreted as being sexual or slightly provocative but yet with the racist stuff that doesn't seem to be much yeah it's wild I'm sorry I'm I delete my facebook a little while ago a couple years ago and it's been great ever since it's just a lot of bullshit and gross yeah stupid it just looks like spam to me yeah like the whole it just looks like spam even the layout actually yeah but honestly like they should they're bad it's the fleecing of America and the globe of the planet they they know what's going on and they can do more and they don't do anything and we put up with that as human beings like us when they cop to the stuff with the election and the fake news and all that sort is that yeah we did that and we sure are sorry yeah that was a and that was it there wasn't any kind of we're gonna make sure in the future that we're not gonna do anything like this okay corporate trash no you said you watch the show still and take notes so you're still a fan of the show what RuPaul's Drag Race ya know you know sometimes I'll watch because like mayhem Miller was on yeah I watched that and or I'll be was somewhere but I stopped watching when she was eliminated okay you know and then Allstars I think I watched the last one that I watched the the know the Trixie season oh that wouldn't be for you I watched a bit of that and then but I don't why I don't watch TV per se I meant I'm Moore's – I like to study in things mmm I watch YouTube and study about indigenous culture or study about other artists I study other directors and Hollywood history and things like that sure that are beneficial to my career and I do read the news and stuff like that so but I don't really watch Purcell these reality shows I try to stay away from those Ryan Murphy films you know the city work of right yeah I wish she does Princess Diana and then I hope he's really MUX that up and somebody will clobber him oh my god well after the feud first of all it started with me not liking him was with that the witches oh okay and if it was dealing with witches Oh what was it with America laying yes Oh American 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oh my god basically the origin story of the Browns is this I had booked Tammy for a music video I direct and choreograph music videos no started before that didn't oh ok so about five years ago I was developing a project called agent max with maximal Anna Fein we were gearing up to shoot somewhere that so I talked to Tammy and I got on a phone call at a Mian with him like five minutes she was complaining to me about a restaurant job that she was working at the time I got conned into working at the our manager what the hell does dysfunctional virgos if that says anything could you describe the conning a little bit more cuz that sounds fascinating I was in my hometown in December Christmas and I was at the market with my mom selling the stuff she had gotten wind that I was in town and knew that I work in the restaurant business before her name is Sheryl by the sea if you would like to bash her please do Cheryl's by the sea I mean Dennis people in the restaurant from her dogs and we'd have to clean it up one girl had the jitters scared working around this tyrant of a dysfunctional dysfunctional Virgo she was shaken I call her Little Miss Shake Sony was I was working in this restaurant and I told him all about it okay okay so this is the genesis of oh you want to know so she stalked me at where I was working she said hey do you want to come I was helping my mom sell her jelly paying your jelly uh-huh and she goes oh you know can you she went to where I was working there then another time I was out doing something else she showed up at that party and brought up that thing again and then another time she came and found me somewhere else and stopped me down knew where I was because she was hanging out with my mom in the same circle so go on so I was like many of Tammy's diehard fans I was Billy this is Billy by the way my son I play I do play Billy on the Browns I was that I was charmed by Tammy's you know personal brand of of crazy Imelda felt a connection I was like I got to find a way to work with Tammy so fast-forward I moved to LA I'm directing and choreographing music videos and doing what for this band called Senses Fail which is like an emo rock band and so we booked Tammy and got to work with her on that and I was sitting at home and I was like I gotta find something to work out he was already starting to get me though like he was already we need to talk I have we need to talk during that shoot and I think okay so you know we got together well yeah and I was I was sitting at home I was like what if Tammy was my mom and then for me you know growing up in the in the 90s I'm watching like step by step with Suzanne Somers on The Cosby Show I wanted to make something that just kind of subverted all those tropes of like the American family and just make something really queer and something a little dark but something very Tammy Brown so we got together and we made the first season and I said first of all we have to bring in one of my good friends Kelly Mantle's top-notch actors Kelly mantle I was referred to earlier Kelly Mantis Kelly Mantis correct Sheila she's like a great actor oh she's a legit actor yes yes yes and she even had a number one hit single called satellite baby looking it up way back in the way back early on in there she wasn't she wasn't born then but her talent you know talents can evergreen evergreen yes and you guys are in season 3 now season 3 and also I don't know if you we also we don't have a problem with age or anything we have a characters different ages we want to point that out all right because you had your son at age three no 18 19 oh no but like we have dad okay and in this new season and in the last season we had Donnie in whatever yarda so yeah we love age diversity and we love like you know we try to tackle universal themes swimming taking some of those universal themes that you see and in those family sitcoms and being like okay how do we make this really queer be kind of basically for each season we build an outline and then we let Tammy just like dance on it run my mouth practically sometimes I have to dance because the other ones are doing what they got to do and I'm okay with sharing the stage it's an equitable collaboration I want to start like like maybe like when I'm in my mid-40s I want to start in a movie called palliative princess okay but I get to value to where I'm in like a hospice unit and I'm taking care of all these people who are near death and it's just um it's a comedy yeah yeah I kind of hear the jazzy theme song already yeah it's like you know it's that takes the takes the sting sting out of dying someone look forward to yeah it's like you know RuPaul so she says I'm you know someone's always left for Paris when they die trips next week isn't it I got you excited and then they die I'd like to say they're off did they go off dancing yeah there you go I bought the farm is another thing or house in Vermont well that's AIDS that's AIDS HIV HIV AIDS the dolphin project I'd like to mention that on Instagram I think every should follow the dolphin project and the dolphin project it shows all these animals that are sentient beings which are orcas I mean whales and dolphins that are in these tanks and other ones but there was a there's a beluga and it's in there and poor thing it looks like it has hematomas all over it maybe it's like cats have eights possum