Abraham Hicks Understanding The Power Of Influence On Well-being

Abraham Hicks Understanding The Power Of Influence On Well-being

cuz I have a two-year-old and I constantly think don't fall Thomas definitely don't fall down the steps and I'm like I don't want to be the reason why he falls down the steps you know what I mean I think it I don't tell them that well so what we're talking about is power of influence so we want to ask all of you do you think that well-being is a more dominant momentum or not well-being well-being is so dominant not just a little more dominant really really really really dominant well-being is really really dominant so that means that you as an individual or as a species or as a mass consciousness you can offer quite a bit of lower disc vibration without really upsetting the applecart much you don't have much influence on that in other words we're not worried about any of you doing anything that takes this earth out of orbit you don't have the capacity the momentum is such you do not have the capacity there are those who are fear-mongering who would tell you that you are or that you could but you can't there is nothing that you can do that could upset that momentum so in like manner there is a well-being that is within these little ones that is really really really really powerful and your influence while you can influence and you can gradually influence their well-being is really dominant now we know all over the room all over the planet in fact there are challenges to that coming forth as you are thinking maybe about things that are going on with children that don't represent the well-being and the way you all want it to be but we want you to start with the premise that well-being is the dominant force and then think of yourself as one who's getting on that disk of well-being and adding emphasis to that rather than one who's challenging well-being with your unnecessary worry about one thing or the other because the power of influence when there is someone up close to you in your life and you are tuned in to source a lot of the time meaning you're appreciating and you're looking for reasons to feel good and are finding them then those who are around you do have a better opportunity of then focusing upon you and finding that vibrational alignment with that as well in other words power of influence is a very real thing but having said that we do not want to ever give any of you the feeling that we are wanting you to be responsible for whatever anybody else is doing with their disk because that's what's going on that's why so many people don't feel control of their own emotion of their own choosing of their point of attraction is because they have been influenced by what they are observing so if we were to say to you you want to be a really good influencer and you want to make sure that you're always on that disk that high-flying good disk so that you don't ever give anybody that you really care about or anybody an opportunity to be influenced by you into something else that's the opposite of the message that we're really wanting you to understand personally because we don't want you to be dependent upon other people to feather your nest that making sense we don't want any of you especially your children to be dependent upon what the adults around them are doing we don't want you to need to be in the gaze of someone's positive expectation in order for you to feel buoyed up and to come into alignment we want you to be able to find it anyway we want that for your child too we think the most wonderful mentoring that you could do for anyone is when you realize that you're not on that good feeling disk that you make the statement about it I can tell by the way I'm feeling that have chosen a point of Attraction that's not serving me excuse me I'm gonna go off to myself and see if I can't get feeling better I'm going to stop this momentum and as those little ones around you are watching you because they're aware of what disk you're on don't you remember when you were children don't ask mom now trust me this is not a good time nothing good is going to come from this lay really low in other words you know when someone's approachable about something that you want and when they're not and so the belief that someone else holds your power which might be true with children and parents but really no one holds your power you don't hold the power for your children no one holds the power for anyone else you individually hold your own power so as you are demonstrating to yourself first that you have choices and that you can specifically choose and you are consistently choosing and gathering momentum and choosing the higher good feeling vibration and allowing the momentum to ensue before you know it you will recognize that you are an influencer for well being but really until unless when you are able to convey to those that you care about that they get to choose what their point of Attraction is no matter what is going on around them when you can get that point across then things will go really well for them we have so many stories little boy really really wanted a toy gun and his mother was so determined that she would not introduce that sort of violence into his life experience as if she could shield him from any awareness of anything like that so she said no he begged for her no she said he begged for no no no no no do not ask me again I'm not going to get you a gun no no no no no please no please no please no please no stop it stop it I'm going to take all your toys away I'm gonna take everything away so he's walking through the woods and the deep leaves with his grandmother and trips on something guess what it was a toy gun his mother said I can't buck your current keep the damn gun what we want to say to all of you is that whatever you want regardless of what anyone who you think holds power says who has around you no one has any power to affect your experience other than you but when you look at things that make you disempower yourself then you want to blame it on others and that's why people want to talk about the power of influence we've talked about the power of influence quite a lot but we want to rework it in light of this conversation we want