A Special Guest – Health and Beauty Habits We're Loving Right Now

A Special Guest - Health and Beauty Habits We're Loving Right Now

hey y'all welcome back to my channel what did you get on here today and talk about habits life style and beauty habits habits that I am loving right now Mary Ellen when you're dead in there come out here and talk to us Mary Ellen after 60 has come to see me and she's gonna come out here and share some of her favorite health and beauty habits with us okay y'all this is Mary Ellen after 60 after watching Mary Ellen since before I had a channel and she's become a very dear friend to me and I'm so happy she's here with me if she's gonna share with us some and some of her favorite health and beauty habits with us and awesome of your faith I gotta say how thrilled I am to be here we connected early early on and I just love her to pieces and we're going to talk about beauty favorites or is it habits what are some of your favorite okay we'll start with beauty what are some of your favorite beauty habits I would say something that my grandmother taught me years ago is you never ever touch your face unless you're washing it or applying makeup I do that all the time and she said if you have something bothers you you take a Kleenex and dab it she said that you have so many germs on your fingertips and they're touching your face that not only will it cause of blemishes but it'll mess up your makeup she has they're only a habit she was born in 1885 okay that's a good habit yeah what's another one sleep on your back it's so hard okay do you have any tips on how to do that some people have said if they sleep under the couch for a few nights and they're on their back and they can't turn over I've heard that that's a good habit to get into but I just had to slept on my back since I was young but I think it's also important too because it expands your lungs when you're sleeping on your back okay and in nursing school a long time ago they said that was a very best position being on your back you know it's just allowing everything to rest okay all right do you have any others no yours okay what about healthy habits what are some of your favorite healthy because I know she has a bad healthy habits drink a ton of water a turn how much I can't how much water do you drink I probably when I'm home now I'm traveling now so I don't drink as much here but I would I would say this size I drink four of them a day okay so these are the 32 ounce so so that's the goal that's one anyway I think you know it and we were always taught at eight ounces for every 20 pounds that I bring no more than that I really like my body to be hydrated and especially yeah I tell you about you guys in West Texas that's where we are I cannot believe how I woke up this morning and I looked at my hand Kathy I said oh my gosh I've got creepy hands and I've never had him before ever not overnight well do 92 days she's been here two days and has crepey skin a struggle is real yeah it is rayul it is very real it's the desert you know all my life my grandparents I mean my grandmother my dad apple cider vinegar every day in modder that's a yes I think this okay what does the apple cider vinegar to you it keeps your stomach more acidic which it should be and my dad took it for just health in general you know joints just anything and you can look up I mean they've used apple cider vinegar for years and years and treatments of all sorts of elements yeah I love that happened and I do that have it because Mary Ellen told me so yeah and I love it I've gone to where I really like the taste of it okay what's another health habit you found another health habit I have as I never allow anything negative to happen in my bedroom yes that is a head yeah mental health happen if Jim and I are gonna have any words we're up out of the bedroom into the living room he'll never have words he doesn't think I'm perfect but I mean I don't think I decided that probably 15 years ago long before I met Jim and I thought the bedroom is the sanctuary it's to sleep it's to rest and to pray to meditate and so that is my one place I go to for no negativity yes okay tell me one more health have it we got to get all Mary Ellen's health habits while we got her I just feel I tell you white on health I feel better if I eat some good protein in the morning with some cars because I can really ruin a day like if I loved Krispy Kreme donuts and if I a Krispy Kreme donut in the morning my day would be shot but if I wanted one I would happen after a meal of protein and vegetables yeah but if I have one it's after a full meal of protein and vegetables now what a Krispy Kreme no AB thank you Mary Ellen for coming on am visiting me finish she's gonna get finished her business see ya bye Mary Ellen okay and I'm gonna go play with Mary Ellen now and I'll be back to finish this video momentarily okay y'all I'm back it's a maybe a week later I feel so blessed that she came to see me I got to meet her face-to-face that being Miss struck me most about meeting Mary Ellen face to face it really struck me what a calming sweet peaceful personality she is that's when I first started watching her that's what drew me to her and it is so genuine and even more obvious in real life second her skin honestly looks better in real life even than it does on video I would just sit there and stare at her her skin looked better this close up face to face then it even does on video she is such a beautiful kind loving person and I'm so glad she came to see me and love you Mary Ellen and now I'm gonna just jump right into my favorite health and beauty habits right now and oh categorize down below in case you just want the beauty or the health or whatever I'm gonna start with the health and my first one is paying attention to get health so what I'm doing for my gut health I'm taking a live probiotic with 50 billion cultures I get this in the refrigerated section I take neither morning or not and I left doing that it just makes me feel like I'm doing a lot for my gut health okay and the second thing I'm doing for kept health is attained heard about this from dr. Berg he's done some videos on it Elle has done an allergy video on it I'm gonna link Beth of this down below because I don't know how this works that when I take two of these every morning my allergies are perfect I feel nothing until evening term infinite a Allegra I take one Allegra that gets me through the night and then the next morning I take two Petain again this is all I have to take I behold right on this it gives me a little bit of focused energy maybe it's helping my foods break down something vitamins i need i don't know why but it works i love that okay next internally taking care of my skin i've always tried to eat for my skin and workout to get you know my blood flowing but now I am taking collagen every single day and I either do this or I've got some pills the collagen in case I don't want to take the time to mix this up in something I could just put this in my coffee I usually put it in coconut milk after the gym in my little Magic Bullet blend it up and kind of make it frothy but I have to tell y'all I like keeping the pills around this is a staple I'm hoping it will also help with my joints not seeing a difference in that yet but I'm still hoping I'm also dabbling in the bone broth this is delicious now I don't do this as often because I'm not really sure what it does I'm not sure if it's a substitute for the collagen or I'm not sure I need