I look at my first few years as a trainer is like I was experimenting on a bunch of clients and learning really I actually no joke this is true now I read Arthur Jones you guys know Arthur Jones is so he was inventor of Nautilus equipment and he had done the Colorado experiment with KC Viator and it talked about all you needed to do to signal muscle growth was to go to absolute failure one set and that was it so the whole protocol like Mike mentors heavy duty and all these different workouts were based on that particular philosophy of you just go to absolute failure one set and then you're done for that body part and then moved to the next one so I had this client that I gave it was his name I won't say his last name and this little Japanese dude super nice guy and he wanted to build muscle and so our training sessions worked 12 minutes he'd come in and we'd go to failure like hard on like two or three body parts and I'd send him off on his way and if you're listening right now dude how badass of a session was that for him a 12-minute session where he got to that point power down yeah never told you never told that story before we progress for a grand total of three weeks just bedridden I put him on the hack squat because I was like oh this is the way to do it like I'm this is groundbreaking and I'd put him on like a hack squat and I'd load it up with like five pound weights so that I could strip one off every time you hit failure and this poor dude I mean I'm surprised he didn't get into rhabdo I'm surprising and I'm like you go to failure Blake take another one off keep but anyway so I you gotta step me through Josh you actually so when you interview you you typically do your homework on your guests and you you prepare like questions what is that process like because it's something that we're terrible at we don't know how to do yeah what's your name again yeah Justin and I we try to do that sound just keeps it up all the time what what is what does that look like do you actually like yes spread it all out I mean was it how do you do that yeah yeah man I think interviewing in person is a whole different dynamic so when I do it I bring an iPad and I actually got I was watching Lois house when he first started like 2011-2012 and I was like that's such a great idea just have an iPad with questions and just scroll so that's what I do I pick 10 really good questions and I mean like questions that I've done my homework on like I look back and I see what did their mom's relationship mean to what they do now oh cool you know I'm saying like connecting the emotional dots as to why the hell they get into whatever they're into now that's gonna take some some digging yeah it does and I also I'll say it depends on the guest I'm not gonna name names like sometimes if I just know someone I know their work I probably won't prep for that hard mm-hmm great I'll do like a 2 hour prep right but somebody that I like really respect and I've never met them and I've like been following their work that could be a day like a day oh Wow what did you do did you what did you find out about Justin he's a really romantic guy he's like half heart half sword Wow no Misao so all these years I think people did his homework I think they are hungry for both though I think people love like what you guys do so well is you just draw it with naturally there and I think some people also like the research aspect where it's like well you might miss that in this kind of an environment not to knock this environment cuz this environment feeds people too but I think there is something to be said about that well there definitely is there's been many times where I've interviewed someone interview went great right and I loved it people loved it great great feedback from it but then there was a question that I knew I wanted to get to it I never did it oh my god that would be like that after every podcast yeah so I definitely can I can appreciate that side of the prep where you you're looking for these questions that you want to make sure you get out because there's been more than a handful of times that's happened to us where yeah it was a great interview yeah lots of people enjoyed it loved it yeah they had a great experience but there was a that person is the person want to hear talk about this one thing and I didn't give them that chance to do that god damn it so I think you just got to know your strengths you know ours that's not necessarily our strength our strength is conversational and so we kind of play to that a little bit and and you know it's play in that zone we're comfortable with it we feel we're at our best at it but the other thing you want to consider with podcasting a lot of times when guests are on podcast it's because they've written a book or because they're talking about some researcher and they tend to do the circuit right they tend to go from podcast the podcast yeah and everybody answers the same or ask the same questions it's the same interview each podcast and I don't know about you but I hate that when I see someone that I really respect I'm like oh this person's getting interviewed I can't wait to listen and I listen to anyone like that's everything I will always heard them talk about yeah this is such a great point because I actually listen to shows and I pick out questions that I don't hear on purpose because I want to hear some new right and act if they send me questions have your heads up here a person like sends you questions like would you ask our guest these questions of course know you know and and I'm gonna read your book I'm gonna highlight parts that I think you were really vulnerable in this is what people are hungry for man people want the truth right and they want it as much as possible because our world is filled with lies right so more so than ever now what we can do with Photoshop now and all this social media get an app now that can beautify the out of you in five minutes you could be ugly as five minutes later or thrice he'll have now so I just read a news article the other day where they have there's a couple of developers that are demonstrating that you can use CGI based off of someone's picture and make a video of that person look real and make them say what you want yeah so they did this with Trump right Trump and Obama yeah where they took them and it looks like it's really them and they're saying and it looks like they're talking say I haven't had right meanwhile they're off on some Island golfing virgin means got to imagine if they piss off the wrong people and next thing you know there's a video of you on camera talking about how you like to write more I like I didn't say that but that's what it looks like Wow crazy right you just uncovered a part the onion that I don't think anybody's ever smelled right that I don't know I've never even thought of that being a reality but now with technology that's a reality well and think how hard that will be to police that like how do you control that as fast as things go viral or police no I don't think you can because that's I mean if somebody leaked a video of that looks spot-on to Donald Trump sounds exactly like Donald Trump and you got him saying something like off the wall even crazier than anything he's already said before how quick when you drop that on me that's why he went so crazy you dropped it on Facebook's right and they all said it goes well million not only that but how do you defend that if that's you that's on TV saying that stuff yeah you're gonna come out and say what that's not me it's a fake video that sounds like like nobody's gonna believe that and the people who have the capability of doing that well it's been released now but I guarantee you that that's existed for a little while okay well it's gonna have to be Minority Report style it's gonna have to be thumbprint or you know Retton on the eye maybe too awesome to authenticate the video even that I think you can with isn't it funny I don't know I think it's funny when movies put stuff like that together right when you first watch it's like this is so crazy and then as time goes by you're like oh maybe this could happen what if there was Precog for you getting fat like you could see a year down the road and be like okay I'm gonna adjust it now and it was Precog I can do that I can do that yeah once I meet someone hang out with him for a second I already know right like you're gonna be fat but yeah it's very fascinating a very scary you know the world that we live in it's really a world it's always been that way deceits always been around I think it's just gonna get much C sounds like my yang is that the the darker side cuz we were just talkin all the positive benefits of Technology and then you you know but we're early in the game as far as health and fitness tech yeah I think like for more morality place hasn't the media always been controlled with either a good intention or a bad one totally mhm 100% 100% look up operation Mockingbird that's a real CIA you know plan to infiltrate the the media to use the media to get people to persuade them to particular ways or act particular ways this is these are real things so it's definitely an it sucks when you go down this rabbit hole because then you don't trust anything and you become as we live in the flat earth then you stay exactly start wearing a tinfoil hat but technology represents I mean tech has been around since mankind has been able to put you know two rocks together to develop something it's always been technology its power and power can be used for however you want whether that's good or bad I know you've always been that battle you're a big tech have you read the book irresistible yet no put on your list but I have read inevitable by Kevin Kelley which is the twelve forces that are gonna power technology that's on the list as well but I love it man you have great book recommendations oh yeah yeah I know you'll enjoy knowing what you're into I think you'll do that's a pretty cool book and yeah well just to to think and it's it's opened my own eyes about like so there's a test in there they tell you to do – it's just and there's an app I got I'll look it up for the show notes but that you that tracks how many times you pick your phone up and then how many times you're surfing and that's not including phone calls or any of that so it's like Facebook Instagram you know you know email stuff surfing the web yeah and then track like how many minutes a day do you think we spend actually doing that and it's pretty crazy I would think the data would be scary as is scary because I raised my hand and admit I checked my phone all the time incessantly like if I'm alone I can't just stand in line and breathe right but then sometimes I can I'm like well what's the division between that is it my mindfulness okay well how do I grow my mindfulness and I know how