Apple Tv Plus – How Will It Affect Cord Cutting And Underground Streaming

Apple Tv Plus – How Will It Affect Cord Cutting And Underground Streaming

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starting this fall that in the house Lamont and Larry news of the week Larry
what’s going on that’s what we’re going to talk about ladies and gentlemen Apple
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Larry’s channel as we bring you guys a bivy of information each week so
information drop layer Apple TV is dropping their stream service people are
saying that’s going to beat up Netflix is going to eradicate Hulu PlayStation
View better watch out what have you heard about Apple TV Plus yeah man you
trying to hit a home run cuz chick feed belong ball you know I think the service is gonna
probably be good I’m not sure everything that’s gonna be on there they talk about
some word word cloud screens where they show all these different creators that
are gonna work with them in different artists they had a number of artists
that came up there and talked about some of their shows apparently there’s a what
what is have you seen any information on what the price is gonna be if they’re
probably gonna do something like they did with Apple music well they’ll
probably give you like the first month our first three months for free to try
and hook you in you know they might even do something where they say if you pay
for six months in advance we’ll give you a free Apple TV device or they might do
something like that I think they’re trying to doubt it man this is Apple you
talking about you can literally go get yourself a good solid computer for 250
but they still making their money by selling you a twelve hundred and fifty
dollar computer when you can get a state of the art thing for like $300 this is
Apple I don’t Apple is going to charge you three times what somebody else is
charging because they know that their customer base is willing to spend the
money on the Apple culture so I’m telling you okay mmm-hmm when I was going to grad school
we needed we ran Final Cut Pro everything was on bottled up room and I
needed a back to run Final Cut Pro and so I switched over and one thing that I
learned when I when I switched over to Mac was everything just worked both
please I have to run virus thank you I got some I got some some malware now I
need to go in and back and make sure everything was backed up and fine
restore points and take it into the shop down of it
wipe none of that crap anymore it was simply my computer just worked yeah I
agree that’s why I got on Mac because I heard
all the informations about is hard to put malware and bugs on him and I had a
roommate college roommate that would always take my Windows computer and look
at porn so I got bugs viruses and shit on my computer every other day I’m going
to a store getting somebody to wipe and then somebody just said and I think
you know I think that this service is probably not gonna be much different or
you’re gonna be able to just turn on your Apple TV where computer or your
tablet or phone or whatever you’re using just start using you know that’s true
but the thing is where I don’t see them being able to charge that much money
this is gonna be a service providing content you know Apple’s not controlling
who makes the content their controller who gets into the ecosystem but if
you’re putting out bad content are your people gonna pay three times or that I’m
going to call it the Apple markup that they normally get on their products or
as Apple just gonna let this beat we’re going to lose money on this to try to
garner more of the marketplace it’s the same prices Spotify you know it’s a
little bit you know Amazon music is a little bit cheaper if you get amazon’s
premium service right you know if you look at like title I think they’ll be
priced competitively I think where the biggest issue is going to be is will
they be able to get the licensing in order so that they can actually have a
service like this well what the secret I heard is Apple is
starting to get more into the gaming world and I’m gonna start start crossing
over something with gaming streaming and now if they do that that’ll be a first
and you can pull that off no so ladies and gentlemen is not about
us we need to know what y’all think – tell us what y’all think I know a lot of
y’all that follow me ain’t even thinking about average y’all the core cutters in
underground core because y’all thinking about it anyway but for the sake of the
future leave your comments down below subscribe to both of our channels Larry
take us home you

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  1. Thanks brothers LAMONT and LARRY. Much appreciated. Everybody wants to get in your pockets. Keep the awesome content coming. Hope you both have an awesome day

  2. Apple are a con. I used to have a iPhone 5 it costs alot to repair. I'll stick to my LG stylus 3.

  3. Larry need to get a better mic 🎤 don't your agree I can't 👂 hear him
    Thank you 😊 for letting me share

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