Advanced Correctional Healthcare – "Join Our Team. Join Our Family."

Advanced Correctional Healthcare - "Join Our Team. Join Our Family."

every day brings something new we're challenged to live better think smarter go further to look for nuances in all we encounter and determine the path we need to explore were asked to dig deep for answers and be confident in our results were called to show compassion and expand our reach to horizons we've yet to explore we're innovative in our approaches often the first and best at what we do were conditioned to be problem solvers delivering the right care to the right person at the right time we're known as the experts setting ourselves apart from all the rest we're ACH and we're making a difference in correctional health care ACH is the correctional health care provider of choice in 17 states ended over 250 correctional facilities since 2002 we've gone from a small startup company to a major provider in the jail health care system our purpose is to solve problems for our patients clients and staff by providing resources and solutions that will make their lives easier this means you it is our purpose to make your life easier as you progress in your career as a member of our team you will be provided with the tools you need to succeed we have an aggressive professional development program to assist you in your career goals we credit you for the years of service you have given at a particular correctional facility and we give you the autonomy you need to do what is best in a given situation but the best part about working with advanced correctional health care is that you become part of our family you will have the support and backup you need to live our purpose statement every day and do the right thing ACH is an employer of choice we go above and beyond to make sure our employees have the right mix of resources and benefits I would say you know ACH has been an excellent employer to me and I speak as someone who started off as a part-time consultant to a part-time employee to a full-time employee I'll tell you I wouldn't have made a move I wasn't comfortable on what I saw I have worked in Corrections for a long time and I have been with other companies advance correct healthcare is the only company that really treats me as an individual and respects my medical decisions and respects me as a person they listen to what I have to say they're very interested in what I have to say if there are any concerns they they will resolve them immediately I'd never even think work in any place else for many the transition to ACH has been natural they were looking for a change and found the right fit at ACH I was looking for something different and certainly a different environment every day and it's different challenges and like I said it's very fulfilling you learn everything from ER to ICU to OB you see it all my position at advanced correctional health care has differed from my previous employers because it's given me a chance to work independently and be the Health Authority really at the facility that I've worked in even though I've always had support from the regional nurse managers and the doctors and the corporate staff but I really felt like I was in charge of something and really took ownership of the program at the jail jails are interesting work it's like an emergency room hospital combined we have some really sick patients it keeps you on your toes you won't find a company more committed to professional development if you want to become an expert in your field we'll help make it happen what mainly transition from the Veterans Administration to advanced correctional health care I think is the leadership here the belief in professionalism the constant training that we receive in advanced correctional health care keeping us on track to new and changing things in medicine and I think advanced correctional health care is on top of all of that there's lots of a professional development it's not just the company's growing it's the people within them are also growing our opportunities are growing this company really wants to foster expertise if you want to become an expert in area they're gonna help you do it I started out five years ago as a PRN nurse and now five years later I'm standing here as a site manager running a jail of 400 while ACH isn't small by any means today the family atmosphere that we established in the beginning still holds true have a question you have the experience and helpful advice of our CEO dr. Norman Johnson on your side as well as the support of many other medical professionals Bayes correctional health care provides you with experts in the field to assist you when you have a problem whether it's the alcoholic that comes in or the person withdrawing from drugs there's always somebody you can call for a second opinion so you never feel that you're on your own out there join us in being difference makers in correctional health care if you're looking for something to go in a different direction and different challenge definitely ACH is a company that's worth looking at join our team join our family come home to advanced correctional health care a higher standard delivered

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