to do all these things but I believe that if we put something on the phone or tag that would remind us to just be with ourselves like almost like a block where we give a password to a friend or I don't know some service would pay for us to not access the device that might be powerful too for mindfulness well I think that's I think the there's like apps like this you're gonna see more and more that's coming where people are gonna realize that it is getting out of control and you don't even realize it like and I love talking to guys that are our age because I feel like we've had the we were before and after they what do they call us it's not the ex generation or whatever they say that we were grew up analog and now we live digital or we were born analog grew up digital so we had both we were able to experience both worlds I think millennial is the most over use term yeah like what does that even mean anymore I'm 1980 so essentially I'm like one foot millennial one foot not no you're not no we're not no we're not no no we're not yeah you are no you're not millenials not til 89 no it's like later 80s the most yeah Millennials later twenties kids yeah yeah you're you're 80 if you're low 80s or 70s you're definitely considered Generation X no no it's after Generation X it's in-between Generation X and the one afterwards which I can't I think it's Generation Y know Y is the youngest right now Y is the youngest and you have those X us which we were in between Millennial then why is that what you're saying yeah okay but yeah we grew up without any of that stuff it's what's most fascinating about it is when you look at the quickness by which technology got adapted or adopted by the world and what I mean by is internet social media cell phones and that kind of 24-hour connectiveness yeah it went from none to everyone so fast Facebook just hit 2 billion users the other day that's almost a third of the world population on Facebook that's one social media so in the book they get into what is scary about this is that we only have about 10 years of tracking we don't know what the long-term effects are this and they do a lot of crazy comparisons to drug addiction the way that you get this endorphin rush when you get a like or a new person who ads to you or somebody talks about you or tags you we get the every time you you open that and you see that on Facebook or on Instagram you get this release and this rush and you and they were engineered so these these tools these apps were engineered to do that to get you addicted to it and we are definitely seeing that these that we are and when I really if I if I have some real true perspective and detach myself from the day-to-day and think about okay what was I doing 10 years ago compared to now and this tool that I now have in my pocket that I'm always attached to I didn't even have that ten years ago and I had my life was fine you know and I'm not somebody who's anti-technology because I of tech and I love where we're going but I am also need to be aware of the dangers of it just I'm also somebody who's Pro drugs – I'm like so I think that pro drug know I am I don't I don't think I think I think that I think it's silly how we have the DARE program when we were younger and you were scared to death yeah you know like I think I think there should be more education around drugs just like there should be more education around this and that's it's more like this okay listen there's lots of cool things about this and you can have a great time with this and it's awesome and there's lots of benefits but then it also can become very addicting because of that and then become aware of that so the book dives into it it draws a lot of parallels to to what we what we know about the the behavior addiction with drugs and what they're seeing with people being addicted to these apps and games and all this stuff that we are now staring into a screen all along just imagining like a guy in a trench coat like you know you want your cell phone back you know some drugs I saw a commercial like that really where it was like a montage of what would happen if like all the apps went away and there was like a black market for you using your phone of course like a drug hit yeah because look at the biology of our limbic brain it thrives off of novelty here like panic right so the limbic brain we are old software and this is brand new right and now novelty does what right colors novelty stimulates dopamine of course that's that's what gets drives us to you seek more of it out and to get more and more novelty what is one of the hallmarks of anxiety dopamine – serotonin – oxytocin it's just dopamine just constant levels of dopamine does is connected to higher rates of anxiety and the fastest growing and now I believe the number one diagnosed eye disorder among people is anxiety it's never been that way before but anxiety is it's this epidemic that no-one's talking about right now and I think I'm talking about it are you I think it's 100% connected to the fact that we are never alone like we used to be like it's always something even we don't work you leave work your email your phone your social media you're talking to people you're constantly turned on all the time and we don't have that there's no balance and so we these anxious disorders and I think the future of health is gonna rest on being able to manage a lot of that and also manage the the psyche that goes along with that and then things tend to fall fall in place this is so powerful yeah it's such a powerful topic well you know it's funny they actually talked about this on a previous podcast where I I speculated I made a comment like you know I would love to see a group of people who are told to have a mindfulness practice whether that's meditation or you know whatever and another group who is given a diet and then a control group and I'd be interested to see who actually succeeds in terms of health and fat loss and stuff like that there actually was a study that they did that with and the mindfulness group had better fasting glucose and better results in terms of nutrition because they were able to kind of dive into the root of the problem because I think we think the root of the problem the poor health is are the actions that we take so like why do i why am i obese why am i why don't why does someone have heart disease why is someone there eating horribly and they're not moving yes those are definitely causing those issues but what is the root behind the eating poorly the root behind lack of activity that's the thing that no one's looking at and that's probably why we're failing miserably at addressing those issues man this is why it's thought then feeling then action either healthier unhealthy but it's the thought and then below that's the belief right so it's like hey what is our society enforcing as far as a belief what do people believe right now do people believe that like things are possible or not and that's the narrative that this social media feeds all the time this is what's going on this is people that are dying this is people that are being assaulted this is what you should be scared of don't eat coconut oil look at this fire look what's going on in Tasmania it's like constantly right so so that's sparking that belief constantly are you are you familiar with the author Eckhart Tolle yeah okay so I'm reading one of my voice just got deep yeah so I'm reading his book right now a new earth and he talks about pain body and this is a form of your ego that thrives off of pain and drama and you know shus problems causing problems and the collective pain body is when you have the you know like a like you know the country of America has pain bodies dealing with the issues of slavery and some of the stuff that we've done in our past and other countries have their own pain bodies but he talks about how our pain body all of the forms of our ego seeks out food it needs to be fed in order to live and our pain body loves trauma it loves bad news it loves hearing bad and if you watch the news it's 99% bad 1% good stuff and remember we're the drivers of media so if we consume what we consume is what they'll produce and when we get angry at the media for feeding that it's on us we're the ones that are consuming it and it's all of us that are just we thrive on all of this bad energy all the time it's collective insane and it sucks you in how addicting is this gay Hendricks talks about this we can become addicted to these stories like constantly right and they just feed our whole life path and then of course that's reinforced by the media so now what what you guys are doing and what good podcasts are doing great podcasts are doing he's talking about a new narrative of what's possible instead of what's dramatic like looks can we get addicted to like positive news network is that possible it is I believe I believe we will head that way and I believe but unfortunately like what it takes for us as a society I feel like we had to kind of hit rock bottom first so I think where we're heading with tech addiction is we still got a ways to go before we start seeing some really bad and we have enough data for the over 10 15 20 years we go oh this is some lives up right here maybe we should do this maybe we should do this and then the pendulum will start to swing back the other way and then you'll see companies like I like the blue I like to believe that we're ahead of the curve with stuff like that we we are planning for the future with where where mine pump is our message we knew it's not set we knew it wasn't sexy we knew that we weren't going to compete with some of the companies right now with the way they market themselves like we can't do that like because it's it's a total different message so that's one of the greatest challenges that we're in right now is you know how do we continue to scale this business knowing that the that we're not ready yet I know we're I mean I think we're ready because I know this message needs to get out but are we as a whole when you look at the hand I mean we talked to the collective is the collective ready right yeah I think they are in a subconscious level I think we all are don't we all know when we just like someone existential energy we just know like I like that person that person is truthful and then we know in someone's full of right so I think there are people that know what you're saying is true and they want it but there's a fear narrative right now that says oh that's not possible right and so good outlets like yours like this is why it's such a big deal and I think this is why also podcast is growing people are hungry for this right and they want to get it everywhere they go you know the but they don't know they just find themselves drawn to it but they're not quite sure why right which I find very fascinating I'll tell you what having