Advice for Dental Hygiene Students

Advice for Dental Hygiene Students

hello everybody Andrea trewsy here with dental ell tutoring we had just moved so sorry for the mess behind me things will be a lot cleaner soon enough but I would like to give you guys some advice okay so this is advice for any dental hygiene student out there even if you haven't started yet if you're in your first semester your last semester here is some advice for you and I can say this because I've been a tutor now for 13 years and I took the dental hygiene program twice and it was hard I did not take it twice because I failed I took it twice because the first time I took it I was three weeks away from graduating and my school shut down the owner of the school literally walked away closed the doors and there was nothing that anybody could do about it but that's a long story I did actually explain that in another video so feel free to watch it if you want but the second time I went to school obviously I passed so I have a lot of advice for you and in hindsight you know I wish that somebody had told me all of this advice so my first word of advice is that dental hygiene school is hard it is but it but everything worth doing is not easy right it's not easy look at your dentists your medical doctors your surgeons your lawyers none of them will say to you that school was easy okay it's not easy it's very expensive but it's worth it if this is what you want to do push through it you can do it a lot of people will tell you that it is so hard that it's so impossible that you won't be able to do it even some of your teachers if they're having a rough day if you have a bad teacher they will make you feel like you can't get through it so hopefully you will have amazing teachers that will support you and not hinder you and that is part of what I do as a tutor is I do help all of my students with you know pep talks if you need to cry on my shoulder that's okay you know online because I don't tutor in person I tutor online but I am here to help you guys to offer you support because that's the best thing that you all need is support okay but push through it you can do it if I can pass if you know she can pass if you know she can pass if other people can pass you can too you just have to push through it um another thing to keep in mind is you are all learning something for the first time right so the first time you learn something it's gonna be hard it's gonna be hard as heck but the more you practice the more you study the more you learn it becomes easy I've been tutoring now for 13 years and things are easy for me when I first started tutoring I probably had to look in all of my textbooks before I taught a class now I don't have to because it's all up here it's the same with going to school your first day of school will be overwhelming as heck but then by your next semester or the semester after that you will say wow that stuff was actually really easy why did I find that hard just push through it you guys you can do it and if you need help if you need a pep talk if you need support let me know another word of advice is to understand that your mom your dad your husband your wife your boyfriend your roommates they won't understand what you're going through only people in your program will understand so you being annoyed that your sister doesn't understand why you have to stay in on the weekends to study will not help you they won't understand okay your family your friends your family they will want to go out they will want to have fun but you will have to stay in on Saturdays and Sundays to study they will want you to go out but you are in a very competitive program and they won't understand that but it will be worth it I'm not saying to stay home every Saturday and Sunday but you will need to spend a lot of that time studying in a year or two you will be way ahead of them you will be making more money than all of them you took the time to study when I was a student I didn't have a life but I don't you know that is okay I have a life now okay um I worked part time sometimes I worked full-time I was going to school I didn't have much of the life but you know what I didn't care because I knew that soon enough I would be done school so another word of advice is to remember and say it over again to yourself if you need it school is not forever it will be over soon but do the best you can while you are in school because it will be worth it another word of advice is some teachers will not like you okay you will have some teachers that you will hate I'm sorry I hate to say that but you will have some teachers that you can't stand and some teachers just won't mess with your personality I had this when I was in my program I had two teachers but everything I did was wrong yeah the person beside me did the same thing and she was right you know so some teachers won't like you but the best thing that you can do is push forward and I guess play what they're playing okay so what I mean by that is talk to that teacher and say what can I do to be the best that I can be you know clearly I'm doing something wrong and she's doing something right so what do you want me to do to be the best that I can be because I want to be the very very best you might be thinking I'm doing everything I can I am doing more than she is yet yet the teacher loves her she doesn't love me but that's okay just play what they're playing and just talk to your teacher and say you know what can I do to be the best that I can be you might be thinking in your head this is really stupid I I was I was thinking okay so this teacher doesn't like me for whatever reason I'm just gonna pretend like I care and I'm going to ask her what she wants we need time to do and that's exactly what I did and then things got a lot easier so you will feel that some teachers do not like you some classmates won't like you for whatever reason but that's just normal you know that is college get over it it's okay you might look around the room and say all of these people seem to seem to be understanding this topic why don't I understand this you might need some help so ask me to help you because I tutor every single day I have courses I have I had everything so if you need the help on a certain topic if you need the help on everything let me know because that is what I do so as you look around at your classmates you might be thinking that they all understand and that they're having an easy time they're not they all have to study just as hard as you are even if they say that they're not they are they have to study just as hard and you might be thinking will they seem to be getting high marks things are so easy for them it's not they are pretending okay it is tough but it's worth it another thing is you do have to study for all of your tests and all of your exams if you're thinking you can study the day before to get a good mark you can't study at least a week before okay plan your time prioritize your time to study and get those good marks you might be thinking you don't have time make the time okay guys make the time and do not be ashamed to hire a tutor because you want to pass the first time right if you think you do not have the money make the money find the money somewhere it is a good investment and things will be so much less stressful for you so those are kind of my words of advice I can't think of any other kind of common questions that students have but if you need me let me know I am so happy to help because I had opened up my dental Ellis student program about a year ago now and students love it because I can help you from your very first day I can help you with all of your tests all of your exams all of your projects I can offer you support when you feel like nobody else is listening because I have been there I've done that I totally understand so let me help you guys and if you have questions let me know I will see you guys very very soon and thank you so much for watching

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18 thoughts on “Advice for Dental Hygiene Students

  1. May I ask what college you took dental hygiene at? I got accepted into the program at George brown in Toronto and Fanshawe college in London! If you have any info I’d appreciate it:) thank you!

  2. Can you do like a video on terminology for radiograph and like different class on the teeth or the area of the gums or teeth

  3. Thinking about starting school for this career this video really helped changing careers over from being a chef

  4. I'm a highschool drop out, I got my GED and busted my ass in college to get accepted into this program. I'm an A-B student. I finished my pre reqs at 3.34 GPA. Slid into the program. I live on my own and my monthly bills rack up to 1,200~ a month not including groceries SO I have to work FULL TIME.

    I know this video was long ago, but if you get this, do you have any advice for someone who is going into this program and has to have a full time job? Can I make this work? I tried loans and financial aid, unsubsidized and subsidized, it's not enough. I have to work, so studying tips, or anything would be great!

  5. Hi … hope you are fine….I wanna know that I have done bds outside America …how I can be a oral hygienist ..? like I have to go through school or just exam will be enough for me

  6. For your online program, we can reach out to you when ever or do we have to make an appointment? and is the tutoring only weekly or can it be more than one day a week?

  7. Hi dear. I have a question about the dental hygiene schools policy. Is that true that everybody need to have short nail during the course or that policy is not for all schools?

  8. I like your videos, it's the same exact advice CPA students and tutors talk about. No life, take your time, nothing worth having comes easy, don't quit. I think my entire school life my teachers didn't like me….dangerously honest I guess.

    I see what you did there with the aqua coordination.

  9. I wish I had a chance to watch your videos when I was in hygiene school! Thank you for the positive vibes! ❤️

  10. What are your thoughts/advice for Dental Hygiene students living in Ontario that are currently going through the work stoppage for teachers at Ontario Colleges? I am currently a year 1 hygiene student and the college I am enrolled in is on strike like all other colleges in Ontario and I find it difficult to basically teach myself lessons for all of my classes and keep up with things when I am not actually being taught by a teacher.

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