was one of those are they drew because of the tanks I don't know it had hematomas all over that's what our hematomas hematoma is a blood something no that one gets on their flesh like what is it like a blister like it's like big like a lesion it's a lesion yes a lesion you're gonna look it up I'm looking thank you so much that in the 80s you were seeing a lot of that you know when all the AIDS pictures and stuff it's true but it's important we also need a hashtag boycott palm-oil hashtag save the orangutangs my palm oil because over there in Asia they're cutting down all the forests so that everybody can and they're killing all these like 20 orangutangs a day Wow mind you even there has been orangutangs that have been on the sex market by the way what aha there's a thing that was being it's not a monkey okay but monkeys are smaller but I do know somebody who went to Africa on a safari and shot a monkey mm-hmm they didn't eat it what a waste so they're cutting down the forest so that we can have snicker bars and Nutella and all these kind of things and that's detrimental to the planet and it's just detrimental to these beautiful creatures the orangutan and so many other creatures that we're in a mass extinction right now and we should probably step it up and to me if you ask me I've been around to so many beautiful cities and everything and I'm really sad about Los Angeles California I know Missouri's doing something in Alabama with the anti-abortion and women's rights know that but here in LA we look like a third-world country and then they have these these bands on straws and whatever in plastic certain places here in LA it doesn't make any sense you can still go to a restaurant but you have to ask for the straw okay well how does that work everybody asks for straws and everything else yeah and don't forget that plastic is a derivative of petroleum mmm so that oil companies oil companies yeah basically making profit making a lot of profit and doing nothing for us would you like a plastic water bottle that we have our range model and have a champagne Chun Doong in it but it's time for us to step it up and take action uh-huh what are some things people could do to begin to take action just small things that would make it less daunting of a thing for people start hashtagging boycott palm oil start hashtagging start taking action on your own terms getting out there stop using straws demand paper straws or other things demand that this big tax cut for example that we got the right underneath writing they're gonna go up to Alaska and they're gonna drill for oil and 2025 and then they're gonna they're gonna repay off this tax cut mm-hmm you know that our wonderful teaster the president that article because he went her term of endearment or whatever right mr. t but number 45 is my aunt calls him I'd actually prefer mr. t as the president I think you do my love the jangle job absolutely much more tasteful no that's Martin I'm sure he'd probably at least bring in some soul food or something to eat in the White House instead of cheap hamburgers my gosh a lot of people do do that anyways but you would think why don't they cook in the house and Americana or a regional food right right this is America they could get you know some good chefs maybe and he can treat everybody to one of his wonderful chefs from one of his Trump's Trump Towers or something hotels or whatnot what the hell are we doing that fabulous chocolate cake we've heard so much about have them with some of that uh please look at cake I didn't think much of this look a cake over there Deana Austria though really mmm if you could hear me if you had to live for the rest of your life in a foreign country when in money is no object where would you choose to live well it's gonna be Mexico Mexico mmm I like Mexico mmm whereabouts in Mexico would you think I'll probably have a Hell House um in the state of Nayarit probably okay and then you know be able to travel all around and do what I like there that's such a great country what do you like to do beautiful I like to eat I like to I like to see things learn the culture I like to shop and see all the diverse things the diverse things they have to offer and that every state has its own culture own tapestry own embroidery own food mm-hmm and there's so much history rich history real American history I mean they know why they have an eagle we have an eagle on the quarter and we don't even know it comes from the Iroquois nation I didn't know that I didn't know here you go history 101 with Tammy Brown you're really into the history of everything right I was reading an article where they were asking you about your performance to walk on the wild side because it was Kevin unorthodox choice etc and then you were talking at great length about candy darling and Andy Warhol and you have some feelings about Warhol Warhol is not very nice he's not very nice he used and abused people and it served him right as my grandmother said that Geraldo Rivera got punched in the nose you know but yeah he lit LED people on use and abuse people candy darling probably got cancer because of her implants you know Holly Woodlawn god rest her soul whoo I did get to meet several times take a walk on the wild side shaved her legs along the way and then he was a she as for those who don't know all the characters in the song are actual factory superstars factory superstars correct and legendary drag queens and entertainers but she was more on the trance I but he miss thing was in jail Hollywood la was in jail and he could have bailed her out for this Oscar stuff and he did nothing to help her out what was the Oscar so she did everybody route together Dennis Hopper and a lot of people route together to get for the movie trash I think it was over to get her an Oscar uh-huh nom you know at least mention or whatever sure for indie film whatever but and he just did terrible things to a lot of people led them on and used and abuse them and sign-sign their their lives away to him and also in that article you talk about how it's important for people to know that queer history queer history period like we should know a real American queer history indigenous American history because that's that's where they were on occupied territory we practice a religion from the Middle East and everybody forgets where Jesus is from the Middle East but no want to go over there and blow everything up and take all the oil and then we practice the religions here and killed everybody off in the name of a white god which is not an indigenous culture they revered their gays their transgendered everything it didn't really have a name it was there and if you study like Cabeza de Vaca he talks about being here and going through you know South like South Texas and Florida and seeing in every tribe there was somebody and they were shamans and everything and that's real history but we're not taught that we've been vilified in everything so it's very important to know that you know when you're growing up and did you face any like discrimination or bullying or like have a tough time for being gay well as what is jinkx monsoon say water off a duck's back okay I mean I I lived and I said okay in high school you know I dressed the way it was the 90s I dressed I would buy there's a store called God God's ooks and I'd go in there and buy those real loud club clothes I loved them and I would wear all the time new Doc Martens or there's some platforms I wanted some boa style forms are yes if