Anxiety Success Stories – How Sarah Overcame Health Anxiety

Anxiety Success Stories - How Sarah Overcame Health Anxiety

hmm hey what's up guys drew here that anxiety guy calm I am talking to like I'm so excited my friend Sara all the way from the UK and Sara and I have known each other for quite a long time so those of you who follow my channel my videos have seen me work with Billy I know Sara just as long as the nobility so Sara thank you so much it's so fun I know so happy to be catching up with you like Sara and I haven't spoken in a while but Wow so Sara got good to see you I get into the Facebook group that was awesome like that's you long ago you joined up with the rest of the crowd so that was cool to see you there and someone had asked about there was a threat about health anxiety and there's just so much how things I see stuff and I I have very little experience with that but Sara you were nice enough to answer and say that you had gotten past it so I thought we could take 20-30 minutes and just like talk about that so yeah that'll be great so like give me the rundown tell me about like your what has health anxiety been for you for so many years what was how bad was it I'm gonna say probably bad right okay yeah it was it eventually led me to actually have a full clinical breakdown breakdown that's the only point through my health problems for 21 years and nine point with any of the other things I've had have I actually experienced a full-on breakdown and I can't I mean even now when I look back to how I was then even I don't even recognize that point honestly I don't recognize that person at all it's just like someone it was someone different it's unlike I was literally it taken over controlling me since now what was the driver I mean were you in that state where you were and I knew you back down I mean we were kind of communicating back in like 2008 you 9 yeah and I mean were you driven by that constant scanning of your way how do I feel what's wrong what's wrong what's wrong yeah you know what I've learned with like over the years of having any kind of anxiety problem what your brain does it literally honed in to what you fear the most so for example there was a period of time when I feared having heart problems and I could guarantee every day I'd wake up and not have chest pain I'd have joy pain and have arm pain every single day I'd wake up and that would be the symptoms I was getting I had a fear of getting I don't know like a stomach cancer or something like that and I would every day from that point I'd be waking up and stomach pains feeling sick I made some and without fail I'd be having and they're not have some other pain you know or like a great pain in my back it'll be like oh my god kidneys and you can guarantee after that I'd have kidney pain for the next three or four months yeah it's just it's yeah and those things were those things felt it's extremely real to you I'm guessing I mean I kind of remember back yeah I mean I'm looking at you know to be honest meaning we've been chatting for a little while before I start recording just catching up like you you seem like a different person than you were like you I remember you were just constantly and there was that thing of like one that this is never gonna get better I remember you being so adamant and saying this is my life it's never ever going to get better yeah and and as it turns out that wasn't really the case but I mean it's literally it's taken like I've read so many books you know I've done so much research and really just I mean and I don't want to trivialize it because you know I've lived it for so many years and it excuse me it really just comes down to your thoughts thoughts cause anxiety anxiety course is adrenaline to be released which causes physiological and physical symptoms and therefore and then once I start happening they oh my god what six what six what's this you know it's it's a vicious cycle of like thoughts feelings adrenaline so you weren't really stuck in just generic like I have panic attacks it was that and specific like I'm having a heart attack or now let me problems now have kidney problems you kind of went from everything I had leukemia I had I had every I'd brain I've had brain scans I've had so much you know you name it I've had it and eat and I'll tell you in a second you know with the breakdown every illness I thought I've had I've had like the tests to go along with that actually had a real issue last year with my blood and they mentioned lymphoma as a possible and I had to go and see a hematologist at that point obviously because I'm now recovered from health anxiety then mentioned even you know coma and then I'm scanning for a sip you know and my food I'm I'm looking pale and my tie on my face someone that you know googling the symptoms of lymphoma and see which ones I had okay whatever I will see what happens when I see the hematologist in the couple of weeks so you know it is going from how it was – yeah you know now Minoo well there had to be so you hear a word like lymphoma which is certainly scary that for everybody here like do you find that you were still like how did you handle because I know they're gonna people who are watching that do have illegitimate health problems it's not just something I think people do get bill or have conditions to so when you hear that like were you worried were you scared were you like like a person normally would be it just if someone said that's me when I was deep in the health anxiety right we I will gone I would have gone nuts you can't even explain it other than Google Google Google Google incessant Google constant obsessive googling that's what I've done yeah when they told me that the doctors that you know my blog results with this this this it could be I will say I just went well because reality is we'll find out in a couple of weeks that's true nothing you can make you worse that is astounding honestly and other health problems and they told me you know something's a bit dodgy yeah okay different pains now is I'm happy and I can't I'm not worrying about it there's too much other stuff to worry about them you know you know but the thing that the difference is when you actually have a genuine health problem you handle it differently to when you perceive you have a problem because the psychosomatic symptoms are as real as real yeah symptoms but because you're thinking and thinking about the psychosomatic symptoms they are just worse and they are worse than I could potentially say they're worse than you know real symptoms I've heard that because you're overthinking it completely you just make it bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger until everything's involved you know yes yeah I've heard it described as like making a movie so like you know sometimes there are forest fires and they are bad but in a movie when they make a movie about a forest fire or you can imagine any forest fire it's taking out entire cities yeah yeah so I think the big so let me ask you know the question then when you're in the thick of that so you were worried about specific elements of course and I'm guessing and I constantly scanning how do I feel thing were you so you were essentially