Abandoned Max Muscle Sports Nutrition – Salem, OR

Abandoned Max Muscle Sports Nutrition – Salem, OR

(Music) Hello everyone, we’re here at the abandoned Max Muscle Sports Nutrition in Salem, Oregon. So let’s take a look. Not everything has been covered. So we can see the inside a little better. You can kind of see the inside a little bit. So basically, everything is completely empty. Now that’s even better. So here it is. Not sure when they close. But I believe it has been closed since November 2019. So it just happens to close suddenly. Now let’s check the bottom of the window. Onto the next one. There’s a handful of wirings on the wall, as you can see. So that’s pretty much it. And check out this shopping center. Everything is completely quiet. So I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving. Just make sure to eat a handful of turkeys because they’re utterly delicious as heck! Alright, that’ll wrap up for the video and don’t forget to like, comment, share by doing so and I’ll see you in the next one. Peace.

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6 thoughts on “Abandoned Max Muscle Sports Nutrition – Salem, OR

  1. Hey Andy,was this Max Muscle,a vitamin store,or a gymnasium?.That place,Is completely gutted inside.Nothing left inside,but some wires.Im surprised they left the signage up.That shopping center,is deserted probably,because of the holiday.Have a great thanksgiving Andy,love your videos!.

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