Adrian Grenier Family: Girlfriend, No Siblings, Parents

Adrian Grenier Family: Girlfriend, No Siblings, Parents

A gifted actor Adrian Grenier was born in
1976 and since early age started demonstrating acting skills. That’s why he visited LaGuardia High School
of Music & Art and later Bard College, where he studied drama. His debut on a big screen happened in 1997
when he featured in a movie called Arresting Gena. In fact, the actor can boast of appearing
in such hit TV projects as Drive Me Crazy, Devil Wears Prada, Harvard Man, Shot in the
Dark, etc. But what really brought Grenier international
fame and recognition is his participation in TV series Entourage. Apart from building and developing successful
acting career, Adrian also devotes a lot of time to charity. And now let’s dig a bit deeper and find
out interesting information concerning celebrity’s closest people. The actor’s father John is a special education
teacher by profession. It would be interesting to know that he never
married Adrian’s mother and when a future star was a little, they broke up. The movie star didn’t see his biological
father for many years. That’s why it was a big surprise when they
reconnected in 2001. According to Grenier, his father made him
feel safe and complete. The mother’s name is Karesse and she worked
in a real estate business. Nowadays she is an owner of a health food
store that is often advertised by her stellar son. In one of the interviews, the actor stated
that he is very proud of his mom, as she raised him as a single parent. Surprisingly enough but Karesse never thought
that Adrian would become an actor as he was shy yet creative. She shares a tight bond with a son and he
even presented her an eco-friendly house. Robert Sterling is a step-father to Grenier. He married Karesse and is a co-owner of their
organic food business. Adrian is close with Robert and even calls
him dad- number- two. Debbie Williams Dunbar is a step-mother to
a celebrity and she is John’s second wife. Debbie and John don’t have common children. The actor is the only child in the family. Coming closer to Grenier’s personal life,
it is a well-known fact that he was linked to many women but neither of these relationships
lasted long. For instance, he dated Isabel Lucas, Emily
Caldwell, etc. According to some rumors, he was also romantically
involved with Paris Hilton, Ashley Greene and Lindsay Lohan. Since 2017 he has been with Jordan Roemmele. The actor doesn’t have any children as yet.

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