About Grains, Teeth, and Dental Hygiene

About Grains, Teeth, and Dental Hygiene

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3 thoughts on “About Grains, Teeth, and Dental Hygiene

  1. The great plains nomads of America were described as being perfectly healthy, with no tootache or cavity issues. Their diet had very little carbohydrates. We also see dental cavities first appearing in Europe in neolithic times. People would smash the cereals with a pestel and mortar, resulting in tiny bits of stone becoming part of the meal, only adding insult to injury when it further damaged their teeth. The affects of toothache were so bad that you can see a definite change in parts of the mythologies of societies who became agricultural – it was reflected in their collective subconscious in the form of new "evil spirits" – e.g. myth of Pazuzu and Lamlashtu from mesopotamia

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