you want to rock anyway somehow so certainly I wanted seven platforms and I warned them they're from the wild pair and sketches at the time were much more different they were like disco scooter shoes you know soles right oh yeah and that but I just lived myself and did what I want to do and I thought okay so he's calling me a faggot or they're calling me that no big deal one side I had protection and then the other side there was that but I paid no heed to it I was like whatever okay fine but I would prepare myself like if I go out to look my best my undergarments they find me dead in a ditch I want to look my best you know I was always conscious like a big brother like how a big brother program and stuff okay you know they do these advertisements on the on the news or on TV like be a big brother and help out I would never do that because I thought oh that queer they're gonna he's gonna molest the kids so there was always that I was always smart I knew there was always those things but I didn't worry about that I didn't you just keep going and then later on like in high school do they asked me to be on student council and they asked me to participate and do all these things because they saw my worth you know but I did I had those problems but it wasn't as big I've always been protected yeah that's great did you like school do you like being a student I liked high school I thought it was a fantasy world really mm-hmm what about it was so fantastical because you go in there and you you it's it's it's a fantasy it's a game I mean you go in there and you live like this it's not real life home life is different then you go in there and it's a fantasy it's own little city its own little development its own little orbit going around there and who plays what you know and that was fun and I was could tell like oh that person there that this is just a stepping block hanging out with this one or this one these people are a little odd it's kind of they're cool but they're a little odd you know I could always tell my way around stuff yeah did you get along with people lots of people just voted that I was on nominated for most popular most fashionable and best for most and most funny oh my gosh didn't make them either but that's it they did right as we go and I went to my prom in drag I fought for it I wrote a letter to the ACL and they just sent me a proof letter telling my principal that if he didn't let me in and that they were gonna be out there picketing I showed in that in BAM and I had a great supporter from the philanthropist in the city miss Hill frost she's still around but she has she's out she's not here anymore you know and I mean she's in her 90s which is cool but but she would go for me go out to bat for me it was great I mean I liked high school was fun I had my Crown Victoria they went buy me a new car so we got a Crown Victoria we called her screaming tweet Tina the queen of the road what color was the girl she was kind of like a tan a mute color mm-hmm a flesh white color what's your favorite movies you have why if you had to pick one movie what's your favorite movie right now I'm gonna say my favorite movie is what's love got to do with it okay and I want to pitch that for the musical that's coming out in November oh there's a musical in the United States it's already been out yeah the Tina Turner music that's right yeah oh it's been on the West End and yeah and in Germany now and then Adrian Warren who plays that part and Tina's going to be coming to the premiere on the 7th of November oh wow and the 8th of November is for all of the fans of Tina too which is cool and I'm gonna go to that but I would say what's love got to do with it have you seen Tina in concert yes I've seen her four times are you gonna go to the the premiere yeah yes of course the red carpet with Billboard yeah that's what we're working on listening pick a couple other movies ed okay formative formative I would say the damn don't cry with Joan Crawford's one of my favorite there's also possessed in 1940s which is another one of my favorites with Joan Crawford there's a lot of 80s movies I really like such as ETS one of them but most I would say polyesters another one I think that's my favorite John Waters movie yes yeah best one yes so good what is the city like so much about it I like that it's filthy without being gross you know in um it's like um it on the surface it's really kind of it's I don't know it's really bizarre but it has the on the outside it's kind of like a Sheena Norma I'll see ya yeah and I just like I love well and I still just love the name Francine fishpaw there's just someone – she's an alcoholic you know in that huh that's my the the Baltimore foot stomper yes and then you're armed Lou sniffing the daughters on the table dancing ashes on the table the clinic with those signs and then they take her on that hayride the Catholics the Catholics gave abortions as well which y'all don't know so if you watch them with polyester you'll find out all about it that movie also has the it kind of has like a Technicolor kind of yes yeah and it's a scratch-off – smellivision yeah I think there's a new blu-ray coming out with a new smellivision card oh why I'll have the DVD and Tab Hunter recently died yes I did there's a documentary name that I've been meaning to watch it's beautiful yeah the director of I'm divine and Gary and I am divine right yes yeah so Jeffery Schwartz made them that's right my other two friends that are here they always up as something from the movie I don't know lobster's a man and lobster wait say hi Michelle I was dressed up as a Raymond marble oh wow oh yeah Michael mingoes I amazing my hair was green and I wore like a trench coat yeah and I tied a chorizo around my husband was he was the egg man from pink flamingo oh we won right you won the costume contest oh my god some gift certificates a costume shoppers oh yeah I bought a wig that's pretty good at all so let's just mentioned David lockrey one of the greatest actors that sadly didn't make it through the 70s but deceased yes ynette her name is with the y in minds and I II don't forget it would you ever like to do a movie club with us sometime when you're back living in LA oh nothing would please me more or less shoot it out fantastic you can ask John mark to join us of course no we'd like that yeah of – but what big business oh my god yeah the classic uh-huh fat Midler Lily Tomlin oh yes yes another one of our guests rod Thomas from bright light bright light pattern his whole tour outfits on those outfits yes yeah you know what who was it that was on all-stars last time last soul stirrers she dressed like the wet with the well button she had no say Lily Tomlin go where yeah I'm gonna have to look this up because I'm a friend's name but she dressed as Lily Tomlin it was on the most recent season of strength the last all-stars last answer and another movie while you're looking it up let's see I love the red balloon okay I love that one I love my license life in pink which is a Frenchman yeah that was lovely right yeah really good really really good I like the movie Orca mm-hmm is it a horror movie it can be a horror film yes the Orca seeks revenge oh I love that Derrick's in it by the way and I think her leg gets ripped off spoiler alert she's like get into horror movies at all I have to watch out with horror films and stuff like that they it follows me around so I gotta mind is that I've always been afraid of the dark my own way but you know