Anthem Project – Meet the winners

Anthem Project – Meet the winners

in 2017 the economist named anthem the best in the world and wants to take that acknowledgement and create really feel good campaign and so we came up with the anthem project the idea was to bring South Africans together in song it's it's something that kind of creates a sense of unity Drupal ideally would you as well we had hundreds of entries we had millions of engagements and we had over eight and a half million thoughts throughout the campaign I saw this anthem Advent on TV I said Lizzie you wanna check it out I believe that you guys should answer and win this thing for us he just sat and we said how are we going to be different and we should do something different like maybe make a stronger phone something that I always come across is the element of story in a video the storyline starts in a place that's broken and ends up in a place where there's restoration and hope we do have communities that are really struggling and we have Genesis which is like the speaking of Hope so I wanted to portray and the struggle and the whole thing three good when we heard that we had won it was like mind-blowing from our churns it gives us great pleasure and a lot of pride to have this takeover to the Genesis Music Academy you guys were incredible extremely inspiring and very deserving of this prize we have a lot of projects and this means that Genesis can function a lot better on behalf of News 24 we would just like to congratulate you and also to thank you for your participation he has a gift of 300,000 pounds worth of media exposure across our platforms so well done one of the young men in our congregation was passing away because of AIDS that we dreamed of this idea of having a hospice a care center for people in the last stages of HIV like this young man had been and then over the course of time we began to say well what about the teenagers how do we help these kids to not end up in the case center dying of AIDS so we have feelings schemes youth Center's music Center's skills development things it means the world especially for the Music Academy in particular there's a lot of kids that need to come in and just engage in positive activities so we get them into music they write their songs and you'd be amazed the talent that comes out of our community this means a lot not only to our church to be a part of this kind of change but it's amazing to see how much it means to the people who are at the center amazing job by use 24 and out shortens they actually think of something like this to bring our country together it captures exactly what South Africa is which is a community of different people to see them be acknowledged for the hard work that they did these kids lives are being changed because the power of music you're gonna do much more things now it's a blessing yeah but therefore up with that be you

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