kids is it's a blessing in many different ways but one of the ways it's a blessing is it's so hard to be objective about yourself like it's very difficult for me to observe what happens to me when I'm too connected to social media when I'm too addicted to it when I'm on my phone all the time when I'm you know not connecting to other people it's very hard to do to to be objective about that right it's very easy for me to observe my kids very easy to for me to see what happens and I'll tell you what I have two kids two young kids and I can clearly see a change in their personality and behavior when they're on their iPads or on their phones or watching YouTube or whatever for longer than like 40 minutes it is clear as day I'll take them on a vacation somewhere it will have no electronics and they're different children within two or three days but there's a withdrawal period that they go through well we had the same thing with TV and you know like there's been a history of like new novel things like kids get like super sucked into and that's totally something that we are gonna it's gonna be a challenge going forward with like removing that and because they're gonna get in school you know there's no more paper everything is on the iPad everything is on the phone so it's like to not address it and pull it away from them it's great I think like my battle with that is to you know keep it out of there it's not a necessity that they need right now you know as long as possible if they don't need it if it's not something that they're using at school yet you know let's let's try and get you to play and be a normal kid and and get outside and be a queer here's up here's a high thought for you what what if what if what if we're wrong and that's actually the natural progression and evolution of how how the future us is supposed to be and where those of us that are trying to be disconnected are the old barnacles and those those that are on those gonna have the forward thinkers are like why we need to be more connected because I can multitask and do all these other things and become more of like one and maybe a bridge this isn't maybe were maybe we're resisting it maybe were the rebellion it shouldn't be maybe we're supposed to be getting more connected and sudden turn into Darth Vader I think think about that for a minute I think kind of a scary thought though right think about it for a minute I mean if that's true it I don't want that to because I because I know what happened to our morality into our quality of life man it would have rode like a cliff like how fun would life be if everything was connected to everything else and there was never any separation you say that but you guys see the new movie that's coming out with Steven Spielberg player1 think of that think of the the and you see it and that just the preview made my wheels like start spinning I guess that's what future that's what you said it's the evolution that we're resisting it's the inevitable level usos is what this is what sparked this conversation for me was that I just saw that preview and I thought man what if it is like that and they make it sound so cool because the the virtual reality world we can do things that we can't do here we could take risks with our lives inside this connected world and it's so real finally deteriorates real but the beauty of it is we you and I could be race car racing Lamborghinis on sides of cliffs and you push me off and then it just blows up and then I wake back up but I felt like the experience like I was really there doing that talk about a run out now we're going down right my consciousness and in a big way mind pump wellness force its consciousness rising up so is consciousness present when you're in that simulation where you're driving and crashing I think it's still present I think this is always present if we take it to the next level what's the ultimate progression of that let's say that they do come out with technology that lets you plug in and experience games and your playing things and you're living these things out and then you can unplug and then what's the next progression of that when you that gets boring when that gets when you get sick and tired of that when you want the next thrill the next progression the next natural progression is to plug in and forget that you're plugged in to actually think you're in real life which would which would resemble which would resemble what we're in right now the simulation what we have thought to be or thought of what the and tried to fathom or con put together in our minds right what would heaven would be like this this fantasy of everyday I could do whatever I wanted to whatever level to whatever stream with no fear right like that is is that the the most ultimate piece and are we evolving in that direction are we just finding it dude isn't that what we're all trying to be aren't we all trying to operate every single day from just a place of love like you're saying so we're all doing our very best to make this heaven on earth some people are really good at it yeah some people not so good so how do we become more good how do we become great at it I think one of the first things we need to do is become much more aware and I stopped identifying with our thoughts or what we think because that is your your thoughts can fool you they can make you believe that you're anxious when you're not they can make you feel worse when you don't feel bad you know I had a conversation with a client the other day and she was telling me about how she had a real tough day the other day because she was really craving this cookie at a party and she'd want to eat it and and she stressed over it I said why you stressing over so a little because I wanted it but I couldn't have it and I said well you can have it if you want to and she's like what do you mean I said if you want you can have it you chose not to have a cookie but the creation that in your mind the illusion that you can't have is what's giving you that problem what's giving that stress then we went a step further and she said well I have this craving I said well what's the craving how is it different from hunger and she tried to explain it to me and I said what's wrong with feeling of craving and why are you running from that it's really about awareness I'm using a simple example in Fitness because that's what we work in but I think when we can start understanding that we are the observer behind the thoughts then a lot of our issues will will go away but once we become our thoughts we become what we think and who we think we are that's when we get a lot of these problems because really if you look around at the problems that plagued mankind hey listen you know what let's let's take let's make it simple because we're all in the fitness realm let's talk about fitness and health okay you're obese you know what you need to do why aren't you doing it it's very simple right but it's not easy why is that because we are not understanding that we're the observer behind those thoughts we're identifying with these thoughts and you can have all the information in the world telling you how you should eat and what you should do but if you don't understand that you're the observer behind those thoughts it ain't gonna happen it ain't gonna work for it's gonna be very short-term and so I think that and obviously we're topped very esoteric with my speak now but I think until humans can get to that point it's always gonna be problem are gonna kill each other over you know artificial you know fake lines in the sand and we're gonna fight over resources when we have 20 we're gonna do a bunch of crazy that doesn't make any sense could you imagine an alien species coming down and analyzing mankind they'd be like why do these women have salt bags attached to their chests this woman had him on the backside of her pelvis they would they would look at us in the urge they'd look at us and be like wow they're suffering from collective insanity yeah they did not realize that they could all just be cool there's levels to this though I think there's there's a lot of levels to this and a lot of layers it's not I don't think I mean when Sal says that he says it so eloquently right and it rolls off so nice that's like yeah just ask yourself why yeah I'm saying but what I have found is every you know you got to get through those layers and if and just keep asking yourself why and that's for everything right why do I want to look this way why do I want to feel this way what is it why why why why and eventually you'll start to get it to the root of it right because it's not what you think it is most people think it's like oh because I have this wedding in in six months like that's why you want to get in shape no think dee why does why do you care about the way you look go into that way look at all like these motivational speakers like you're Tony Robbins and like how quickly they can cut into a lot of people's like issues or they just you you say something and then he just asks you why whose love did you want more your moms are your dad's people are lies yeah and then keeps going and going and going and then these people just they can find that that that thing that there's driving their all of the thoughts in their their focus it's really and normally we find out that the the motives are unhealthy when we really dig deep and we find out why I want to look or feel this certain way normally the the the motives are not right and that's where you need to get you where you need to do the work it's not so much the exercise or the eating piece it's the relationship with yourself and so we talked about this whole time that it's working on the relationship with yourself then working on the relationship with food and then you work on the relationship with exercise yeah and in that order like you have to first work on your relationship with yourself how do you view yourself and why do you view yourself that way and then you work your way over to food because I think that's the other thing people look at food and they go oh I can't have this like Sal was saying that's gonna make me fat like no cookies don't make people fat that's not how that works but why do you why do you identify with cookies make you fat like that why is that you know and diving into that to get them to help start to look at their relation with food when you start to connect those dots then you can start connecting the dots of how you feel when you eat certain ways right so when you when I eat really healthy it's amazing I sleep better I have more energy my skin is better I'm in a better mood I feel stronger in the gym but you can't do that until you break through these layers right so that's we talk a lot about this on the show but it's a lot of people I think are on the first layer and you got to kind of get through each one