or sometimes I'll get people to close their eyes and pretend they're seeing a beautiful picture that I'm painting mm-hmm you know they'd have to be too afraid of the dark I have that trouble with things about serial killers because there'll be something that's so grisly and then I'm like it just bothers me for days right I tried to skip especially the podcast work all they do is describe everything you see her dos yeah I know I can't deal with a lot of those yeah I got him one uber ride shame on the uber driver should have been playing that he was the one about the guy in in Chicago not the clown killer but the one way back way back home something homes or whatever is huh h/h microphone please HH holmes HH house yes yes and I'll put that on my list of things I'm looking forward to never you know speaking I have to stay away from getting so close to all that because I saw cocaine Cowboys oh and I was really into the Griselda Blanco and everything well and I post a little gory clips and it's tantalizing it's fun you know it's erotic people do get into this erotic sort of sexuality well this exposure to as well from these movies in different stunts anyways but I was watching and studying and I posted this on Facebook well a message from a fan says you know Tami don't tell any money Facebook knows them don't tell anybody but here's the link to Griselda Blanco's son who was living in Florida by Georgia was his and then another time when I was studying serial killers I really got into it studied so many of them and I like watched fascinating and I really liked the one ed Kemper which I make a reference to him in the Browns meet the Browns the first season okay the bowling bag so those are not two icecream cones in your bag and they're not melting that was cuz he walked up the stairs with these two heads so I was kind of dabbling in that but I didn't really tell anybody mm-hmm so I got another message from a young lady in Chicago or she was doing a whole report on John Wayne Gacy and queer queer studies like that and she I would be interesting in that so I'm like I need to kind of stay away from others because I have a rhythm that pulls it to me well right you mentioned earlier the thing about the Madonna tickets and I wanted to know what your feelings are about manifesting things in your life oh I've always been men at manifesting I've always done my best to manifest and I believe in that of course cause an effect it doesn't work you know just it takes time takes time it's not like the secret in fact I was listening to the seat I saw the movie the film and then I've seen that document I was listening to the audiobook I had to turn it off after a while really why that was it was just very something a little superficial about it Oh about the the giving because you're gonna receive I know how to give but people do give and to love money do you have to love money to have money and I'm not afraid to say that I think about that dollar bill in that one I looking at me because I'm ready to be on top of that pyramid and I have no problem with that so and I do visualize and you do manifest and I believe that I'm manifesting right now to be with the two of you right now John Scott I keep calling him John Scott but John Mark and I have another friend in here and then another two friends and I think that's you know didn't hear from Jess would you like to say hello just real quickly I wanted to sit in okay okay well he waved he waved at us so let's imagine that in your minds in the radio theater oh and I wanted to ask you about being in the Surreal Life with Tammy Faye mhm wait what now yes within three months of coming to Hollywood to pursue my drag queen career I was already on TV they did a fast turnaround that edit for that show by the way cuz we filmed it like just a few weeks before or maybe a month and then it was already on TV you think that November December Wow Wow what the hell was that like it was it was I walked on I knew she was gonna be there and the signing of the Raja was there and Jules from Long Beach and a plethora of other Queens shout out to Jules I just walked on and I had my Polaroid camera cuz I had a Polaroid collection and then I don't do it now it's just outrageous for what it is and changed the format but I had the whole collection and I went in there to do a photo with her and I said man take a Polaroid with you and she said that little redhead back there sure and I came up and took the picture with her and it was and I met her a second time mm-hmm and she's a very nice person really you know she she's a good person I don't think she was really bad or just because she worked in the Christian organization you got to make your mind do that and to look what she does that's what she does her son also I don't what's her son's name Oh Billy Baker or something his Jim jr. right yeah well let's all look at it because he did a lot for the environment when there was the Proposition 8 here anti-gay marriage and all that stuff and in America he actually had a church and he said he supported gay marriage and he knew he was gonna lose his staff and everything but he went ahead and did that he he didn't lose his staff but he lost half of the congregation so he had to fire staff and stuff so I think that's already courageous the only one I think that had the major problems was daddy yeah Jim who's now selling survivalist food in like giant smackle buckets and also Tammy Faye I believe talked about aids on TV before the Reagan's correct did so she did a lot yeah she's a lot of really great stuff and if anyone hasn't seen the eyes of Tammy Faye no the reason I watched it because it was narrated by RuPaul oh that's right hashtag stir some TGIRLS book by the way letting it all hang out back in high school huh and then I shared it with the boys in its like a sophomore when I read it and the boys that year actually John Scott a John Scott and other Steve Hornsby they oh they read it and they wanted to use it they were straight straight his boards and they wanted to you use that as a monologue the opening how do you prepares himself in Dragon me this is so wonderful then flossing of the teeth and the dollar store nylons and whatever he says to prepare himself in his lace front wigs I love hearing rude talk about arriving upon his combinations of things that he uses I once heard on the route podcast 15 minutes I think about how you have to combine two types of toupee tape to get the ultimate grab on the wig yeah and that the court the the ganking back of the face oh yes you know what I used to do was the nylons but it gives me a headache yeah it does it does I've done that too where you use their head wrap for the wig is also a face has a feel really a skin stretching effect or a really like a notice it in the eyebrows they go from this to that and it's just like I really got a centimeter or that quarter of an inch which is a huge different mount when you get when you're doing I think a scowl yeah and it does give you a migraine like miss thing Deitrick Marlena Dietrich she's to pull they pull the hair under and you know tighten it great it really small and then they put the wig over it oh that's right yeah that's another way of doing it oh it's so rotten that's gonna be my goal less an older lady would you know would you get um any kind of cosmetic procedural face work done well why would I need that though I mean in the future no no not looking forward to it good read anything you know I know why would I need that ever