Almost ALL 2020 Dems Support Free Healthcare for Illegals

Almost ALL 2020 Dems Support Free Healthcare for Illegals

so right now the tally is 11 the number is 11 11 20 20 Democrats people who are vying for the presidency come 2020 11 of them back free health insurance free health care for illegal immigrants for illegal immigrants and this is not any surprise to a lot of us right but I basically throughout this video want to illustrate the the gravity of the situation put a whole bunch of stories together to kind of give you an illustration of how anti the American people the Democratic Party truly is now before we get into all of these different stories I just want to remind everyone go to prepare with Vincent comm prepare with Vincent comm to get a hundred dollars off of a four week food supply you can also get $60 off of a two week food supply it really helps out the channel the entire main channel has been demonetised every video on this channel pretty much is d monetized and so you can get $100 off of a four week food supply or $60 off of a two week food supply plus it's a good idea to start stocking up on food i'm not saying anything's going to happen something may not ever happen but if something does you can't survive without food and that leaves you in a very very crazy situation if you don't have food and something happens within your community or in america as a whole so go to prepare with vincent comm to get those deals through that website so let's get back to the story here 11 democrats back free health insurance for illegal aliens most of the prominent prominent 20:20 Democrat presidential candidates said that illegal immigrants should have access to free health care either under Medicare for all a public option or other government health programs okay so just to reiterate this we know that a lot of the a lot of the housing a lot of the government housing is taken up by illegal immigrants this has proven time and time again I have shown you the statistics on this channel and I've showed you the government statistics on the main channel so there's quite a bit of government housing being taken up by illegal immigrants this all meanwhile you know we have people who are dodging syringes in places like San Francisco homelessness out of control in places like Seattle or even the police come out anonymously and give statements directly to the local outlets in Seattle and say that you know basically this is because of democrat policies because we've been come we've there was a statement directly from a police officer in in seattle who said almost verbatim we are now known as free at'll you come here and we'll give you free housing free tent free food free sleeping bag free healthcare and basically we aren't allowed to do our jobs because of the Democratic politicians in power here in the City of Seattle and all this takes to decrease the property crime that's on the rise to decrease the homelessness to decrease the overdose problem to decrease people stepping on syringes in the City of Seattle would be for us to be allowed to do our jobs to enforce the law essentially this is what this police officer said about seven other police officers who gave statements anonymously because they're afraid of losing their jobs in that liberal City the liberal run City there so all the while while we have homelessness out of control in a lot of cities across the country people that we should be taking care of who are Americans the Democrats are trying to push for free health care for illegal immigrants free housing for illegal immigrants and continue on the welfare cycle that they're on according to the Census Bureau self reporting poll seventy-three percent of Hispanic led households legal and illegal are and one over welfare program and 63 percent of non-citizens as a whole around 100 one or more welfare program so they're overwhelmingly a public charge on top of that we have this report from the DHS this is from the DHS this is from the inspectors office of the inspector-general Department of Homeland Security that's this report right here which I showed in the past that shows that just in the El Paso sector alone we have an increase in unaccompanied alien children that went from 2000 from October 2017 to april 2018 it was 2000 from that time period to 10,000 today family units went from 3,800 in that time period to 74,000 from October 2018 to April 2019 in the first year of 2019 from 3,000 74,000 this is just in El Paso alone this is not this is we've got on top of the fact that the DHS reported the 208 thousand illegal aliens were released into the terior of the country released in the past six six months a quarter of a million people and we're just going to keep piling on top piling on top of these freebies that we're giving out you understand that in order to actually have a successful social safety net you have to stop the bleeding of low-skilled low-wage workers flowing into your country right legally and illegally you have to stop the bleeding of low-skilled low-wage workers flowing into your country to actually increase the wages because companies aren't competing for the work or any more workers are competing for the job and this is the reason why we've seen a major depression on wages over the past 50 years you understand that right when you understand basic economics don't you so we have the Democrats trying to give them free healthcare you have Kamala Harris who proposed a bill who wants dreamers to work in Congress people who are illegally unlawfully they don't have a lawful citizenship here she wants them to work in Congress you have Nancy Pelosi who comes out on video and says what's the point of interior enforcement anyway of immigration laws yeah sure what's the point Nancy Pelosi after 280,000 illegals have been released in the past six months alone according to the DHS what's the point if we went from 3,000 74,000 migrant families where the Texas says that one third of them are faking their relationship with the children anyway based on rapid DNA testing which Washington Post said wouldn't work yeah what's the point of interior enforcement she says what's the point after