Achieving anything you want | Ka Sundance

Achieving anything you want | Ka Sundance

[Ka] I’m here because I have a really important
message to share with you. I want to share with you how you can achieve
absolutely anything you want. And I want to share this or this inspiration
I want to be to you in harmony or embed this in a personal story I experience with my family. Yeah, and I want to give you some tools, also,
you can apply to just, you know, create an awesome, more awesome life. Before I go there, I just would like to briefly
introduce myself. I’m here with my family. Some guys have seen me with my family already. We have five kids. We travel the world on an ongoing basis. We have a base in Costa Rica. Thank you. And I would always like to call it like we
have true freedom, we have freedom. We don’t have a home, we don’t have a car,
we don’t have furniture, we don’t have any, like, too many belongings at all. In fact, we’re here with like two suitcases
among seven people. So we are really light and we are constantly
letting go. We are professionals in letting go. And I like what Vishen was sharing yesterday
about hacking, we are hacking like everything. We are questioning everything there is on
Earth and just really reshape the reality the way we want it and the way we think it’s
just no better. So I’m together with my wife since 17 years. We have those five kids together. And we change the world, that’s what we do. On the one hand, we provide information about
natural health and healing, plant-based diet, eating veganism, organic, locally, seasonal. That’s something I’ve very, very passionate
about. And on the other hand, I also have become,
because we have been coming so successfully with that, sharing with the world and making
also, like, good money and helping so many people, we reach millions of people, that
people have been asking me about, “How do you live the lifestyle, travel around the
world with the kids and touch so many lives? How do you get so, like, hundreds of thousands
of fans and followers and millions of clicks? How do you do that?” And so people ask me to become a business
coach. And now I’m helping heart-based people, awesome
people like you to get started, sharing their passion with a huge audience online, so we
can, together, just change the world. That’s what I signed up for, and this is what
I’m here for, for you today. However, and this is my story now, which will
then, hopefully, and I trust, inspire you, it has not always been like this. We have been, just some years ago, we lived
in England to do homeschooling in peace with our kids. We worked three jobs. I worked on a job at night shift, in a home
for elderly people. My wife worked two jobs during the day, in
a health food store and in an organic clothing store. And we were desperate men. We didn’t see each other. We were broke. We had additional support from the government
because we couldn’t feed our kids with the 3 jobs, working 24/7, almost, you know. We couldn’t afford to buy proper food. Organic food is important for us. We were really, like, we were so broke and
we were desperate. And the worst thing was that we envisioned
that it would be going on for the rest of our days, you know. So there was no improvement in sight. So this is why I feel like stuck. We were stuck in this life, in this rat race,
in this 9:00 to 5:00 rat race. And this is, by the way, my family. I forgot the slides. For those who haven’t met you. And we were stuck with that, and we desperately
wanted to change, but we didn’t know how. And then, very frequently, while my wife was
working at the health food store, people asked us about the plant-based diet, the raw food
we were eating with our family, getting some advice from us. And this, after the 20th, 30th person asked
us, we just started a website called The Rawfood Family. And pretty soon, a lot of people followed
us because I was really passionate just about educating parents, about educating individuals,
how to heal eating more organic, healthy, raw foods, avoid sugar, white sugar, avoid
gluten, avoid meat, no alcohol. That’s at least my take. I had the best parties not being drunk. I know you don’t like, because it was all
about getting shots in the evening and stuff. So you can have so much fun, that’s another
belief I’d love for you to hack. You don’t have to get shots to have an awesome
time. It’s not necessary. You can be so much… Well, anyway, we get started online, and then
people asked us to share recipes. “What do you eat if you eat like raw foods
or healthy foods?” So we created a recipe book. We successfully sold that, and we slowly build
a business. However, it was really slow. But, and this is my inspiration to your guys,
we decided, from England, to just let go of everything we ever owned there and to move
to Costa Rica. Our business was doing like… We have one Tica here in the room from Costa
Rica. Our business did not justify this. I mean, it was insanity. It just seemed like a good idea at the time. Our business was making a couple of hundred
dollars a month, maybe if we were lucky, like $600, $700, $800 a month on a family of 5
people living in England. Some guys are from England here. This is not a lot of money to feed a family. We decided, based on pure faith and trust,
to just let go of everything and fly the heck out of this situation, go to Costa Rica, and
trust that our business will provide for us. That was our big… the biggest step of faith
we ever did. And so we sold the car, which was funding
the plane ticket. We bought the plane ticket. We went to London Heathrow Airport this one
morning, it was in March 2010, it’s not that long ago, guys. We were standing there in Heathrow Airport
with $500 in our pockets. My wife was pregnant with number four, we
had nowhere to go, there was just one way in going to Costa Rica. And then we wanted to check in, and then the
guy or the lady there at the counter told us, “Well, you’re not going to fly to Costa
Rica.” The passports of the kids are not valid to
get ESTA. We had to go through the United States. And I don’t want to go into that too deep,