googling and searching which you said and a lot of people struggle with that like they must google they have a hard time yeah what about checking like I we have people who are constantly compelled to check their blood pressure their heart rate or their blood sugar did you do those things well okay when when I had my breakdown hmm I'll tell you how that started good good you talk about whatever you're talking about okay so mm I had a lot stress I was having problems with my boyfriend but Kat just been put down I had a really bad chest infection and I went to Molly problems there's a lot of stress going on with my life and then I had the flu jab which was you know you normal for me flu jab or get I have asthma so you know I'm giving the flu jab anyway for some reason I went home and I googled the flu jab and it said in rare cases it can cause something called guillain-barre syndrome or something that's it you had that so it can cause her within three seconds my brain had taken that right it was in my brain and so they're nice people in that illness and I was like oh my god it causes paralysis it causes this you know locked in you know so a few weeks later I was like starting to get weird things happening right with you know speeding bit of weakness and then that progressed into MS yeah I had got em s right so and that wasn't good enough because I was googling more and I was like getting all these other symptoms like wigs I was like I could hear myself slurring and I could like I could see I could actually see actually happening in my hands I've got really skinny hands look but in my head I could see my hands like and then I couldn't swallow properly I was choking and and then I couldn't get the stairs properly and really with it anyway so I then it just manifested into Lou Gehrig's disease possibly the worst motor neuron disease you could yeah yeah though at that point I had got Lou Gehrig's disease I was going to the doctors four five times a day with my own new symptoms and I've spent literally 24 hours ok this is really bad I either spent 24 hours googling and when you said about the checking I wasn't just checking I was doing neurological tests on myself all day constantly I was holding things up with my fingers to make sure I wasn't losing my strength I was standing on my tiptoes I was walking on my heels I was doing like this all day long to see and I was like doing chips yeah yeah that and I was doing this and I was like moving with job from side to side I was doing tongue checks to see if I hadn't got like ALS coming in my mouth yeah and that was like that for eight weeks constantly checking and I was even getting my son at that point who was 13 to do the chicks and also like with me and I was like seven so we'll get books get books the biggest book you got and I'd like hold it in my hands to see the string and he dropped me I'll then be like oh my god I just dropped it that must be and then even be worse because saying I could see myself you know my strength was going and I do like there's a there's a test they do at the bottom of your foot to make you think oh yeah I know this hoffmans is one of them right and like that you know your reflexes so I was getting run run your feet up your legs in the end I was like going so mental the docs was I looking at me every time I wait there's like Sarah you've just got to stop it you've got to stop this you're you're gonna make yourself really ill so in the end I was like I had a nerve conduction test when they stuck needles you know to make sure you know whether if your nerves working anyway I was getting on my symptoms in this arm my right arm and I had this nerve conduction taste and you only did like needles in my left side and the most hold up so absolutely 10/10 crazy not crazy but you know yeah I was I was completely insane at this point anyway the hospital was about 25 minutes half an airway I got halfway home and I was like to sit to my mum he didn't do it right he didn't do the test right he didn't do my bad arm he didn't do my bad arm so I made my mom turn around go all the way back I literally stormed okay because I'm not having a breakdown at this point I stormed into the consulting room where he was seeing somebody else he's already doing like seeing another patient and I've got him twice right worried because you know this is how things are is I would say convinced I've got IMS yeah and he had done the bad the defective all right me so yeah I was gonna die I was gonna die I'd literally plan to my funeral I had planned how I was gonna have my bed downstairs what you know I planned all that yeah anyway so I walked in i swore at him and I was escorted out Wow I was escorted out of the hospital okay right you kind of can't do that I get it yeah so so okay now I see it on your face I can see you in your face like how can i well because I was having a breakdown and home and if I wasn't googling this is this is really bad I'd sit in the bath it's far away from the laptop as I could be kind of laptop in the bath and I'm sick in the bath from since Terry went to school nine o'clock in the morning so when he come home three o'clock in the afternoon because I didn't want to be anywhere near my electronics and I would sit there and I would self-medicate with branding yeah I don't drink I literally drank for the eight weeks on drinking or I'm gonna go I'm gonna kill myself it was that fat it was either so far in there so but you would literally fill the tub with water and sit in the tub could not you could not hold something that was blood so let me ask you a question let's follow that through is that so that stopped you from being able to check all these physical checks and I stuck my tongue out and my tongue looked wonky it didn't look like it was pointing straight right okay I find up my mom and I was like oh my god I'm going to toss Australia chokes what straight and I'm obviously convinced I've got loo carries disease and a super tongue some say she's like I had to drive from her house which so 15 minutes away a half past 11:00 at night to come and check my tongue to see my toe and that wasn't the only time she done that she did that for something else for like another one of the tests that I'd done that was I was been seeing this wrong I'm about to two times I think really late at night to check my sims and my typos honestly I see you my tongue was not straight yeah the sign violence no but it didn't matter though because you're not thinking rationally in any way Abhijit you can look back now and say it was completely utterly irrational but at the time it seemed very real I'm sure the tongue thing was the loss you know he's a nail in the coffin for me that was always I was gonna I think like so many people that are gonna watch this and you've seen some of the comments in the group and the discussion that goes on I think yeah you know that's did it does anybody worry about this is anybody worried about that I don't know if I've heard of a story and I kind of thank you enough for being so honest and open about this where I don't know like you're you're addressing just about every checking and and reassurance seeking behavior that I've ever heard so you went down that hole never so but now