Are Fortified Kids’ Breakfast Cereals Healthy or Just Candy?

Are Fortified Kids’ Breakfast Cereals Healthy or Just Candy?

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100 thoughts on “Are Fortified Kids’ Breakfast Cereals Healthy or Just Candy?

  1. My Mom would always tell me I would bake you a chocolate cake for breakfast before Id feed you candy cereal, when I had my own kids they didn't know what candy cereal was until they grew up and went to a friends house.

  2. That intro looked new. Reminds me of something I would have seen as a kid, like 35 years ago. “The more you know… 🛎”

  3. I just stuffed in some porrige, but I can see how some folks would call that old-fashioned considering all these fancy cereals. I also flavour my porrige with ground up dates, cinnamon and bananas, I also add a few leaves of kale to get at least some greens in the meal.

  4. I work in a Walmart stocking shelves at night.
    Their making more and more after candy. Sour patch kids new ones coming out peppermint patties and kisses?
    It's no longer a breakfast it's candy in a box.
    Why not just poor a bowl of candy before school?

  5. I like this format with Dr G on video and the info joining him on screen. We get to see his flare and charisma added to the presentation. Awesome!

  6. I always found it very stupid that companies can choose arbitrary serving sizes that have nothing to do with the quantities people actually eat.
    "Look, there's less than 1g of sugar in our 1g serving size".

  7. I really still appreciate that it's just a way to get the vitimins into picky kids. You can taper them down to less sugar cereals without them even noticing.

  8. These companies spend millions creating psychologically addictive foods, that are literally impossible to stop eating.

  9. Dammit I love him!! At the end of the day these companies don’t care about the health of our children they care about lining their pockets….🙄

  10. Yea. Children's cereal is candy. I'm glad that I don't eat it anymore. They are so loaded with sugar that it's awful. I wish people knew how bad this is for people and would stop feeding their kids this. This is why I talk about a whole food plant based diet over on my channel.

  11. Also the food coloring and preservatives that are bad in itself but also worse when combined! The added vitamins are cheap synthetic versions like B12 Cyanocobalamin and Folic acid, which clogs up the receptors and can prevent natural vitamins from getting in. They could care less about health.. its all about making the sale.

  12. I have been thinking about converting to a plant based diet. But with all the things on the internet about anti nutrients and lectins and pesticides, how is a plant based diet going to benefit me? And is all this just a bunch of rumors?

  13. Junk cereal was a gastronomic highlight of my childhood. Saturday morning cartoons and endless bowls of Lucky charms, FrootLoops or the ultimate cereal Golden Grahams.

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  15. Want a healthier option? Check out Which Is a Better Breakfast: Cereal or Oatmeal? at

  16. Don’t forget that parents are the ones that buy this crap for their kids. They are just as much at fault as the sugar cereal industry. Vote with your wallets.

  17. Past study showed cardboard box better for you than cereal in it:

  18. My kids used to pour half the box into their bowls. The arguments. I stopped cereal and gave then toast and jam. Still lots of sugar but it was easier to keep sugar potions down

  19. I can't help but wonder how much damage was done eating this junk for most of my entire life. It wasn't until I became an adult and was able to make choices for myself that I made the breakfast switch to whole plant foods.

  20. Well I am still not all the way there but your fact based analysis has brought me to about 85% healthy eating. Cereal, meat, fish, eggs, dairy milk, yogurt, donuts and candy bars have been out of my life for over 2 years now.
    I remember eating all but about one bowl or coco puffs after opening the box.
    Now if I could just get better control of my cheese and bread consumption I could get my blood work looking a bit better.
    I explain my reasons for removing processed food and animal product to all I come in contact with.
    The main point is that your work is positively impacting people health and the environment.

  21. My new breakfast is own milled whole wheat stone ground bread made into toast with crushed sesame seed / honey mix no butter.

  22. I hope that some day my daughter will appreciate that I don't feed her with cereal and soda, but smoothies and fruits for breakfast.

  23. Please pay more attention to sound, it travels from left ear to right time to time. I like the improvement of content tho.

  24. It makes me furious. Kids are struggling to be able to function. Wired then crashing tired… and then the parents have to fight an emotional addict who wants a breakfast cereal loaded with sugar. The 'nutritional' fortification is meant to alleviate some of the guilt involved.

  25. We always got scrambled eggs, buttered toast and orange juice on school mornings. No cereal. Life is better that way.

  26. Thank you Dr. Greger!!!!! Please tell me is there any cereal we can eat for breakfast? My teenage daughter won't eat oatmeal, or quinoa, I gave in and bought her Cascadian farm cereal after a week of her going to school without eating breakfast. Please help!

  27. Please more content on childs nutrition! I have a plant based 1 year old and there's just not enough scientific easily found.


  29. I've been really learning a lot from the parts of his new book about nutri-washing. I think the most nutri-washed processed junk are the allergen-free organic cookies I find at the health food store, surrounded by fresh produce and aisles of supplements. They're cookies!! Gets me every time…

  30. 3:43 Just by looking around at the little piggies running around, it's safe to say that most kids would be better off skipping breakfast.

  31. It's absurd that there are aisles dedicated to sugary cereals decorated with cartoon characters.

    Would more kids eat fruit if fruit was packaged in containers with word searches and funny animals all over them?

    Just seems malicious

  32. My favorite homemade cereal has always been millet cooked in distilled water with carob powder and topped with raw honey, bananas, and ground sunflower seeds.

  33. Ironic to speak about the cereal Industry when it comes to their “healthy” candy cereal. But stay quiet when they fund studies about the benefits of fiber and grains.

  34. Wow it's like you guys are just learning about this now? LOL trust me it goes way deeper with many other things you think are "food".

  35. Presenting the vegan infertility zombie himself. Captain zombie will call added sugar a problem then recommend stuff like grains and fruits despite it being about as bad. Only real difference being that it’s less processed.

  36. I used to add chocolate syrup and table spoons of sugar to my cereal, even if it worked already had a lot added, when I was a child.

  37. Very similar to making vegan fortified products to imitate nutrient dense animal based food. Margarine rebranded as plant butter? What a country crock.

  38. Adding fruit is the best way to get some sugar without it adding a load of calories. I add blueberries and apples to my oatmeal. I've been doing it a couple years now and don't get sugar cravings.

  39. Now they don't even 'hide' it anymore: Cereals now come modeled after actual candies and sweet snacks, such as Oreos cereal, and Reese's cereal. I am sure there are more. Won't be long till we see Twix, Mars, and Snickers cereals! Or do they already exist?

  40. Who is that wacko that gives the presentation.
    He shakes his head more than a dog would wag his tail.
    I dont like this excessive "body language". Makes people look mentally deranged.

  41. When I was pregnant, I craved sugary pastries and junk food. Luckily, I found a fortified organic cereal that's low in sugar, but just high enough to save me from eating donuts all day. So, that became my treat. I can't stand it now, but it was Heaven at 2 a.m. during my third trimester. 😛

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