but we were not allowed to get on this plane because of passport issues. Man, this was like a bad movie. That was like a nightmare. My wife faded on the floor. We were like screaming. We were begging on our knees, honestly. I was calling New York immigration and said,
“Guys, please, please, let us on this plane. We need to go there.” You know, there was no way. I saw the plane took off without us. And the best part was, it was nonrefundable
flight tickets. We didn’t afford like not to save. So the money was gone. It was like $5000, $6,000, which was so much
money for us back in the day. We’re standing with $500, London Heathrow
Airport, nowhere to go, and my wife, really, I was afraid of my wife because she was so
out of her mind, you know. And then, I will not forget this, this was
my little son, Jaros. He’s holding his little sister here. He looked me in the eye and he said to me,
“Daddy, don’t you worry, we’re going to get to Costa Rica.” And he said this with so much strength and
with so much heart that that had cheered me up for some reason. It cheered me up. And so we just get into a hotel and paid. Now, half of the $500 were gone for the hotel
night, and I was just sitting there like biting my nails, “What can we do?How can we make
this happen?” And I did, which was, for me, the unthinkable. You have to see that I never had support from
my family. I always took pride in that almost so that
I could always take care of my family myself. We were doing, like, homeschooling, we were
doing, like, this vegan diet, plant-based, we were letting go of our secure jobs to go
on a new country, with no money, whatsoever. Our parents could not understand, and I have
total understanding for that. I’ve been not talking in years to my father. They also don’t have really a lot of money
or something. So I’ve never got support from my father,
and there was no connection, whatsoever. And I did the unthinkable, I call up, this
night, my father and did what was like, I could never have imagined to do that. I called him and said, “Daddy, please, for
the love of God, I never asked anything of you.I never asked anything. We always did take care of ourselves.But for
once in my lifetime, please, daddy, help us. I need you to borrow me that money so I can
fly my family the heck out of this situation.And I’m afraid Katie, my wife, has a miscarriage.Please
help us, please.” And my daddy, he didn’t even blink with his
eye, he just said, “I’m going to help you, son. Where do I have to transport the money to?” You see what happens if you’re willing to
get so uncomfortable? Manifesting your dream, getting over this
thing that you’re afraid the most that is standing between you and your goal. If you just go there, magic can happen. And I told my daddy, “Daddy, this is great. Thank you so much.But it’s not going to work
that way. If the person who purchased the plane tickets
is not the one who’s taking the plane tickets, you have to show up at the gate tomorrow morning,
4 a.m.” We couldn’t afford to be long in that hotel. And he said, “No worries, I’m going to get…right
now, I’m going to pack my stuff together, I’m going to get to the train station, fly
over to London, and see you there.” Four a.m. the next morning, my father was
at London Heathrow Airport, and we were flying out of London. And to the day, I paid every dime back with
interest with all the travel expenses. We have the most amazing relationship. I’m very much looking forward to seeing him
this summer in Germany. This healed the relationship I had so bad
for years with my father. And it transformed the life of me, of my kids,
of so many people we could touch after that. Because from there on, really, our life took
off. And now, we have, like, you know, all the
freedom, all the financial freedom we ever need to do good things with the world. So this is my story, and the inspiration here
is, again, guys, if you’re just willing to do what is absolutely necessary, if you get
into the thing that you fear the most, I’ve seen this in my own life but also with clients
I help with, magic can happen, truly. So you just have to be willing to get really
uncomfortable. And sometimes, you have to get real down to
get to this point, which, for me, was being, you know, in London Heathrow Airport. But now, I would like to…you know, if we
can do this, if we can do this, coming from social poverty, you know, having, like, slave
jobs, no education, no rich parents, and now having a life that is so awesome, changing
the world, what the fuck can you achieve? So I have seven rules I applied in our life
and I would like to give to you now to achieve absolutely anything you want in your life. So, number one, you got to do something you’re
absolutely passionate about. You got to love what you’re doing. You should not have a job that just pays well
or gives you fame or any of that crap. That’s not… what, in the end, counts is
that you do something your heart is calling you for, you feel very strongly about. That’s the essence of creating a fulfilled
life. And you want to only create abundance and
fame with something you love. You want to be loved for who you are and not
for who you think you have to be. So you have to be passionate about what it
is that you do, number one. Number two, you have to believe it’s possible. You have to believe your dreams. Don’t listen to your parents, to all the people
around you. They will all tell you, talk you out of it. I’ve been there so many times, people are
going to talk you out of that. You got to believe that it’s possible. You got to believe that you are meant to do
something more. So it’s not just…it’s nice to think about
it, but you really got to, again, affirm. It’s like a ping pong game in your head, you
know. Some part will tell you it’s not possible,
and you just have to move into your gut again and believe it’s possible. Then anything can be achieved. Number three, you have to look forward, not
backward. The sentence I always like to share here is
like, “Do not allow the person you have been yesterday to define the person you want to