you're sitting here and you're actually I have dealt with some real actual health issues and like you could not look more relaxed and like worry about it so how did you get the million dollar question how did you get from in the bathtub you know sequester from your electronics drinking brandy to here to here I think so I had the nerve conduction test and I went back to the doctors they called me in and at this point though the doctor was having to be chaperoned because I was so crazy they didn't know what my behavior was going to be like right so there was always someone in there for the doctor safety which was I understand anyway so it's nerve conduction test they said Tara it was absolutely nothing wrong with your muscles there's no sign of anything okay there's no sign of any kind of muscle wasting or whatever the the big long words they use degeneration I think it isn't muscles or something like that there's nothing so all you have is and they did say I've got a problem with my spine yeah it's just that the the spine is just cut slightly crushing on one another c6 and c7 pop muscle anyway it just costs of hey this is right and they sat down there was so angry with me they were so really like they said right you've got to stop coming to the doctor's four times a day you can't do that anymore if you do we're going to have to get you sectioned because you're gonna end up killing yourself they were the exact words and they said you either go or you at least try some medication or we will have to section you okay options death sectioned or medication you have no choice sit in a second I had constantly had this internal vibration my whole body was buzzing internally 24 hours a day like I was holding on to a pneumatic drill my whole body was vibrating constantly from the minute I went to be second woke up it was constantly just vibrating anyway so I took the pill I was like well I'm not gonna go into mint home because no and yeah and okay I don't really want to die if I haven't got new carriers to see I don't really want to die so then they have to try this yeah and we for me it was like the only way to get I'm not saying people can't do it without medication because I've had periods of being off medication and quitting back so I know without medication it has gone there was really no choice because quite frankly having four appointments day I was just and they've had to see me because they knew they'd say I was in so people were being pushed out because I was so bad right understand so took the pill and I'm still with this like vibration thing yeah perhaps I do have Lou Gehrig's disease back in didn't matter that they told me I hadn't I was like I still got this really with buzzing feeling throughout my body but eventually within Oricon unknown to three weeks it starts your way it went away so what if you don't mind me asking what dedication did they give you because people will ask this relates smallest ice yeah I mean I think at that point when when you're actually having a breakdown and you're rocking and you're scratching your skin off yeah because you don't know what else to do you know I sat there in the corner of my sofa downstairs scratching my skin off and people just like my set my sister came at it's just set this sobbing because she didn't know was just sores and scratches and pulling my hair out I was so bad and yeah it sounds like a horrific experience and you know I'm so happy that you're not in that place anymore so so they you have you're confronted with this heart of this choice like you will you know you're going down a very dark path or we have the section in which you don't want to do which in the u.s. just to explain that that would be admission to a psychiatric hospital and you don't to go down that road so you start taking this antidepressant and within a few weeks I'm guessing you begin to change yes so depression lifted first all right so your depression list and it does do that it certainly doesn't that and and you saw that obsession antidepressants often use for obsessive compulsive disorder and so your obsessive thoughts begin but the key was your thoughts begin to change because in my head 24 hours a day since I've had the health anxiety it was it was always say I'm in the background regardless of what I was doing is that oh what's that what's that twinge you know and manifests from there it'd be anything you'd be like oh that's been a bit weird you know and if you'd like anything and it was yeah but don't those you know get tweets and you know did think that was it whatever do nothing so okay so and did you continue to take it so you said you stopped taking it and it the health anxiety did not come back yeah I took it from 2012 to 2017 five years took it okay yeah and it wasn't even it wasn't even a thing you know it wasn't it wasn't even in my head at all at any point of that through any of it and then I stopped taking it because I think they did you know and I was having an operation and I just didn't feel that I needed it so I loved it just before the operation and you know my and because they're having an operation also he's a bit night like I didn't even there was no worry there either well I think you know what starts to happen is you know once you're free of that obsessional thinking now you get to a place where you can rationally look back at yourself and say that was wrong and employed that you know yeah I would say incorrect or inaccurate yeah yeah because your brain is so like anxious yeah it's just it just it's just you're just consumed that's in rate will the see any way I can describe your just consumed with all this these negative thoughts that just manifesting its off with a thought that's it and thoughts around us that's true well now you can say that so now you're in a place where you know without the antidepressant you can dismiss that thought and like well that's it's just a thought it's harmless it's or you might not even have the thought now it sounds like yeah so I think the takeaway here is like that is about the most extreme case of health obsession and anxiety that I've run across there made there may be worse but but here you are like upright and smiling and relaxed and talking about it like it's just like we were like it's a different person and I think you know once you were freed from that cycle of obsession it sounds like you you were able to not go back into it yeah even not being on medication it's not it's not yeah it's just not there so like you know regardless maybe you had to take extreme measures but you so here was like this crippling life-altering crushing obsession and health anxiety that is now not a thing yeah so for anybody who's watching who is wanting to google or check their blood pressure and that's sort of like you know even somebody who was much worse off than maybe you and I think Sarah you probably describe yourself as a pretty extreme case look at the smile I mean and sharing that like I cannot even tell you like how I know it's going to help with tremendous number people so I so appreciate you doing that as well it easier to check blood pressure blood pressure yeah cuz I probably know blood pressure blood is so low if it's not nothing so justice it would be