An Indian's Food Tour of New Zealand

An Indian's Food Tour of New Zealand

Mostly, the Kiwis like to eat at the bakeries in New Zealand. KARL: Hey! It's my channel, what are you doing? We're in Karl Rock's country and since I'm the "foreigner" here, I'll be hosting this video. These small bakeries are found everywhere in New Zealand, in the cities, outside the cities, along the highways. They have a lot of variety and yummy food and they're very cheap. So if you're cheap (and a foodie) like me definitely try out these bakeries whenever you visit New Zealand Let's check out this bakery So this is the section for sandwiches This is my favourite section: Cakes! cookies, muffins And this is my second favourite section: Pies! And my favourite one is this: Mince and cheese. This is Cow, isn't it? Yes, it's beef. Have Chicken instead. So for people who don't like to eat beef can go for other options like chicken. There's butter chicken. There is lamb. There is a lot of variety, but this is my favourite one I can guarantee you that every bakery in New Zealand will always have two things: Pie and Lamington. This is traditional Kiwi food Pie is basically called "patty" in India, and it has stuffing inside and Lamington is a sponge cake covered with chocolate, filled with cream and sprinkled with coconut. This is Mince and Cheese Pie. So the Pie has been murdered, and I'm going to try this now but before that, let me tell you don't ever try to feed the seagulls because I made this mistake once and then they attacked me and my food Let's try the Lamington now. Heaven! Does it taste like an Indian cake? It tastes like a little like the coconut barfi. It's like chocolate cake mixed with coconut barfi. We have decided to eat only traditional Kiwi food at the bakeries on this trip, and fish and chips on the weekends. So let's see what we find tomorrow at the next bakery. I'm very excited and looking forward to it. KARL: I want to be in this video. Shoo! Shoo! Hey! Haryanvi! Jaat! New day! New bakery! with Manuchand. KARL: What are you buying?
MANISHA: Eclairs. KARL: Chocolate Eclairs. OK. MANISHA: What do you want? KARL: What was that? Quiche. Bacon and egg Quiche. KARL: I want beef, bacon and blue cheese pie. OK? KARL: And a Spag roll. MANISHA: Huh? KARL: Yes, this one. MANISHA: You can eat that much? KARL: Yes. So this is Quiche and it has bacon, egg and cheese. Let's try. It's very creamy Seagulls, ready to attack! And this is Spaghetti Bun. It has noodles, cheese and bacon. And tomato ketchup! Kiwi people like to eat tomato ketchup with everything Although I don't like it that much because it wrecks the flavour but still, let's try. This already has sauce in it. KARL: Yeah, there's a lot, aye? MANISHA: mm-hmm. KARL: How is it? MANISHA: It's like a pizza in a bun. A warning for people who do not eat beef or pork: a lot Kiwi food has beef and pork in it, so please check before you eat. Desert time! And my favourite, eclairs. KARL: What is eclair? It's like this bread covered with chocolate, and inside, there is a layer of cream. It's my favourite, favourite food! KARL: Speak in Hindi. MANISHA: This is my favourite, favourite food! KARL: We'll eat fish and chips tomorrow na? Oh yes! It's Friday tomorrow and as promised, It's fish and chips day tomorrow. Now we'll try fish and chips which is the favourite food of Kiwis so lets see. There's a lot of variety of fresh fishes here. The best fish is generally the most expensive. Today we're going to try snapper fish. These fishes are so fresh that they're literally being taken from this boat to the shop and then fried and served to the customers. KARL: So Manu we have fish and chips here but which one is your favourite chip? My favourite ones are Kumara fries but unfortunately they didn't have them so we'll try them later. For now, this will do. ♪ All friends gather around to enjoy ♪ So this is Snapper fish and potato chips some sauce and we have L&P, New Zealand's national drink. It's full name is Lemon and Paeroa. Paeroa is the city where it was originated. And it is a fizzy drink like Coke and Pepsi with Lime and Lemon flavour. It's a good drink so try whenever you visit New Zealand Happy Friday. Happy fish and chips day.Do try fish and chips. Actually these are the best fish and chips we've had so far in New Zealand and yeah, definitely go and try. This fish is big. I haven't tried it yet so let's see. This is not like Hoki. How is it compared to the other fish we've had because this is the most expensive fish you've had here. Has the most flavour. The flesh is very juicy and soft. You can find out how fresh the fish is from it's colour because it's white, it's soft it's layers separate easily and it's a very tender meat. The vegetarian options in New Zealand are very limited and not that good but this country is a heaven for meat lovers So if you like travelling then definitely visit this country, try it's traditional kiwi food and check out our other videos on New Zealand travel and some safety tips and subscribe to our channel. See you again friends and Long live India. Long live India!

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  1. I am pure vegetarian but still I love watching you both💕 sending you live karl. Btw thankyou for visiting to jammu😍🤗

  2. This is making me jealous. Bc I live in US and I cam to India to visit. You can’t find this food here

  3. Pls don't promote non veg food…. Why u guys eat it. There is so much nature gave us to eat. Why animals….. Do u have any idea how much pain they feel . It's so not cool Karl…. I watch all your vlogs but pls think about this ….. What if somebody eat u and it relatives….. Animals also have feelings .. they can feel like us….. Disappointed with u Karl

  4. "This video contains pork & beef products. Viewer discretion is advised" I dont know if this is a joke or not but I just started laughing 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Wow she slayed it! Karl you got a competition 😝 I guess I like her video more♥️ Manu please host many more videos!!

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  7. Manisha opens up like winged butterfly when she came out of India. My God India can be frustrating! Btw I'm am Indian so I'm aloud to say that.

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