before you get to this point where eventually were intuitive eating right and we're intuitive training you're doing what's best for your body because you want to do what's best for us all right along those lines of intuitive with your food you know this kind of dawned on me a while ago and since then it's now been confirmed by other professionals in the in the fitness sphere who I respect greatly and a long time ago I examined the the advice to drink tons of water from the fitness industry we love to tell people drink tons of water all the time that's drink and it's the brilliant get general state really what the advice supposed to come from was don't drink drink anything but water but then it turned into drink lots of water and somehow that's magic and people would ask me how much water I should drink and I dived into it and I realized that your body's thirst signals when they're accurate when you know how to read them are very accurate they're very very they will tell you when you need water this is true for hunger and this is true for cravings for the types of food you should eat and so when you throw everything off by ignoring signals by being an environment that's you know tons of electronic light all the time so you don't understand the circadian rhythm is off by being constantly in these low moderate levels of stress by not paying attention to signals that your body's telling you and considering them normal like I'm always bloated I always have gas I always have you know heart burn my skin issues are just it's just the way I am its genetic by the way genetics is one of the worst things we best and worst things we've ever discovered it's great because we've learned so much about ourselves and it's horrible because it's given people a wonderful excuse or everything right there's always a duality man always right so you look at genetics and it's a science that can transform how through knowledge but then also people can use it as an excuse to be just like their parents that's right well so what do you choose well I just got used I just got a message literally an hour ago from someone on Instagram who she just listened to episode I think 568 where I talk about how the connection between diet and acne and how I said you'll be hard-pressed to find a dermatologist that will tell you that your food intake has anything to do with acne or skin issues most of them will say no there's no connection whatsoever this lady had had eczema since she was 10 years old and every single dermatologists and doctor she'd been to had said food has nothing to do with it here's these steroid creams here's these pills and that's how you can do she listened to our episode did some things with her diets for her ketogenic diet was the thing that worked she went ketogenic eczema gone for the first time since she was 10 years old Wow in her entire life and again these are signals that were not we're ignoring but not purposefully because we never learned how to run anywhere we've never learned how to read them in the first place once you understand and learn how to read them the reason why intuitive eating is so easy is because then you can just listen to your body and your body evolved these systems to prevent you because I think a lot of us are we had the misconception that these signals of our body is to drive us to eat as much food as possible which is false this is false because eat too much at one sitting and you get sick you mess up your gut and if you eat too much you also get sick over a period of time we know this we see it all the time these are signals that we evolved with and these signals of our body will tell us when we eating too little when we're eating too much what we need to eat and when we need B when we need to eat these that's how that's literally how accurate your body can be if it's imbalanced because it's out of balance and these signals are all over the place you can be as conscious as you want about what you need to eat we know okay that my first meal is this and these are my macros and you ain't gonna win you're gonna be fighting signals that are telling you to do different and they're all whacked and your jerk you can't read them you don't know what's going on people will get cravings for look if you have a nutrient deficiency may give yourself a magnesium or calcium deficiency and watch what you crave you'll be it'll be it'll be interesting you'll crave flavors that correlate to calcium and magnesium you might not get them because now those flavors correlate to other things like for example sweet does it necessarily mean vitamin C anymore but it used to it used to mean vitamin C me used to mean that there's nutrients in this food that's sweet and so now I know when I'm craving these types of things but it doesn't happen anymore it's all over the place and our body doesn't know how to read half the signals that we send it I can eat a food that's got a mixture of salty sweet and fat and this hyper palatable food that never would have existed in nature chocolate-covered pretzels exactly exactly exactly so n right inner fat cat alert yeah so then the reset becomes how do we emotionally and physically reset ourselves you could do it through of a pasta na you could do it through a training program everyone needs a reset from time to time there every human being my advice is step one is fix your sleep if you if you don't fix your sleep you're gonna have a tough time handling anything else yeah that's number one quality and quantity are both important and it starts with you've got to treat your sleep like you would treat anything else in your life that's extremely important you treat it with you prepare for it you have a routine you treat it with respect you don't just crash a lot of people also confuse sleeping hard with sleeping well sometimes you sleep hard because you're so exhausted that you just pass out I mean could give you you know I could give you anesthesia that'll make you pass out but you're not gonna wake up and have you know be rested and now the same thing with sleeping pills this is why people do so much hard sedatives because they just can't go to sleep otherwise why do so many people pound beers to go to bed right it's because their life is just completely out of whack look our body's giving us Clues all the time right so your body's gonna tell you like hey you're exhausted today or you're not having a good relationship today so the only way it's going to course-correct is by you taking time out and unfortunately unless you're self aware which you've talked a hell of a lot about you're not gonna take the time out and a lot of parents that might be listening you're like well yeah we can't take the time out we have kids I bet you if you looked at your life and you were honest and took a real inventory you could partition resources if it was meaningful enough through you do so oh well you and I know this for sure I know you guys don't know who's we've all been trainers so we've all combination all of us in here I'm sure it's been thousands maybe ten thousand people that we've actually touched as far as lives always everybody that's ever sat in front of me and said Adam I don't have enough time to work out I just I can only got this much time and once I showed them how to make it part of their life they all say the same thing afterwards oh my god it's like I have more time in the day now it's cuz you become more productive when you're when your body is healthy and you're taking care of it want to move you become so much more efficient like and it's crazy how much more efficient it's not like a little bit this is another thing too we talked about this how many people think that they they feel good like they're there they're their meter is so off because they don't know what great feels like yeah feeling good for them is them continuing to feel their body was always being deprived of certain nutrient no yeah not not exercising the body they're they've gotten if they know how to feel good with their other habits that they've been doing for 10 plus years so in their mind they're good but they don't they've never felt great and once you do once you show them great and they feel great it's like oh let's be great I'm getting way more done most people are just they're just numb they're just so there's a difference between not being dead and being alive there's a very very big difference one is very active and one is just I'm not dead there's a lot of numbing going on with people a lot of numbing with medications a lot of distracting because and they don't know why that's the thing too if you ask them is they don't know why that or why they feel the way they do I mean let's be honest we live in the most plentiful time in all of human history we have solved the major stresses and killers that we've dealt with and yet people are unhappy that's got to be that's crazy to me you know you've got someone coming up I talked to people who are miserable and depressed who have you know ten pairs of shoes and a closet full of clothes and have never known what it's like to not have food for more than a week and have you know they have a roof over the head but why are they so unhappy and they don't know why and I and and we need to help people figure that out and I think that's that's part of becoming aware in terms of finding the time for these things I'll tell you what if you were an investor with money and I told you for every five dollars you gave me I'd give you ten dollars back how much of your money would you give me all of it every time he gave me five bucks I'm giving you ten bucks you're gonna give me all your money because you're gonna make okay that's what being mindful and that's what exercise does for your life for every hour that you put into it you will get two hours back so for however much time you think you don't have the reality is it will create more time for you in better productivity better quality of life more energy I mean the list goes on and on yeah in fact the most successful people in the world will attribute much of their success to being good at those things to being good at being mindful to being good at being consistent with exercise we're talking about Oney Robbins that's one of the things he talks about is this fitness regime it's a very very important part of his life he has made that a life practice that like feels good for him to do he's become in love with the process it's a goal and approach you have a goal you have to get to the goal to be happy or you'd be happy along the way yeah yeah cuz I'm happy along the way so I'm committed anyway really otherwise you're just punishing yourself which I mean I just feel like a lot of people fall into that trap of you know you mentioned these people that like have certain things like cookies like this becomes something that's gonna make me fat and you know