Apple gives employees Apple Watch for own wellness benefits

Apple gives employees Apple Watch for own wellness benefits

we believe that embracing a culture of wellness is probably one of the most important things that we could do for our employees not only do we invest in it but we fully engage with our own technology to enhance and encourage wellness and wellbeing for all our employees Apple watch has not just been great for helping millions of consumers live a better day by being more active but it's also how the app will be a healthier company it's amazing what the watch is done to even change our wellness programs because it gives employees the most complete picture of their activity throughout the day science shows that you really want to think about not just the quantity of movement but the quantity the intensity and the frequency of movement so in the activity app you see three rings it's really simple you try to sit less move more and get some exercise and the great part is the watch reminds you to help you accomplish all three every day and that's why we've based our own corporate fitness challenge on the activity rings and the Apple watch employees form a team of four and get points for the closure of each ring during the day each of the team members are actually seeing what the other one's doing and they're nudging back and forth you know great job or you know come on just close your exercise ring so it's really powerful and very motivating for the employees Apple watch really democratizes the experience and allows people of all different activity levels whether they're an athlete or they're just someone who's trying to be less sedentary to actually support and motivate each other because they both have the activity rings and work on the same team to be healthier the other thing that's fantastic about the Apple watch is that because it's so useful in more ways than just health it makes you want to wear it every day when you wear it every day it also makes sure that you live a healthier day when you put the watch on in the morning activity and exercise become a part of your daily life completing the three rings becomes their mindset it really reminds me of a personal fitness coach on your wrist employees are reporting that because of the ease of use the automatic tracking the accuracy they're much more mindful of their movement and they start going beyond exercise they start eating better they start sleeping better their general overall health just gets a lot better it's extending our wellness programs outside of the fitness center there's a diverse spectrum of human experience at Apple we are broadly geographically dispersed we have employees in contact centers and stores in homes and individual offices Apple watch offers a common platform that gives everyone the opportunity to close the rings to stand to take a deep breath and to enrich well-being because at the end of the day when we are healthy physically emotionally when we can bring our whole selves to what we do every day that we are able to do the best work of our lives you

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  1. That’s nifty to use own technology for team-building activities like 2:27
    These people utilise the best fruit of their own punctilious labour. Isn't it the finest of rewards?

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