Aircraft safety: A concern at the Paris Air Show

Aircraft safety: A concern at the Paris Air Show

the Paris Air Show which opened on Monday is the largest event of its type in the world this year the biggest concerns for international play makers and buyers are aircraft safety trade Wars and growing security tensions in the Gulf no wonder total aircraft orders are expected to be their lowest since 2016 the u.s. plane maker blowing and his order drought today for the trouble the 737 max after announcing zero booking on day one of the show the company is in crisis over is 737 max after the whole fleet was grounded in the wake of fatal crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia meanwhile China's homegirl aircraft maker took the spotlight at the show with the commercial aircrafts Corporation of China presenting several models from the c919 to CBJ the Chinese plane maker has so far back the 285 orders from 11 customers for its ma 700 passenger aircraft as the momentum builds for China's growing aviation industry the question is if it could one day challenge the heavyweights of global aviation so the Paris Air Show and related issues in our Beijing studio professor Jung Yu Guang of the China aerospace Science and Industry in Paris we are joined by and Elizabeth way who is a columnist for the London Daily Telegraph and the French TV channel a RTE meanwhile in Washington DC we invited mark white the American Airlines retired a president of the wise Consulting Group I want to welcome the three of you so this way a lot watch at the air show were you there I was not there today I was there yesterday and it's uh it's always spectacular and there's a great deal to see indeed yes indeed I really envy you as a result of having a peek into the airshow well but there is a lot of competition going on mr. wises I want to have your views as 737 this time certainly and it's ordered route there are people still ordering it too why many would wonder well I'm not so sure that's unusual I mean Boeing has a stellar reputation up until what sadly transpired over the last numbers of months so I think what they're the orders are coming in based upon the reputation and the fact that this is not going to be brushed under the rug so to speak that there will be a fix to this and hopefully Boeing will come out stronger and better than before this movie though we also understand some of the American airliners are ordering Airbus certainly those produced in Europe how much do you think the competition and coexistence are happening right now nice move according to your observation well the Abbas has been trying to sell our planes and has been succeeding in selling our planes to the American market for decades literally and it's gone up and down there certainly it annoys the the American plane industry there were certainly pushes from the government have been all sorts of campaigns against this but right now of course they are incredibly helped and this is very sad by the by the accidents of the bring three 737 max but the other thing is that Airbus essentially he have got that now they've got the types of planes that work for certain routes in America is something that's between middle middle range and long range I and that's that's because they've got the product I would say that's true so everybody could have a share of the market as long as they are providing the best to Prada mr. young to you two questions one of course what China is likely to order from the global aviation industry secondly seems that China has also a lot of homegrown products how much you know prospect is it having in global market to be realistically speaking mr. young well I think the the promotion of the growth of the China's aviation industry comes first from the the growing very fast market from the domestic need so I think first the the providers in China first they should meet the requirement inside China and of course you know that the China has good reputation in the international aviation market especially those airplanes of the short range and middle range airplanes so I believe in the future can also have the chance to win more pills meanwhile others in this market of course Paris is the most most famous air show in the world so I think expect to see more more orders of the China's airplane and and the relative products I see mr. Weiss and more players and more New Kids on the Block I think that's wonderful I mean China with the population that it has and it's growing footprint in the world market as a world power deserves to be a player in the aviation market I believe that less than 5% of all the traffic all the air traffic China is international so that leaves an enormous population that's going to be traveling domestically or within mostly in Asia or Southeast Asia and there's room there's a lot of room for growth and the c919 and perhaps even later the sea – 9 – 9 – 9 – 9 partly has a market of a growing market that will be available to them okay having said that though miss Moy I mean we all understand it's not just technology not just fascination about the latest models it's also geopolitics I mean we want to face that the airline industry the aviation industry has never been that far away from politics you see one country want to show a good attitude to one another sometimes they just order the airplanes it's common practice so how much should we expect this to continue particularly at a time when geo politic is seeing some apparent a paradigm change mizmor oh I'm pretty sure that there would be pushback against uh actually I mean not even – I'm not even looking at Chinese aircraft but certainly there's pushback against Airbus in America from various governments and it doesn't matter whether the democratic or republican and actually Boeing is in a states that solidly Democrat but there's pushback because they want to protect the jobs and France has been doing and Europe because the Airbus is not a French project it's a European project they've been doing some of this and certainly the French government would frown on air fast buying Boeing's the it depends whether first of all the the the political pushback is going to exist also because of the our the interaction between the discoveries