done Botox never know that's I've seen people who have done that what does injections of is that silicon and they're like piano foot or whatever they call it it's like their boobs are down on their you know down in their groin or something yeah yeah and it's loose silicone injections are hugely popular and also very dangerous Wow when we were talking about that one time you were talking with those guys who do they get it injected in their penises eyeballs yeah yeah yeah sometimes it's like a fucking um it it's like an oil drum yeah huge these giant called floppy dics floppy dics yeah because there's like so much weight in it that sometimes they can't even get fully rigidly around yes it's just like big floppy dick yeah it slipped out can't get it back in yeah big giant balls too they injected in there huh yeah free-floating silicone right and this travel art sometimes squizzles out when they're coming reeled in there's old piano foot he's a mellow mood now though have you seen them I used to see like them right and by in the Pride Parade some of those older ladies older older women that used to do drag and they're older now and they have piano foots on those scooters now what is that what is it a piano foot that's when all the stuff from your face sags down under your chin or whatever the the loose flowing silicone oceanic like maybe their breasts or their butts went all the way down from here all the way down and their leg and stuff how lovely mm-hmm right yeah I know what you're talking about yeah um I've seen him in the pride parades sure you know they're riding along in a scooter looking like that mmm they can hit the sustain pedal really good Moorhead stands five minutes a day that's reinforced back and they'll come out of their nose yeah but you know speaking of the those those what cocaine cocaine and penises yeah or what you call a lapa dick floppy dics oil can container with drums oil drum yeah I was thinking that like those hot dogs you get that have cheese in them okay oh sure and the cheese kind of squirts out yeah yeah yeah yeah to hit him with chili for a while too chili cheese dick yeah that's that's an infection for sure oh absolutely it's effective infection waiting to happen do you like to party as they say sometimes I like to twist off if you know what I mean kiona hooter you know what I don't drink champagne with shit shit and I don't drink that cheap champagne they bring me cheap champagne Oh No thank you and I can tell truth they give me a cocktail with that sort of cheap liquor sometimes bro okay yeah I always advise people to order anything but the well just name anything you see because you're gonna get basically poison otherwise mm-hmm and you know if you pissed that bartender off they he has been known to put Visine in some cocktails and you get that Montezuma's Revenge oh is that shit that Visine gives you diarrhea isn't well well a couple of drops and that's all you need trapdoor diarrhea that's true but yeah you mean twist off like but do I do I try I'd like to have fun and we already a little bit yes so what's that look like so it's champagne or what's your favorite cocktail I just looks like I'm having fun with friends or sometimes I had to watch out when I was working at that restaurant because they had wine a bar are mmm Cheryl's by the seeds right she by the base if you want to send hate mail or anything to her or go read the yelp on her and see the nasty things they say about that corned cabbage head well what does a corn husk her hair looks like corn husk sure you should have seen she took one of these little things off the little the little stand little write-ups no and one of the beautiful girls face oh wow he's one of the staff one of the staff members one time I was in there and she'd have us doing five things at once and answering the foam that we'd have to go make the mimosas or make a cocktail we had a high quite a cocktail and she wanted to make sure that when we shook the cocktails that it was freezing every time an answer the phone and we also have to turn out one order and on the order we have to make sure that we put the special little dressing sauce on the side oh and then of course we need to put that in the heater and in the oven because we have to turn around and clean the restroom because somebody made a spill in there oh the phone is ringing let me answer it oh so your waiter hasn't been out to your table okay well I'll make sure to let him know they were calling to complain about me from booth the screen room what they call it because she showed movies in there oh and don't forget about the screen room in the back but no the guest celebrity guest booth because that's where the real crazy rich bitches would have a fit if you messed up their appointment – it sounds like a nightmare oh god it was crazy she even came in once and told us that we were all gonna get cancer I told me I was too emotional so cancer for like a Christmas bonus or something because oh we would end up turning into alcoholics or something and don't turn to alcoholism because the job was so so much okay but I mean what do we want to talk about besides that I mean I mean Cheryl that was good to talk about I needed to know about sure I'm really enraged now now if we get so I would drink I was realized I was drinking too much I'd be partying to like 5:00 in the morning well you know you in a stressful situation like that sometimes you just grab it whatever comforts around no I not that bad I mean I did GUI and that was like my biggest benefit but no and my third because I wasn't out drink drunk driving in you know and her the class I went to was a lot of fun I mean I could drive remember those drinks they were called sparks those energy drinks oh yeah yeah and you would there had caffeine enemas oh my lord I would do those and we would do about six and nine and we would be lit ready to go do you know LA all right catch the last dance and make it back oh my god and I used to work at the executive suites there in Long Beach and oh my god that poor Stacey shadow – Stacy I ran her heard the bar tab up and out you'd party there mm-hmm but the DUI I mean I ended up in the class and all we watched was we didn't watch this PSAs or have to study anything we'd watch movies that dealt with cartel or we watch really cool films that's where I saw it cocaine Cowboys or that one guy that owns those taco shops now Oh mr. Barnes what's his name Danny Trejo stuff and there was a cute surfer boy and he had a fancy for me and finally I got to make out with him died how many people were in the DUI class it varied I mean it was pretty it was you know moderately-sized it was about 14 of us yeah how long did you have to go to it I went for about three months mm-hmm and I could walk from my house which was nice and great all kinds of stuff like that but I still have nightmares that my Jimmy the Jeep beep beep beep honk honk let's go to the next drag show that I'm on the freeway and I'm in the backseat it's going 100 miles an hour you ever have those anxiety dreams apart yeah well sometimes I don't have a car presently but old cars and that was the car that you had the DUI oh yes Jimmy the Jeep Graham Jeep Cherokee that was that also a flesh-colored car or was a now that was a silver he was silver what about romance in your life Tammy its I know man you don't have to talk about if it's too personal but do you a boyfriend what I find out is romance to me is a love story okay in my mind okay but am i dating anybody