be tomorrow.” You see, don’t live a life looking in the
back mirror of your car while you’re driving. It’s dangerous, man. You know, you’re going to hit something in
front of you. So you got to allow yourself that the thoughts
you think today, the feelings you have today, they’re going to shape your reality tomorrow. We’ve heard from other speakers about that,
and it’s so true. I was envisioning myself traveling the world
with my family, having financial abundance, doing something with meaning while I was totally
broke, not even buying food or able to buy food for my family and having this shitty
job there. I knew it’s going to happen, so you got to
look forward to where you want to go. This is also a really crucial point. The next one is you need to be allowing yourself
to get support. Don’t do this by yourself. All the speakers you’re going to see here,
nobody of them has done it by themselves. So you have to allow, in various different
way, to get support from people you love, but also from professionals. And there, again, you know, for me, investing
in something, being so broke, it was like, we took a loan, basically, to start the business,
you know. And that was so fearsome because you just
don’t know if it’s really going to work out. You have to trust, man. If you think this is the right direction,
go for it. Get support. The next thing is that you have to check your
relationships. You know, the path that we are all in here,
creating more beauty and abundance into our life, is a path of transformation, of drastic
transformation. So there will be people close to you right
now who cannot follow you. You’re showing a mirror to them about what
can be achieved. They’re uncomfortable with that. They want to keep you where you are. Parts of yourself want to keep you where you
are. So you have to find… this is why we’re here
in Awesomeness for, aren’t we? To find new friends. So this is very important, you have to be
willing to let go. Either way, you recalibrate friendships, you
take your friends with you, and if it’s not possible, you will have to just let go, okay,
and find new friends. Trust there’s always new. This is why it’s so easy for us to let that
go, because I just know there’s an affirmation that served us very well, why we never hold
on to stuff. You know, I just have barely, you know, some
more clothes like I have on my body. I just know, when I need new clothes or something,
I’m just going to buy them or they’re going to just be there, or when I need something,
it’s just going to be there. I’m going to buy it or get it or I’m going
to manifest it. And then, if I don’t need it, I just let it
go. It’s the worst thing you can do, always with
trying to hold on to things by thinking, “Oh, they might come handy at times.” That’s the worst thing. And then those things were going to end up
in your cellar and the attic and everywhere, and you’re going to be cluttered. And how do you expect to get new things in
your life if your life is full with old stuff, you know? Think about that. Got to be willing to let go. And the last thing, and this is, you know,
really tied to the story, you got to be willing to move into your fear. And this is really a difficult one. Most often, it only happens if you get so
uncomfortable, if you suffer so much that the fear is not holding you back anymore. I’d love…to me, I always like this because
we have been doing this so often, you know. The sleep going to Costa Rica, back in the
time, I can’t think of something more…I would be more… being here on stage, I was afraid for. But, now, I’m here, you know. Now, I’m here. So, I see, I embrace. If something, you say, “Oh, hello, fear.Hello,
my friend. Come on. Let’s give you a hug.” That’s a nice way of seeing it, you know. Embrace your fear and just move along with
it, and move into it and it’s going to transform. This is just how it works. And the last one, of course, we’ve said this
before, I just want to highlight, it’s about being grateful. If you want to achieve more beauty and abundance
in your life, you got to be willing to find reasons today you’re grateful for today. If you’re only thinking about, “I want to
achieve that. I’m unhappy here where I am right now,” you’re
going to create more of what you’re unhappy about. So you got to be willing to find reasons you’re
grateful for today. And if it’s just the sunlight on your skin,
or having great company, being at this awesome event, gratefulness is the most transformational
power there is on Earth. Okay, these were my seven rules, and I have
to end my talk, which is really a short talk. I would like you all to stand up for me. Please don’t let me alone. It’s the first time I’m doing this. So please stand up. It’s just a little exercise. I want you to close your eyes for now and
take a deep breath. Take a deep breath in. Close your eyes and I want you to connect
with your dream, with what it is that makes you feel better. And if you don’t know this precisely, I would
like you just to connect with the possibility, with the direction your dream is unfolding. So you don’t have to know it per se but just
connect with the feeling of having more meaning in your life, having all the abundance, being
able to do what you want to do because you want it and not because it’s cheap, to touch
lives, to change lives. Where would you be waking up? What would you be doing? Feel into this, sink into this feeling, connect
with it, be that feeling, and now expand from there. Trust and know that the person next to you,
to the right and to the left, to the front and the back, is in the similar space. I get this video up on YouTube, we will have
ten thousands of people watching right now, being in the same space. We are all connected with our dreams, with
our hopes, with something that makes us feel good. Are you there, guys? Now, I would like you to open up your eyes
again, and I would like you to cheer loudly if you think, do you think that this is possible? – [Everyone] Yes. – Yeah, whoa, good. Ladies, again, good. Do you feel awesome? – Yes. – Yeah. Thank you, guys. Bye-bye.

