Advanced Diploma, Food Safety – Dave Sample

Advanced Diploma, Food Safety - Dave Sample

I did the Advanced Diploma in food safety program at the Marine Institute so I chose the Marine Institute because it's a one-year program it can get you into the industry quite quickly it's a small program so there's a lot of you know contact with the faculty my role at Sobeys it really is management of the food safety program for Sobeys gear on the island of newfoundland I assist the stores with pest control oversight any questions related to sanitation maybe it's regulatory concerns if there's an inspector that goes into the store and has issues with something happening at the store I usually I'll have oversight over something like that to help the store back into compliance with the regulations I really enjoy that every day is going to be so different that's one day I might be sitting in the office doing up some reports but the next day I might be you know in a store doing a coaching session I might be in a classroom teaching employees there's a really broad range of different responsibilities that I have with Sylvie's and that's what I really enjoy one of the nice things about working for a company like Sobeys is that there's opportunities for advancement within my own department I'm happy where I am right now but there's certainly opportunities within the company there's there's lots of different opportunities out there I can say now in my position today I use everything that I learned at Marine Institute whether it was sanitation or if it was pest control or whether it was regulatory requirements whatever it was all covered in my program and it really prepared me for the industry so very grateful for my time

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