MIT and Yale came out with a model that predicted that there's probably likely around 22 million illegally here on the low-end and 30 million on the high-end which is one out of every nine people what's the point what's the point we need these core we need these people to flow in here because our lobbyists tell us we need them to flow in here so that the corporations the lobbyists work for can turn a higher profit and have a flooded labor pool so that they can pay you a lower wage what's the point AOC abolish ice but also let's have free health care for everyone but also let's get rid of student debt but also let's give all these free things to people while we have a population that's ballooning the 450 million in the next 20 years in our lifetime majorly made up of low-skilled low-wage workers who Bloomberg says are all going to lose their jobs anyway because of tech logical advancements because of robots they're predicting 90 million people who are going to be homeless in the United States of America come 2040 or something like that 90 million people can you imagine San Francisco in every town in every city the problems at San Francisco and Seattle are having can you imagine that in every single city across the United States of America yeah I can I can't and that's the way that we're going that's the way that we're going these people are oblivious to the cause-and-effect situation that we're facing these people are oblivious to this sure we can talk about social safety nets like free health care but why does that even matter if we're going to be at five hundred million four hundred and fifty million soon people just keep flowing in here who are mostly public charges according to the own self reporting our own self reporting Census Bureau poll the standard income participation poll you don't think you think that those programs are going to last you think those programs are going to we were 200 million in nineteen fifty and not on our posterity but based on immigration and the children that the immigrants have we ballooned to 325 million we've been below a replacement rate it's literally impossible for the population to grow since the 1970s literally impossible according to most economists who have studied this we went from we have been below replacement birthrate we were not replacing ourselves since the 1960s 1970s so from that point out from 200 million to 2325 325 million the overpopulation of the country was based on immigration and the children that the immigrants are having and their children and their children wasn't based on us having children but no you see articles from Bloomberg News which says stop having children because it harms the climate oh also we have to replace America's dying population with immigration and these people buy it up these people just eat it up like like the idiots that they are they don't put two and two together Nancy Pelosi knows exactly what she's doing she's trying to get the votes in Texas have you looked at some of the reports about the overwhelming change in a lot of the districts in Texas going from overwhelmingly red to overwhelmingly blue have you seen the report that showed that bets or work a terrible candidate who's losing Julie who can't even pole above 1% in a lot of different states he won the top 5 counties in Texas which make up 36% of all Texans in the Latino vote because of the demographic shift happening in Texas have you seen the doubt Dallas County Reagan said would never go blue went blue and now stays blue forever California went from red to blue now stays blue forever yeah this is the reason why Nancy Pelosi says why enforce the interior what's the point of interior enforcement in this particular video there's no point of interior enforcement there's no point of sending ice to arrest these people who have been illegally here and in large part who have caused crimes on top of just being unlawfully here I've already showed you the the the the Arizona report from The Economist who says that illegal aliens are 142 percent more likely to commit a crime than legal average residents in Arizona I've already showed you the GAO statistics which stayed at the low end the very low end we're talking about 800 homicides nationally by legal aliens per year which equals 6.1 / 6.1.3 GLE residents I've already shown you and 2.14 white non-hispanic legal residents per 100,000 I've already shown you all these statistics they don't care about the crime they live in houses with walls around them they live in their ivory towers while they watch cities burn beneath them cities like LA where homelessness is out of control but hey let's give illegal aliens free government housing free health care and 63% Census Bureau says 63% of non-citizens on one or more welfare program this includes food stamps WIC housing and in some cases Social Security for those of them who have been in in this country for a long time there's a documentary done by CBS that I've showed clips before on this channel or on my main channel of this lady who says I have government or the this report showing this lady who has government government system for 20-plus years has Social Security free government housing free food stamps doesn't even speak a lick of English hardly had to be translated been here for 20 plus years that's the average that's basically according to the Census Bureau's poll that's basically the average Hispanic immigrant as far as like especially the illegal ones 63% of non-citizens 71% of all Hispanic led households are on one / program so they're overwhelmingly a public charge they have a higher crime rate than the average legal resident we're planning on providing all these free social safety mats but no one can explain when does the immigration stop like when does our ballooning population stop no one could explain that more particularly no one could ever answer that in the left one that when posed with that question no they say you have to stop having kids because of climate change fucking idiots oh man sometimes I just get I just get so upset for these people a lot of them know exactly what they're doing though not a OCR IQs probably doesn't even breach 80