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86 thoughts on “Achieving anything you want | Ka Sundance

  1. Lieber Ka & Familie,

    Ich bedanke mich herzlich fuer diesen AWSOME TALK und moechte Dir und Deiner Familia dafuer gratulieren das ihr euren Traum, trotz einiger chanllanges, erfuellt habt. Einfach nur toll und Hut ab!!! Du hast mir aus der Seele gesprochen und mir kamen bei deinem Talk direct die Traenen, nicht weil ich traurig war, sondern weil ich das erstemal in meinem Leben das gefuehl hatte mit diesen inneren Feuer nicht alleine zu sein :). Ich fuehle mich so wahnsinnig erleichtert und werde, ohne Ruecksicht, nur noch nach Vorne schauen und meinen Traum erfuellen ohne irgend welche Schuldgefuehle gegenueber Familie und Freunde. Auch ich wohne in England seit 14 Jahren und wie Ihr,  fuehle ich mich total 'stuck' und habe gerade vor Kurzem meinen Mann versucht davon zu ueberzeugen alles zu verkaufen, das Haus vermieten und einfach diese weite, wunderschoene Welt zu erleben.  Ich danke Dir fuer die Erwachung meiner inneren Kraft!!!! Ich wuensche Dir und Deiner wunderschoenen Familen alles, alles Gute & Erfolg mit Euren weiteren Traeumen und freue mich schon jetzt auf Euren weiteren Blog etc. with love & light Carmen xxx

  2. Love To You and All your Family! Simply Awesome… You are so aligned with Source Energy. … So It Be… Love and Blessings To You And All Your Loved Ones ♥♥♥

  3. I am at a stage in my life where I am moving forward through my Fear! And living in a state of GRATITUDE! Thanks for sharing!