free up in the air but but I think the difference is now you can look rationally insane obsessively doing it what I'm gonna do with that information okay it's 96 over 40 oh my god so no you know I need to go to talk I need to find that what if I not the doctor right it's because it was really known it's like zero it's fine like yeah but it's like it's time for point because our numbers are different Hey the range is like four point nine two seven is normal yeah I was like for sure I'm gonna die and like just stop it Sarah just stop just stop when I send my breakdown just drop it there's nothing you'll find but then yeah you don't have the ability to just drop it thinking Valentine's Day and so it was a it was a really long time of just I mean that was the worst but I mean obviously it went for years before that that is a long road that you went down so I think in the end and again you know what I think it's a valuable story for people to hear and the way you came out of it and did what you had to do and and now you're sitting here so naturally I think and you know we can feel free to you don't have to answer anything I want but I know people are also gonna ask what you know is there any other anxiety issue that's still lingering because people are going to ask yeah yeah Oh Xavier okay before I mean some things people couldn't overcome easier than others I mean I've had friends of like like I can't make a phobia but still struggle with how things are I see sure and I can sit and go yeah I've come from health anxiety but I still struggle with acrophobia but I'm not anywhere near as bad as I was with that either I mean because when like I don't know it's when I was speaking to or just before I speaking to you I was literally trapped in my write down or snapchat in the lounge downstairs even get to call people home to take me to the toilet yes I've come a long way since you never looked like this like happy relaxed like you never when I when I was also stressed never you were never you never were just chatting like this ever I never saw you like this it's better when you're not upset and like constantly in your own head have you come as far as you did and getting past that crippling anxiety and even being so improved with your other anxiety issues you know maybe not necessarily beyond Agra phobia but like what do you think yeah look is I mean you've exhibited a tremendous I'm glad yourself out of that like therapy okay now I see an amazing therapist and she's only the only one I've ever like clicked and she it's like going in and chatting to a friend yeah and we sit and talk about like life we talk about my anxiety we talk about all that kind of stuff and it's just and even last week I've just read a book and I read the book and I was like it's one it was one of those epiphany moments like oh my god I give it I finally get it I actually get it you know and and it was it was after you you know what to do nothing and she goes well actually sir that's what I've been telling you like you know sitting there shaking and I don't have it anymore you know there's a lots of this lots of areas you know I think that perhaps I might struggle with gonna be fine and and basically it's and I'm glad like kind I don't want to trivialize it but it does all come down to your thoughts it's that's true create all this crap that we deal with yeah and even when it's you know when you're having a panic attack health the blue it's not because most of time we're anxious about something yes your body can't be anxious without having to expel itself somehow and that's when you have like out of the blue panic attack but it probably isn't because you know God knows other things have been going on in your life that creates these it's never nothing's gonna hurt me and also read something that's very interesting I'm gonna share when like when you have a panic attack and it feels absolutely horrible the the worst it can possibly feel it's never gonna get any worse than that cuz that's the first release of adrenaline is as bad as you're gonna feel you may think it's gonna feel worse now you're gonna get worse you're gonna get worse but it isn't that first hit is as bad as it's gonna get it's the worst it knows how to do it yeah I mean you can keep it going at that level if you like if you allow it yeah it will never reach that level it's gonna get that to continue a little bit or you can just go then kill me if you do not even know I'm just gonna flat it like this I cannot believe I'm hearing you say these guys kill me there were times in the past that they just wanted to shake you because they knew this was in you and like here it is yeah you may say that you're still agoraphobic but you are flat at the top of my success story list absolutely because to know like where you were back in those days I used to say the way you would describe yourself as this is it I'm just you literally wrote a blog entitled I'm agoraphobic that was an a lot too bad yeah and wow what a huge huge difference in you you know it's hard work and I'm not gonna say at no point I'm gonna go oh my god you know I'm having the you know moment like don't you do this and perhaps I'll sit in my house for another 3 months it's always gonna be a rollercoaster is never gonna be pleased it's never straight up excuse me it's not Disney World is it it's not gonna be sorry we're gonna have peaks and troughs but keep putting myself in positions where you know I know would make me panic you know I walk further than I could or I should be able to do and I'm like doing it I'm like walking I'm like come on then you know they come on come on waiting for you like disheartened well it doesn't happen because I'm like because I wanted to prove to myself that you know I can handle it no so so so impressive I can't even begin to tell you like this is amazing it's really great really great so thank you so much you know isn't easy you know I think I think dumb a bit no yeah I think yeah I think yeah wow this is so so so so great I can't even get to tell you like I am just bubbly so really great really great well I have anything else you want to add I mean I appreciate you've given me 40 minutes of your time so great if anybody wants to contact me then yeah just talk to me I mean I'll talk to anybody about it so if they need to know anything else or I've missed something else just you know message me whatever it's fine do you still have a channel on YouTube yes yeah send me the link are any of your old videos from back in the day still theirs yeah oh they everything still oh then we must yes example of a tremendous turnaround from one stage well a gorgeous no boring go that happens yeah yeah yeah it's the benefit of a few you're not supposed to give your secrets okay well thank you so much Sara like this has been so so so great and maybe we'll try it again like yes yes we are now yeah okay thank you for having me yes you're very very welcome I'm gonna hit the stop recording button and that'll still kill it so guys thanks um make sure you check out Sara's channel join the Facebook group I'll put a link in the description like I know Sarah's there I don't know how often but you know there's so many great people and a lot of help so okay