no I don't really have time for dating you know and then you know sometimes you meet people it doesn't work out so much but I still have hope because hope floats I think people do put too much of an emphasis on who you're having sex with and who you're doing this and that with because you know I'm always hanging out with beautiful fellas and stuff and all that stuff but it does start bothering me like everybody wants to know who I'm in bed with him what I'm in bed with him what I'm doing that after a while sure does start to bother me and that I'm actually putting that out there sometimes it's like I'm creating this wonderful fantasy which I like to create that you know gets people to thinking this is going on but after a while it does start bothering me my a my my my system sure on the inside yeah suffice to say there's things happening we won't talk specify what those things talk about it I don't want to go into like hey you know feeling like she wants to experiment and I'm thinking I'm cool with going out and doing some bisexual stuff su can can I perform oral copulation on you you know that kind of a thing or tell me about how this big guy came in and made you you're already six three lay on the floor your wife lay on top of you while he pounds her his erect giganta's I'd out and rubs it in your mouth and wants you to taste it I don't want to hear things like that you know cuckolding cuckolding yeah oh yeah that's right yeah yeah but this big old chili dog is too much information though something like that if I was to say something like I've heard a lot of things but somebody did show me that horrible film one of my best friends here in Los Angeles Travis walk you might have seen him in a KitKat commercial or two but he he showed me those two girls one coat I was almost not something that I was like really why you know yeah why we don't even need to go there but that really violated me personally yeah why can't they delete that kind of stuff from the internet yeah that's a good idea yeah just a saucy photo people I want to speak out actually on pornhub there's that somebody on pornhub and I think it's beefcake Connors and he has been performing blowjobs on all these guys all the time and I don't think that's right and they're not wearing condoms what's not right about it this well all these he's blowing thousands of guys so like a lot of watts or a virus so that's what I'm talking about women get it men get it and these are straight guys going out there too and I know women get it up inside there they're hashtag for women here and I should add me too they get it inside you can get in your colon and get in your throat and everywhere else I mean there's a problem isn't it well sure right so the he goes out and it the premises that he's gonna blow as many guys as possible does blow him all the time on that show because I sometimes will tune into that pornhub oh sure yeah you gotta lose some stress up you know well we all like to do our research right that's a little bit of research yeah at living a little yeah narrating a story perhaps hashtag relatable yeah my favorite ones are the blowjob one sometimes I mean if you want to know about my sexual ideology there you go so this guy does that yeah because I wink my eye here I just think there's probably some he probably has something in somebody's getting something okay I now and I'm just a little concerned nobody has these guys is one of those situations where it's just like hey come and I don't know who you are and the upper episode but they're not like porn pros or something but now go through the rigorous testing and all that stuff I see okay now I'm this is probably not there's something bad off there on the web sure I'm gonna say it and if the mafia comes and you find me dead like with what that one guy getting one thing jammed in his head Navaro or somebody oh I'm not sure one of the old actors like they found him with a dildo in Amorsolo okay dildo jammed in his head like James header and his body or he's killed with a big old dildo here in Hollywood well I know that Jay Baker is the name of the son of a back to that talk topic but a good just wanted to point that out cuz I was talking in San Francisco where there's a lot of porta potti prostitutes up there I'm gonna have a song I have porta potti process from the last ep a little bit of Tammi the whale song which is spreading awareness about the whales in the ocean that one did really well I love you I love you I do i do might do it with michael caddy did really well is doing well people like it mmm I love clam happy that's a classic I'm happy yeah that's my mo yes I am yeah I put that in my review that I'll be doing in p-town Provincetown Massachusetts oh how do you like how do you Jeff you done peed on before you'd enjoy that kind of like residency this will be my first residence hour all summer long and the rent is high oh it's very expensive out in p-town it's actually hard to UM it can be difficult to to even break even there you know or you can profit yeah because the rent is so much a lot of performers that I know who do the summer there they have jobs during the day okay and then they work as do the show sell merchandise on my house mm-hmm my $16,000 split house and then I will do my best show and after this show we're going to bring in a lot of people to the show because they're gonna hear you hear about it here today that's certainly we're going to turn this around and pack those yes what yeah what um do you know what a pro you're performing at this post office yeah yeah that's great yeah I think Trixie did the post office well I think it's because tricks he's not doing it this year I probably got her her Louis wiener nice yeah yeah it's great presumably because she's not working it this year but ben de la creme will be there right I probably I think so so there will be exciting screwing today they said oh you are copying bin der ben de la creme because wearing this hat you know and I said am i copying somebody because I sit on the back of the plane next to the window and want to be sucked out of a window with every John let's go with the twilight zone film I thought really I actually cried wait what that lady got sucked out of the window and they pulled her back in and she passed away I just like that it was a freak accident that happened on the plane because something blew up or something on the side Wow one of the wings engines crying if I should be so lucky so the name of the man who was asphyxiated with a brass dildo was Ramon Navarro three Latin Lover started the 1925 version of Ben Hur and boyfriend of Rudolph Valentino Navarro invested wisely retired rich and was murdered in 1968 by two hustler brothers Tom and Paul Ferguson then we picked up for sex for a mere of twenty dollars the pair tortured Navarro before his fixating him with a brass dildo damn which was a gift to him given to him by Valentino instantly see very romantic fairy stories romantic history of Hollywood history exactly do you have any favorite old Hollywood scandal stories you know poor Fatty Arbuckle oh that's a sad one Fatty Arbuckle he was accused of raping because there was so much censorship in the media does what it does was doing it back then they they falsely accused him of raping this girl and then he came out not guilty and everything okay he had it nothing even to do with her in reality but because he was throwing this party and it was I was party in San Francisco he got accused and he was already getting