and and I'm gonna punish myself for devouring this and having that weak moment and same thing with exercise where you know I'm looking at exercises a way to rid myself of all these evil sins that I did you know throughout the day or it's just this weird mentality we want to punish ourselves we want to be hard on ourselves yeah and instead of really just charging ourselves up in and working out in a way where it's really just it's it's building this energy it's building this extra movement throughout the day that is contagious like it makes me want to move more here's what we have to do if we want to make a true impact on total health and wellness in you know Western societies or in the world is it has to become a part of the culture if it doesn't become a part of the culture it's gonna be very very difficult if you go to China and you wake up at six o'clock in the morning and you go out to the parks that are out there and this is in communist China by the way remarkable if the communist regime did eliminate this from people's lives you will see thousands of people doing Tai Chi in every single morning it is a part of their culture many of them do it because it's part of the culture not realize they've learned a lot from that now my god everybody doing that I'm visualizing all the runners what are the most common facial expressions of runners they're like grimacing they're not loving running it's like it's like you said it's like punishing themselves so how do we make exercise fun and enjoyable everyone's got their own flavor it's making that container open so they can step in it's it's got to become a part of the culture to where oh man I just had a hard day at work I can't wait to go do yoga instead of I'm gonna go get that you'll crack open a beer or drink some well I talked about this on the show all the time that it the wrong people are doing the wrong things right so it's always the opposite some of the cuz they're I do believe there's a place for B SMO there's a there's a place for intensity there's a place for pushing yourself you went through mark Divine's thing there's a place for that there's huge psychological benefits that you get from that but it's funny the people that gravitate towards those punishing type workouts and punish themselves are the ones that are punishing themselves all day at work super high stress super hard on themselves and then they go to their workout that is reflecting the way they live their life 24/7 those people don't eat those need to be meditating and then you got the meditating guys you got the yoga guys that all they do is we own yoga smoke weed and chill and there they're never out of that state it's like you need a little bit of intention you need a little beast boat in your life to go to 20x put down the green juice right right pull-up bar you know it's it's funny we we want to it's something as as as humans we tend to do is we like gravitate to these these boxes everybody we want to put ourselves in a box in a category and it's like you know I identify with this group of people and so I'm going to do these things and we're not into those things and those aren't this is against what we believe in what we say and this is the stuff that we do and you don't venture out of that and it's crazy because yeah there's lots of benefits that you may see for this running or this yoga or whatever it may be but you know it's amazing how much the body needs these little stressors all the time and good and bad ones right sometimes it's it's completely meditating floating like we did today and then other times it's going to like a mark Devine thing and stressing that I think we get so comfortable in our boxes yeah I don't want to venture outside of them yeah and especially in an immediate gratification society delayed gratification is an art form it's an art form that not a lot of people practice and so how do we practice that you could do the 20 acts you could also do have a pasta you could also be on a podcast I mean there's many ways to push your edge right right so how do you guys push your edge right now like what's your biggest edge that you're working on in your life is a business is it I know for Justin we talk about is like meditation right for me it's finding that balance like maybe when I heard you talk about the 20x I am that guy that kind of punishes himself right I worked my ass off I go to the 20 I was laughing as you're talking that's so true man right and so like meditation for me is also a big yeah but but I'm curious about all three of you like what's the edge right now for me right now so for most of my life I've not enjoyed being in nature I've never I've never enjoyed taking adventures where I don't know necessarily where I'm going and things aren't planned out I have a bad sense of direction always fear getting lost I was never the guy that take my shoes and socks off out in the forest and feel the ground and lately that has been the focus of what I have been trying to work on because and I'm gonna be quite honest the person that I started dating somebody and like what happens a lot of times when man fall in love with the girl is they do they don't want to do because they like the girl right so she takes me on this on this road trip and we end up kayaking on Lake Tahoe and we're supposed to kayak to a camping ground and we got lost on Lake Tahoe in a kayak with our camping gear and ended up kayaking for something like eight or nine miles and this is totally out of my comfort zone like I wouldn't be caught dead I'm dead in the water on a kayak in the middle of a lake let alone trying to find somewhere to go then camp or whatever and it was miserable for me but afterwards I remember feeling something different I felt this sense of like man I could really do something like you know I can really do that like this isn't that big of a deal it was tough but I did it and then I noticed the just the rejuvenating effects of being out in the lake and having nothing else but just me another person in nature and so now I've started seeking that out now I'll take my shoes and socks off and walk barefoot on a trail or I'll put my feet in the creek or I'll sit and just with no one around me and just listen and feel I would have never done that a million never done that a million years I'd ask me that why is that yes it's my edge now because it is it is really taking me to the next level and now there's a problem with that and that is that I don't want to identify with it making me better because then I'm gonna do it like I treat other things in my life like I'm not gonna go out and be like I'm gonna go do nature real hard I'm gonna go nature the I'm just trying to observe I'm trying to be aware of the benefits and just be in the moment it really puts me in the moment I went hiking the other day and we were at Castle Rock which is a great great spot up in the Santa Cruz Mountains and there's a couple trails you can get real high and you can sit on the edge of like a cliff and you can see all of Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Mountains now ten years ago I would have never I wouldn't have stepped ten foot ten feet away from a cliff off of an edge or whatever I would have been to like like too anxious but actually sat on the edge of it let my feet dangle off the edge of it and I just closed my eyes for I don't know probably 10 15 minutes and I'm getting things out of it that I'd never thought that I never got from pretty much anything else so right now that's kind of the the area that I'm seeking and I think that's giving me an edge it's giving me better ideas it's helping me work more more productively not necessarily harder but more more productive and I feel more connected to my children so it's it's been a it's been a huge boost to pretty much everything I think we're all kind of similar with the present message I think and I think it's because of our business right like this is this is my first business I turned on my Instagram and my facebook with the intention to build a business around it so I was not a social media guy wasn't I didn't care to do that stuff I've always been a active outdoor nature sports like I've always been that guy right I was always playing basketball or football or wakeboarding or snowboard and like those I was into things like that and I never cared to sit on social media and I never cared about trying to get more friends on Facebook like none of that stuff matter to me I had my friends but when I started this business I I started it with the intention of you know like okay we're gonna build this this business around at that time I didn't know what it was it ended up pivoting over to these guys and mine pump but I did start my social media with the intent of turning it into this business because I had who's someone who I'd met at that time who Taylor who you actually just met he has a pretty cool story on how we met and how this all happened and so I've watched myself over the last four years be consumed by the social media by my phone by the web I never I was never into it like I am now and of course I have justified it because it's my business my livelihood now and so it's been really easy to do that while I've been doing that I've watched my relationships start to suffer and it's it's starting to suffer from people that matter a lot to me you know my girl who's been with me for over six years she's been with me through multiple businesses so she's seen me do something that's totally not even related to you know social media and then watch me do that and see what a difference oh she'd probably be a great person to talk to and asked what that was at what it's been like and I've gotten my obviously feedback from her we have we communicate very well and I know that I have a hard time being present with people that I'm with now that's part of why I love this podcast cuz it forces me to be present and we get to know each other we're talking but outside of here yeah it's really easy for me to grab my phone and start answering emails or messages on social media excuse me whatever so that has been something that I have been working on and I've actually I'm doing certain things with certain people in my life so like I have like my my mom's and I say mom's cuz I refer to my two best friends mom's is like my mom's too and my own mom and then my dad and then I've got my aunt Nicole and then I've got my my girl at home and all of them I feel have suffered and they all mean a lot to me and so there's little things that I've started to do to to create habits to make sure that I stay connected and I never thought that I'd have to do that like it was net like for me to work on relations I'm a very outgoing guy personable I'm very with all my friends have always been somebody you could reach out talk to him I'm always there for everybody but to see me