can you explain why evil does not exist well now let's be fair if there is the presence of goodness then there has to be the absence of goodness and humans want to call that evil and a sign of the source when all it is is the byproduct of disallowing the goodness that is the only source law of attraction and momentum are the basis of this subject so when you focus upon something unwanted there is a momentum to that thought and if you keep thinking about it then the momentum is stronger and as others do that the momentum is stronger until there are rivers of thoughts that exist that are the spin-off of man's conscious mind and so if the river is strong and there are a lot of those rivers that are strong there are just so many things that people think about that they don't want and so when you focus there and get caught up in one of those it feels like something is asserting itself to you while nothing does assert itself so the reason that we like to approach anyone who is beginning to understand vibration from a exercise of meditation is because when you quiet your mind and you stop resistance we know what will then happen is that your vibration will raise to the frequency of who you are the reason that we are so sure about this is because we know about this momentum of well-being because we have broader view we can see the preponderance of well-being in relationship to the pinching off of it in other words it's not just the big picture considering all things that have been in our it's the current picture of even what's taking place on your planet right here and now well being is just dominant does that mean that someone can't pinch themselves off from it certainly not you can and when you do you feel it so the devilish functions in the universe this is what I grew up hearing I was raised Buddhist and I always heard this like you chant to be protected from the devilish functions in the universe are just it's like alignment or out of life and when you champ to be protected from something unwanted you say come to me this thing I do not want and prove anything exist right this has come to me this thing I do not want and prove to me that you exist right and if you keep chanting though you'll be protected from the devilish functions of you know every members in the very early days of receiving Abraham of people warning her about things like that and so she and Jerry had some conversations with us about it and at first Esther was only hearing our words in other words she could not know it took a while for her to understand to feel the vibration of all of this yester from time to time would hear someone trying to explain to others who Abraham was and it always made Esther uncomfortable because she knew they were having to overcome all the preconceived notions that everybody was having about it and she just wanted them to just come and have the experience of Abraham find the feeling of Abraham feel the well-being of Abraham because she knew that was for her what made the difference in other words Esther could not feel fear of things that she had learned about as a child and the presence of Abraham at the same time so when she tuned to the presence of Abraham all of that went away and she turned herself there so significantly that now she knows that that is all that exists the others just trumped-up reasons to explain disconnection take your question further if you can okay so when a person pinches themselves off so often and they do it by focusing on unwanted right and then that take it one an action from that place that is evil it even feels inspired to them because it's the next logical step the momentum has increased it and they would say the devil told me to do it and we would say the devil is non-existent the devil is the name that you assign to the absence of the pureness that is you and so then how do you explain to someone whose mother was burned in a fire at church like he can't believe that that's source energy that source energy had anything to do with that and I can't convince him well and I don't try everyone is where they are and so let's talk about this path of least resistance so here's someone suffering the loss of someone who really matters and it's really even more dreadful to him because it happened at church so here's my mother my good mother doing what she and I believe are good things and then something that I and maybe even she believed is a bad thing happened in the middle of good things so there's a sort of disconnect that goes on there and so we say well first and it's not easy for you you got to accept that there is not badness in what you call death that's the first flaw first you got to accept that there is no death that's really the first flaw that your eternal in that you never ceased to be and so this is a question that people have been grappling with personally for a very long time why do things that we consider to be bad happened to people who we consider to be good so we're gonna tell you a story it's gonna feel light in relationship to this one but we'll come back to this one a woman driving in San Francisco area got stopped by a policeman was given a ticket and she is now in the hot seat complaining to us about it Abraham I'm a good person she's saying and I was in a good place in fact I was listening to one of your recordings and a policeman pulled me over and gave me a very expensive ticket and we said what was the infraction not wearing my seatbelt we said how do you feel about seatbelts I hate them I think that they are unnecessary I think that it is an imposition on our freedom I think that it is nobody's business where whether I wear a seatbelt or not I think that nobody has any business telling me what to do and so I don't wear my seatbelt sometimes I just pretend to wear it but I don't believe that I should have to wear a seatbelt and we said so here's a policeman let's not call him bad or good let's call him doing his job which means he's trolling for money he's looking for in factors and here you are driving down the freeway now you say that you're in a place of pure positive energy because you're listening to a recording but while you were listening to recording you were emanating a signal that says I don't wear my seatbelt and I don't believe that anybody should tell me that I should