all this large amount of money and he's blacklisted from then honor just nobody liked him anymore he's one of my I really it's really sad situation censorship is ridiculous and also the out ban on alcohol was really ridiculous as well which is one of the reason why it's obvious that drugs should be legalized and that's Jo with like alcohol yeah it's true another Hollywood skin I like I was going to use this um this name in the Browns the other day we were gonna use it I can't think of it god amighty anyhow viola Dana who's that she's an actress from Hollywood and she's to date a stunt double man and they used to fly down Hollywood Boulevard and they would see people and remember those days with her contacts are made out of metal and whatnot little lipstick container things he's somebody down there let's just say maybe Swanson and they would throw something down at them from the plane he was a stunt double person and he lost his life the stunt double person okay yeah damn Tiffany favorite stunt doubles now have you two ever performed or toured together once where was it did Manchester man Halloween Halloween yeah that's right the hell house show yeah but we have never really been it's kind of the unfortunate thing about drank resolves because I was talking with them one of the girls yesterday's uh that drag on the best thing about it is to the one chance pretty much all year you have to see a great number of your drag race sisters but then again you don't even only see the ones that smoke because I'm outside smoking like I was wondering about that because even just now going around and then I was like oh they were there and I didn't or I meant to see them you know whatever this is my first time at rikon yeah and then I was thinking does anyone ever get to see anyone but the smoke we were there that I liked like you're free and easy style you know your spirit because when you did that little thing you're just yourself and I really like that and then I like how you just went out there with the this that I cover thing and we're just standing they were the I cover thing just being yourself a clown about it you know was so much fun and I didn't give a care and sitting there with the eye covers and couldn't see anything yeah so during the meeting I was like last year at the heels of hello okay yeah and I wasn't um I I think I was like I was late for some reason so I was rushing to doing my makeup but in the meeting right before the show I war I have a I mask that is my eyes as seen in one of the videos in help me I'm dying yep so then I put that on and then just walked out blind into the crowd and then just let them sort of um confusingly have their way with me sure I'm sure I like Tommy anyone who's seen Tommy it's a little bit frustrating for them perhaps but one for me drag though if it's not fun then it's not it's not real but people expect that from you expect from me too I feel that sometimes I get more of a rap though you get it more of like oh yeah it's so cool but and then but it loosened me up not to dispute not to be just be myself you know and not worry because down where I'm at on the level of the fame as far as drag race sometimes there's a lot more pickiness you know – oh they're so weird I don't like the weird crazy that's fine that sticks to me like ribs but weird what's so weird I like to cook I like films I pay my taxes that might be the word unprofessional you shower every day like so I don't know yeah weird I don't know what about some of those people that drank on they come up to you you know and they have that bad breath Oh Tammy though but in so the UK this is where I've noticed Manchester the UK the body odor Oh body odour sometimes when they put they come in if it's a summer show and they come in in a tank top and they move their arm around you and then the put their pit right on your shoulder and then the smell lingers for like 15 minutes gee willikers and then you get about 30 of those people so you have little imprints they put their hand behind your head and then there start pulling your wig do fry yeah there was a girl then I was I think is telling the other day there was a in Manchester there was a girl I was walking out of drag like during the day in the shopping area and a girl saw me and she was inside his story and she like screamed ran out of the store charged at me grabbed me by the shoulders and screamed in my face oh goodness it's just like in the middle and everybody was looking because – it was like wild but but it's a particular kind of Fame though that that that makes people think that that's like an acceptable because they wouldn't do that to Julie Roberts oh they they act like they don't see them they say that's what father John misty says I'm one of his albums that they act like they don't see the stars you know what else I was gonna say though this might sound I really I'm happy about all that body you know body beautification we're doing these days and body parts applauding positivity and thank God for that because some of these people you know they come by and they smile at you or their teeth you know like one of those old vampires or something you know you said so as if you watch older films you're like wow teeth whitening really changed everything didn't oh my god you know what though I like um I prefer it um what is the what's the word distinguished yeah yeah I like I like that I don't know there's some you look at the movies in the 80s in the 90s where they didn't have like the uniform Hollywood grille things like Oh white porcelain um like tablets around for a while though because I can Tina got been here since the sixties and some a lot of people were doing that oh it's always been going on that sure transformation sure well we got the new teeth wedding like 82 or something like that yeah or like right right around let's dance yeah it's kind of gnarled choppers that were very nicotine stained I was watching a movie where like the lead had like like not perfect teeth and I was like oh God by today's standards those teeth seem like brown Chiclets just like I don't know is there any particular fan interaction that stands out to you as being the most strange or um wild I don't know well I've had I like um I like when they come up to me and they'll be like we hear you smell good I'm in states not far from home you know get that I get the opposite yeah they're like I can't believe you smell good a million times I said it's yeah that part of a yard is show that when I was doing that one too I was performing someone yells out can I touch your hair can you touch my hair no you can't touch my hair okay so I was performing my song geisha geisha from the album hot skunks Orpheus calientes and a singing and you know you can't you gotta focus and he comes up and while I'm in the Val it's a ballad sort of rock ballad he comes in and it's touching my hair from the snow touching my hair another time another fella I said okay I see him guarding up the aisleway comes right still at the blue chairs resort darting right up the alleyway he's all buff you know it's a Canadian and he comes up and he said I don't have problems with Canadians I just want to shout out Canadians so he comes up and he sits on the stage on this chair that's on the stage to speak kind of Queen lawn chair thing he comes and sits on it and I'm like okay so what are you a stripper what's go who he was I met him the night before someone in the hotel and he was up there too sitting on my stage that's very