start to disconnect because of the business it's forced me to really look at my habits and my patterns and then start to put things in place to counter that and I'll give you an example with like Katrina something that's really changed the landscape of our relationship since this businesses started you know we we read together once a month we knock a book out and I started at the beginning of the year so every month we knock out a new book we pick it together and then we listen to it on audible and that if I knock a book out that requires me to put X amount of hours and that's how I figured that I was like okay let's set a goal that's realistic because obviously if I was trying to crank out one a week I know I would never maintain that pace with everything I have on my plate but I know I could not go book out with her like that means we set aside a few hours a week every week to listen to this audio book together and you know what it's done is been pretty incredible not only are we growing and we learning together but then it also strikes up a great dialogue you know so afterwards we have these crazy in-depth conversations that remind me of when I first met her six years ago so that's just one thing that I've started to do and for me it's that's been weighing on me a lot is becoming more present with the people that I love and I care about because it's really easy for us to become consumed by these tools it was so powerful because it's exactly how we started this podcast with your core lesson and I know for me like I'm getting so many mirrors from what you just said man because I'm in the thrush of building my business right now and I actually my greatest edge is scheduling fun and scheduling connection that's my greatest edge right now and it's so important because that's what gives me all the positive biology camels that chemicals that my logical brain knows are important but but it's also like we go through seasons in life sometimes you know and sometimes you need to build a castle what it is right but then having that that awareness like you have that's really where I find myself now it's like how do I build a business in a strong Castle but also not lose my emotional health and presence along the way like what does that look well I tell you what this is my mat I attribute a lot of that for me to Katrina because I've relied on her to be patient with me and to give to be that person to give me to be that mirror to give me that feedback because at the very beginning of this I remember looking at her and saying like I know I'm not gonna be the best man I can be right now because I know that I'm going to sacrifice a lot of art just a year before we started this her and I really didn't work for almost a year and we traveled like we Charlie oh so incredible so imagine having a year like that that was like to became the norm like every month we are going so one summer to like a hard winter right exactly yeah winter is coming for sure that's what what happened and you imagine what a shock that was for her you know to have to go through that where you know almost every month my man was taking me somewhere and we were spending days sometimes weeks together in some other country or some beach or whatever and what would an awesome life that we had for about a year there and then okay reality came around said okay it's time for both of us to get our together we've enjoyed we've enjoyed it she went she took a new job where she was gonna be busting her ass I started a new business and we both kind of looked at each other like hey we know that we're gonna have to schedule time for this relationship because otherwise we'll get really focused and so we have to we have these seconds that we have to do and you know at the beginning we didn't and we saw we caught ourselves where we're drifting apart and you know we had this wake-up moment of whoa we actually as much as we love each other as much as we enjoy each other's company because we're so hyper focused on building the castle that you know we got a schedule and stuff and that to me is key that's is starting to do that where I organize those trips those times to the point where I know that she has a trip scheduled for just her and I to get away for three days next month and I don't even know where we're going what it is I just know she's just made sure it's in the calendar I can't put anything in it and so we know that if enough time has gone by that we got a move that has been the most powerful thing I've ever done is like putting things in my phone putting things in the calendar because if they're there I'll actually do them right and then I won't be a victim from my circumstance all right I'll be the victor because I'd like taking proactive control over my own schedule and I think how many people were listening can relate to this like they feel like maybe they're a victim to their schedule and how does that relate to their health and wellness specifically this is a big one it is and I know it seems simple like oh well duh but do it yeah right so if it's so simple then execute on it mm-hm and if you're listening your family uncomfortable well there's two that exactly the other thing to consider is experiences are so much more valuable than things so much more valuable than things and they've actually done Studies on this where they've taken people and questioned them and asked them you know what they remember the most about what you know the last five years and one of the most meaningful things and almost never is it the new TV they bought or the new car or the wardrobe it's always that trip I went on or that class that I took or that thing that I learned over here it's experiences I think on tender but I mean brain I mean all I mean in all its you know take all that take that money that you invest on you know things and you know that coffee every morning and the new pair of shoes and all that stuff and maybe the extra bedroom and you're in the place you're renting take that money and spend it on experiences and watch the quality of your life improve it's funny every time I meet people who travel a lot they seen it I don't know if it's just me I don't you guys ever see this but people who tend to travel at teeth seem to have like this kind of wisdom about them well there's there's other things that come into play there I don't know if it's that's the direct they're getting a lot of novelty when they travel yeah you're also seeing different cultures and like oh wow that's totally normal over here just because we demonize it over here maybe it's not such a bad thing you know you learn you'd learn a lot when you travel not to mention what you you know having to communicate to another person if it's another language like I mean there's a lot that happens on that and I think each person is different because I know that's your experience and that's your narrative that that's how you feel but I think there can be people that can there could be tangible things that are very valuable to them like an extra room that you I mean stuff like that or you know coming from a sneakerhead and you threw out sneakers right there so like I feel the need to defend them that if I do I like things I do come after my hair but if you like the thing or do you like the essence of what the thing brings you is it really about the thing it's not and also it's it what what I was okay so literally this was yesterday I like half castel I was just so what after my shoe boxes start to stack up I order these clear boxes from Amazon I organize all of them right so I'm going through and I'm organizing all my shoes in my spare room and I'm looking and I'm going like what is it about this that I love someone I was questioning myself I always do especially when I I spent the day doing this I'm like I must really enjoy this if I'm like stacking and organizing my shoes by brands and things like that right I'm going through and I'm looking at him like and it what it reminded me I had this moment of being a child and I remembered how I used to sit and collect my baseball cards and I would just look at all of them and I would organize them by team and all these things like that and it's a similar type of a feeling right like the baseball cards that I bought like you know was it really the baseball cards that were so important to me or is it like the essence like you said the whole process of opening it looking at it reading the stats the player no it's not or buying an old classic car that reminds you of when you built it when you were 16 you saved up to summarize things Mustang rad when I was 17 56 genes my heart's like you guys you guys are nostalgia sure they're not explaining things right now what are you guys explaining the SS experience actually we're replicating but what that's what my point of interrupting you on that was that you know it can be for tangible things can be that way for somebody else so because I don't ever want you to come off like oh people that buy things there's something there demonizing that like there's something wrong with that there's nothing wrong with buying things you can buy things and actually get similar Joy's there's nothing wrong with that no no I'm just because you have found that the traveling in kayak no no no I mean I've been wearing you know no I said explorers that don't matter I said experiences just just buying the shoes and having them is not what you enjoy it's the experience of them and so and that's what I said I literally said experiences and that's the thing like I most of the things that people buy are not experiences I can make that statement I can stand right behind it well things people why it's because they just own it's not going to keep up with the Joneses it's not because of experiences and it brings so much better quality of life when you understand that and you spend money on or you invest your money on experiences rather than things so yeah you can buy and you could buy a car you could buy shoes or you could buy the experience of those things which is what you guys are explaining but I think getting to that is that we're both right the key is asking yourself well it's the same thing that I did in that room like I questioned I'm always doing this to my I'm always questioning myself and especially things that I do that are habits or whatever I'm looking my is this a healthy thing like I'm looking at all these shoes am i there's something wrong is there something wrong with me and and and I come to this point which like you know I'm not talking I'm living beyond my means it's not like I'm wasting them I wear them all like and I like them and I take good care of them and it reminded gives me these this this feeling that I had when I was a kid when I collected cars and I'm like I'm not gonna I'm not gonna get rid of that because maybe somebody else thinks that that's a