  4. It is no mere coincidence that I saw this video today. I shed some tears as I watched and now I too must follow my passion. Thank you for posting this video.

  5. Thank you for sharing with your personal story! I attended Afest in Puerto Vallarta last year. Hope our paths will cross one day. I am based now in Panama and would love to get to know you and your family. Danke schoen und alles Gute!

  6. I am embarking on a similar challenge and thanks a zillion for reminding me that the Universe wants to love and support my passions to heal!!! Praying for you. I want to give wellness retreats in Costa Rika at Anamaya…. lol its all LOVE!!!

  7. Thanks a lot you guys for such motivation towards achieving every dream that might have been sounding impossible but with such advice it is very possible.

  8. Oh Ka, I have to say thank you so much for sharing your intense family (hi)story of London Heathrow Airport. I can imagine the scenes quite well and it made me cry. Man, this sounds so remarkable.

  9. Without going to deeply into it, I voted thumbs down. You didn't inspire me at all, but you did remind me about a few basic principles I need to follow. By the way, here you preaching eating healthy and being all natural but there's nothing all natural about tattooing your body and wearing a wallet chain (which are for those who are scared their wallet/money will be stolen). "Fashion you say"? I say it's more fashionable to check the details on your passports if you're gonna take your babies on a one way trip to another country to live without any money. You might wanna start dotting your I's and crossing your T's. Bluntly, your story here reeked arrogance and ignorance and if daddy didn't bail you out, I hope you had sown enough other seeds you could've reaped but I doubt it from your so called "How To Achieve Absolutely Anything You Want"  speech here.   Not my cup of tea.

  10. Right there, he said it, support! We all need it but are sometimes too afraid to ask or it's the wrong kind of support. Keep banging the drum 'til the right person or help comes along…NEVER give up.

  11. so he got his father to pay for his lifestyle…wau, he's amazing, what an inspirational speech!!
    I'm blown away – nothing comparable with half of the people in your family being killed and having no food to feed the young ones and the parents and grandparents dying of starvation … maybe should ask them if they can pay for my flight ticket to Costa Rica..

  12. My son and I are going to move to Costa Rica in about 4 or 5 years. I am planning on selling all my stuff and just go. My passion is helping and healing people and animals. Right now I don't know how we will do it but where there is a will there is a way. I really feel it is where I am meant to be.

  13. I appreciate what he and the group trying to do, that is to touch life. Whatever the reason and how that going to be beneficial to them or the group, I guess arises from the miseries that standard normal life (doing what everybody is doing) provided. I don't think "touching life" was the original objective, but touching life was the result of what they did to get out of that standard normal life miseries.

    What school and government institution made us believe you need the system first to qualify you (certificates), then to allow you go to their preferred profession (what qualification qualify for what job), and making sure what they pay you go back into the system by means of charges on everything you used (beside air we are paying for everything else). Of course the system include security like law and order, but seriously who are they actually protecting? The system is so successful, that we fear to step out of the system. When we know how the huge corporation works and how they are actually behind the government backing them, all we see is how I, the only one, goes against the huge institution that runs everything around my life.

    I think the question here is not if you have a daddy who is willing to help. I think the question is which is you, existing or living? Everybody who breath exist and alive. Is everyone who breathes living life? Many might ask, what is living life? To make it simple, cut the story short, the common result of living life is happy, joy, comfortable, peaceful, sure, clear, clarity and knowing. What kind of people tend to be living life? They believe in themselves more than anything else. They trust their own feelings. They trust their own instinct. Most of the time, they have this "knowing" and they trust what they know seldom question their knowing with standard scientific knowledge. No matter what happens around them, will not really interest them or have any important for them to stop and ponder, they just do what they love and most passionate about doing. Even walking into a competition where there are many competitors, they know already if they are gaining experience or winning before the results is announced.

    Ultimately they are extremely focus on what they are good at because they enjoy doing it, they love doing it, most of time they don't care if it makes money or not. The rewards are the satisfaction achieved in doing what they loved. However, when others achieve the satisfaction from what they did, monetary return would be the result.