interesting to him yeah I just wanted the closer seat there's something called yeah but the blue chairs no security no damn no security just loops taints that was weak right weak railing and loop stain wish there was a camera rolling because I would have John Mark show you all how I would get around the railings because they were I was scared those railings could fall at any time at the blue chairs you know on the stairs way up high it has this rooftop view huh oh they have a stage upstairs mind you and it's they put the stage and the stage it's up high so it's in the back to have a back room well it's the stage is level with the windows now since they moved us so high and there's no railing you could just fly through the windows twelve of our stories down fifteen sixteen stories and upstairs they have this Statue of Liberty on one side with this round spiral staircase well some of the is rusted off some of the stairs and in the railing so what would I do to the railing you can look over you know so how would I pose myself Tami what kind of like squat like this like a chair position you do that one more time I can take a photo so the listeners can actually see stains on the Browns though season – OH staying could you reenact that one more time so that's a railing right there so yeah Michelle if you could put your arm out instead to serve the railing so that's the railing okay looks like a trust exercise that we're doing perfect thank you nice deep like that chair like the chair and yeah oh yes exactly okay I want to make sure I was grounded in case that railing goes off sure yeah yeah can't be too careful you know horror films if you want poor films and I will say that I really like Stephen King stuff though and like I like silver bullet I love silver bow and I've ripped the soundtrack off the opening oh is the summer of something and those are done I just did he has this beautiful melody and stuff and then you hear the last full moon of that spring came a little more than a month before school let out for summer vacation [Applause] our town's long nightmare began that night I really loved that film actually and I will focus on seeing those kind of horror films I try my best like there's a tales from the darkside and TWiT tales from the outside or there's another one tales from the risks no not that that one scared me so bad okay I'm telling the darks of the anthology it starts out with Debbie Harry it's like a show there's a show there's actually a dark side right and they made a TV series out of Italy yeah yeah and then there's the movies oh yes Stephen King wrote for that and a bunch of other people wrote Creepshow no creep shows one but the hills from the dark side right which I didn't know Stephen King was involved with this yeah yeah he's involved in it as well and I actually kind of want to see it mmm I'm kind of it's an 80s film yeah kind of like to see it you hope it doesn't scare me too bad well I think it starts off with Debbie Harry as a witch who's preparing a child to be cooked cooked yeah yeah yeah that's like the bridge thing throughout the whole film yeah she's telling him the stories that's right yeah she's like so well the ovens heating up I'll tell you it's a few these stories yes Harry as in blondie yes it's great Maria yeah exactly one candlelight Heights and then on that video they have that gun and the little bullet going through yeah I wonder how controversial that be this that would be unreleasable now imagine want you to sit on the corner of the bed and look at Peter Pan that's actually you guess my evening plans what is that new thing they're doing where they dress up now like cosplay people like pretend some couples that their little boy little one oh how many persons to be Michael Jackson and all that kind of stuff you got to do some reading this is that research Brian though there's always a new fetish to be found what will print some of the stuff out and have messengered over okay so Tammy any um any final thoughts or final words for you today it's been a dazzling adventure in pleasure interviewing you certainly anything we permit so what are we promoting we're so well I'm glad because I was gonna say no matter how scary it might be about selling the place out I'm gonna sell it out oh yeah at P town so Provincetown Massachusetts this summer I have a whole residency and in host office cabaret Osaka cabaret and Ongina it will be joining me oh I think Tammy walks Ongina in nature oh my god I've gotten so many compliments during drag Con and people that went even people that put together dried corn and people in the business they came to the show and they were saying how wonderful it was awesome that that's that's good to hear you know cuz I was a little scared and everything we have a great time to tell on China but it's really good what cause it dragged corn everything she's there this weekend okay that's all summer it's all summer and then the last the first week of September I will leave there and go to New York City to do RuPaul's Drag Con New York City of course on them and the Browns comes out in 2 weeks 6 June fix for the Browns all right season 3 and faster how is that two weeks already we've been saying two weeks for a few days Instagram and you can look it up hashtag the Browns show and usually we posts like one a day until they all come out and then we do a compilation on Tammy his YouTube channel it's Tammy Brown which I have some films on there of course you should check them out and some music videos with older older older content such as clam happy yes whatever is not on there but this is a bunch of other songs and people can find you on social media at way handle planet Tammy okay which is my Instagram and that's my grand slam and then we also I do have Tammy Brown net which is my webpage but it's funny it's like web pages these days but anyhow then we also have the Facebook and the YouTube channel it's Tammy Brown now saw the patreon patreon planet Tammy patreon awesome and more stuff to come I'm working on the album shoe bear so stay tuned for that and the Tina Turner musical and my gala October 19th that's right save the dates we already sent out private invitations for save the dates so we also are ready to go with that and that's at Hamburger Mary's in long-long beeps that's right because they have a wonderful stage so fabulous I love that yeah we did a gig down there last year and it is incredible the stages of me it was a jazz club that's why it's not like that it's an old style like when you see the lounges awesome maybe for the gala yes please yes that'd be great what's been lovely having you on thank you for joining us and thank you everyone for joining us yeah all right Cee Lo and any song that you'd like to close out with anyone we should cut from what about mine well that's I'm giving you the option some people like to go oh no no naughty prostitutes I can't say no to a port-o-potty prostitute he's kidding me thanks again thanks it has been brought to my attention that it has been misperceived that I cannot lip-sync two of them not music to Monty Margy prostitute ego might as well laughter what you done pretty face and silky smooth hair he's sketching it out I said to the tab Shrek on an email for you and your affections just don't step on my money Baker I don't know your name out loud the apologies you'll be giving later wartime prostitute Marty prostitute what you doing here question mark goodbye

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