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9 thoughts on “Anxiety Success Stories – How Sarah Overcame Health Anxiety

  1. Hey Drew, great talk with Sarah, very positive, are you going to link her YouTube account, as you said, so we can watch how she's come along ?……I'm a Brit so i would love to have a chat with her sometime, Thanks

  2. Don't listen to your thoughts if you do you will believe them. Thoughts are just thoughts, do not pay attention to them. Plus stop googling stop going to the doctor stop getting test done. Stop paying attention to your thoughts.

  3. What happens when your health anxiety so bad that your afraid to take medications? Sometimes u feel like you might be more anxious to feel normal because normal is not what your used too so u stop and body scan until you "snag" an odd feeling to concentrate on, oh my its ludacris!!

  4. My body has been worn out for 20 plus years of anxiousness, super sensitive to every feeling in my body cant seem to get my body to stop over reacting physically it always used to me mental but now I'm so worn out for so long I cant even take any change much less a moment of stress, my body goes completely crazy sometimes I even laugh about it! Great video guys

  5. What an experience! Wow. What a nightmare!! I can totally understand how a real diagnosis is much easier to deal with than the obsessions of our minds.

  6. I’m smiling so hard rn because I googled the flu shot as well and had that same panic lmao thank you Drew and Sarah for this video.

  7. Love the video and share! Awareness like this does more for others than we could imagine! Subbed to your channel and found inspiration here for mine! Keep doing you!

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