have to because that's your belief and you're radiating it it's in your vibration no matter whatever else you're doing it's in your vibration so the policeman is driving away looking for exactly what you feel like a lot of these guys are really intuitive they know what in factors feel like they've got their nose tuned to that defiant vibration and so there you were the most logical strongest emanate er of that anywhere so something didn't go wrong something went very right that was law of attraction in action right there that was you emanated a signal and we didn't have a longer enough conversation for us to really explain to her in a way that she could hear it that you got to stop emanating that signals so let's take the subject of path of least resistance so if you have been held back or held down or confined or disallowed from following your own path and doing what you want so you feel restrained you feel restrained you feel downtrodden you feel abused you feel disadvantaged if you've got that vibration going on and here's your source over here calling you toward the well-being that is really you there are a lot of emotions for you to pass through on your way to the delightful feeling of alignment as we talked about the emotional guidance scale and we talked about appreciation and love there in the high-flying vibrations and that feeling of defeat and that feeling of fear being then lower more resistant vibrations and so if you are feeling defeat then anger or resentment or revenge is a step in the right direction isn't it and so your inner being is calling you toward the clarity and the fullness that is you but you can't just jump all of a sudden there that's too much of a vibrational gap so the path of least resistance for you might very well be in that attitude of revenge or resentment and that's where this woman was but that's a far cry from being in the state of alignment in other words she was touting alignment while she was in the state and so there are a lot of people who are at church who are fearing God or there are a lot of people who are at church who are not loving their neighbors or the other people around them in other words it doesn't matter where you are it's how you're feeling that may very well have been the path of least resistance to what that woman was praying for she might have been praying for alignment for escape from something that she could not control in other words you can't even know for anybody else but we can tell you that the death experience is not what human standing behind are wanting to assign to it it's time for you to get over that death thing it's time for you to accept the continuity of the eternalness that is you it's time for you to stop looking at things that happen and trying to evaluate your worthiness or your rightness or your goodness or anyone else's based upon what your witness because you don't know for anyone else you don't know what their path is and you sure don't know what their path of least resistance is and so it's one thing for us to stand in this place of understanding your worthiness and loving you unconditionally and it's another thing for you to be in a vibrational place where you can receive that knowing and there is very often a big gap between how source feels about any one of you and the way you think source feels about you because you've been using all kinds of bogus criteria to evaluate the goodness and the rightness of you most of you evaluate your goodness based upon your sacrifice if almost as if you believe that the more of your happiness you give up for someone else than the more goodness you stand in and we say you're always good but you stand in a place of depriving yourself of the evidence of your alignment when you are using what others need or want from you as your criteria rather than serving yourself into your own alignment when you care enough to hold yourself steadily in that place of alignment then you really have something to give others but otherwise you do not so this conversation is the big one first you can't convince your friend about this and we couldn't either because you are where you are in relationship to where you want to be esther remembers when her father made his transition and her dear sister had been with him night and day for a very long time she had been there for him to her disadvantage she was deprived of sleep she was deprived of just about everything she was giving everything she had to that and he was unconscious had been for a while and sort of in and out but mostly out of conscience and she finally went home for a desperate shower and while she was gone off II went and she was so mad when she got back that he took off while she was gone and she blamed the attending nurse you turned up his morphine and you caused this untimely experience untimely for me really timely for him and Esther explained to her that nothing went wrong good everything went right and that it's always the path of least resistance that allows that to happen you see of all the things that we've talked about here today there is nothing that speaks more of the path of least resistance but you all make your path so resistant that you have to get run over by something really big you have to be really in a bad place before you'll say ok I'll go otherwise you're clinging as if you've got one last thing that you need to serve or prove and we say lighten up be easier about all of this ok you can't get it wrong path of least resistance so my son and letting my son follow his own inner guidance system but before you go there yes stay teaching your son that he's got one lasting that he's got welcomed those giving him the opportunity to utilize it and then right then so now he lives in Colorado with his dad I live in New York and now he's smoking weed all the time and I'm like cool with it because I know you're not well no you're not you're not even close to cool with it there was such condemnation in that statement but like he's following his inner guidance and that's the path of least resistance for him that's the only thing I can come up with so let's start again do you believe that he has guidance yes I did you believe that he has the ability to follow it yes so mind your own business thank you

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