Alberto’s Italian 28″ Pizza Challenge w/ Healthy Vegetables!!

Alberto’s Italian 28″ Pizza Challenge w/ Healthy Vegetables!!

So pretty! Hey everybody this is Randy Santel
“Atlas” and I am very very scared because this is a crazy week with our friend
Wayne! The next three days are going to be two a days! For number one of today
around the Daytona Beach metro area we are at Alberto’s Pizzeria an Italian
Restaurant we’re taking on Alberto’s 10 pound 28
inch Teem Pizza Challenge! Now this thing looks delicious! Now the base challenge you just have to eat a 10 pound
cheese pizza but to get some fiber and some healthy vegetables in us on my half
I got some green pepper and onion and then Wayne got some mushrooms, now it’s a
28 inch pizza we’ve only got 28 minutes to finish only four teams have beaten
this thing but if we fail it’s gonna be $30 but if we win we’re gonna get our
meal free we’ll get $100 cash and we’ll get sweet t-shirts along with our team
photo will get added on the wall of fame! You ready?
Alright let’s get this challenge started! We were neck and neck last night
until I got him at the end with that sandwich challenge we got 28 minutes to
do it but the record around two teams have done it right around the 18 minute
mark so we’re going to try to smash that 10-pound Pizza! Thank you to
Alberto’s for having us in during their lunch time hours to take this challenge
all right! 1, 2, 3. . . Boom! We’re two minutes and 40 seconds in got
one slice down, I’m tailing behind hoping that he finishes his first so he can
have some of mine so I have more room for tonight but this pizza is going down
really good they use a part skin and whole milk mix cheese and it’s delicious
along with these healthy vegetables so keep on going! He is from New York City so has had a
lot of practice since I can’t say that I’m old because he’s older than me! 10 minutes 10 seconds in we’ve got
around 8 minutes to beat the record and we have 18 minutes to finish the challenge
so let’s keep it up Wayne, keep going! Ugh, I’m letting us down!
[Wayne] Never! 14 minutes in! Dominate! Wayne would you think? This very
delicious pizza yeah it made it a little extra better! Yeah the part skin
and whole milk cheese combo most delicious on this pizza we’re each
going to get these t-shirts that I don’t think fit us to and then on the back or
either on the front maybe yeah the back proclaims our victory but our win
here at Alberto’s pizzeria for me it was overall win number 709 so 710 is gonna
be coming up tonight! You ready? Yes! Thank you guys all for coming
to watch remember all the ways social media links down in the description please
like share and subscribe our videos as well! We appreciate all support but thank
you guys for watching!

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100 thoughts on “Alberto’s Italian 28″ Pizza Challenge w/ Healthy Vegetables!!

  1. Damn been watching u for a long time never expected u to come to my home town edgewater florida also didn’t know albertos had that challenge lol

  2. i see you eating and i get so hungry… are you not worried about your health or becoming obese? I see you have gained a hellova lot of weight since you started the channel… one of your earliest piza challenges

  3. Grats Randy, but why not try eat the Pizza alone?, that pizza is way to small for me so there is no need for 2 people eating it. I'm in Sweden so I can't take on any of these challenges, i've watched u for years & u always put water on my mouth – but anyhoo keep doing what u do because you're amazingly unique : )

  4. There must be some secret champion eaters out there. 18:23 is a superior time that size pizza. It was gonna mission impossible to beat that time.

  5. As usual, you have the 70-100 who keep following you, watching your videos and clicking dislike. That secretly means they like your videos.

  6. You still talk too much whether he's your sidekick are you his sidekick shut up and smash the freaking record it's a team teamwork make the dream work come on brother I keep saying this over and over Deuces Wild watch other competition food eating challenges they don't talk much they just smashed the record food for thought great job anyway

  7. Wow dat was sum amazing team wrk wit dis challenge gr8 job guys!!!!! dat pizza looked sooooooooo dam good and if it wur me id get pepperoni on my half bc pizza is my favorite food and its my favorite topping!!!!! 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

  8. Dammit Randy!!!
    The pizza videos always get me!! You're so lucky🤗

    Please come to Ottawa Canada!
    I'll take you to J&N's. Best pizza in Ottawa. You probably get this a lot but yeah, one day lol

  9. I've been watching you Randy since the beginning..I swear you must have been feeling a little bad bro..I've never seen you eat that slow before…

  10. I love your Videos, but can you please stop calling anything that is not meat on your food "healthy"? Because it is not. Those Veggies are in no way "healthy". Thank you.

  11. Hey Randy love the channel. When you are doing a food challenge and time is running out, is it acceptable to jam the rest of the food up your butt?

  12. Randy, I love your channel, man! It's my ritual to eat while watching your videos. It makes it taste better, lol. On top of that, it always gives me a lift when I'm down.

  13. You eat so clean and I’m lowkey jealous. I eat like a slob and it’s worse because I have a small beard. Things like pizza are the worst contenders for me, and I’ve made a note to not take girls to pizzerias for dates unless I don’t want a second date. Anyway, great win Randy!

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