to do more research on it if you know more about this tell me I just need to research them all but I do like this for an overall health I'm also loving the cod liver oil I do it with low a so that when I'm using my tretinoin I'm not getting an overdose in my system of a and I take a multivitamin so I just don't want my a too much of a good thing and I love this I love the fact I love the idea of being on it okay next I have been Atkins Atkins maintenance since 1998 so I always try to eat healthy carb when getting carbs I like this to be from fruits and vegetables why I'm so lazy so I'm trying to actually add healthy carbs back into my diet Brussels sprouts tomatoes salads squash even sweet potatoes potatoes I'm careful with most fruits but I eat really an apple almost every day should have one here with me slice up an apple eat it with a good fat peanut butter nuts and I'm trying to get my good fats from avocados Nets I just really am trying to clean up my diet so I'm getting a lot of veggies again and yeah I feel great okay next and this is an obsession y'all tracking my sleep and it has cleaned up my sleeping habits every morning when I get up the first thing I do is open my sleep app have I had enough if I haven't had enough sleep and I can I'll go back to sleep and try to get enough sleep or I'll lay down at some point in the day and take a nap it's also made me aware that it's okay to go on a sleep average if I get three hours of sleep one night I can make it okay but the next night I'm gonna need nine or ten and the sleep app I use is auto sleep and I am obsessed with it okay next a mental health habit and that is reading every single day and I say that's a mental health and habit because back in January I started having physical anxiety attacks and a little bit of panic it was pretty scary because it manifested manifested very physically with the curling scalp and racing heart the absolute best thing I did to bring my mind back to a peaceful place and calm my entire self down was reading in fact reading calms me down so much that my sleep app actually starts tracking an app it thinks I'm taking a nap it calms my heart rate down it comes to my head down takes me out of my own thoughts and just really brings me to a peaceful focused place in the past when I've had those physical anxiety and panic attacks though sometime sometimes last six months two months and I was totally out of it and I tribute that to reading it makes me go to sleep faster so I'm getting better sleep it comes my mind down absolutely probably one of my top health habits okay next I'm gonna go on to my favorite beauty habits I'm loving okay the first one may sound strange if you're new to my channel I have started moisturizing it's a habit I am loving and I will tell you it's a new one it's a brand new one when Mary Ellen was here and she showed me a part of her hand that went crepey within two days and I said yes that's what my skin looks like right there and she said I would be moisturizing all the time if I lived in the desert so I started moisturizing and I'm lapping what it's doing for my skin now I can't use hyaluronic acid because if there's no moisture in your error it can't draw it from your skin I believe it also draws it from my eyes and I have dry eye it's just not worth it to me to try to make that work so I'm looking for things with no hyaluronic acid one of you girls told me about elastin ultra nourishing moisturizer this is not the tinted one but I fell in love with this one this is full of peptides niacinamide ceramides anything good you can think of it's in here great peptides all that really good stuff all stuffed into this one little ultra nourishing moisturizer and I love it so let me show this to you it's a cream but it doesn't feel overly thick so I just love that and I feel like this is doing great things for my skin if I don't want something quick that heavy or I just wanted you know put it on real quick and go the Clinique Moisture Surge spray also a hyaluronic acid free this has got glycerin aloe so it's just got some good moisturizing properties I just missed in go I also love the Trader Joe's rosewater facial toner the ellis for a living sent me has a lovely rose scent it great mr. metha these do that's the Clinique one just very nice I'm loving moisturizing my skin again okay next I am loving being really consistent with my Dharma rolling on my face and my hairline but what I'm doing is I'm doing 25 most nights I'm doing my forehead really getting in there really good to avoid sneezing or setting off a sinus attack I hold my nose that totally takes that sneezing away really get in there good to my forehead and right here underneath my eyes then I put my or cheryline on to try to soften some of those four headlines and then once a week or every other week I'll do a point five and I will tell you all since I've been doing that I always go it up into my hairline right here it totally changes my hairline my hair starts growing that reminded me that I also need to be doing my scalp it absolutely helps so much in for my scalp I use a 1.0 I'm really doing the derma rolling trying to make myself not want to get the Botox also if you watched my last hair video this is an ordinary bottle but this is the desert essence jojoba that I heard about from Ellis for living on second and third day hair I was using this and I was getting such good results my hair was just growing like a weed and you know nice and look like hair I got lazy with this for a couple of months and my hair was not growing as fast and it was much prettier so I started using my ho ho bow on second and third day hair again this is the magic y'all if if you want your hair to look healthier to grow faster try the desert essence ho ho back on second in third day hair it also allows me to go longer between washes so I left this and I'm gonna link down below my two day hair get ready with me that's what I'm doing again I just got a little bit lazy with it but it works okay in my last beauty habit that I'm loving blush a shadow just to kind of top off whatever look I've done just to give it a pink undertone and it pulls my look together from my cheeks to my eyes now I know I'm not breaking any grounds with this I've heard a lot of people talk about that but I never really could remember it until I started doing my use ups and I can't use this I love it it's the Clinique berry pop I use this daily since January I can't use it up I'll have this for the year so if I want to start using it as a shadow I love it when I travel I can take all neutral palettes and the the color I'm adding is my blush I use the berry pop for my pink and if I happen to one a peach then I'll just pull out one of my peach blushes so if you are looking at all these colorful palettes and thinking oh I need to add some color to my eyes get your blush out okay and that is all as mine and Mary Ellen's favorite current to beauty and health habits now be sure to go over to Mary Ellen's channel we're gonna be over there visiting a little bit and then her whole trip is gonna be over there and if by some chance you don't know Mary Ellen get ready to fall in love you will love her I'm gonna link her down below if you're loving any of your own beauty and lifestyle habits right now put those down there so that we can incorporate this into our own lives hope you enjoyed this video if you did please like and subscribe leave comments and questions down below and I'll talk to you soon y'all be good day