and the the research of military aircraft compared to domestic aircraft and to be honest if you take Chinese manufacturers for something else let's take trains France sold the bullet trains to China and shortly afterwards China started manufacturing their own bullet trains and there has been a feeling that perhaps we had been careless with the technology it's certainly used I'm not sure this is true but I know that this is suddenly a very effective political argument strangely enough yesterday the plane that in the Chinese plane that interested the public and journalists was not a civilian aircraft it's the jf-17 thunder which is a Chinese plane that's been developed as a military jet developed with a Pakistani Air Force and that was something that airplane buffs were really an motive about doesn't mean the French army will buy it but they were very impressed mr. yang you want to respond to your French colleague whether the technologies are in fact being respected when China import well at the same time where does the source of China's latest technology come from and how much will that be shared in a way widely accepted in the world as IPR and many others with a Chinese Chinese counterparts all over the world well in a technician I should emphasize that it is impossible I think it is impossible for you to steal the technologies the key technologies from other countries you know that's the other the aviation industry and all the airplane manufacturing is a very complex engineering it a need so many technologies and all these are connected with each other if you the technicians tomb to have a better understanding of all these technologies especially for the system t9 designer I am assisted designer Auto for spacecraft but it's it's similar so for the aircraft making if China wants to have a very competitive product either for the Civil Aviation all for the military zone it can only develop that by itself so but for certain technologies I think it is I think it is a international trend for countries to cooperate with each other there could it examples you see that you've already discussed about the civil aviation market in Europe or in in the interviews but it is interesting that's postponed and the air pass you use the drug engines produced by technologies come from Europe and the United States so it is how to say the ending is European made or the u.s. made interesting it's a global supply chain issue isn't it miss wise mr. wise however mr. wise geopolitics these days are challenging the existing global supply chain we all understand so many stories are developing right now is a V Asian industry also facing the same challenge if not more well it is and it isn't it is obviously because of you know the politics of each country and and people countries butting heads with each other so to speak but there's also at least here in the United States the idea that a company like Boeing which has factories in over 40 states in the United States and that translates to jobs and here in the United States when it comes to jobs that speaks power to words in Washington DC so I think you know there's a there's a criticality that has to be recognized when you real when you take a look at a situation like this and how far the government would go to blocking any shipments of aircraft going overseas what technology I see before we go we only have four minutes left it's not just aviation industry is also aerospace industry that has been in a way having its opportunity at the Paris Air Show we understand once again to your politics is likely to play a role in the competition hopefully there will be more cooperation but we never know so mr. Weiss briefly from you how much do you see that we can avoid a kind of cold war harsh competition as you witnessed I'm sure back in the 1950s and 60s and be able to see different players to advance that together for their bigger share of a bigger pie mr. Weiss well in the aerospace in other than in the aviation sector of aerospace I'm not really you know one that comments on that but in the aerospace sector I think what you're going to find is that there will be more and more cooperation if you take a look that last year the CAA see when they certify an aircraft it's now certified by the FAA so the level of cooperation has has drunk dramatically over the last couple of years and with the grant with the grounding of the max aircraft in the United States the FAA has brought in other regulatory agencies including the CAA C to show them what they've done and to get their buy-in so there's more and more cooperation it's a global market we hope that is the case and this move your assessment I know you are not an aviation expert but certainly you've been covering the field for quite some time and a very seasoned observer of that to miss Moy oh I think the Chinese aerospace industry has been a wonder in the past ten years and the competition is on a different plane in some ways because the you have commercial competition and the Europeans are doing extremely well and then you've got the race to the race to the moon and the race to Mars and this is what basically gets the rest the rest moving because it's it's it's the sort of advertisement for the rest of the Aero play centers there are space industry and certainly in that respect the the Chinese aerospace industry is taken extremely seriously mm-hmm mr. yang your response to our two colleagues well I think the the faster growth of China's space industry becomes it becomes more important for China's national economy not because kind of an to compete with other countries are emphasized that many times that it's meaningless for China's to compete with other countries in this field and okay so we can see more corporation especially see in the manned space activities and the deep space produces little event benefit of the world and it is extremely expensive for any country to function so it's almost impossible not almost it is possible corporation can make it easier for decision makers we hope that will be the case I want to thank the three of you joining us for this round of discussion Jung Yeo Guang and Isabella bwe and Mark Weiss really appreciate thank you

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