waste of money because they could sell all those shoes and they could travel around the world with that like that so that's you maybe you would want to travel around the world and you have that experience but for me it provides an experience that's very fulfilling right right experiences are very but I mean even circling it back to fitness if we look at the most successful fitness facilities and you know centers and programs the most successful ones are based off of experience absolutely and so it really does it really goes back to that as well I know there's a lot of big box gyms out there that are really really cheap especially nowadays you can get a membership for fifteen bucks a month and have all kinds of equipment accessible to you and they're the the rate of success with these types of facilities is very low compared to the rate of success to smaller facilities that have that experience will do this is why the four walls of the club are collapsing faster than anybody can realize because you know sources like peloton with their virtual cycling and rush and all these different studio experiences in your house yeah on a massive 3 directly to you competing and gamifying with everybody in different states across the United States what I mean you can't compete with that if you're a club for 15 bucks if you're Planet Fitness and you can't make loud noises and you can't actually be in a gym yet you can get an incredible experience connected across if you're a gamer and you know like call of duty and then all of a sudden now you have online capability right talk to your buddies and you're shooting people together yeah so much better but then this US ties into falling in love with the process like working out should be joy and fun not like misery and pain although sometimes that's kind of fun too so but but tying in this like virtual component it's such a big deal now in this world like this is where we are yeah ok it's here whether we like it or not and so I think these successful clubs that are leveraging tech and that are giving people like an in-home experience or look at what orange theories doing or I was just gonna ask you what your let's dive into that I love talking about business like this what do you think about you know businesses like orange Theory what obviously we know they're doing well they're one of the fastest growing companies right now in Fitness they're up to I think I think it was like 700 and something locations I read something ridiculous right so they you know I just read an article I think it was in Forbes talking about them and how fast they're growing so they're exploding but then I wonder you know how long will that last when you're seeing other companies like you're talking about that are creating the same experience in your home for probably a lot less well if you can create the essence let's so cool we've talked about the essence right if you can create the essence outside the club or outside the group fitness studio bring that same environment to somebody competing on their own through a device maybe even like VR right what about a HUD headset that delivers VR somebody's running and they're in the class even though they're physically not in the class that's the kind of experiences I think are coming and vaynerchuk's been talking about this for years all right okay the VR component is well on its way it's already being integrated Facebook just augmented reality augmented reality it's all here it's like well when is it gonna be here it's like it's already here yeah so I think that's where we're going and I think when we look at Orangetheory and like peloton and this transfer of power right now the ivory towers have shown cracks for a long time dude in the fitness space these big-box clubs are dying a slow death and they're frenetically scrambling to try to go God can you see them go yeah you see I love wide only can see them I hear them when I go to Ursa I understand what they're saying cuz like they're trying to figure it out like what Justin's created and this acts on like this is the kind of training tools people need because it actually connects why the hell someone would do it in the first place and show them progress on a long term they can connect with people about it that's what it's all about man there's no joy in running on a treadmill by yourself and making an X on your calendar at home it doesn't exist so I think that's what they're doing well is they've they did a good job and I was there for what two years I they did a good job of building this community right like they do of this experience of like Cheers when you walk in you walk in and you feel like yes home you know and so they're there they're playing into that really well right now but I wonder how much longer these brick and mortars can really last you know what else the good studios are doing is is they're combining the outside Club experience either data steps activity whatever and they're bringing it into the club their game of fiying there's a company called Delta Life Fitness Josh cherries their CEO and they have like 50 locations already so they're up and coming they just opened up in Temecula and they take outside data sets they use nudge coach they pull in data that if everybody's life their steps they have challenges for steps and activity and sleep and so when people come into the Delta Life facility they're competing not only in the facility but they're competing outside the facility and then of course they're still doing these CrossFit Orangetheory type workouts right that involved like fun things and yelling in music and a guy wearing a headset that's where you have you have to read irresistible because this is the one this is the IQ I want you to read it I'm gonna read it man because so because we have to talk about this because what we're talking about right now here's what you're not gonna like about the book and this is what I had a hard time with are you gonna go doom and gloom right can I can I can I can I rain on your parade a little bit go for it so they they they believe that the the connecting this part of it because of humans behaviors that it's going to feed the addiction and make things worse and they actually talk about like wearables and things like that I had a really hard time connecting with that part of the book because this is something I teach and I share with people and I believe that it's the first step of awareness I believe that these wearable tools are incredible and they've changed all of my clients lives and I've been able to use this as an incredible tool but then I have to be okay that's that this is my experience this is I have a total confirmation bias with this right so if I actually try and detach myself read this book absorb this information and look at and go like wow could it be could this be dangerous could it be bad that we're we're just connecting more and more and more because it goes circles back around how we started this whole conversation and that's kind of where the book takes this is you know they they really kind of demonized the wearable tools statistically speaking people who workout at home or who want to workout at home are far less successful than people that go somewhere else the people who workout consistently at home also are ranked is highly motivated with Fitness so people who buy gym equipment and do stuff at home or the ones that are already so committed typically to exercise that they just want it in their house they can do it whatever they want really you believe that the true stance a lot of treadmills have doilies and face yeah I don't know if I would believe that that's what I'm saying people who buy home equipment and use it are very motivated individuals it's not the ones that actually use yeah it's not a convenience factor and this is where I have a problem with with tech and wearables saying it there the answer I think they're tools I think they're great tools and they think it provide us with great information I don't think that the answer because convenience is is not a factor it hasn't been a factor for a long time people can work could work out a home for home workout videos have been you know you sell more home workout videos than you sell gym this is the argument the book makes is that well there's the thing I agree you're right so is the book but so is the other thing there's laws of nature dualities one of them so you're right but which one do we focus on because they're right each one has its own merit like each one is correct it just depends on where you apply the energy and if it's the fit for your personality type for you as a human on that note then this is cuz I mean even being a guy who's you know was tied with Horus theory because of my good buddy who started them I think it actually perpetuates a very bad relationship with exercise I think people and I saw this firsthand when I worked there and I will people become so addicted to the game part of winning of beating the other person scoring more points getting more you know what they call I forget what they call them over there Splatt points then this person that they're not doing what's best for their body they're not doing what they need they're doing what's gonna win the game and then what it ends up doing is and so I actually made a living off of helping people that had this really bad relationship in connection to exercise and food and these were the type of people it was like it was like fish in a barrel there I mean everybody that would the people that I found that was only way from quality right so like the same thing with the argument I have with CrossFit and sort of making that into a sport as far as like my workout now as a sport you know they're gonna organize it in a way where I'm gonna compete and I'm gonna do like by all means necessary to you know beat somebody else on this white board and you know that's gonna be my focus for the day is to you know take on this challenge but it's always a challenge instead of you know internalizing what this is doing you know it's a benefit my body and what kind of patterns can I establish with my movement that are gonna make me you know move it's my ultimate function and well-being and it's gonna keep me consistent look I said it before I'll say it again if it becomes a part of the culture it will succeed if it doesn't it won't if you look at let's use Europe as it have to do with Orangetheory oh no no I'm talking about technology I'm talking about you know these applications of these new wearables if it becomes a part of the culture it will become successful if it doesn't then it's gonna be the next fad and I'll give you guys some examples okay if you look at Europe oh it's maybe if you look at Europe and you look at their obesity rates their obesity rates did not climb as quickly as America's part of the reason was they have