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  1. Good morning my beautiful S.S. Oh, thank so so much for everything you said about me, you know I feel the same way!! We did have a lovely long day together!! I was so happy I was able to spend time with your beautiful, funny, and smart children. Enjoyed every bit of your video. Love you, Kate…MaryEllen

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    Yes Apple cider vinegar is good for so so many things!
    Yes to probiotics. I take it every day and it makes a huge difference.
    Loved hearing all these wonderful tips and habits. I love hearing what works for everyone and giving them a try.

  3. Hi my adorable real life Tinkerbell, this was such a wonderful video and to see two of my favorite you tubers together is just pure heaven. I think your skin looks wonderful and your hair looks so healthy. Appreciate the tips on the TJ’s toner and Clinique hydrating sprays. Mary Ellen does have the calmest demeanor and it when she said meditation and prayer each evening it totally shows what effect it can have. I’ve been reading each evening and it does calm your mind and make you tired. So very happy to have found your Channel through Elle and MaryEllen as you have added so much joy to my life. Love and hugs……Sherry

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  6. Hi Kathy, it was great to see MaryEllen here. I found it very interesting about the reading and I just put some jojoba oil in my hair.🌸

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    Love you both so much!
    We carry Alastin at work….amazing SPF too. That moisturizer is so so good!!
    Look for sodium PCA in ingredients…..super hydrating but not Hyaluronic Acid :))
    I hope you have a wonderful week!!
    Love you muffin! 🥰

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  20. Good Evening Sunshine! LOL I love this! MaryEllen they just released this weekend a new Krispy Kreme doughnut, it is like the original but is filled with either white or chocolate creme, I heard they are alright because of course I have not tried it yet,lol,hangs my head in shame! Kathy you know you got me hooked on the sleep app too! I need to read more! I need to do better at my derma roller!Love you! XOXO

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