to say that your vortex is the strongest power of influence this powerful powerful vortex which includes all that you've become and the source within you it is a powerful powerful powerful powerful influence but even with all of that influence the energy that creates worlds seeing the world from the perspective of source source still cannot insist that you get on that disc with all of that influence because you have free will you have the power to choose you see and so if you're really wanting to be a mentor or a teacher or an uplifter to those that you love teach them about their momentum not about yours demonstrate yours of course but teach them about theirs you see my son has been teaching me I know from your teachings I'm a newbie yeah that they're closer to source yeah yes they have that higher momentum going I told my fiancee I says you know we really need to learn from Carson and he's like what do you mean I says every morning he wakes up singing and go I want to wake up singing I was like yeah why is he waking up singing because he's not happy because that's the disc he's on now you could be forceful enough about something that you could distract him from his high flying disc to a lower disc be careful watch what you're doing haven't I told you that before but do you really want to do that in light of this conversation isn't the disc all that matters doesn't it Trump everything if it equals your point of Attraction and everything that then comes to you is because of it isn't it the first last and middle thing that you want to be thinking about and isn't everything else irrelevant it is isn't it because you've already done step one you've already stated what you want source has already cued it all up and all the cooperative components are already lined up for you so when you do your work which is choose as best you can the best feeling disc and practice it until that's what comes natural to you like it is for Carson then then you live happily ever after so now we have a question will you even if you're like Carson always be on that high flying disc and when something happens that takes you from it what do you want to say to yourself it's okay nothing's gone wrong this too shall pass hang on it'll be over in a minute I've chosen by virtue of sloppy thinking or old patterns of thought something not as productive or beneficial but so what in the meantime what's happened it sparked my desire to be on that higher flying disc is reminding me that I get to choose has anything really gone wrong no matter how long I've been off of it it has anything really gone that wrong that's really what we want to leave you with today we want you to accept that it is natural for you to move around on these discs but that you have more creative control to choose the higher disk and when is your best control when is it when is your best control when is the likelihood of choosing the high flying disc at its highest first thing in the morning first thing in the morning so first thing in the morning came and I didn't choose it and I just kind of moved to my normal disc but now you've had this conversation when you move there you're gonna notice it so now you've discovered that you've got momentum going and it's not the high flying disc that you would have liked it to have been what are you gonna do about it now not much you can do is there momentum has already taken place but you could go general if you catch it early but what's the best thing that you could do for yourself when you realize that you're not where you want to be that you've got some negative emotion going on what's the best thing that you could do for yourself when you realize that you're gonna scold yourself gonna punish yourself gonna beat yourself up gonna talk to somebody about how stupid you are what's the best thing that you could do for yourself right then distract yourself if you can but there's a lot of momentum going so what are you gonna do what are you gonna do in the middle of this momentum accept that it's a law of the universe bless the momentum because it doesn't mess around on you in other words it's always consistent which helps you to understand it and then say to yourself I'll get a better start later I'll get a better start later and if you can't distract yourself and do but Law of Attraction if you're on that disk most things that are gonna come – you're gonna kind of sort of be like it so you've got to find a way of soothing yourself so here's someone he's little he's in your life he's learning to walk and he's clumsy because he's not good at it yet and he falls down often do you say get up you little dummy or do you try to teach him everything about balance right now do you say you need a crash course in walking and you need it now I'm calling an expert hopefully Medicare will cover it because we need some serious better walking going on here or do you accept that he's gonna find his balance he's gonna get better at it and that there's not really that much that you can do to help him find his balance and that's what we want to say to you you're gonna find your balance you're gonna find your balance now you know what to do but don't beat up on yourself that only adds more momentum to what you do not want so chill if we were standing in your physical shoes we'd have a whole pocket full of tricks for that places we would go maybe someone we would call something that might distract some music that you'd like to hear yester sat next to someone on the airplane yesterday the most beautiful black woman she sat there with her headphones on through the entire flight except for some brief conversation that she and Esther exchanged moving to some music that was really turning her on she had her eyes closed she was moving to the music Esther still wanted to just borrow her earplugs asked about her to hear it and move right along with her it was so beautiful to see totally in her own world totally on cloud 9 totally on that high flying disc totally in love with life totally distracted from everything else in her world totally involved in something that was taking to a very high-flying good-feeling place you see get some of those things in your pocket

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