a culture of eating that's older than ours now the country in Europe that did not have obesity until much later and now we're starting to see a lot as Italy Italy had some of the best obesity rates especially among children for up until now their obesity rates now are skyrocketing and it's because the culture Italian culture valued food so much that they would literally boycott and McDonald's when it would open up in a small town because like that's garbage food now here's the thing with activity if you go if you a childhood obesity used to not exist he used to not exist in this country it took longer for kids to become obese than adults because the culture of children was and of course their diets change very rapidly as well but the culture was to be active if you were a child you were active always it wasn't your parents could be office workers super and active sit on the couch all day long this is where if you were a child the culture was to move and be active but that's not the case anymore the case now is we are in a culture of inactivity and poor eating that culture has to change and this isn't right now this isn't Tai Chi bro you can't compare it to that this we're in a new era right now and you're taking history and you're talking about things I'm talking about human behavior ok you're doing about human behavior though and it's about to change dude right it's changing before our eye and that's my vision we are becoming more tech yeah I know it's your point but you can't compare what's happened in the past to what we're about to see in the next 10 to 15 years the wearable tools is not a fad bro it's a it's we're beginner grained in our well my point is they're getting their culture becomes to become active if the culture turns into through tech yeah to eat better to eat the way that your that's better for your body then you will see a massive positive shift no I think that's obvious that's an obvious you're curious if it's already integrated its integrated now I look at Apple watch and the attraction they've had I think it's just the beginning of the beginning right I mean the greatest services and products of the fitness early the spec have not even been created yet I mean really soak that in like the greatest products the greatest service is the most transformational you're ever gonna believe hasn't even been invented yet yeah it's just the tip of the iceberg is the Internet done for businesses right imagine if you were to capitalize on all the things you know now in 2007 for Facebook okay Minh any place you want to be from a media perspective because you would have seen it before it happens and I believe we're on a ship and we all see the iceberg mm-hmm I do it's it's a very fascinating topic sort it's it's you could damage you you know or you could use it which one do we feel this your Bennett which one do you choose anything in the world has a good or an evil potential absolutely so that's why I'm saying I don't really know if anybody's right or wrong here it's more like which one do we choose to go with based on our integrity based on who we already exactly yeah no matter what I don't think you stop it cuz we're we're all you know free market or all of us for sure our free market guys so none of us think that that should be policed to regulate it so I'm definitely not somebody who thinks it should be stopped but I definitely think there should come I mean people should be thinking thinking about what they're they're getting into right and I think even like what I said to focus on with it is even especially even watching what's going on so back to were circling back to orange theory because I had an opportunity to work there for two years because I've watched the growth of it when it had 20-something clubs to now 700 over felt like overnight but within a couple years and I actually don't think it's a healthy relationship with exercise I think it does I actually think it does more harm than good and I know that's a lot of people that know me that know that I was connected that are gonna be like oh there's an orange theory trainer right now going right that's really pissed off and it's and it's because when I and again this is anecdotal right so I my own experience is seeing about 2,000 different people over the course of two years in one facility so that's my experience and so someone could totally debate this but in my experience a majority of those people that were walking through that door or were the people that didn't need that because there's a place for that there are people there is some people that I think that can be an awesome tool if you know how to use it correctly you know how to turn it on and off you know when you should be pushing the body that way but what it does is it feeds into an addiction that people that don't belong there are doing it's literally the people that are given to the group mind of it and yes it's focused on the individual right it's the people that are scared to work out by themselves cuz they don't know they don't know any better it's the people that hammer themselves all day long high stress then they go into this high intensity group setting and those people are the ones that need to be by themselves talked about all their imbalances address all their aches and pains fix all of that fix the relationship with themselves fix a relationship with exercise then maybe they can introduce that intermittently in another life but those are the people that are signing up for that that's what's scary that's what that's what scares me and when you see something like that growing so fast and we're praising it because it's doing so it's so successful financially see which to me is always a red flag right away if something's so good so awesome what is it about it that is so great ask yourself why am I in so in love and so addicted to seeing that's because they made it so you would be addicted to it because they what I saw and I saw from day one and these guys know because I talked behind the scenes about this stuff I stepped into it knowing it's not something that I believed in it was somebody who is a buddy of mine starting it I said I would help him build a good culture inside his facility and so I tried to implement all of my beliefs and ideologies with health and fitness into a facility trying to impact them all and I thought we did a pretty good job it was the number one number one facility for the FIR the two years that I was there I don't know what its what was the difference how did you make that culture grow in a positive mind frame so here's the deal and this is where I got a lot of pushback because I was doing things in the facility that you weren't supposed to do that wasn't Franchot wasn't part of the franchise like so when everybody else would normally do these like three minute you know warming them up on the bike and the and the rower I would have them doing dynamic warm-ups and I would be teaching them about flexibility at the end when you're supposed to do like this kind of generic cooldown thing I would be teaching them about nutrition so I had three minutes I'd give him a tip of the day and then I write stuff on the board so I was doing stuff inside the facility to give these people more because I knew that they weren't getting enough information all they were doing was coming for the experience that they were already addicted to when I was seeing all these ambassadors people running that the knee hurts my ankle hurts here Adam they got all this bad posture reinforcing the right and then and they teach their trainers because it's a fast-paced class they teach their trainers how to correct form and it's like you can't you can't correct somebody who has an imbalance that they've had for 30 years by coming over and just fixing their form for a second like you got to teach them what's wrong with their with their body what exercises they need to do to fix that and then what they need to avoid that's causing that so if you're not and you can't do that in a fast-paced class right so I tried to do my best to implement that in there and I still was not successful and the data doesn't lie when you look at wellness programs the reason why corporate wellness is growing is because it's not just myopic thinking of work your ass off in an orange theory fitness class the reason why maybe what you're doing was successful is because you were throwing in extra components of wellness right and so and so whether you use technology or not like this whole person is what needs to be addressed it's not about just getting somebody fit and kicking their ass in the gym I mean occasionally that's important right but wellness is so much bigger than just how much you're sweating it and how fit you are in your body like there's so many components to it and I think we've done such an amazing job of like exploring this today you know and I'm thinking about in my own life like with wellness for us what's most important to me is just sharing my lessons sharing my journey man yeah of this intersection of like what does it mean to be physically intelligent my body what does it mean to be intelligent about my emotions and that's what I'm just so excited to continue to get better on and learn on I mean I feel like I'm down the path right but it's important for everyone listening who's like a trainer I know a lot of trainers listen to your podcast you do not have to be a black belt to train a white belt you can be a green belt like don't feel overwhelmed by all this stuff it doesn't have to be that way right appreciate it yeah awesome man good good deal hey check this out go to mind pump enroll in 30 days of coaching it's available for free tons of great fitness information covers the entire gamut of wellness and fitness topics that we talk about online pump also go to youtube check out our channel mind pump TV subscribe there's new video every single day finally find us on Instagram mine pump media my page is mine pumps al Adams up mind pump Adam and Justin is that mind pump Justin

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  1. I trained clients for six years and never use the fit fit once I can see how this might work but still in the shadow

  2. Powerful conversation I'm just wondering how much of this technology we will actually see in the next 12 months?

  3. Yes, Without the right mindfulness component it will be very challenging for many of. our fitness professionals to maintain a semblance of professional adherence to both client needs and to be able to scale their own services. However even with all the things that are driving this exponential technology curve, we believe that. with the. right consciousness behind the. technology that our industry will transform for the greatest good! Thank you for a. fantastic podcast interview!

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