    There is one secret that set you not look outside. What we see or read is outside, is over, is done, is completed, is the result, it is not yours, it can never be yours. Every human if you think you are a intelligent being compared to animals then uniquely you should KNOW. Just to be frank with you all animal knows. There is no school, hospital in the animal world, they know how to hunt and they know how to heal themselves if they felt sick. Therefore, every human suppose to KNOW too. Don't try to look elsewhere for that, as it is born in you and only you. Learn how to ask yourself what you want to know about yourself or anything you wished to know. Be sensitive to everything that make you aware, that alert you, sudden rush of enthusiasm, sudden overwhelming joy, anything that inspired you, these are the ways what you want to KNOW delivered to you. Do be patient don't force yourself to think too much, let it happen, because it comes when you least expected it, and when it comes you know that's the answer to what you are asking.

    I found all the above knowledge from youtube, let say I have been asking questions about life all my life. Youtube is the channel where answers reveal to me, but many came in other form, like a story I heard, a situation, a movie or speaking with a stranger. The more educated you are the less likely you will believe the above information. But I will not argue or try to prove my point, with anyone if they don't believe. The result of what I get will only received and enjoyed by me. It will not in anyway benefit any outsider be it how close he/she is to me. But is it important for me to prove myself? I know what they see is still controlled by what they want to see. So the point is we all have control over our life and how is it that we want to live this life.

  14. Ka,…..I've seen you before on YouTube….you're such a big "goofy decent dude"…you're like a "big innocent tremendous miracle"….if you can do it….TRULY ANYONE CAN.

  15. Absolutely!!! Your story touched Me…I so have been in the facing your fear(s) position! Bless you and thank you for your positive sharing! 🙂 xo

  16. Great testimonial, If you listen to the meaning of what is being projected, there is no language barrier…..when you come ready and open the law of attraction to what you believe is possible starts to take shape. This is a great story to be told, I find it so interesting that people who cannot find nothing nice to say in these comments are the ones that need it the most.

  17. Absolutely fantastic story. Love it. This guy was "Inspired And Unstoppable" (is the title of a good book as well) and realized is dream and more. I especially was touched and liked liked how he described how the difficulty had the side effect of healing his relationship with his father.

  18. Funny, my dad did just about the exact same thing, sold everything and moved abroad thinking 'the universe will provide'. Today he's broke and his health is gone.

  19. Wow, I'm really disappointed in some of the negative comments I've read here. I'm 52 years old – my wife and I got married when she was just 16, and I was 17 (YES we misbehaved and a beautiful baby girl was made). Besides us, only one other person believed we could survive a marriage, and that was her mother. We had a motor bike, a bass guitar, and $5.00 to our names. My mother in-law allowed us to live with her for 9 months while I searched for a job. That was all we needed!! Today we've been married for almost 35 years, have 3 successful children, and 2 beautiful grandsons…. NEVER doubt the power of believing in your self, and the value of just one person lending a helping hand. Obviously not everyone makes it, but how the hell will you ever know if you never try. THANKS FOR A WONDERFULLY INSPIRING TALK BUDDY….KEEP IT UP!

  20. Ha! I'm in Costa Rica right now.

    And I've had many ups & downs in the last 8 months with the same thing – working towards my success while wondering where my next lot of dollars will come from. But it ALWAYS manages to work out and I know the business will too.

    Great speech & very inspiring!

  21. It can take some time to get that desired job or position we may want, as we know. Life is not a straight shot from point A to point B. It will take you thru' curves, obstacles, doubts and failures. Zig zagging all the way. But when we keep to our desired goal and we stick with the plan we have laid out, even tho' we may be taken off the path our determination, commitment and truth will always bring us back to our path until we reach the goal we are going to achieve. You must believe that you deserve it and you must always keep your eyes on that light, which is your goal, in the distance and I will get there.

  22. Videos like this give me great energy, thank you. Take a look at my channel also guys, would love to motivate and touch lives too, give me your feedback.

  23. 'Believe in your dreams; don't let even let your partners stop you!' However ring them the moment you need support.

  24. I like their lifestyle but perhaps they should stop having kids, we're good, we don't need more humans on the planet.

  25. So you have to believe that its possible that your well off parents will help you?i guess in Germany thats something very unexpected no…