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49 thoughts on “Almost ALL 2020 Dems Support Free Healthcare for Illegals

  1. At this point some of the states just need to secede mainly the Midwest, south and rural west. We are now a totally different country from the border and coastal states. If we are to revive the American way of life we must carve out a new true America. NO OTHER CHOICE!

  2. Any politicians that put the well being of invading foreign nationals over the safety and security of the citizens they pretend to represent should be removed from office, barred from ever holding any public office again….and charged with willfull violation of their oath of office.

  3. Sound an alarm. Is everyone sleeping. Were done. Our men cant support this. That's the reason. There not here to work.

  4. 3rd world migrants get free welfare and healthcare the moment they illegally enter CANADISTAN thanks to trudeua

  5. I’m no economist but I know for a fact I could figure out a way to lower the 700$+ bill per person a day it costs ALL OF US to hold ILLEGAL immigrants . Instead of giving them swing sets and video games they will learn English during their time in holding as well as becoming aquatinted with FDRs speech on immigration and what it means and why they need to comply for get sling shorted back over the river or fence or whatever illegal means they were told to violate this country and burden ALL OF US momentarily,socially, medically and legally as well as politically.. no compromise . None. Zero. If the dems lose their vote then too Fn bad ..
    Think of something pragmatic to run on or fix the states the left has trashed and destroyed so far before your policies infect what’s left of USA. That’s right . Don’t like it then follow your ass to the deportation busses with the rest of the illegals and screw their country up. Yep. I said it. I’ve had enough.

  6. If we're going to give out free healthcare we give it out to the American people first not illegal Invaders…

  7. Democratic policies are making a civil war inevitable in their greed for power the will create stresses till a revolt will force a governmental reset

  8. When your party is such a piece of shit that your willing to screw the entire country over just to get votes.

  9. Red Alert!!!!
    The capture of three ISIS terrorists in Mexico bound for the US revealed

  10. How to build resistance towards Central Americans 101, it’s almost like democrats are just waiting for the next Mexican Jessie smullet situation to happen

  11. Free healthcare for illegals while citizens are forced to pay for it or pay a fine!! Also, a disabled friend of mine had to wait FOUR YEARS for housing!! WTH IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE!

  12. Shooting reported on Mexico side of Ysleta port of entry

    Body found in El Paso's lower valley

    Temporary emergency shelter for unaccompanied migrant children being prepared in Texas

  13. ICE Arrests 75 Illegal Immigrants In Raids In Texas & Oklahoma

    Arkansas United




    History There Donar Is Rockefeller Wow Go Figure


  14. It isn't free, it's government paid for, aka tax payers are footing the bill, but not all citizens are contributing to the kitty.

  15. Statements that are made like healthcare for illegal's, of open borders shoot me right to voting Trump!

  16. Also, what's up with all the hundreds of allegedly destitute Congolese migrants taking international flights to south america and busses up to the US border to be picked up and moved into Portland Maine, which is white, old, and not breeding, while the Congolese are literally breeding en route to Portland. Muchas gracias, Señor Soros and Open Society

  17. Trump will be the last republican president before the US completely collapses or enters Civil War 2. The democrats (thanks to the illegals) vastly outnumber the republicans, they'll continue to vote for leftist policies, and they'll eventually get rid of the electoral college. If he gets reelected in 2020 it will just delay the collapse/war for 4 years.

  18. Of course they do. They are buying ILLEGAL VOTES with YOUR tax dollars. It's the Democratic Way. Americans are being forced to participate in the Democratic Illegal Charity.

  19. They don't want to force immigration laws, then law enforcement wouldn't have to enforce laws of the homeless living in houses not already occupied.

  20. If they need healthcare so badly, then the democrats should be going these countries and building them free hospitals, free healthcare, free doctors, free food, anything that they are coming here for, because not everyone is leaving their country and we can't leave anyone out that's inhumane.

  21. The USA will soon be OVERPOPULATED and you will need to DECREASE the USA population. What then? What of the economy then? Immigration should be stopped

  22. Side note- not sure if you're aware but the sound level on your videos is way lower than other videos on YouTube. I have terrible hearing and want to pay attention but even full volume isn't always enough.

  23. Can I identify as illegal so I can get free healthcare? Also, why should I be forced to show my identification for anything if an illegal person doesn’t have to because they don’t have any

  24. Man! I hate to say it, but these Dems are really pushing this thing to the very edge; eventually somebody is gonna get hurt. ijs, someone is going to give them the violent reaction they are trying to provoke from Americans, this is absolutely abhorrent. This is what happens when your gov’t intentionally tries to bankrupt your fiat currency tax dollar pyramid. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  25. Oregon recently passed a law giving illegals free abortions in defiance of the Alabama and Georgia laws in protest of republicans and pro life laws they gave illegals free abortions

  26. Oregon recently passed a law giving illegals free abortions in defiance of the Alabama and Georgia laws in protest of republicans and pro life laws they gave illegals free abortions

  27. We need to give illegals free abortions! Undocumented immigrants need woman’s healthcare!

  28. The Democrasshole presidential lineup is an insane destructive satanic clownshow. Any voter who seriously considers voting for any of them is a traitor.

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