Alkaline Diet Foods – Alkaline Diet Meal Plan

Alkaline Diet Foods – Alkaline Diet Meal Plan

Alkaline Diet Foods – Alkaline Diet Meal Plan Once your body is rejuvenated and restored to [its] original Uncorrupted state your body will naturally heal itself but The biggest [myth] that we’ve been tricked into believing is that there is a [specific] remedy for each ailment that is affecting us However if you just fix the root cause by applying the second and third principles I’m about to share with you all [of] these problems that might be holding you back will be eradicated once and for all This leads us to nutritional principle number two Regaining your health begins with alkalizing your body Most people sixty eight percent of the world’s population to be exact [are] overweight Lethargic and potential victims of diseases in cancer because their bodies are too acidic The ph of your blood and tissues is the single [most] important measurement of your health you can forget about blood pressure blood sugar Hormone levels or any other markers of health just by taking care of your blood ph Level you will ensure that your bodily functions will be at their optimum healthy levels That means that keeping your blood between a ph of seven point three five and seven point four five is the key to great health Unfortunately most people have been eating acid producing diet the worst. We are brainwashed into thinking that these foods are healthy in fact the culprit is none other than this standard American diet also [known] as the sad diet if You don’t know what the sad diet is it is characterized by a high intake of meat refined Grains sugary desserts and beverages Dairy Products and High Cholesterol foods These acid forming foods you’ve been eating from the [Fad] diet Drastically affect your body’s ph level by tilting the balance to the acidic zone. There are more than 50,000 foods out there in the world to know exactly What foods are [healthy] and what foods are not could be [a] big frustration? But the final nutritional principle will steer you in the right direction that is Nutritional principle number three eat based on how you were born to eat Biologists have this common mythology of classifying animals by the shape of their teeth Lions and dogs have and Sharp Canine teeth that can lock into each other now Take a look at your own teeth in the mirror Do you think you are [able] to cut your own fingers by biting with your teeth compared to if you let a dog bite you? Let’s do a little experiment shall. We place a finger between your teeth, and then bite with considerable strength. Did you cut your finger? I’m sure you did not But surely if you got bitten by a dog it would be a totally [different] story You see our own jaws can only move from left to right which are ideal for chewing fruits and vegetables However for lions and dogs their jaws work great for tearing Flesh and swallowing a hole These carnivores have extremely strong [and] powerful stomach acids to help them digest meat and bones compared to the human body [our] human bodies can only effectively digest fruits and vegetables given the weak acids in our stomachs and Yet today most people are consuming so much beef and pork in their day to day diet It could take as long as half a day to fully digest this meat in our stomach Imagine how you would feel to have that meat clogged in your stomach for half a day you [see] your body would need to do more work and produce more stomach acid in order to digest them This leaves your body’s ph becoming more acidic to add to that fat cells are created in the body to carry Acids away from your vital Organs you end up feeling terrible and lethargic Putting on excessive weight and potentially becoming a victim of obesity-related disease all because of the meat Well, I’m not asking you [to] become a vegan but you can simply improve your body’s acidic level by Increasing the amount of vegetables and fruits in each of your meals and reducing your meat intake Next besides the hard to digest red meat that is making your body acidic another deadly food that is wrecking Havoc into your system Is sugar you may have heard of this before the common sugary foods like candies [donuts] ice creams and chocolates? Yes, those foods are bad for you But I’m more concerned about plenty of other foods that are usually disguised as healthy foods like vitamin drinks

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  1. We're biologically omnivores, which is the reason we have evolved canines.
    And with enough force, our jaws are calable of biting through our own fingers almost as easily as a carrot.
    Our brains just stop us before we do that to ourselves.

    So that logic in your video is imbecilic, but the rest is fine I guess.

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